Maan’s Memory Gain

OS based on track when Maan had lost his memory and Mamaji missed drug in his drink. Please press like button and post comments

Maan under the influence of Mamaji’s drug, remembered Geet in his subconscious mind.

Maan (subconsciously): Geet,… Please don’t leave me… ever.

Geet was too overwhelmed to react and a tear silently escaped her eyes. She was happy that atleast in his subconscious he was aware of her. She felt peace after so many days. Now she was more determined to make him remember everything.

Few days had passed and Dadima was a little better so Maan had resumed office. Maan and Geet used to travel in different cars to office since he could still not tolerate her much. Here Naintara was planning to create havoc in Geet’s life. Though she had managed to increase rift between Maan and Geet, still she was fuming to see Geet alive. She started planning to physically harm her. Here Dev had discussed with Dadima and came to know of the court order which Maan had got against Naintara that she can’t be anywhere near Geet.

After Maan had left for office on that fateful day when Naintara had damaged the brakes in Geet’s car, Dev got the police and got Naintara arrested. Then Geet left in her car. Maan was driving his own car today and was getting restless because his subconscious knew that his Jaan was in danger. He suddenly on impulse turned his car to go back home. Here Geet’s driver was finding it difficult to control the car as neither the brake nor hand brakes were working, the car was losing its control and rushing forward.

Geet (panicked and screamed): Maaan

Maan’s subconscious heard her, he drove back like mad till he saw Geet’s car and how it was rushing towards his car. He positioned his car to take head on impact of Geet’s car. The impact was huge and unnerving for Maan, he was hit badly but he pressed the accelerator so as to apply force in opposite direction to Geet’s car. His car slipped back but after around 5 minutes for trying their cars came to a halt. Maan collapsed. Geet was also hurt. They both were rushed to the hospital.

Maan was mostly unconscious. Since Dadima was still not well and it would be difficult for all to manage her at home and Maan in hospital, Dev and Geet asked if he could be discharged.

Geet: Can we take him home?

Doctor: Yeah, you can. All the tests are clear but he will be sleeping mostly for a day or so due to exhaustion first because of the memory loss and his taking stress to remember and now due to accident. Please try to not wake him or give him stress. We will give him drip at house and I will be sending the day nurse there. We will monitor him at home.

Geet: Thank you so much doctor.

They brought Maan home and shifted him to his room which now resembled more of a hospital room with all the instruments and drip. A day passed with him being mostly unconscious on drip. It was night and Geet sat on the chair next to Maan’s bed holding his hands. She was weeping silently with mixed emotions happy that even in this state of memory loss he had risked his life to save her, sad seeing him like this and gradually drifted to sleep. Here Maan in his sleep had being getting glimpses of his past and gradually all became clear in his mind. Though he was asleep he remembered everything. Suddenly Geet’s tears fell on his hand which she was holding. Maan slowly opened his eyes to see his Mishti sleeping holding his hands. He smiled looking at her with love in his eyes, but when he saw tears on his cheeks he remembered how he had insulted her in front of everyone. His soul was burning in guilt. He was angry on himself, he could never ever forgive himself for how he had behaved with her. He slowly removed his hands for her as if his hands no longer had the right to touch her, he felt that if he breathe the same air as her she might be poisoned by the venom he had taken out on her. He felt so suffocated that he went to his gym wearing his black trousers.

Though his body and mind hadn’t fully recovered, he still started doing his Tai Chi. He was very aggressive in his moves as if wanting to tear himself apart. He practiced with the chain and with fire but nothing could calm the storm within. He started breaking the wooden logs but still no peace. He then went ahead and broke a glass slab, blood oozed out of his hand and glass scattered everywhere.

Here Geet got up with a jolt as if something pierced her heart and soul and saw him to be missing. She got scared and started searching for him.

He then stepped on the glass pieces letting them pierce his feet causing them to bleed. But this didn’t stop him, he went ahead and broke another glass slab, injuring his hand further. Then he broke another, but he felt no pain, all this was nothing compared to what his heart was feeling. He then walked across the room leaving behind his foot prints in blood owing to the glass hurting his feet and pulled out the hunter he had in his cupboard. He whipped himself and the skin of the bare back peeled causing so much pain that any ordinary human would have screamed but he still felt nothing. He wanted re-pay each of Geet’s tears with his blood and flesh. He whipped himself again and again. He kept whipping his back ruthlessly.

Here Geet went around the house but wasn’t able to find him, then as she was passing the gym she hear the sound of whip cracking. She went inside the gym and froze with the sight that lay before her. There was broken glass everywhere, with his blood covered foot prints. Then she saw him, whipping himself with his flesh peeled and it felt like someone was burning her heart in oil.

Geet (screamed): Maaan.

He stopped hearing her scream but he couldn’t turn around. He dipped his head in guilt and shame of this misconduct with her. Seeing his state she realized that he must have gained his memory and was feeling guilty. Geet walked towards him and came in front. She snatched the whip from his hand and threw it away.

Geet (with immense pain in her voice): Maan aap ye kya har rahe hain?

Maan (words were coming out in pieces from his mouth as he was struggling with the pain and guilt of his deeds, tears were rolling down his eyes): Mein tumhare layak nahi hoon. Maine humare pyaar ko gali di, tumhe gali di. Meine humare pyaar ki pavitrata pe shak kiya. (He fell on his knees with a loud sound and continued). Muje jaise gatiya insan ko torture karna chahiye. Mein apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahi kar sakta aur tumhe bhi nahi karna chahiye. Mein tumse maafi nahi maguga kyunki mere gunah maafi ke layak nahi hai. (He then folded his hands) Mein hath jore kar tumse muje saaza dene ko kehata hoon. Please punish me Geet….Please.

Geet was not able to react seeing his state not only physically but mentally also. She was too stunned to react but when she saw his folding his hands with his head dipped in shame, she went down on her knees and held his hands.

Geet: aap ye kya kar rehe ho. It is not your fault that you didn’t remember anything. Please don’t blame yourself, ye sab Babaji ki marzi thi. Please Maan…

But he shook his head, he wasn’t willing to hear her defend him today. He was guilty beyond words.

Geet: Ok, if you want saaza, will u do whatever I tell you

Maan (nodded): Anything, please punish me.

Geet (hugged him and said): Then your punishment is that you have to love me forever and ever and ever.

Maan was still feeling the burden of his guilt and didn’t even touch her. He didn’t want his impure hands to touch the pure angel in front of him. Geet wanted to soothe him and he started rubbing his back careful so as not to touch his wounds. She then slowly moved her face in front of her and took in his lips. This was the first time she was being this bold, but she was determined to ease him of his pain and guilt. She furiously kissed his lips demanding his guilt. When Maan didn’t kiss back, she then nibbled on his lower lip and bit him angrily on it demanding his complete surrender. He could not hold himself back any longer and kissed her. They kissed each other passionately, healing each other’s pain. They had never felt so contended in their lives. Both vowed in their kiss to keep the other happy forever and ever.



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