Milan Part 12

Chapter 12


Maan: I am the MSK, Mr Khurana, your monster.


Geet stood still with her mouth open. Then with a burst of emotion, she dropped the file she was holding, clutched her duppata to her mouth and ran out of the door crying. Maan was too stunned to react. When he gained his senses, she had already left. Outside whole staff was curious as to a girl sitting in MSK’s cabin for so long even when he was in meeting and now she was running out crying. They all started gossiping. Maan picked up the file and came out of his cabin to see his staff gossiping.


Maan (roared): Do I pay you all to stare at me or talk about me. Get back to work.


The staff immediately dispersed.


Maan walked quickly out of the office, as soon as he reached the stairs he started running. When he reached the parking, he saw her hailing an auto. He immediately sat in his car and followed the auto. The auto stopped at the entrance of the lake park. As the name would suggest the park had a beautiful lake and benches were placed all around the serene lake. Geet got off the auto and ran inside the park. Maan couldn’t stop at the entrance as it was no parking area. He rushed to the parking, parked the car, he left the file in the car and ran to the park. He searched for her madly everywhere, finally he found her sitting on a bench near the lake with her head dipped and her shoulders shaking uncontrollably due to her sobbing. He cursed himself for giving so much pain to his princess. He didn’t know what she was thinking but he feared that maybe by not telling her his identity, he might have broken her trust. She might be thinking what all he was hiding from her. In the back of his mind, he also feared her reaction knowing his family’s truth (His family background was criticized ruthlessly by media after he became the MSK). He went near her and sat on his knees on the ground next to her. She was so lost in her world that she didn’t even notice him. His eyes were also brimmed with tears seeing his princess with pain. He placed his hands on her hands which were lying lifeless on her lap.


Maan (tears now flowing to his cheeks): Princess, I never wanted to hide this from you, it just happened that we never discussed this. Please believe me I didn’t mean to break you trust. Please princess… I am really very sorry.


Though Geet was hearing everything, she was too stunned to react. Tears fell from his face to her hands, jolting her back to her senses. She realized that by her actions she was making Maan guilty, while in reality she was reacting like this due to her own insecurities. She slipped from the bench and sat next to him on her knees clutching his hands tightly.


Geet: Maan, aap sorry kyun bol rahe hai. Aap ki kya galti hai. Please aap mat rohiye.


Saying this she wiped his tears with her palms. Maan was surprised by her words, she wasn’t mad at her but then why was she so disturbed. He kissed her tears away and cupped her face in his hands.


Maan: Geet, if you are not angry with me, then princess why are you crying. Please don’t cry, you know you tears pierce my heart. Please princess.


Geet (trying to control her tears): Maan, I am just a simple, ordinary girl from the village. I have no status or intellect to match yours. I…


Maan cut her in between.


Maan: Geet, how dare you demean my princess, you are the one because of whom I learnt the most important thing in this world i.e. SMILE. You taught me how to laugh again. You brought color back in my dull life back. (He winked Wink and added.)You are the one who made this Monster – Human.


Geet smiled and they both hugged each other. They broke to witness a perfect sun set, as perfect as their love for each other. They sat with their hands joined witnessing the beautiful sunset with just pure love in their eyes. They both realized deep in their hearts that they love each other and that their heart beats for the other.


Maan: Geet will you be my date today.


Geet looked at him with love in her eyes and simply nodded her head.


Maan: Chalo, let me read the file, sign it and give it to Mr Malhotra and then we will go.


They left the park, reached Geet’s office. Geet gave the file to Mr Malhotra, he was very pleased with her.


Mr Malhotra: Thanks Geet, you are life savior.


Geet smiled and hurriedly left from office to her life savior


Precap: First Date.

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