Selfless Love Epilogue


He had been seeking only her love and as she kissed him, his soul finally entered back in him and he slowly opened his eyes. Tears of happiness flowed out of Geet’s eyes as Maan finally gained consciousness but as soon as their eyes met and she saw the divine love for her being reflected in his eyes, guilt and remorse consumed her heart and she bowed her head feeling ashamed of her sins.

Geet (tears of remorse flowing): Maan I am so sorry, please mujhe saza do, I beg of you (Maan, I am so sorry, please punish me, I beg of you).


Maan was shocked to see his Jaan burning in remorse and he placed his finger on her lips shaking his head.



He made her face him.

Their eyes met and Geet’s eyes were full of pain that she had caused him, they couldn’t even ask for forgiveness as it was just too big a crime which she had committed, she could never repent enough for her sins. While his just poured his pure love on her as if saying he understood her dilemma at that time, he understood that she must have felt betrayed by the way the facts opened up on her, that he could never be angry on her so where was the question of forgiveness or punishment. She was his Jaan and had all rights on him even the right to destroy him.


Geet crushed him in a hug sobbing hysterically trying to let go of the agony she had caused him, trying to let go of the pain of separation from him, trying to absorb his love when she didn’t even deserve a pinch of it. How could he love her so much that nothing mattered other than her.


Geet (tears flowing endlessly, his true love burning her more, had he been angry on her it would have been so much better but his divine love just made her feel so so guilty and so small): Maan I am soo soo sorry… (crying frantically)


Maan (rubbing her back trying to soothe her): Nahi Jaan, please don’t say sorry, I am all yours only yours


Geet (between sobs): Nahi… Maan… let… me… speak… please. What… I… said… and… did… that… day… is… unforgivable. You… didn’t… once… doubt… me, you… sacrificed… your… everything… for… me… and… what… did… I… do… in… return. I… abused… your… love, I… am… so… sorry… Maan. I… have… fallen… down… in… my… eyes, please… punish… me, please…


Maan (breaking the hug): Jaan (and he cupped her face and captured her lips in her silencing her. How could he ever be angry on his Jaan, he toh just loved her limitlessly).


Maan deepened the kiss demanding all her guilt, her agony, her remorse. Initially Geet was too overwhelmed to respond back but as he slowly kept increasing the pleasure, she finally surrendered and gave him, her everything in the kiss. His love had finally won over her guilt and she relaxed.


Slowly Maan was recovering and within a week he was to be discharged. Meera was still angry on Geet and was in no mood to forgive her, though her anger lessened after seeing her guilt when Maan was in coma. The day Maan was to be discharged he went to Meera’s cabin. On seeing Maan…


Meera: Arey, Maan I was just coming to your room to see over the discharge proceeding.


Maan: Meer I am fine now yaar. Geet is getting the discharge papers ready (Maan could see anger in Meera’s eyes as she heard her name). Meer please forgive her, till when will you be angry on her.


Meera: Maan I don’t have a heart as big as yours. What she did was very wrong and I don’t think I can ever forgive her.


Maan: Meer what she said that day was in a fit of rage with the way facts opened up on her. She must have been so shocked to see my report and then to realize that I had hidden that fact from her and that I even betrayed her by loving her despite knowing it. Her anger got the better of her Meer.


Meera: Maan how can you defend her after what all she said that day. She accused you of betrayal and than of using her. You are still justifying her actions and you Maan, you never even once doubted her when you saw her report.


Maan: Meer, I know she should have questioned me instead, but she made a mistake and has really repented for it. I know she went through hell when I was in coma, please Meer don’t punish my Jaan more. I know she is still dying of guilt. Every time she sees anger in your eyes her remorse increases, please Meer forgive her, maybe then she will be able to let go (seeing Meera silent) Please Meer, for my sake, forgive my Jaan.


Meera: Ok Maan, but only for you I will forgive her. But it is not facing me but your truly selfless love that kills her. How can she ever forgive herself when she sees such divine love and questions whether she is even worth it.


Yes that was the reality but on his insistence Meera finally forgave Geet.


After about 6 months Geet and Maan both got cursed of HIV. Geet was doing much better now and didn’t curse herself that much, she was finally forgiving herself all thanks to Maan’s immense love. Meera assured them that they could start planning a family now. Soon love blossomed and Geet got pregnant.


One day they were discussing about the baby gender.


Geet: Maan, what do you want a boy or a girl.


Maan: A baby girl just like my Jaan


Geet (guilt resurfacing): But her heart should be pure and true like yours Maan and not evil and black like mine.


Maan captured her lips nipping her lower lip sharply as if scolding her for being so mean to his Jaan before soothing it and sucking away her guilt. Geet would still get emotional at times and Maan would cure her with his love.



God blessed them with a beautiful baby girl and they named her Muskan because she was truly their happiness, their smile. As she was slowly growing up she was becoming very naughty.


She was 4 years now and would have Geet on her feet all day long. Geet would keep complaining to Maan and that he had really spoiled her completely. Yes she was her Dadda’s little angel and he left no stone unturned to pamper her.


Typical morning race between Muskan, Geet and the milk glass.


Geet: Muskan, please drink your milk.


Muskan: Nahi momma, I don’t wanna drink it.


Geet was running behind her when her leg slipped, Muskan got scared but as always Maan caught her right in the nick of time. His hands around her waist, her one hand on his neck and the other holding the glass tightly.

Their eyes locked together lost in their own world reading their souls. They were completely lost and little Muskan hit her head “aloo… here… they… go… again” and she tucked at Maan’s trousers bringing him out of his dream world. He straightened himself and a blushing Geet at being caught again by Muskan.


Maan (picked up his little treasure): So why is my angel troubling Momma.


Muskan (making puppy sad face): I don’t wanna drink milk, Dadda.


Maan (bringing out her favorite chocolate from his pocket): Not even if Dadda give angel her favorite choco.


Muskan (kissing both his cheeks and grabbing the chocolate): My Dadda is the best.


Maan took the glass from Geet and Muskan happily drank it from him.


Geet (angry on Maan): What Maan, you are totally spoiling her, she just doesn’t listen to me and her teeth will get spoiled if she eats so many chocolates. Stop pampering her so much.


Muskan made a sad puppy face with big sad eyes and looked at Maan. Maan gently placed her down and nudged her to say sorry to Momma for troubling her so much.


Muskan (tucked at Geet’s saree and held her ears): Sorry Momma.


Hayee she looked so cute and adorable that Geet picked her up and kissed her cheeks.


Geet: Chalo get your bag angel and Dadda will drop you.


Muskan ran to get her bag while


Maan : So does Momma want pampering (he whispered huskily in Geet’s ear nipping it lightly and slipping his hand over her bare waist teasing her senses)


Geet (even after so many years she blushed hard whenever he teased her): Maan you are becoming really naughty, Muskan will see us and then tease me so leave me now.


Muskan ran in and Maan left Geet to save them from embarrassment in front of their little devil.


Night time

Generally Muskan would like to hear bed time stories from Geet since Maan was really bad at them. He tried mugging up all the princess stories but would invariably mix them up or forget something critical which would really irk Muskan. So Geet found it very strange when today Muskan wanted to hear a bed time story from Maan while Maan was thrilled, yeah he would goof up but still he loved telling stories to his angel.


Maan: Aaj mera bacha, Dadda se story sunna chahata hai, mera pyara bachcha (Today my baby wants to hear story from her Dadda, you lovely baby)


Muskan: Yeah Dadda. I had a doubt and since you are a guy I thought of asking you.


Maan (gulped hard, scared maybe for the first time in his life): Guy???


Muskan: Yes Dadda, in all the stories why does the prince always rescues the princess, see Cinderalla, Snowwhite and in Sleeping beauty toh he kisses her alive. Why doesn’t the princess ever save the prince, Dadda. (she asked so cutely and innocently)


Maan (a cute smile formed at her little angel’s sweet question while his eyes shone in the love for his Jaan): Who says that the princess never rescues or saves her prince (Muskan looked at him with eyes full of hope and dreams) Your Momma was my princess, angel, who kissed me alive, who resuced my soul and breathe life in me, she brought me back in this world.


Muskan (new respect for her Momma): Sachi, Dadda.


Maan hugged her and she slept peacefully her innocent question answered so sincerely by her Dadda. Tears flowed from Geet’s eyes who was standing at the bed room door overwhelmed at his truly selfless love. She could never thank God enough for sending his best angel who never saw any flaw in her, the only thing he ever wanted to remember from her gravest of mistakes was their kiss.

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Selfless Love Last Part

Part 6 (Last Part)

Meera (Though she was furious at her but she somehow controlled her anger): Though I don’t think I can ever pardon you for the way you ruined his soul today humiliating his selfless love but go ask for his forgiveness he might still be able to forgive you.


Geet ran out like mad running in a zigzag manner, randomly here and there, her brain had just stopped working, she was dying of guilt. She had made the worst mistake of her life, she had doubted his divine love and was really repenting but sometimes it is just too late. Shyamlalji, their old driver saw her running like that and went to her.


Shyamlalji: Bhabhiji, aap aise kyun bhag rahe ho? (Bhabhiji, why are you running like this?)


His voice jolted Geet out of her lost state and she realized she needed to use her brain or else everything would be lost and she wouldn’t be able to find her Maan. She sat in the car and asked Adi to find out about Maan’s where about using his mobile location.


Geet (self thought, tears rolling out of her eyes nonstop): Please Babaji mujhe Maan se ek baar milva do. Phir woh mujhe job hi saaza denge mujhe manjoor hoga par ek baar, sirf ek baar mujhe unse milva do nahi toh mein jeete ji mar jaaongi. Mein janti hoon ki mere gunaho ki maafi nahi hai balki mere liye toh koi bhi saaza kam hogi par phir bhi bas ek baar mujhe Maan se milva do, I beg of you. (Please Babaji, make me meet Maan once. Then whatever punishment he gives me I will silently accept but please make me meet him once otherwise I will die. I know that there is no forgiveness for my sins rather every punishment is less for me but still please make me meet with Maan once, just once. I beg of you.)


Just then Adi called back that he was probably at the cliff, that is what the mobile company said. Geet asked Shyamlalji to rush towards the cliff and he sped the car realizing that it was an emergency. As soon as they reached the cliff Geet rushed towards Maan’s car. She was shocked to find Maan lying almost lifeless on the ground.



Geet: Maaannn…………….


She began shaking him up but there was no response. How could there be any sign of life when his soul was no longer there, it was wandering in the infinite space trying to find some solace. Geet was dying by the second as he was just not responding. Hearing her scream, Shyamlalji had also come there and they both somehow managed to carry him to the car and rushed him to the hospital. Geet called Meera


Geet (totally panicky): Meera (hearing her panic struck voice Meera let go of her anger as she feared the worst) Meera….


Meera: What happened Geet?


Geet (her voice trembling): Meera… Maan… is… not… responding.


Meera: Geet, you first calm down and tell me where are you?


Geet: We are rushing to the hospital


Meera: You just hurry in, I will keep everything ready. You don’t panic, it is very critical.


By the time they rushed Maan into the OT his pulse had really dropped. There was hardly any life left in him but it seemed as if there was something which was holding him in this world. He had suffered a massive heart attack and generally that would be fatal but yet he had a faint pulse binding him to this world, as if something was not freeing his soul, it was bound here. The doctors were surprised but this gave them hope that maybe a miracle was possible. Meera gave him CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and was stunned to hear him murmured something in unconsciousness.


Maan: Geet, mein bewafa nahi (Geet, I didn’t cheat on you)



Meera was taken aback but realized that this was the string that still kept him alive and tears formed in her eyes witnessing his truly selfless divine love.


They managed to save him but he slipped into coma. It was as if he could neither live nor die under the heart wrenching accuses of his beloved.


Here Geet had been weeping endlessly cursing herself that she had destroyed him and praying to her Babaji to take her life but save him. Meera came out of the OT and Geet rushed to her.


Geet (hands folded): Please Meera, ek bar bol doh ki Maan theek hai. Please I beg of you. (Please Meera, tell me once that Maan is fine, please I beg of you)


Meera (furious on her for his condition): Woh, ek Zinda laash ban gaya hai aur woh bhi tumhari wajah se. Na hi uski rooh is duniya mein rah pa rahi hai nahi woh is duniya se ruksad ho pa rahi hai. (shaking her) Geet tumne uski wafa ka yeh sila kyun diya. Tumne yeh kya kar diya (tears flowing endlessly from Meera’s eyes, she just couldn’t see him in this state. He was paying for his true love, his soul was suffering endlessly because of her and yet he was still seeking his love, his Jaan who was his only solace) (Geet had completely broken down falling on her knees weeping profusely, she knew Meera was right she could never ever repent enough for what she had done but what Meera said next burned her soul in remorse) Par pata hai Geet abhi bhi woh tumse beintiah pyaar karta hai, pata hai coma mein jaane se pahale usne kya kaha. Usne kaha ‘Geet, mein bewafa nahi’. Abhi bhi woh tumse nafrat nahi karta bus tumhe hi chahata hai, bus tumhe batana chahata hai ki woh paak hai, ki usne tumhe dhoka nahi diya, woh to tumse bewafai karne ke bare mein sooch bhi nahi sakta aur tumne uski wafa par shak kiya.

(he has become a living corpse and that too because of you. Neither is his soul able to live in this world nor is it able to leave this world. (Shaking her) Geet how could you betray his trust like this, what have you done (tears flowing endlessly from Meera’s eyes, she just couldn’t see him in this state. He was paying for his true love, his soul was suffering endlessly because of her and yet he was still seeking his love, his Jaan who was his only solace) (Geet had completely broken down falling on her knees weeping profusely, she knew Meera was right she could never ever repent enough for what she had done but what Meera said next burned her soul in remorse). But you know Geet now also he loves you endlessly, do you know what did he say before going into coma. He said ‘Geet, I didn’t cheat on you’. Still he doesn’t hate you, he only loves you, he only wants to tell you that he is pure, that he didn’t cheat you, he couldn’t even dream about betraying you and you doubted him.)


Geet: Meera, mere Maan ko bacha lo please. (Meera, please save my Maan)


Meera: ‘Mere Maan’ kya tum ushe ‘mere’ kahane ke layak ho bhi. (‘My Maan’, are you even worthy to call him ‘My’).


Geet (held her legs as guilt slowly consumed her): Please Meera, unhe bacha lo. (Please Meera, save him)


Meera (finally jolting out of her anger, she could see Geet was really repenting and also she knew only Geet could save him, she somehow controlled her anger, lifting her up): Geet, we have tried our best, he is alive but has slipped into coma. I don’t know when he will regain consciousness but you are probably the only reason why he is still here, hence there is still hope that he will make it.


Geet broke down further, his selfless love was burning her guilty heart, scorching her soul and she hugged Meera not able to control herself. Meera tried to soothe her, she knew Geet was wrong but sometimes we make the worst mistake of our lives and he needed her the most now as he was only seeking his Jaan.


Geet (breaking the hug): Can I see him, please Meera.


Meera: We are just shifting him and then you can meet him. But Geet please try to soothe him and get him back (fresh tears flowed out of Geet’s eyes)


Geet died a thousand deaths as she saw Maan’s lifeless body lying in the hospital all connected to machines. Meera was right his soul was wandering lifelessly in between life and death all because of her. She sat on her knees near his bed tears pouring endlessly from her eyes as she held his hand.


Geet: Maan, aap joh bhi saza denki mujhe woh sweekar hai par please istarah mujse dor math jaiye. (Maan, whatever punishment you give me, I will happily accept it but please don’t go away from me like this)


Tears fell from her eyes on his hand and his hand flinched as if even in this state he couldn’t bear tears in his Jaan’s eyes. Geet called for Meera and she rushed in. By now Maan’s body had started shivering and jolting as if in immense pain, as if his heart was wrenching and his soul couldn’t bear it anymore and he murmured in the lifeless state ‘Geet, I love you, I didn’t cheat on you, I can never use you, I just love you, Jaan’.


Geet couldn’t curse herself enough for how she had tortured him. Even now he couldn’t bear tears in her eyes and was still trying to prove his innocence when it was she who was at fault. She had abused such selfless love, she deserved to be burned in boiling oil but it would only hurt his divine love. How could love be so pure she wondered. And was she even worth a pinch of it.


They were finally able to calm him down after medication and he relaxed but they didn’t know when he might get agitated again. Meera stayed back with Geet not understanding what to do, how to save him. She knew only Geet could save him but was her touch making him undergo the heart wrenching torture again, was it causing him to remember all the dreadful accuses she had made, was it slowly eating him up. No one knew what was it that could provide him solace.


Meera advised Geet to stay away from him as they tried to monitor him for the night to see how his body was responding and then they would decide what to do next. Maybe this was God’s punishment to her that she would have to see him suffer in front of her eyes and yet not be able to reach out to him. She would have to die a thousand deaths each second repenting her sins knowing that it was she who had ruined him beyond repair, that it was she who was responsible for his condition, that it was because of her that his selfless soul was dying.


As his condition was at least stable throughout the night, Meera advised Geet to stay away only and not touch him.


Couple of weeks passed by but there was no improvement in his state. He was still lying lifelessly on the hospital bed with Geet by his side 24 X 7 but she couldn’t even touch him to soothe him, she was paying for her sins by silently watching him die slowly in front of her eyes yet not able to do anything.


Maan’s family was there but they didn’t know what had happened as Meera advised Geet to keep shut as it would just cause more pain. They were helping in managing the business as well as staying with Maan. Initially they used to ask Geet to go home and take some rest but she never moved an inch from his room, so they finally gave up and stopped pestering her.


Geet’s health condition was much better now and she would soon be cured of HIV. Meera had been giving strong HIV medication to Maan along with the drip and other drugs and even his counts were much better but what was the use when he was lying lifeless there.


Then one night as if by God’s will when Geet was sitting by his side cursing herself she accidently cut her hand and blood drops trickled on Maan’s bare chest near his heart and his body started shaking vigorously. Geet belled for the nurse furiously and as she was about to run to call for Meera, Maan’s condition worsened and he started grasping desperately for oxygen. Geet couldn’t see him like that and she placed her lips on his trying to breathe live back in him and as their lips met magic happened. He had been seeking only her love and as she kissed him, his soul finally entered back in him and he slowly opened his eyes.


Meera and the other doctors stood back as they witnessed the miracle of their love.


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