Yeh Pyar Nahi Aasan

Part 1

Maan was sitting in the small room which had more or less become his home for the past 3 months all crouched up on the floor in the darkest corner as a lone tear escaped his eyes. This truly wasn’t the way he had planned his life but alas maybe this was the price which you pay for loving someone unconditionally. He thought as he recalled the incidents of that fateful night.



Flash Back

Maan had proposed to his love, his life, his Geet about 10 days back in front of the entire college. He has so romantically bent down on his knee on the Valentine day finally mustering up the courage to bare his heart to his Mishti. But before Geet could as much as even react, her father who was also the principal of the college came there and much to everyone’s surprise accepted Maan’s marriage proposal. Maan was over the moon that day, in fact he was jumping like a small child completely lost in his dreams but alas the bubble had to burst.



That night there was absolutely eerie silence as if warning that something terrible was about to happen and then all of a sudden hell simply broke loose. A girl was howling at the top of her voice and in a matter of minutes all gathered under the girl’s hostel where Meera sobbed and sobbed.


Warden (gently holding her shoulders): What is the matter Meera? Why are you crying? (Meera instantly hugged her like a frightened child and she understood that something was truly amiss. She gently rubbed her back and finally Meera relaxed)


Meera (ghostly whisper): Woh… woh… Maan Bhai tried to molest me.


All were shell shocked. No one could believe their ears, Maan was always the best, he was simply perfect. He had absolutely no flaw what so ever, he was the best son, the best student, the best human being, the best brother… but was all that a lie… yeah true Meera wasn’t his real sister but he had always treated her like one, then how could this be possible.


Mr. Khurana had an orphanage and Maan used to go there every weekend to play with the kids since he was a kid himself. It was there that he had first seen Meera as she was brought there after having lost both her parents at the tender age of 4. Maan was only 7 when he saw her so innocent, so naive as she cuddled up so cutely in the arms of the care taker looking no less than a doll. Maan instantly took her in his arms, she looked at him with a distant fear but as soon as his brotherly eyes met her she relaxed as he assured her that he was her elder brother and vowed to never let any harm come her way.


It was their first Rakhsha bandan and Maan had been so excited to go to the orphanage that even his parents were taken by surprise but they thought that he loved the kids hence was jumping in joy. But as soon as they reached the orphanage he ran to Meera.


Maan (panting heavily): woh… woh…

Meera (innocently asked): Kya hua Maan Bhai… (What happened Maan Bhai…)

Maan (showing her a teddy bear rakhi): Will you tie me a rakhi kiddo…

Meera (her eyes glittered with unshed tears as she took the sacred thread from his hands): Bhai… (was all she could manage as she tied the Rakhi around his tiny wrist and Maan’s face instantly lit up and he took out her favorite Cadbury chocolate as he found her eyes searching for a sweet and they fed each other. He gifted her, her favorite Barbie doll and Meera beamed in joy).


Seeing the happiness of Maan and cuteness of Meera, Mr. and Mrs. Khurana could not hold themselves back and adopted her as their own daughter. Their family was finally complete and Maan was really caring and over protective towards his kid sister, he would always be there to guide her at every step of her life and it was due to Maan’s relentless efforts to teach, guide and coach her that she had managed to clear the prestigious college exam and gotten a seat in the best college to pursue her dream.


Warden (still recovering from the shock of what Meera just said): Meera, what are you saying… Maan… (and Meera simply lowered her eyes)


It was as if ground slipped beneath every one’s feet, no one could believe that this was actually happening, Maan… Maan of all people could do such a disgusting thing and that to with his sister… the sister he claimed to love so much… but then she wasn’t his real sister so who knows…


By this time even Maan had come there. All looked accusingly at him while he simply bowed his head as if accepting his crime but his eyes said something else but what was it. It looked like a day full of shocks and all were stunned by Maan’s gestures.


Principal Sir (holding Maan’s collar as he questioned him): Is this true? (Maan was quiet and in rage sir literally shook him, but still no response. His silence was as if killing the kind man who truly considered Maan as his son from inside and he literally threw Maan in disgust) How can you so sick, cheap, shameless, filthy and disgusting, I absolutely loath the idea that I ever considered you my son and was willing to give my only daughter’s hand in yours. You are rusticated Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, just leave the premises before I get the guards to throw you out.



Geet (spoke as Maan gathered himself): I am so happy that I got saved from marrying a monster like you. (he looked deep into her eyes, even though his eyes were shining in love, she felt as if his eyes were mocking at her and all of a sudden the heaven opened as rain poured and the lightening thundered as if pronouncing her guilty of his condition, as if blaming her but what did she do or was she really the culprit.)


Flash Back Ends

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8 thoughts on “Yeh Pyar Nahi Aasan

  1. wow! super duper awesum part dii
    you rocked it again
    i just loved it to core
    my maan in pain…meera blaming him ..(arghh i m hating her now)
    everyone blaming my jaan (i want to beat them all )
    i m wondering wht made my jaan to keep quite..why he is not defending himself ( i m sure it would have been an another strongg reason)
    pllzz plzz plzzz update next part soon
    love you

    • Thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear 🙂 🙂 ❤

      Poor Maan 😦 😥

      Wait dear… u never know who is right and who is wrong 😉 Let's see how the story unfolds 🙂

      Will update asap i guess over weekend 🙂

  2. kirann says:

    awesome start dear

  3. spvd says:


    part 1
    OMG poor Maan…
    why did Meera do like this?
    and Geet her words really hurt Maan…
    cont soon dear…


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