Stiletto (High Heels)

Maan and Geet had met in college, fell in love and were married for a year now.


Today Maan had to come really early to office in order to prepare for Mr. Chopra’s presentation which had suddenly got pre-poned as Mr. Chopra had to leave town by noon flight itself and hence Maan left Khurana Mansion at 6 in the morning cribbing that he couldn’t even enjoy his morning tea time reading the newspaper. Actually tea was just an excuse, in reality he was missing his morning drooling session when his Jaan would so lovingly pour his tea and hayee… he would be totally lost in admiring his Jaan… hayee… “But no this stupid meeting had to be pre-poned“, Maan left reluctantly stomping his feet and cribbing while Geet simply shook her head at his child-like antics.


Maan was totally engrossed in work and he didn’t realize when it was late afternoon. As he wrapped up the last meeting of the day Maan glanced at the clock to realize that it was half past four.


Maan (self-thought): Chalo let me glance at today’s newspaper and finish Mr. Ahuja’s project then I will go home early and surprise Geet (he smiled) Waise bhi aaj (Also) I couldn’t even enjoy my morning tea so I will make it up with an evening one (he thought as his heart flip-flopped… hayee… he would be able to drool over his Jaan all evening)


Thinking so he picked up the newspaper, but as soon as he opened it he was in for a big shock… OMG… they had published his picture when that stupid Pari (she was after Maan’s life since college) had suddenly hugged him aur dekhane mei toh aisa lag raha that as if they were sharing a lip lock. (they had published his picture when that stupid Pari had suddenly hugged him and it was looking like they were sharing a lip lock) Maan panicked seeing the photograph and almost ran out of his office.


Sasha (who was coming in to discuss the project file with Maan, on seeing him rush out): MK who Mr. Ahuja ka project…


Maan (muttered under his breath as he dashed out): Zinda bacoonga toh karunga na (Sasha was like “Kya“) We will continue tomorrow.

(If I remain alive then only I will finish na (Sasha was like “What”) We will continue tomorrow.)


Sasha: Ok MK… (and her detective brain started running as to what had happened to the great MSK that he was rushing like that)


Here Maan almost ran out of Khurana Constructions and drove towards Khurana Mansion when he spotted a shoe shop on the way.



Maan (self thought): Haan yeh theek rahega…(Yes, this is will be right…)


Thinking so he rushed inside the shop. (Arpi wonders shoe shop, ab yeh kaisa gift hota hai bhala apni Jaan ko manane ke liye… jewelry dete… dress dete… flowers dete… but shoes)

(Arpi wonders shoe shop, now what kind of a gift is this to pacify your Jaan… gift jewelry… gift dress… gift flowers… but shoes)


Sales Man (imagine Adi in this role): Sir aapke liye kaunse shoes dikhao

(What kind of shoes should I show you Sir)


Maan (searching for something): Not for me, for my wife.


Sales Man: Acha (looking behind Maan but seeing no one, stammering ) Par who kahan hai sirrr…

(Ok (looking behind Maan but seeing no one, stammering) But where is she sirrr…)


Maan (irritated): Unka kya karna hai… I am there na…

(What have you to do with her… I am there na…)


Sales Man (totally stunned as he stared at Maan with big big shocked eyes): Aap try karoge… (You will try)


Maan (was like “Kya???“): Have you gone mad, why would I try ladies sandals…


Sales Man (hell confused Confused now): But then how will you buy??



Maan (he felt like strangling that stupid guy… he was already tensed and this guy was getting on his nerves): I know her size (Maan narrowed his eyes almost threatening the poor guy who gulped hard “Aaj toh meri shamat aayi hai (“Today toh I am gone”). When Maan saw a slipper he really liked.) Get me this one in size 10.


Sales Man was surprised to see a simple black slipper with no heel… matlab ek dum no heel yaar… totally flat and he again looked at Maan all confused.


Sales Man: Sir why don’t you see this one for Madam. All madam’s like heels… (he said showing him a black Stiletto (high heel wali sandal) but as soon as Maan glanced at the high heels, one could actually see smoke coming out of his ears and he gave that guy such murderous looks (in short deadly MSK stare) that the poor sales man was like “Aaj to mei gaya kaam se par maine aisa kya kiya(“Today toh I am definitely gone but what did I do”) and he ran from there to save his dear life before Maan’s looks killed him)



The sales guy returned within a minute with Maan’s desired pair of slippers and Maan resumed his journey.


Maan had reached Khurana Mansion five minutes back but he didn’t have the guts to enter their house and he just stood on the door with the bell in his hands. Finally mustering courage to face his Jaan he rang the bell. Geet opened the door and Maan was about to speak something when he noticed Geet wearing Stilettos and he gulped hard as he went into flash back.



Geet and Maan were to get engaged the next day and both were hell excited when Geet called Maan.


Geet (on phone): Maan mom is coming that side (near your house) for some kitty party so I was thinking how about I drop by while she is having lunch.


Maan (super excited): Awesome Jaan, I was getting bored sitting alone at home as all have gone out for shopping.


And so it was decided that Geet would reach by one and Maan thought of surprising her and he rushed to buy her favorite chocolate and flowers.


But Geet reached at 12:30 itself and was shocked to find Khurana Mansion locked. She called up Maan but as his phone was unreachable she entered using her spare key.



Geet (self thought): Oh no… Maan ka mobile toh abhi bhi unreachable aa raha hai ab mei aadha ganta kya karoon… (she cribbed as she went upstairs to Maan’s room)

(Oh no… Maan’s mobile is still unreachable, now what will I do for the next half an hour…)


Maan came back at 12:50 and was surprised to find the main door locked from inside.


Maan (self thought): Arey lagta hai Geet jaldi aagayi… (he rang the bell but there was no response… he got confused Confused but fortunately she had only latched the center lock which could be opened from outside also using the key)

(Oops, looks like Geet came early…)


Maan tip-toed into the house and on hearing some noises from his room, he rushed upstairs all excited to meet hi Jaan.


Maan (as he reached his room door): Hi Jaan… (but as soon he called out to her, he was shocked to find a pillow hit him. By the time he could recover from the shock he got hit by another and another. He somehow managed to duck them when he saw a flower vase flying at him… he somehow saved himself but his Jaan was in no mood to spare him today as one after the other things kept flying at him, his hair brush, pen, pencil, show piece, shaver, anything and everything his Jaan could lay her hands on but fortunately he managed to avoid all of Geet’s weapons infuriating her all the more. When she found a broom which the maid had by mistake left in Maan’s room while cleaning in the morning and Geet grabbed that. Maan was so stunned to see her pick the broom that he almost froze giving Geet time to catch up with him and before he could even realize “Whack” she hit his back side with the broom. “Ouch” Maan yelled but his Jaan was in no mood of mercy and she hit him left, right and center with the broom with poor Maan jumping and yelping trying to save himself but with no luck.)


Somehow he finally managed to hold the broom.


Maan: Arey yaar mujhe kaise pata hota that you would come so early. I toh had just gone to get your favorite chocolates and flowers (he whined complainingly to her but this angered Geet all the more and she left the broom and picked up her slippers)

(Arey yaar how should I have known that you would come so early.)


Geet (she hit him “Whack” with the Stiletto on his bum and Maan yelped in pain “Ouch Jaan it hurts…” he complained making a baby face rubbing his bum): Aap ko koi sharam haya hai bhi ki nahi… aisa koi karta hai kya… (leaving Maan hell confused ki aisa usne kya kiya. But before he could think or react she hit him again “Whack“)

(Do you have any shame left or not… does anyone do like this… (leaving Maan hell confused that what had he done that she was talking like this. But before he could think or react she hit him again “Whack”))


Maan: Par maine aisa kya kiya Jaan (he almost pleaded as his Jaan beat him up when by mistake Geet hit him real hard on his chest and the heel pierced his skin and he winced in pain as a drop of blood trickled out)

(But what did I do Jaan)



Geet immediately left him and the slipper but precious pearls rolled down her cheeks and she broke out crying as she thumped on the bed. Her tears pricked Maan’s heart and his eyes too brimmed with tears seeing his Jaan all broken like that and crying.  He kneeled down in front of her and he gently held her hand.



Maan (slapping himself with her hand holding her hand): Jitna marna hai marlo Jaan but please don’t cry. You know na I can’t bear to see tears in my Mishti’s eyes. (Geet held her hand not wanting to slap him but her tears were nowhere to stop and they poured out all the more piercing Maan’s heart as to what mistake had he done to have caused so much pain to his love)

(Hit me as much as you want Jaan but please don’t cry)


When Maan picked up her slipper and made her hold it. Geet was surprised as to what he was up to and looked up to see him hold her hand and with it he was about to slap his face with her slipper but she held her hand totally shocked, she couldn’t even dream of slapping his face and that too with a slipper and she threw the slipper away.



Maan (wiping her tears, his voice full of pain): Please Jaan, kuch toh bolo na Mishti ki maine aisa kya kar diya ki meri Jaan ki aakho se aasu ruk hi nahi rahe.

(Please Jaan, tell na Mishti what have I done that tears are not stopping from my Jaan’s eyes)


And Geet placed a picture in his hand. Maan blushed Blushing a shade of deep red seeing the photograph really infuriating her.


Geet (whacking his chest): Aap ko sharam nahi aati hai kya ek toh aap kisi aur larki ko kiss kar rahe ho aur upar se jab mei aapko woh tasveer dikhati hoon aap blush kar rahe ho. (Only Maan’s face was visible and not the girl’s so Geet had no idea woh her sautan was)

(Do you even feel ashamed or not, first you kiss another girl and on top of that when I show you that photograph you are blushing.)


Maan gently held her shoulder but she turned her face away pouting, really angry on him.



Maan (softy holding her chin and making her face him): Jaan yeh larki aur koi nahi tum hi ho (and Geet was like “kya” completed stunned by his reply)

(Jaan, this girl is none other than you)


Geet (turning her face away really furious now): Awww….. Shockedhaad hoti hai juth bolne ki bhi Maan, I know it is not me because we have never shared a lip lock so stop lying…

(Awww… Shocked there is a limit to telling lies Maan, I know it is not me because we have never shared a lip lock so stop lying…)


Maan (blushed Blushing remembering what had happened and he held her chin gently): Wait Jaan, I will show you something, then you say… ok… (and Geet agreed as even though she was furious on Maan but her heart knew he could never break her trust)


And Maan rushed to get his laptop and he played a video on it. As the video started playing Geet was really astonished as it was their college farewell party video.


Flash Back – Farewell Party


Geet was dressed in a magnificent black saree while Maan equally complimented her in an immaculate black suit with a crisp white shirt and black tie. Hayee… they both looked so breathtaking and completely out of this world that all were totally mesmerized by this magical and heavenly couple.


As soon as they entered the hall Geet’s favorite song “Jaane Kyun from Dostana” started playing and she dragged Maan straight to the dance floor and soon their whole gang joined in. They were a group of six inseparable friends Maan, Geet, Annie, Arjun, Meera and Yash. They kept on jumping and dancing truly enjoying themselves when suddenly Geet felt thirsty.


Geet (almost yelling into Maan’s ear as the music was really loud): I will just be back (and Maan blinked his eyes as she left the dance floor.)


It had been a good ten minutes but there was absolutely no sign of Geet hence Maan excused himself from his friends and went out in search of his love. When to his utmost horror he found his Jaan talking to a pillar at the extreme end of the hall and he ran up to his Geet.


Maan tapped her shoulder and she turned around with a bottle of mineral water in her hand but she seemed weird and was acting really strange as she smiled widely showing all her teeth to Maan.


Maan (Sensing something was definitely wrong): Isme kya hai Jaan (he asked pointing at the bottle)

(What is in it Jaan)


Geet (little confused Confused): Woh I was very thirsty na and so I was searching for water when I found this mineral water bottle (she paused a bit as she cutely looked here and there to make sure no one was hearing her before she continued almost whispering into his ear) a secret batau (Shall I tell a secret)(Maan was like hell confused Confused what was she doing when seeing him all lost she shook him) secret batau (and Maan was like “haan“) woh na iska taste na ek dum alag hai but I really like it (it’s taste is really different but I really like it)(giving Maan the bottle) Tum bhi try karo Maan… (Try it Maan…) it is reeeaaalllyyy good and I am sure you will like it too (she said swaying slightly and Maan sensed something was definitely wrong in that water and as he whiffed it he realized that some idiot had sneaked liquor inside the farewell party in mineral water bottles and his poor Jaan had picked up one by mistake) Try karo na I am sure you will like it (she urged him again showing all her teeth but she almost lost her balance and Maan immediately held her waist supporting her and Geet lovingly touched his nose giggling LOL) hehehe LOL I feel so good Maan (and she opened her arms as she bend her back backwards as if flying and Maan tightened his grip on her waist in order to support her and prevent her from falling back while she laughed whole heartedly and hayee… her laughter was like music to his ears and he slowly getting totally lost in his completely tipsy Jaan)



When all of a sudden Geet straightened herself and she very lovingly wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him really close to herself and their lips grazed slightly.


Geet (her eyes darkening in passion and deep desire) I really love you Maan (and she softly pecked Maan on his lips and soon both were completely lost in their first kiss exploring all the hidden treasures as their tongues danced around completing with each other. They broke apart after ages both panting for air but soon they were once again lost in kissing, licking and nibbling one another)


Meera: Ahem… Ahem…


When suddenly Maan heard someone clear her throat and he broke away from Geet but still holding her from her waist supporting her as she had totally lost her senses by now.


Meera: Yeh sab kya chal raha hai Maan (and he explained how Geet had accidently gotten drunk)

(What is all this Maan)


Maan and Meera helped a completely tipsy Geet back to Meera’s hostel room and they informed her parents that as it was too late and Geet was hell tired, she would stay with Meera only.


Flash Back – Farewell Party Ends


Geet (confused): But Maan tume toh kaha tha ki I just fell unconscious in your arms when you met me after I drank that water and humari farewell party ki toh koi video hai hi nahi aur koi photograph bhi print nahi ho payi thi na. Don’t you remember the video and photographs had gotten accidentally destroyed na (when realization dawned on her that there was no such accident. It was her Maan who had not let their first kiss get leaked and it was he who made sure that their private moments remained private. He had saved the video just for himself and the picture he had gotten developed as a souvenir of their first kiss and hence he was blushing when she showed him that. Tears brimmed Geet’s eyes as she engulfed her Maan in a bone crushing bear hug truly overwhelmed at her Jaan and Maan too hugged her with all his love.)

(But Maan you had said that I just fell unconscious in your arms when you met me after I drank that water and there was no video of our farewell party, in fact no photograph could also be printed na. Don’t you remember the video and photographs had gotten accidently destroyed na)




When she really tightened her hold on him and he winced in pain and Geet instantly left him.


Geet (really worried): Kya hua Maan (but Maan blinked his eyes assuring her that it was nothing and Geet smiled but as soon as she touched his back, he flinched again. Geet got really suspicious now) Boliye na Maan kya hua hai. (but he still shook his head denying that anything happened but Geet knew something was definitely wrong and she forced him to remove his T-shirt to see what was wrong)

(What happened Maan. Tell na Maan what has happened)


Tears threatened to roll down her eyes as she saw a couple of red patches forming on his chest and back. OMG… she had really beaten him hard… poor Maan.


Geet (really teary now slowly caressing his red chest): Bahut dard ho raha hai na Maan (there was so much pain in her voice as if she was living his pain) Mei kitni buri hoon na ki bina kuch jane bina kuch pooche aap ki itni pitai kar di par mei kya karti I just couldn’t even bear to imagine that you kissed someone else but why didn’t you stop me…

(It is really paining na Maan. How bad I am that what knowing anything, without even asking I beat you up but what could I do I just couldn’t even bear to imagine that you kissed someone else but why didn’t you stop me…)


Maan (lovingly wrapped his arms around her neck, pulling her really close to himself): My dear would be wifeyji aap ke toh gusse mei bhi aap ka pyaar hi jalakta hai (he said winking Wink at her before softly kissing her cute red nose and hayee her cheeks too went all red as she blushed Blushing real hard)

(My dear would be wifeyji your love is reflected even in your anger)


Flash Back Ends


Geet snapped her fingers in front of Maan breaking his flash back and he gulped hard as he remembered the newspaper photograph with Pari and then saw Geet’s stiletto. His heart thudded loudly imagining his Jaan bashing him up with those and he immediately handed her the black slippers he had just purchased (Geet was taken aback seeing the slippers but his next set of words rendered her completely speechless)


Maan (totally panicky seeing those monstrous high heels): Yeh lo Jaan jitna marna hai inse mar lo (he said pushing the flat black slippers in her hand) but please un Dracula ke daato se mat marna (he said pointing at her Stilettos and Geet was like “Dracula ke Daat“) aur nahi toh kya they even pierce the skin like a blood sucking Dracula.

(Take this Jaan, how much ever you want to beat me, beat me with this (he said pushing the flat black slippers in her hand) but please don’t beat me with those Teeth of Dracula (he said pointing at her Stilettos and Geet was like “Teeth of Dracula”) What else they even pierce the skin like a blood sucking Dracula.)


Hayee he looked so cute as he cribbed non-stop about her high heels nahi nahi “Dracula ke Daat” hehe LOL that she silenced him by softly kissing his lips and now it was Maan’s turn to be surprised, he toh was fearing that today God only knows kis kis se pitai hogi but his Jaan toh just kissed him.

(Hayee he looked so cute as he cribbed non-stop about her high heels no no “Teeth of Dracula” hehe LOL that she silenced him by softly kissing his lips and now it was Maan’s turn to be surprised, he toh was fearing that God only knows with what all he would be beaten today but his Jaan toh just kissed him.)



Geet (sensing his questioning gaze): Aap woh newspaper wali photograph ko dekh kar dar rahe ho na (and Maan so cutely nodded his head for a yes… hayee… he looked so adorable that Geet couldn’t resist herself and pulled his slightly red cheeks) Mujhe pata hai ki that chipkali Pari suddenly hugged you and you were totally taken aback by her sudden action but you immediately got rid of her (and Maan was like “Tumko kaise pata“) Woh… actually aap ko yaad hai I had come to give your lunch that day and had seen that chudal cling on to you and I felt like sucking her blood but when you jerked her away like that I was so thrilled (and Maan smiled imagining Geet doing a mini dance.) Isliye I know everything (Phew his heart let out a sigh of relief “In short no pitai“) Par waise ek kaam toh acha hua us chamgadar ki wajah se (Maan raised an eyebrow “Kya“) Aap aaj ghar jaldi aa gaye aur aaj toh ghar par koi hai bhi nahi (she spoke with a hint of mischief in her voice and Maan immediately snaked his hands over her bare waist pulling her really close to himself.)

(You were fearing seeing that newspaper picture right (and Maan so cutely nodded his head for a yes… hayee… he looked so adorable that Geet couldn’t resist herself and pulled his slightly red cheeks) I know that, that lizard Pari had suddenly hugged you and you were totally taken aback by her sudden action but you immediately got rid of her (and Maan was like “How do you know”) Woh… actually do you remember I had come to give your lunch that day and had seen that witch cling on to you and I felt like sucking her blood but when you jerked her away like that I was so thrilled (and Maan smiled imagining Geet doing a mini dance.) Hence I know everything (Phew his heart let out a sigh of relief “In short no beating”) But actually at least one nice thing happened because of that Bat(Maan raised an eyebrow “What”) You came home early and there is no one at home also tonight (she spoke with a hint of mischief in her voice and Maan immediately snaked his hands over her bare waist pulling her really close to himself.))


Maan (whispering huskily as his breath fanned her lips): Acha ji so what does my wifey want to do that too all alone (he winked Wink at her as he eyed her lips with his bed room eyes and she shied away blushing hard Blushing. Hayee she looked so adorable as the slight red hue caressed her cheeks that he immediately captured her soft lips in his rough ones and kissed her completely senseless before picking her up in his arms and carrying her to their bedroom wanting to shower all his love on her and they were lost in their passionate union for the rest of the day and entire night WinkBlushing)



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Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Epilogue



Maan got their food and he gently adjusted his Jaan as he so lovingly fed her and she too fed him in return and they continued to pour their true, pure and divine love completely lost in one another.


They remained like that till eternity before it became really chilly and Geet was almost on the verge of shivering and Maan very lovingly carried her to the room he had especially reserved for them. But as he was about to open the door, Geet spoke.



Geet (slightly hesitant): Maan…


Maan (raising his eyebrows as to what happened): Haan Jaan…


Geet: Woh… woh… (shying slightly) If you don’t mind can I go in first alone, then I will call you in.


Maan was taken aback but Geet pleaded him making big sad puppy dog eyes and hayee… how could he not melt. He blinked his eyes assuring her and gently made her stand on her feet.



Geet kissed his cheek in sheer excitement before rushing inside closing the door behind her and hayee… Maan was completely lost in the feel of her rosy lips as he held his cheek… completely submerged in the feel of his Jaan.


Suddenly the door opened and Geet peeped outside to find her Maan still lost in her feel holding his cheek and she giggled LOL seeing his state and imagining his condition after her naughty plans. Her chuckle broke Maan’s thoughts and he blushed Blushing slightly to have gotten caught again by his Jaan when to his surprise his Geet winked at him gesturing him to come inside and he simply followed her completely enamoured by his Jaan.


But as Maan entered the room he was in for a pleasant surprise. His Jaan had so beautifully, romantically and aromatically done up the entire suite that it seemed as if he had entered Heavens. He was totally smitten by his Jaan who stood in the center radiating light in the midst of the majestic candles and rose petals. She truly looked like an angel who had descended just for him and he was completely lost in her almond shaped eyes pouring his absolutely divine love on his Mishti.



Geet shied not able to meet his intense gaze and gently looked down, it was then that Maan’s eyes traveled downwards and he was completely blown away to see his Jaan in the white overflowing gown. OMG… she had planned to be death of him today as she very sensually dropped her gown to reveal her milky skin shinning in the red inners and Maan breathe was caught in his throat as a hoarse whisper escaped his lips “Jaan…” while Geet blushed seeing her effect on her Maan. She felt so proud that he loved her so much…


His feet as if on their own lessened the distance as he moved close to his Jaan all lost drinking her beauty via his eyes when his gaze fell on her scar and he almost jolted back from the crime he was about to commit and he simply froze. Geet was taken aback to see his halt abruptly and she looked up, but as soon as their eyes met all her unasked questions got answered as to what had happened all of a sudden and she spoke.


Geet (with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes even as she very innocently asked): Maan, can I ask for my birthday gift


Maan got mortally scared seeing that look in her eyes, he knew he could never deny her anything but not at the cost of her health and he kept quiet.


Geet (gently sliding her hands around her chest over his shirt from behind as she huskily whispered almost teasing his senses): Boliye na… do I get to relish my Jaan as my gift… (turning him towards her)


Maan (his eyes were drooping as he was slowly but surely drowning in the feel of his Jaan as her sinful hands traced delicate patterns all over him and he could meekly managed): But…


Geet (loosening his tie before she almost ripped it out and she continued teasing his senses as she very sensually opened his shirt buttons, gently grazing his toned muscles underneath creating a complete havoc in his senses): When did I ask you to do anything Jaan (Maan’s drooping eyes had the questioning look… as to what was her demand then…) I am toh only asking my right to love and savour my Jaan… you are totally free to control yourself and this way it won’t hurt me also…


Maan’s subconscious knew he was asking for trouble by agreeing to her request but somehow he was in no sane state of mind to think or protest anything as his Jaan literally threw his shirt far away feeling his taut chest and abs with her heavenly fingers leaving goose bumps all over his body via her delicate caresses and he could just nod for a yes.


18+ part begins

Her eyes shone in naughtiness as he gently nodded and she softly guided him towards the bed. She pushed him gently on it before climbing over him as her hands roamed freely over his bare chest and back and Maan simply closed his eyes… savouring the feel of his Jaan. Her sinful lips soon took over from her hands as she placed delicate feather like kisses all over him as he moaned her name in sheer ecstasy.


When suddenly he felt something cold touch his bare torso and he opened his eyes slightly to see his Jaan pouring chocolate sauce all over him. He was taken by surprise as her every ready mouth descended on his collar bone sucking, licking and nibbling the chocolate along with his delicate skin leaving her mark… as if marking him hers and he realized what exactly she meant by relishing him as her lips traveled down leaving her marks all over his chest as she softly nibbled and chewed him completely enjoying her chocolaty Maan and relishing him to her heart’s desire and he was completely lost in her feel moaning her name non-stop.


But her heart still yearned for more and she almost ripped out his belt pushing his trousers down in one go. Maan’s eyes literally popped out fearing how much longer he would be able to control as her sinful hands sneaked inside his boxers feeling his secret treasure and he hardened almost instantly as she softly caressed and stroked him. She pushed away his last barrier as her eyes shone in pure passion darkening with desire tracing delicate patters over him and he simply moaned her name in pure bliss.


She very lovingly rubbed his manliness caressing, fondling and rubbing him turning him on and Maan gripped the sheets tightly closing his eyes shut just not able to bear her teasing any more when to his utmost horror he felt her pouring the cold chocolate sauce over his core before her sinful lips and tongue started relishing him while her sinful fingers caressed his sides creating a complete havoc in his senses and his grip tightened on the sheets till his knuckles turned completely white.


Maan (his breathing got rugged as he withered under his Jaan’s extreme sweet torture. Barely managing to speak as a mere hoarse whisper escaped his lips): Please Jaan stop, I am losing my control… I will end up hurting you… please Jaan… (He barely managed to speak as his body almost shivered under his self control… jolting Geet out of her dream land… she didn’t even realize when she got carried so far away in her naughty and sinful plan. She had planned to just tease him but she completely lost her senses relishing her Maan and oops she went a step too far away and poor Maan had it… poor guy was literally trembling in desire.)


And as Geet finally stopped her sweet torture a tear escaped Maan’s eyes simply not able to bear her teasing, his entire being was pulsating and throbbing in need as his heart thudded loudly under his self control.


Geet immediately captured his lips trying to make it up to him but she felt him holding back because he no longer trusted his body, his senses, he knew if he let lose even a fraction then there would be no controlling back when she whispered in his ears.


Geet (faint whisper): Doctor messaged, I am completely fine now.


Maan instantly opened his eyes and looked deep into hers as if confirming what he heard was indeed true, as if seeking her permission and she blinked assuring him as if granting him his right and that was it. He instantly flipped her over, shedding her barriers as he urgently slid in her releasing himself engulfing her in a bone crushing hug, filling her with his love as she almost shrieked in pain and pleasure feeling him inside her and he immediately captured her lips soothing her… trying desperately to calm his quivering senses and it took him a good five minutes before his body finally stopped trembling such was the extreme torture his Jaan had bestowed on him.


Geet (extremely guilty as pearls threatened to fall from her eyes): I am really sorry Maan, I didn’t realize…


But Maan instantly captured her lips not letting her apologize. He looked deep into her eyes… assuring her… that he was her Maan… she had absolutely every right on him… in fact she toh owned him na… and how could she ever say sorry for loving him… he toh just loved it na when she loved him and his eyes smiled at her and finally she too smiled back free from her guilt.


He gently kissed assuring her and soon the soft kiss turned passionate with both biting, nibbling, licking and sucking each other as he slowly increased the pressure underneath and Geet shrieked in pure pleasure as he rocked her world filling her with his true love as they rode amongst the clouds before they both collapsed hitting their climax.


18+ part ends


Maan kissed her lone tear away and she smiled at him totally content to be his and only his when Maan mischievously winked eyeing her and she blushed all the more.


Maan (whispered huskily in her ears): Hmmm, you must be hell tired na so don’t worry I won’t trouble you more (he winked naughtily as he continued) But I will be relishing my Jaan soon (and he eyed her with his bed room eyes and Geet blushed a deep shade of red before hiding her face in his chest)


Geet snuggled into her Maan and he too cocooned her into his loving embrace before a peaceful sleep enveloped them.



As the early morning sun rays glittered inside their room Maan gently blinked his eyes to find the most adorable scene in front of him, his glowing angel was snuggling into him and he was completely lost in openly drooling over his Mishti. He was so lost in his Jaan that he didn’t even realize when he gently kissed her lips and she just snuggled more into him as if seeking his warmth almost wrapping herself around him and Maan smiled slightly.


16+ part begins

When suddenly her soft chest touched his rock solid one and he hardened almost instantly moaning her name.


Geet slowly blinked her eyes hearing him moan and a slight smile crept her lips feeling his arousal while Maan blushed Blushing, his body simply gave his crazy love for his Jaan completely away… and hayee… Geet so much adored her slightly blushing Maan as his cheeks went all red.


Geet (huskily whispered in his ears): Love me na Jaan.


Maan looked deep into her eyes and she shied away just not able to meet his intense gaze and soon they both were lost in another love making session exploring each other to their heart’s content.


16+ part ends


Couple of weeks had passed by and Geet was fully recovered now running and jumping all around the mansion.


Today Maan had somehow wrapped up his work by late afternoon itself and he headed home early in order to surprise his Jaan. He was about to announce his arrival when he saw his Mishti looking so gloomy and grumpy that it ripped his heart apart and he tip-toed close to her wanting to know the reason of her faded smile. He saw his Jaan gently caressing a newspaper ad before she let out a sigh and neatly folding the newspaper silently keeping it away even as her eyes had that distant feel of a dream long lost when Dadi called out for her.


Dadi: Geet beta, yahan aana toh jara…(Geet beta, please come here…)


Geet: Ji Dadi…


And she left leaving her sadness behind, maybe even her dreams, for her newly found family. But how was her Maan to let go and he instantly picked up the newspaper to see what his Jaan’s heart desired and a sweet smile crept his lips as he saw her dream and he vowed to fulfill her every wish and he immediately left to find his Jaan’s lost happiness.


It was way past dinner time when Maan finally came back home and both Dadi and Annie had long back retired to bed. As he slowly crept in from the main door he was totally blown away at the mesmerizing scene in front of him. His adorable Jaan was so cutely sleeping on the dining table resting her head on her stretched arm that hayee… he was completely lost in admiring his Mishti as he slowly approached her drooling openly at his innocent wifey. Almost as if in a dreamy trance Maan walked up to his Jaan and gently tucked in the lose strand of hair behind her ear totally smitten by his stunning sweet heart while Geet recognized his touch even in her sleep and she blinked her eyes to see her Maan and a beautiful smile crept her lips.


Geet: Aap aa gaye Maan… Chaliye mu haath dho lijiye, mei khana lagati hoon… (You came Maan… Come wash you face and hands, I will get the food)


And Hayee… Maan was completely blown away by his Jaan’s love and care, she never got angry at him even if he got late at night in fact she would be waiting for him at dinner… hayee… he was so lucky to have his angel in his life.


Maan (softly kissing his wifey): Naraz nahi ho Jaan, (Geet raised her eyebrow surprised) woh I came back so late…

(You are not angry Jaan, (Geet raised her eyebrow surprised) woh I came back so late…)


Geet (how could she ever be angry on her Jaan, her Maan after all he was her Jaan na, reciprocating his kissy): Mei janti hoon you must got caught in some important work tabhi toh you messaged na that you will get late.

(I know that you must have gotten caught in some important work that is why you messaged that you will get late)


Hayee… Maan simply scooped her off her feet as he deepened the kiss wanting to pour his entire love in that one single kiss and both were soon lost in kissing and feeling each other.


They broke apart after ages panting for breath and both chuckled at themselves to be so lost that they just forgot to breathe.


After they calmed a bit Geet was about to go get the dinner when Maan held her hand. She turned around surprised and raised an eyebrow as if asking “Kya hua” (“What happened“).


Maan simply placed a paper in her hand. Geet was curious as to what was in it and as she read the form tears of pure bliss rolled out of her eyes and she engulfed her Maan in a bone crushing bear hug and Maan too engulfed her lovingly.



They broke apart after ages and Geet suddenly became all confused and started bombarding poor Maan with her endless questions.


Geet: But how did you come to know that I wanted to take part in this couple dance competition. I toh didn’t even tell you (when she suddenly realized something) and this was why you got so late (and precious pearls threatened to pour from her divine eyes completely overwhelmed at his truly unconditional love)


Maan simply captured her soft lips not able to bear tears in his precious’s eyes.


Maan (feeling her finally calm down under his magical spell): I toh live in your heart na Jaan then how can I not know your heart’s desire (his voice was full of love as he looked deep into her eyes as if reading her soul and Geet was completely blown away at his absolutely divine love).



Geet (Suddenly worried): But Maan it will become so hectic na for you, how will you be able to manage dance rehearsals along with office. Let’s ditch the competition na, you thought so much that is more than enough for me Jaan. (She said, her eyes showering her absolute love on her Maan and he was totally blown away at her love and care but how could he not fulfil his Jaan’s wish)


Maan (gently shaking his head at his innocent and sweet Jaan, touching her forehead with his, looking deep into her eyes): Mishti… your each and every wish is my heart’s desire so we are not dropping the competition come what may and I promise you Jaan we will excel in it. (Geet tried to interrupt concerned about his health but he didn’t let her cut him) You don’t worry Jaan I will handle the office and worst come worse we won’t take any new project for a couple of months (and Geet was simply lost in his undying love for her as she hugged him truly overwhelmed at his never ending love)


The audition was in a month’s time and both Maan and Geet got down to business. Geet was an awesome choreographer who had knowledge of almost all the dance types in the world and poor Maan would be left scratching his head at the complex names she would keep muttering while trying to decide their opening performance. And finally she came up with some weird and complicated dance form name and Maan was like “what???


Maan (cribbing, not another weirdo name Babaji): Arey yaar English mei bol na… what was that… Rum… rum… (muttering to himself) Peena tori hai…

(Come on yaar, tell in English… what was that… Rum… rum… (muttering to himself) We don’t have to drink…)


Geet (hitting her head, her business tycoon husband was such a cribbing baby when it came to dance form names): Arey yaar Rum nahi… Rumba (\’r?m-b?) Jaan… it is just a romantic passionate dance if you so want in plain English.


Maan was like phew at last he understood something when his eyes twinkled naughtily “romantic“, “passionate” and he looked at his Jaan with bedroom eyes which was enough to make her go weak in her knees as she blushed a deep shade of red turning away from him just not able to meet this intense gaze.



Maan (placing his chin on her shoulder from behind and whispering huskily in her ears): Mishti, did I ever tell you how “edible” you look in this red blush of yours (and hayee… she blushed Blushing all the more if it was even possible)


When suddenly Dadi appeared from nowhere…


Dadi: Oops lagta hai hum galat time par aa gaye (and poor Maaneet instantly separated as a red blush caressed Maan’s cheeks Blushing while Geet toh was all sharam se pani pani and could easily beat the tomato in redness Blushing hehe LOL. Dadi tried to control her giggling as she continued with a straight face) Arey hum toh aivei hi kabab mei hadi ban gaye (she said winking Wink at them and hayee both were dying blushing Blushing) Acha chalo I won’t tease you guys, I just came to see how the preparations were going on, but you both carry on (she left naughtily winking Wink at them)

(Oops looks like I came at a wrong time (and poor Maaneet instantly separated as a red blush caressed Maan’s cheeks Blushing while Geet toh was all sharam se pani pani and could easily beat the tomato in redness Blushing hehe LOL. Dadi tried to control her giggling as she continued with a straight face) Oops I unknowingly came in between love birds (she said winking Wink at them and hayee both were dying blushing Blushing) Acha chalo I won’t tease you guys, I just came to see how the preparations were going on, but you both carry on (she left naughtily winking Wink at them))





As Dadi left them alone, Maan naughtily hugged her from behind grazing his hands over her exposed waist and Geet was like “Choriye na Maan koi aa jayega” (“Leave na Maan, someone will come“)


Maan (whispering huskily in her ears gently nibbling her earlobe and her breathe simply got stuck in her throat): I am only practicing our dance form Jaan (Geet was like hell confused Confused even as her breathing became rugged “practicing???” and Maan continued as if answering her unasked question) Haan aur nahi toh kya (What else) you only said romantic and passionate, I am toh just practicing that (and Hayee… Geet blushed Blushing completely red hearing her naughty Maan)


And so their romantic and passionate moments continued along with some dance (hehe LOL wink Wink blush Blushing) and soon it was the day of their audition and Geet was hell nervous while her Jaan was trying his best to calm her down.


Geet was pacing up and down in the green room for the past 30 minutes all decked up in the costume frustrating Maan, he was just not able to calm her down today. Finally seeing no other outlet Maan simply captured her soft lips in his rough ones leaving her completely breathless and totally speechless and soon she relaxed under his magical touch.


Anchor: Ramba by Maaneet


Depicting the story of two people destined to be together, how the girl was hesitant initially but finally his unconditional love and persistence prevailed and the soul mates eventually became one.


The host soon called out their name, yeah Maan had purposefully hidden the fact that Mr and Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana were performing as he knew Geet wouldn’t want them to win because of MSK tag rather he wanted to win it for his Jaan just as her Maan.


Maaneet stepped on to the stage and simply set it on fire by their mesmerizing performance.

Ramba By Maaneet – VM by my dearest friend Payal, enjoy their breath-taking dance on Raabta… There is no scope for words in midst their magical performance… hence I leave it to you guys to see and enjoy their astounding dance.

VM Link


As they finished their performance there was pin drop silence in the whole auditorium before all burst out clapping at their sensuous performance and all were raving about their sizzling chemistry and they got a direct entry in the top fourteen.


They kept on giving spectacular performances week after week and all were simply mesmerized by this perfect Jodi and soon Maaneet were tipped as the favourites to win the contest both by judges and audiences alike.


The final performances were over and Maan was pretty confident that they had nailed it while our Geet was a complete nervous wreck, when the judges announced that for the final day before the results were to be declared based on the marks and votes they wanted all the finalists to give a performance, it could be solo, couple or group whatever they wanted. And an idea clicked Geet and she opted for a solo performance leaving a bewildered Maan scratching his head and when he tried to ask her she confused him all the more.


Maan: Par Jaan why aren’t we performing duet.


Geet (declared): Don’t worry we both are there.


Maan (hell confused Confused): But how is that possible Jaan, you just opted for solo.


Geet (ruffling his hair): Arey we both will be there in the dance, you just wait and watch. (and left from there leaving a totally baffled Maan behind)


And so was the case the entire week whenever Geet was practicing for the finale dance if Maan would turn up, she would immediately stop dancing and music toh she just played in her ears really frustrating Maan with all this secrecy.


Maan (cribbing once again): Yeh kya baat hoti hai Jaan, tell me na what are you planning and you toh said we both are in the dance.

(This is not fair, tell me na what are you planning and you toh said we both are in the dance.)


Geet (shaking her head): Arey yaar wait for a couple more days na, you will soon come to know (and she winked Wink at him before leaving him all irritated)


And poor Maan finally gave up as he knew it was no use pestering her even though his stomach ached with all the suspense his Jaan had created.


Finally the day arrived for which Maan had been so eagerly waiting and it was Geet’s turn to give the performance.


As she started the act Maan was simply blown away seeing her give a tribute to his unconditional, undying divine love as she danced on “Tujhame rab dikhta hai” which his pictures playing on the background screen.


Song Link



na kuchh puchha na kuchh maanga, tune dil se diya jo diya

na kuchh bola na kuchh tola, muskura ke diya jo diya


She portrayed his unending and unconditional love via her dance, how he simply lived for her even when she hated him to the core. How he was always there for her come what may. How he always protected her even when she cursed him, how he bore all her abuses, all her accusations, on himself, how he suffered all her hatred yet kept smiling and pouring his absolutely divine love on her.


tu hi dhup tu hi chhaaya, tu hi apana paraya

aur kuchh na janu, bas itna hi janu


She depicted how grateful she was to him to have blessed her life by coming into it, for sucking away all her madness, all her hatred and filling her heart and soul with his pure love.


tujhame rab dikhta hai, yaara main kya karu

tujhame rab dikhta hai, yaara main kya karu

sajde sar jhukta hai, yaara main kya karu

tujhame rab dikhta hai, yaara main kya karu


She worshiped him in her act portraying that he was indeed her Babaji, her guardian angel who had descended from the Heavens just for her and she vowed to reciprocate his undying love with all her might.


rab ne bana di jodi haay…


And as the performance finally came to an end all were speechless while a tear rolled down Maan’s cheek witnessing his Jaan love and he simply jumped on the stage and ran and engulfed her in a bone crushing bear hug. Geet too reciprocated his hug completely lost in her Maan.



And the whole crowd erupted clapping witnessing the pure love of two divine lovers bringing them back to reality still Maan was just not willing to let go of his Jaan.


Geet (feeling embarrassed Embarrassed): Maan choriya na, sab dekh rahe hai. (Leave na Maan, all are watching)


Maan: Toh dekhane do I don’t care. (So what let them see, I don’t care)


Geet: Please Maan (Geet pleaded all sharam se pani pani Blushing)


Finally Maan let go of her but not before placing a kiss on her cheek and she blushed all the more.


Soon they announced that Maaneet had indeed won the prestigious competition and the celebrations knew no bounds as the whole Khurana Mansion was lit up and they celebrated in true grand style like true champions.


And as time passed by the pure love of the divine lovers blossomed and soon Geet gave birth to a cute little boy and they named him “Lucky” on Maan’s suggestion, truly “Lucky Bhaiya” had returned to complete their family and fill their lives with happiness.

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