Milan Part 13

Chapter 13


Geet smiled and hurriedly left from office to her life savior. Here Maan was on the phone making arrangements for their first date. He wanted to make it the most memorable day of their days till date. Geet was blushing at the thought that they were going for a date, she was a little nervous as to what to expect or how she should react. Seeing her twitching


Maan: What happened princess?


Geet blushed more


Maan (giving her a side-ways hug): Nervous, princess. Me too, hopefully you will enjoy it.


Geet nodded and hid her face in his chest.


Maan: Chalo Sweeto, let’s go.


Maan opened the door of the passenger side of his Mercedes and made Geet sit in it. This was the first time, princess was sitting in his car, he wanted her to have all the comforts in life and he intended to show it to her today. He then went to the driver’s seat. Maan started driving and Geet was looking out of the window, nervous as to what was in store for her, but she had full faith in her Maan. She was looking out, when she was surprised to see that they were entering some private compound on the airport. Maan stopped the car.


Geet: Why are we here?

Maan: Come along princess.


He opened her door and put his hand forward. She took his hand and they slowly went to the private jet which had “The MSK” written on it. Geet looked at with awe, realizing maybe for the first time what MSK was, but for her all this had no value if she didn’t have the person next to her. She looked at him with all the love in her eyes, her entire world seemed to have embedded in him. They went inside the plane.



The air hostess greeted them inside the planes and handed them each a package. They both went inside the plane and settled in. Captain asked for Maan’s permission and they were off. Since this was Geet’s first flight, she got scared as they were taking off and held Maan’s arm in fear. He held her hand soothing her fear. Soon, she relaxed when they were in mid air.


Geet: What is in this packet, Maan.

Maan: Why don’t you explore the plane, there is a cabin inside where you can enjoy opening your gift.


Geet was excited and started exploring the plane, she was jumping like a small kid, making cute faces while exploring. Maan was busy watching her and smiled at her innocence. She found the cabin and opened her gift to find a beautiful pink sari and a lovely diamond necklace, along with some makeup and accessories.




She changed and came out. Maan couldn’t take his eyes off her, she was looking angelic as if they were made especially for her. When Geet saw him, even she couldn’t take her eyes off him he was looking majestic in the black tuxedo. They both slowly came closer, their eyes locked together as if they could see the world in each other’s eyes. They remained that way for what looked like eternity, their gaze was broken by the sudden turbulence of the plane. Geet lost her balance and was about to slip (wearing pencil heals was not helping her) when Maan held her by her waist, touching her ever so softly. They both looked heavenly. After some time captain announced that they would be landing in some time. They both took their places.


Maan: Princess, who look stunning.

Geet blushed: You are also looking very handsome.


Now it was Maan’s turn to blush. As they were landing, Maan held Geet’s hand assuring her that all will be fine. Soon, they landed. A black limousine was awaiting them. They sat inside it. Geet was amazed as to what all he had planned for her in such a short time. Soon they reached the private section of the harbor where a beautiful yacht was standing looking stunning against the evening sky.



Maan held Geet’s arm and took her on to the deck. He knew how much she adored the ocean and it was her dream to go on a cruise. Geet was speechless to see the vast ocean in front of her and she couldn’t believe that God had gifted her with Maan for whom her each dream was like a mission that had to be accomplished. She looked at him with tears in her eyes, thanking him from the bottom of her heart, amazed at the depth of his love, wondering could she ever love him that much. Maan gave her a sideways hug as if he knew what all she was feeling.


Maan: Princess, no tears today, please.


She simply nodded and controlled not to let the tears fall off. There was a seating arrangement of two on the deck. Maan led her to it and they sat admiring the beauty of nature. He poured some apple juice in champagne glass since neither drank and were just silently enjoying each other’s company. They never needed to speak much, now they understood their silence. The yacht soon reached the middle of the ocean and then it was anchored and dinner was served. They were all Geet’s favorites. They enjoyed their dinner silently. She was feeling like Cinderella today, she feared that this may all be a dream. Seeing her expressions changed.


Maan: What happened princess?

Geet: Maan, if this is a dream, I want to never get up from it.

Maan (with his lop-sided smile): Princess, we are very much awake and living our dreams. Would you care to go for a walk with me?

Geet (surprised): Walk? We are in the middle of the ocean, Maan. There is no land to walk.

Maan: If I say there is, then?

Geet (with immense love and faith in her eyes, she would believe anything he would say): I will believe you


Maan was overwhelmed by seeing so much faith and love in her eyes, he felt lucky that God had given him an angel and he vowed to keep her happy forever and ever. He took her inside the cabin, there were a couple of diving suites. He handed one to Geet and took the other.


Maan: We will be walking on the ocean bed, princess.


Geet had no words to explain what she was feeling. They changed and came back on the deck, a submarine that emerged from water. The captain asked if they were ready and soon they left in the submarine. They could see the whole marine life from the windows of the submarine. Soon they landed on the ocean bed and they came out. They could now feel the water, the corals and the fishes. The sight was out of this world, it felt like they had reached heaven. Maan guided her across the ocean bed till they reached a spot where the following message was written in pearl shells






Geet just looked at it, not being able to believe it. Then slowly as reality settled in, she felt over the moon. She wanted to jump in enjoy but couldn’t due to the heavy suit and oxygen cylinder. She looked at him, their eyes met. Maan understood her answer and opened the shell in the centre of the message to take out the beautiful diamond ring. He went down on one knee and slowly placed the ring in her hand.



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