Yeh Pyar Nahi Aasan – Part 4

Meera voice jolted Geet back to reality.


Geet (murmured totally lost): But I only asked him to break the marriage.


Meera (laughed at her): And pray could you highlight how did you intend for him to do that. (Geet was speechless as she tried to think of a way that could call off the wedding) What was he to say to your father that it was all a joke, that he no longer loved you… do you think your father is a fool to believe him when his eyes only ever reflected pure love for you, don’t you know he would have realized that it was you who asked him to break off. (Meera mocked her) Do you know what Maan Bhai said when I asked him “Nahi, nahi Meera, mei kabhi apne pyaar pe, apni Jaan pe, apni Geet par koi aach nahi aane de sakta. Already due to me she is suffering so much I can’t cause her more misery by making her a culprit in the eyes of her father”.

(“No, no Meera, I can never let any finger be pointed on my love, my life, my Geet.”)


Geet (murmured): Drinking…


Meera (shook her head): Do you seriously think that your father would have believed that a guy who was a complete teetotaler would start smoking or drinking over night. (Meera mocked her stupidity) Do you think he would have bought that… haan… that to for a guy who is truly perfect who has absolutely no vice what so ever, who is simply the best. Do you think anyone would have believed anything disgraceful about him unless it was the worst, can you think of anyone who wouldn’t have over looked a minor vice in a perfect soul. And more over your so called love Dev has all the vices on Earth, he is not only a drunk, a chain smoker but a flirt as well. Did you really think that if your dad would have broken Maan and you alliance on this pretext, he would have later married you off with Dev. (mocking smile) you know it was as if Maan Bhai’s perfection became his greatest mistake or shall I say his greatest sin.


Geet slowly felt the ground collapse beneath her feet yes Maan was truly perfect he was not only the best student, the best son, the best brother, the best friend but also extremely mature and his business skills left all speechless. His was such an enchanting personality that any person who came in contact with him even for a second was left mesmerized by his demeanor and could never ever forget him. Which father would even deny such an alliance and a small mistake is likely to be easily forgiven as the first mistake especially if pitted against any normal error prone person.


Meera (holding her collar): Do you have an idea what you had asked from him that day… Just because you couldn’t deny our father, just because you didn’t want to fall in his eyes, just because you couldn’t refuse for the marriage yourself, tumne Maan Bhai ko apni hi aakhon mai apno ka gunegar bana diya. (you made Maan Bhai a culprit of his loved ones in his own eyes) (Geet was speechless as that indeed was the truth… she didn’t have the guts to go against her father nor did she want to fall in her father’s eyes as she desperately wanted to marry Dev. She realized maybe for the first time that unconsciously she was indeed using Maan by making him break the marriage so that she could easily marry Dev because after that her father won’t be able to force her as the boy he had himself chosen would be flawed)


Tears rolled down Meera’s eyes as she recalled the dreadful night when Maan Bhai came to her.





Meera (totally stunned to see Maan in such a devastated state, his shoulders dropped, his bent head, tears welled up as his eyes spoke of some heart wrenching pain): Kya hua Maan Bhai (she asked, her voice laden with worry when to her horror Maan folded his hands)

(What happened Maan Bhai)


Maan (he couldn’t even meet his beloved sister’s eyes as his soul cursed him to be asking her for such a disgusting favor): Apne is khudgarj Bhai par ek eksan kar de meri behen. Mei janta hoon jo mai tujse mangane wala hoon waisa sochne ke liye hi meri rooh ko kabhi shanti nahi milagi, uske liye meri aatma pal pal tarpegi, yadi mera katra katra bhi baha diya jaye toh woh bhi kam hoga par mei kya karoon mere pyaar ko nibhane ka mere paas aur koi rasta bhi toh nahi hai.

(Please do a favor on this selfish brother of yours. I know that for the favor I am about to ask you for, just for thinking about such a sin my soul will never find solace, my sprit will suffer each second, even if I am made to bleed till the very last drop leaves my body it would be less, but what should I do I have no other way to prove and fulfill my love.)


Meera (totally stunned at his words, holding his hands as tears brimmed her eyes): Yeh aap kya keh rahe ho, mei janti hoon aap aisa kuch bhi kabhi bhi nahi kar sakte jisse mera kuch bhi nuksan ho. Aap apne aap ko aise kyun kos rahe ho, aap toh mera kabhi bura soch bhi nahi sakte, apne aap ko sambhaliye Bhai, mei aap ko is tarah toote hua nahi dekh sakte.

(What are you doing, I know that you never ever do anything that can harm me. Why are you cursing yourself like this, you can never even think ill about me, please control yourself Bhai, I can’t see you broken like this.)



Maan (his conscious mocked him that how much his sister believed in him and what he was about to ask her, he didn’t even deserved to be called a brother but still he somehow controlled himself): I destroyed Geet’s life, she loves someone else but because of me she is now bound to me. I can’t be selfish, I can’t break her heart, I can’t crush her soul, I will free her, I have to free her and I want your help Meera.


Meera: But how can I help you?


Maan (he almost choked at what he was about to ask his sister): You have to announce in front of the college that I tried to molest you.


Meera was way too stunned to even react, she felt like someone had punched her hard in her stomach, his voice echoed in her ears, he wanted her to accuse him, her brother, of molesting her, had he lost his mind… when to her utmost horror he fell on his knees begging her to ruin him but how could she…


Meera (she too dropped on her knees holding his folded hands as a tear rolled down her cheek): Nahi Bhai, yeh mujse nahi hoga. Mei aap par itna gira hua ilzam nahi laga sakti, aap koi aur wajah se yeh rishta tor dijiye.

(No Bhai, I can’t do this. I can’t accuse you for some so disgusting, please find some other way to break this marriage)


Maan (looking deep into her eyes): Tu hi bata aisa kaun sa karan ho sakta hai jisse mei yeh rishta tor sakoon aur meri Geet par koi aach nahi aaye…

(You only tell me what can be the reason due to which this alliance breaks off but my Geet doesn’t get blamed)


Meera: Why don’t you run away and not show up at the marriage day.


Maan (shocked): Nahi nahi Meera, mei aise usse chor kar nahi baag sakta… aise toh sab usse hi doshi maanege… aaj bhi humare samaj mei kisi larki ki shaadi aise tootne par larki ko hi doshi mante hai… I can’t ruin her more Meera, no way, it is much better that I die, that I rot in hell rather than make her suffer due to my love.

(No no Meera, I can leave her like this and run away… then all will blame her only… even today in our samaj if a girl’s marriage is broken like this, the girl is only blamed… I can’t ruin her more Meera, no way, it is much better that I die, that I rot in hell rather than make her suffer due to my love.)


Meera: Bhai how can you love her so much when she didn’t even once bother about your feelings.


Maan: Meera pyaar apne fayade ya nuksan ka mahutaj nahi hota. Jo pyaar mei apna fayada doondta hai usne toh phir kabhi pyaar kiya ki nahi, woh badnaseeb toh jaise kabhi pyaar ke mayane jaan hi nahi paya. Aur waise bhi mei Geet se beintehah muhabat karta hoon par yeh jaroori toh nahi ki woh bhi mujse pyaar kare. Mera pyaar itna swarti ya matlabi nahi hai ki mei apne pyaar ke liye ussi ki khusiya rondh do jisse me itna pyaar karta hoon. (Meera was speechless, his love was truly selfless and unconditional and Geet was a fool to have rejected such pure divine love. Tears rolled down his eyes as he continued) Please help me Meera, I can’t fall so low that I actually misbehave with a girl for her to accuse me neither can I trust anyone else with this secret what if they disclosed it then all would be lost… I can only trust you kiddo and once all realize that I can be so disgusting (his voice almost chocked as he continued in a faint whisper not even able to voice what he was about to be accused of) to have such sick intentions for my own sister who would like to give their daughter’s hand in mine (He paused trying to somehow compose himself) Other than taking my own life this is the only option I have left. Please Meera I beg of you, please (his words absolutely stunned her, she truly feared he might do something to himself in such a devastated state. When to her utmost horror he was about to touch her feet, she immediately stopped him completely taken aback at his broken state.)

(Meera love is not done for your own lose or gain. Those who search for their profits in love, they have never loved anyone, those unfortunate soul have never ever realized the depth of true love. And anyways, I love Geet from the bottom of my heart but it is not necessary that she also loves me. I love is not that mean and selfish that for my love I will ruin the happiness of the one I love beyond self)



Meera: Bhai, yeh aap kya kar rahe ho (she held his hands) Aapne soch bhi hai ki iske baad kya hoga.

(Bhai, what are you doing (she held his hands) Have you even thought what will happen after all this.)


Maan (gaining some strength as a ray of hope kindled that maybe his sister will help him prove his love, cupping her face):  Tu chinta mat kar, maine Yash (Meera and Yash loved each other) se baat kar li hai woh meri gair maujoodgi mei tera poora khayal rakhega aur tere upper koi bhi aach nahi aane dega. Also I will make sure that no one even dares to blame you, I will take up all of their accuses.

(You don’t worry, I have talked to Yash (Meera and Yash loved each other), he will not let any harm even touch you in my absence. Also I will make sure that no one even dares to blame you, I will take up all of their accuses.)


Meera (she just shook her head why was her brother so selfless, why did he only ever think about others. She looked deep within his eyes): Aur aapka kya (And what about you) (Maan lowered his eyes, not able to meet her gaze) Aap ka kya. (What about you) Your life, your career, your self-respect, your identity, your existence will be absolutely doomed after this, uska kya Bhai… (what about that Bhai…)


Maan (tried to be brave for his kid sister): Tu mei chinta mat kar, mei sab sahan kar loonga, par uski aakhe mujh uska kasoorwar mane yeh mei kabhi sahan nahi kar paoonga. I won’t be able to see her dying by the second due to my love. I can’t be the reason of her tears Meera, I love her from the bottom of my heart and I am ready to destroy my very existence from her one smile (tears rolled down her eyes, he simply loved her beyond self and not able to control herself any further Meera simply hugged her brother sobbing bitterly to be the reason of his destruction.)

(You don’t worry about me, I will bear it all, but her eyes holding me responsible for her destruction that I simply won’t be able to bear)




Geet fell on her knees just not able to contemplate the consequences of her one desire while tears rolled down her cheeks. She tried to compose herself but was not able to find any solace for her guilty soul and she immediately left for the old age home.



I know many are furious at Geet and hate her while some think it was Maan’s fault… So here is what I had in mind while writing… Maan’s fault was that he didn’t ask Geet alone instead proposed in front of all but in his defence he mistook their friendship for love, while Geet cudn’t deny at that time as she was shocked and her father accepted. Geet didn’t know how to deny the marriage as she had always been working on to somehow get Dev in her father’s good books (talk about love being blind, she over looked all her flaws) and she knew if she denied her father, he won’t agree and worse would never get her married to Maan, but if Maan broke up it was a different story altogether. She never realized the gravity of her wish while Maan just couldn’t deny his love’s only ever demand as he too felt somewhere he was responsible for the problem she was in and he just couldn’t find a way to break off yet not let the blame fall on her, hence he resorted to something his heart and soul cursed him for. While Meera tried her best to change his decision but was truly scared seeing his devastated state and feared he would kill himself if she didn’t agree… Hope I was able to explain my POV Wink

Not tell me in details what you guys feel… eagerly waiting.

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  1. druhi says:

    He did everything for her only…

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