My Maan And Kala Pada (Black Panda)

So basically it is a sweet, cute scene between Maaneet Wink So you must be wondering who is this Kala Pada… and why the title My Maan and Kala Pada…  (Thanks SweetestPari for the awesome title) hmmm what to say hayeee I toh simply adore the Kala Pada but oops less than my Maan or else Blushing enough of my blabbering… on to the story LOL


Maan slowly opened the door as he gently peeped into their room and as expected he shook his head. He simply knew it… his Mishti just wasn’t like the other wives. She just wouldn’t make him sleep on the couch but instead whenever she was furious on him she would torture herself (or shall I say him) by somehow squeezing into that small uncomfortable couch… oh how much he hated to see his Jaan in any discomfort… hmm… maybe that was why she did it… it was definitely a much bigger punishment to see his Mishti in uneasiness than it would be to make him sleep on it… and on top of it that disgusting “Kala Pada” that she would hug so dearly… ughhh… to tease the hell out of Maan… oh how much he hated the very sight of that Kala Pada (it was Geet’s favorite stuff toy which was a big black panda… she simply adored him while Maan just hated his very sight… as he always meant trouble in his happily married life when she paid more attention and hugged that fat blackie instead of him)

Maan cribbed Arey yaar itne handsome aur sexy husband ko chor kar us ugly se kala pada mei aisa kya hai jo meri Mishti usse itne pyaar se gale laga rahi hai… he pouted so cutely cribbing to her favorite Babaji… Ab mei kya karoon apni pyaari si biwi ko manane ke liye… he wondered.

(Maan cribbed Uff yaar How can My Mishti leave such a handsome and sexy husband aside and hug that ugly black panda that too with so much love and affection… he pouted so cutely cribbing to her favorite Babaji… Now what should I do to please my lovely wifey… he wondered.)


He looked at their empty bed, then at his beautiful wifey on the couch, then again at the empty bed, then again at her and sighed… alas… he was so much tempted by the devil in him to simply pick up his lovely wifey and gently tug her in the duvet on the bed and stay beside her cuddling into her admiring his Jaan all through the night… but… his head warned him of the disastrous repercussions of the last time even as his heart whined. He dreaded remembering the last time his Misti was furious at him and had slept on the couch with that filthy Kala Pada… he had so lovingly lifted her up and made her sleep on the bed but alas as soon as his Jaan woke up the next morning she was seething with anger with smoke literally coming out of her ears and as a punishment she didn’t speak a single word to him the entire day and how was he to forget how he had longed to hear her melodious voice just once and how he had begged and whined but to no avail.


He simply shrugged at the idea of making his Jaan more angry, he just couldn’t bear her silence… and hence he dropped the deadly self-devastating idea with a sigh… but what was his heart to do… it simply couldn’t sleep on that empty bed without his Misti. He pouted ever so cutely when an idea stuck his naughty mind and a beautiful smile adorned his lips…


He gently went down on his knees next to the couch and softly slid his hand around his Mishti’s delicate waist while a lovely smile spread across her lips as if she recognized his touch even while asleep and she too placed her hands on his hands. Maan was thrilled like a small kid as he smirked and gave a victorious look to that Kala Pada… “See my Mishti loves me only” showing the panda his tongue and he softly snuggled into his Jaan as a slight blush adorned Geet’s cheek and hayee… Maan was totally flat on his glowing Jaan and he slept peacefully hugging his Mishti as he gently nuzzled more into her as he ever so slightly placed his head on her waist.


Geet woke up with a beautiful smile on her face as if her heart was dancing to be so near her Maan and she chuckled seeing him all cuddled up hugging her waist but then she frowned suddenly seeing herself on the couch and him beneath on the ground and the last night occurrences flashed back… how that Pari was chipkofying to her Maan and how her dear husband was enjoying it… well not actually enjoying, he was stunned when that filthy girl clung to him but then why didn’t he just throw her down… hmm… yeah he did remove her and quietly excused himself but it was way too polite for Geet’s liking and more over why did he even call that blood sucking vampire to their party was the main question, when he knew how much Geet hated the very sight of that chipku Pari but no he had to call her and then that chudail… uff… so she had the full right to be annoyed and punish her hubby darling… Geet explained to her Babaji… hai na (right) and as if her Babaji denied… aur nahi toh kya apni Biwi ko aise koi satata aur jalata hai kya bala… (What else who troubles and burns his wife in jealously like this) she cribbed more.


Though she loved his mesmerizing touch but she was really angry on Maan and she jerked upright waking up Maan. He slowly rubbed his eyes stretching his sore body to meet the fuming face of his Mishti and poor guy gulped hard seeing her still mad at him and made a sad cribbing face ki woh kya karta (what could he have done) Pari was daughter of Mr. Chopra with whom he was doing this project. Though Geet’s heart was already melting but she still maintained a stern look and got up pouting at him turning her back to face him and poor Maan gulped real hard… oops…


Maan (pleading): Please Jaan, I am really sorry yaar… mujhe nati pata tha ki woh (I didn’t know that) Pari would be such a chipku variety (Geet turned her face and looked at him with narrowed eyes “Really you didn’t know” and Maan was like aaye toh jaayee kahan) woh… haan… well… actually… we both know that she is a despo variety but yaar mei kya karta… (what could I have done…) I didn’t know before taking the project that she was Mr. Chopra’s daughter na. (But his Mishti was nowhere to melt and she eyed him like she always did since childhood whenever she was angry and demanded her punishment and that was poor Maan having to do sit ups holding his ears and Maan made a baby sad face with big big puppy dog eyes ki ab woh kitne bare ho gaye hai (that they were grownup now) but his Jaan was in no mood to listen and poor Maan finally sighed as he held his ears and started his punishment while his Mishti looked at him from the corner of her eye)


It was only his second sit up and Maan winced slightly in pain much to Geet’s astonishment and she questioned him via her eyes as to what happened while he faked a smile and continued his punishment but pain was clearly visible in his eyes and Geet immediately held his hand and directed him to the bed.


Geet: Kya baat hai Maan? (What happened Maan?)


Maan (not wanting to trouble his Jaan): Nahi nahi kuch nahi (No, no nothing) (Geet narrowed her eyes knowing he was definitely lying and as her fingers gently brushed his knee he flinched slightly and now toh for sure Geet knew something was absolutely wrong and she bent down to push his trousers up and Maan was completely taken aback as he held her hand, doing all drama in a shocked voice) Geet yeh tum kya kar rahi toh, koi aa jayega (and Geet was like… uff… God her husband)

(Geet what are you doing, someone will come)


Geet: Maan for Heaven’s sake we are married for 2 years and moreover the door is closed. Aur waise bhi I am not removing your trousers, just pushing it up (Oops… Geet blushed Blushing at her statement hayee how she loved striping him while Maan chuckled to see her red cheeks… hayee he so much wanted to eat her alive that he just forgot that he had to keep her off him abhi)


When to her horror she saw his knees all red due to sleeping on them in such an uncomfortable position all night, obviously he toh was totally oblivious to his state when he was near his Jaan but how could she not feel her Maan’s discomfort. She hurriedly ran to get the ointment even as tears brimmed her eyes.


(Assume it is Maan’s Knee)

Geet (gently applying the ointment while softly blowing air): Bahut dukh raha hai na (she said her voice so sad as if feeling his pain and hayee Maan was toh simply blown away at her love and care)

(It must be paining a lot)


Maan (gently held her hand and kissed her palm): Meri Mishti ke hote hua mujhe koi takleef shoo bhi sakti hai kya bhala (he said in his husky loving voice and hayee Geet was totally lost in her Maan)

(When my Mishti is near me then no pain can touch me)


Slowly their lips inched forward as if on their own will and as they were about to close the distance when *THUD* something fell bringing them back to reality… Maan cursed that Kala Pada which had fallen down purposefully to break his romantic moment with his lovely wifey.


Maan (cursing him under breathe): I swear this fatso does this purposefully, he is simply jealous of me (Maan fumed Angry as he so possessively hugged his Mishti by her waist nuzzling into her flowing hair while Geet shook her head, I mean how can someone be jealous of a soft toy)


Geet (chuckling LOL to herself): Maan for God’s sake, he is a stuff toy, how can he do anything (but Maan was Maan uff he snuggled into her neck softly rubbing his nose)


Maan (still furious Angry on that backie and Geet simply smiled at her over possessive jealous hubby): Woh sab I don’t know, I just know he does it all knowingly and wants to steal my Mishti which I will never let happen (Maan said hugging her all the more while Geet was like what to do with her sometimes childish Maan)


Geet: Yaar Maan Haad hoti hai you only got him for me and know…

(Yaar Maan it is a limit you only got him for me and know…)


Maan (butting in between not letting her finish): Yeah I know but I got him when we were kids and how was I to know he was always scheming and plotting to steal my Jaan (he said pouting ever so cutely that hayee Geet was totally lost in him)


Geet: Hmmm, acha ek secret batao (Hmmm, shall I tell you a secret) (and Maan raised an eyebrow kya (what)) woh na when I am angry with you, I really miss you and crave for you so I hug my Bearie (Geet called Kala Pada Bearie) as I feel your essence in him as you gifted him with all your love (she confessed maybe for the first time as she shyly lowered her eyes Blushing and Hayee Maan toh was completely blown away at his shy Mishti… uff how much he adored her when she blushed ever so sightly)


Maan: Hmmm but promise me ab se only I will have the privilege of being hugged by my Mishti and not that Kala Pada, (Geet chuckled LOL shaking her head… he simply was way too possessive but she surely loved him with all her might)


Geet (whispered huskily): Only if you show me how much you love me right now (she said naughtily Wink and hayee Maan toh was totally lost in his bold Mishti and soon they were lost in their love all through the day and the entire night)



Hope I was able to make you fall in luv once again with our lovely adorable Maaneet… so how was this cutu OS, yeah and not to forget our dearest Kala Pada… WinkLOL

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