Milan Part 11

Chapter 11


She then kissed his heart deeply as if to thank him for everything and Maan just hugged her like that embracing her, as if hiding her in his chest and they both were lost in their own world, far far away from reality, just feeling each other and cherishing this moment, not wanting it to end. It was so peaceful that they both feel asleep in that position. It was 10 in the night when Maan woke up. He looked at his beautiful princess sleeping so peacefully in his arms hugging him. He softly blew in her face and Geet woke up blushing.

Maan: Geet, it is very late, I should be leaving now. You also have office tomorrow.

Geet (made a sad baby face): hmmm

Maan: Sweeto, how will I be able to go when you are so sad… Plz

Geet: Toh maat jaao…

Maan (making naughty face): So my princess wants to hug me and sleep…

Geet (blushed and broke out of the hug and hid her face in her palms)

Maan: Bolo na…

Geet: Ok, we will meet tomorrow.

Both knew it will be odd if they left in the morning since Pinky and Geet used to walk together, so what will they explain to her. Also poor Maan has only limited self control… and he was heavily tested the night before  Wink(wink)


Maan reluctantly left her place and reached his mansion. Both did miss each other’s warmth but were happy to have each other in their lives and fell asleep dreaming their dreams of being together. They got up the next day just like they had gotten up whole of their lives but it felt special, it felt like they were alive again… They had a jump in their steps, a smile on their faces (without any known reason)… their hearts were smiling… they were contended to have found each other… YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were in LOVE……… But still were they aware??????…hmmm… They were CONFUSED… but HAPPY…


Pinky came to Geet’s flat and was ringing the bell….

Pinky: Arre Geet!!!! We will be late yaar. Didn’t you sleep yesterday kya?

Geet (blushed on remembering last night’s hug and her cheeks became pink, she hurriedly collected her purse and rushed to open the door…) Chal, chal.

They both left for the office.

Pinky: Did you put makeup today??

Geet: No why..

Pinky: your cheeks look pink, so was asking… 

Geet looked here and there and blushed more.

Pinky: Yaar, kuch toh hai, you are smiling a lot these days.

Geet (trying to change the topic): Arey yaar, what did you have for breakfast, I missed mine, shall we eat some at office.

Pinky: Sure… why not

Geet signed in relief for having successfully changed the topic. They reached office and were surprised to see Mr. Malhotra pacing the office looking very tensed which was unusual for a jolly person like him.

Geet: Kya hua sir? Is there any problem?

Suddenly an idea stuck him.

Mr Malhotra: Geet!! Yes, she can do it…

Geet (slightly afraid): What ca .. can I do sir?

Mr Malhotra: Arey yaar! You know Romeo was handling Mr Khurana’s project but he needed to leave town over the weekend since his mother was unwell and he hasn’t returned yet. We need Mr Khurana’s signature on these documents today itself, it is very urgent.

Geet: So what is the problem, sir?

Mr Malhotra: Arey, Romeo forgot to even take his appointment… and u know Mr. Khurana… he will never meet anyone without appointment…

Geet: Oh…Why don’t we take an appointment now

Mr Malhotra: I tried to, but his secretary said he is booked till 7. And strangely he doesn’t entertain anyone post 7 (Obviously Maan needs to walk Geet to his house hehe Big smile) You need to help me out yaar.

Geet: But what can I do, sir?

Mr Malhotra: You just go to his office and wait there. His secretary will try to get you through in case his meetings end up early or if he has any time free between them.

Geet was still not convinced

Mr Malhotra: Acha, as soon as he signs u can take the day off and I will ask someone to do yours tasks for today… yaar please get his signature I am counting on you.

Geet (didn’t have much option left): Ok, sir.


Though Geet didn’t want to meet Mr Khurana, she was still happy that she might get to spend some time with Maan in case he didn’t have any meetings… maybe lunch… But she wasn’t aware of what surprise was in store for her…

Geet reached the office and went to Maan’s secretary, Pari.

Geet: Hi, I am from Mr Malhotra’s office, he had talked to you on phone.

Pari: Hi, yeah he called, btw I am Pari and you are?

Geet: I am Geet, so Pari when will Mr Khurana be free?

Pari: Yaar, Mr Dreamy…. I mean sir has meetings till 7 today.

Geet: How about lunch time?

Pari: Lunch hour is 1-2 but when does he take lunch….?He is always in meetings or working

Geet: Then what about those who are in meetings with him?

Pari: Oh,.. he is very considerate, they can take lunch before or after the lunch hour.

Geet(mumbled to herself): Chalo, lunch toh lene dete hai…. (Atleast hitler has some concern)

Pari: you said something?

Geet: No

Pari: Ok it is 1, I will leave for lunch now. Sir is in a meeting till 2, then he is in another meeting. You can sit here and wait, bye.

Geet: Ok

Pari left. Geet thought of calling Maan but then she realized he could be in the meeting with Monster and may get scolded so thought of messaging him.

Geet (messaged): Hi Maan, are you free? When are you having your lunch? Please call me as soon as you are free.

Here Maan was in a meeting and his cell was on silent so he didn’t read Geet’s message. At 2 when his meeting ended he saw the message, he got tensed but before he could call her, the folks for next meeting started coming in so he messaged.

Maan(messaged): Sweeto, am in a meeting, is there something urgent?

Geet(messaged): No, nothing urgent, call me when you get free.

Maan(messaged): Ok, princess.

A sweet smile played on Maan’s lips thinking about Geet. The meeting started.

Maan: Sasha, where is the finalized documents.

Sasha: Sorry sir, we weren’t able to finish it.

Maan (very angry now): What do you mean you weren’t able to finish it, we need to show it to the clients tomorrow. What kind of irresponsible behavior is this.

Sasha: Sir only half an hour worth of work is left.

Maan: Then go and finish it, we will meet at 3 and I don’t want any excuses after that.

Sasha: Yes, sir.


Here Geet was roaming around the office since she was getting bored and she had come very near the conference hall when Sasha came out. Sasha was in a very foul mood and on seeing Geet dressed in traditional wear, she thought of making her the target of her anger

Sasha: Where do you think you are going, you you villager. On second thoughts do you even know English.

Before Geet could reply, Maan had come out of the conference hall in a furious mood. He saw Geet and all his anger vanished, but when he heard Sasha he just roared

Maan: Sasha, how dare you disrespect someone in my office.

Sasha: But sir…

Maan (cut her off): Is this how you will finish the documents…. Or now you have another excuse of not finishing on time.

Sasha(her plan back fired and now she was humiliated in front of an outsider…) Sorry sir. (she left from there).


Geet was surprised to see Maan and that too shouting. She had always seen his soft and caring side. She was so shocked that she didn’t notice his referring to the office as his.

Maan: Kya hua Geet?

Geet(back to reality): No.. nothing.

Maan: you here?

Geet: Yaar, monster ke signatures chahiye the.

Maan (by now was well aware of his various nick names): why?

Geet narrated what Mr Malhotra had said.

Maan: So if you get monster’s signature you are free for the day. (MSK calling himself monster.. hehe LOL)

Geet: Yup, but he is busy bee.

Maan: Did you have lunch?

Geet: No

Maan: Ok, then lets first have lunch, we will talk there.

Geet: Lets have it here in your canteen so that we don’t miss monster

They went to the canteen. It was 2:10 and some of the folks were still there, they ran out on seeing Maan coming towards the canteen. Geet was surprised to see how the half-filled canteen suddenly become empty. Geet ordered the Indian thali while Maan took pasta. Even the canteen person was surprised to see MSK in his canteen that too for the first time. While they were eating.

Maan: So if I get the signatures will you spend the day with me??

Geet: you can get the monster’s signatures?????

Maan: Yaar, why do you call him monster, you haven’t even met him.

Geet(ignored his comment): Tell me can u get the signatures.

Maan: Yup

Geet: Cool then we can hang out together, but don’t you have any meetings.

Maan: I have one from 3-4 then I will manage, don’t worry.

Geet: Great.

She was very happy that see will get the signatures and bonus she gets to spend time with Maan. They finished their lunch and it was 2:50. They went to Maan’s cabin, but Geet is Geet she failed to see the name on the cabin (I am like rolling eyes Wacko).

Geet: Maan, wow what a lovely cabin u have. You must be the right hand man of hitler.

Maan just smiled.

Maan: Geet, you sit here, I will be back at 4, then we will get the signatures and then we head out.

Geet made herself comfortable on the couch while Maan left for the meeting. He informed Pari to postpone all his remaining meetings for tomorrow. He returned at 4 to find his sleeping beauty comfortably sleeping on the couch. He very quietly sat on the floor next to her and softly tugged her hair which were troubling her. She smiled in her sleep. He was lost in her beauty and after what seemed like eternity, Geet slowly opened her eyes to find him staring at her. She blushed and hid her face, which brought Maan out of his thoughts. Geet sat up and Maan also got up.

Maan: Give me the papers and I will sign them.

Geet: No, no not you Monster needs to sign.

Maan (smiled and broke it to her): I am your Monster.

Geet looked confused…

Maan: I am the MSK, Mr Khurana, your monster.

Geet stood still with her mouth open


Precap: Geet’s reaction… date or no date. Wink

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