Dard-De-Dil Epilogue

Next day Geet had gone to take bath while Maan was enjoying her plight as she was singing all sorts of random songs when suddenly she was all lost and started singing “Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh…” while Maan covered his ears… it was really horrible and really loud and Rano Maa came rushing to their room.


Rano (really worried): Maan… Geet ko kya hua why is she screaming like this… Kahi woh bathroom mei slip toh nahi ho gayi… (she said all worried while Maan was having a really hard time controlling his laughter)

(Maan… what happened to Geet why is she screaming like this… I hope she hasn’t slipped inside the bathroom…)


Maan (acting all innocent): Nahi woh giri nahi hai (and Rano sighed in relief) Pata nahi Maa… par jab se nahane gayi hai woh aise hi chilla rahi hai… (while Geet had just come out and she was furious hearing Maan… ek toh uski wajah se woh pagalo ki tarak gaane soch rahi thi aur gaa rahi thi aur woh… ufff… Dhust… nahi… nahi… Dhust Danav she said cribbing to her favorite Babaji while Maan was really enjoying this) Batao na Jaan why were you screaming like this (and Geet was like “Grhhh… you just wait and watch, I won’t leave you Mr. Maan Singh Khurana“)

(No she hasn’t slipped (and Rano sighed in relief) Don’t know Maa what’s the matter… but since the time she has goen to take a bath she has been screaming like this… (while Geet had just come out and she was furious hearing Maan… firstly because of him she as thinking about songs like mad and on top of it she was singing too and he… ufff… Dhust… no… no… Dhust Danav she said cribbing to her favorite Babaji while Maan was really enjoying this) Tell na Jaan why were you screaming like this (and Geet was like “Grhhh… you just wait and watch, I won’t leave you Mr. Maan Singh Khurana”))


Rano (worried seeing Geet’s weird reactions): Kya baat hai beta, batao na why were you screaming…

(What is the matter beta, tell na why were you screaming…)


Geet (somehow controlling her anger even as steam was clearly visible coming out of her ears for her Maan): Kuch nahi Maa… haan… woh toh mei bas gaana gaa rahi thi… (and Rano was like “Kya” but Geet made a baby pleading face and Rano let it be shaking her head “Lagta hai sab pagal ho gaye hai“)

(Nothing Maa… yeah… I was just singing a song… (and Rano was like “What” but Geet made a baby pleading face and Rano let it be shaking her head “Looks like all have gone mad”))


As Rano left from there Geet made a grumpy face and thumped down on the corner of the bed facing her back to Maan showing him how angry she was. Maan slowly snuggled up to her and wrapped his hands around her waist as he sat glued to her from the back. But Geet was really furious at him and gently slapped his hands.


Geet (trying to remove his hands): Choriye mujhe, mujhe aap se koi baat nahi karni hai, aap bahut gande hai.

(Leave me, I don’t want to talk with you, you are very bad.)


Maan (hugging her all the more as he softly rubbed his nose on her shoulders): But Jaan when did I ask you to scream, I toh just asked you to sing na…



Geet (OMG, her face was a complete “O” in shock, jerking his hands away): Ahhh… Grhhh… haad hoti hai Maan, ek toh aap ko pata hai mei kitna bura gaati hoon, uper se mujhe koi gana bhi yaad nahi rahata, phir bhi mei itne pyaar se sirf aap ke liye gaana gaaya par nahi aap ko toh koi kadar hi nahi hai aap mera mazak udda rahe ho… jaiye mujhe aapse koi bhi baat nahi karni (she said poutely so cutely as she continued cribbing to her favorite Babaji)



Aap dekh rahe hai na Babaji yeh kitne Dusht ho gaye hai… nahi nahi Dusht nahi… poore ke poore Dhust Danav… (beaming at the most suited name for her Maan) haan yeh bilkul theek hai…

(Ahhh… Grhhh… this is the limit Maan, first of all you know how bad I sing, and on top of it I don’t even remember any song, still I was singing with so much love just for you but no you toh have no value for it rather you are making fun of me… do I don’t want to talk with you (she said poutely so cutely as she continued cribbing to her favorite Babaji) You are seeing na Babaji he has become such a Dusht… no no not Dusht… total Dhust Danav… (beaming at the most suited name for her Maan) yeah this is absolutely correct…)


While Maan was enjoying her adorable cribbing session so much that he snuggled more into his Jaan completely sticking his chest to her back as he very lovingly wrapped his arms around her slender waist once again, keeping his chin on her shoulder as he huskily whispered in her ear.



Maan (as he teased her senses with his deep husky voice while Geet was slowly but surely losing herself under her magician’s mesmerizing spell): Jaan (and hayee… Geet had by now completely melted… totally forgetting her anger as she too lovingly wrapped her arms around his hands wanting the time to just stop there and then itself as she was slowly submerging in her Maan)



They lost the count of time as they remained in each other’s embrace as Maan engulfed her completely under his protective embrace as if hiding his Jaan from the entire world as they dreamt the dreams of their heavenly paradise totally lost in one another when Annie came to call them for breakfast but as she met with the heavenly site of those divine lovers, with Maan hugging his Geet so lovingly from the back, her eyes moistened to see such pure bliss and she gently closed the door behind her as she silently exited just not having the heart to disturb the divine world of true soul mates.


Dadi had got their marriage date fixed again after three months on Maan’s insistence so that Geet would be completely fit and fine and would be able to enjoy the celebrations while Geet blushed BlushingHayee… she would finally become Geet Maan Singh Khurana… hayee…


Two months had flown by with Maan taking full care of his Jaan and she was much better now, in fact she had almost fully recovered. Today was her final year result day and as Maan woke up, he was shocked to see Geet pacing up and down in their room.


Maan (confused as well as amused as to what was she up to as she looked up at the ceiling muttering something to her all time favorite Babaji and paced around restlessly): Kya baat hai Jaan tum aise fauji ki tarah left, right left kyun kar rahi ho???

(What happened Jaan, why are you marching left and right like a soldier)


Geet (still not stopping): Maan yaha meri Jaan nikali ja rahi hai aur aapko mazak sooj raha hai(she said pouting away)

(Maan, here I am feeling so nervous and you are making fun of me)



Maan (as he got down the bed and softly hugged her from behind wrapping his arms around her waist): Shhh… relax Jaan (he whispered huskily in her ears and Geet was slowly drowning under his spell and finally feeling her calm down in his embrace he added) Don’t worry Jaan, tumhara result badiya hi hoga… (while Geet as if erupted on the mention of her result)

(Don’t worry Jaan, your result will be good only…)


Geet (breaking the hug): Result… pata nahi kya hoga (when suddenly she realized the time and literally pushed an astonished Maan inside the washroom) Maan aap kya kar rahe hai… kitna late ho gaya hai… please jaldi ready hoiye na… I am so tensed… mera result (and poor Maan rushed inside the washroom while she made a grumpy baby look thumping on the bed)

(Result… God knows what will happen
Maan what are you doing… look how late it has become… please get ready fast na… I am so tensed… myresult)


As soon as Maan got ready Geet dragged him to the car and they raced away to her college. But as Maan parked the car, Geet simply refused to budge from her seat leaving Maan totally confused.


Maan (perplexed at her weird behavior): Geet neeche utaro (Get down Geet) (but she simply shook her head, leaving Maan really frustrated) Arey Geet abhi toh tumhe itni jaldi thi college aane ki tumne mujhe theek se nashta bhi nahi karne diya aur ab tum car se neeche hi nahi utar rahi ho (Come on Geet just now you were in such a hurry to reach college that you didn’t even let me have my breakfast properly and now you are not getting down from the car only) (and Geet vehemently shook her head as she tightened her grip on the car seat like a small kid on his first day to school and poor Maan had to literally rip her out of the seat even as she continued cribbing and throwing her hands around hitting him but he finally managed to drag her out lifting her on his shoulders and quickly locked the car so that she couldn’t get glued to the seat again) Phew… (he let out a sigh of relief as he gently placed her on her feet but now Geet clung to Maan as a small kid and he was like “Yeh kahan phas gaya mei(“Oh my God, where have I got stuck”) as he finally realized why Rano Maan had been warning him the day before to not accompany Geet for seeing her result while he had thought “why not” but now he knew “why not???“)


Maan had to literally drag Geet to the result board and he thanked his stars that there weren’t many students around otherwise it would have been hell embarrassing. The result was just getting put up as Maan dragged a reluctant Geet till there but she simply refused to see her marks.


Geet (literally shivering like a leaf): Nahiii… mei nahi dekhungi… yadi mei fail ho gayi toh… nahiii (and she was about to run away from there but Maan caught her just in the nick of time)

(Nooo… I will not see… what if i flunk the exams… nooo)


Maan (not knowing how to handle his completely out of control Jaan when an idea clicked him): Acha how about I see your marks… (feeling Geet calm a little he added) hmmm bolo… (say) (Geet gently nodded her head like a cute kid and Maan let out a sigh of relief) acha you close your eyes and I will see (and Geet immediately shut her eyes tight clinging on to Maan)


But as Maan saw the result he really felt like strangling Geet, here she had topped the college with record breaking marks and there she had been behaving as if she was expecting that she would flunk all her subjects. But looking at her so innocently cuddling into him all scared, all his anger vanished and he simply hugged her tight.


Maan (whispering in her ears): Geet you have topped the college and you are the overall topper for you stream in all the three years combined.

(and hayee Geet was toh just over the moon as she kissed his cheek in sheer delight and hayee… now it was Maan’s turn to be totally lost in her as he softly held his cheek… while Geet was doing Bhangra in own her style… thanking her Babaji…)


Soon it was Maaneet’s wedding day and they in full pomp and show. A week after their wedding Maan took his Jaan to his office and she was super excited to be joining her Maan’s Khurana Constructions. Apart from being simply brilliant, Geet was a really quick learner and extremely hardworking and Maan toh was as usual totally lost in his angel. Hayee… office was never so fun and interesting as it was with his Jaan around and Maan would many-a-times be lost in his lovely drooling sessions



but not at the cost of KC, don’t worry, Geet was there na to make sure he worked too hehe LOL wink Wink.


Pure love blossomed between the soul mates and soon the doctor gave them the good news that Geet was pregnant. Maan was on top of this world hearing that he was going to be a father.



Maan (as tears of pure bliss brimmed his eyes): Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Jaan (he screamed in joy as he swirled his angel around in his arms)


Maan really took care of his Jaan, though on her pestering he let her accompany him to office but he ensured that she didn’t face discomfort even for a second.


Geet was six months pregnant when Maan was to receive the “Best Businessman of the Year” award and our sweet Geet with her cute baby bump accompanied her ever-so-dashing husband for the award ceremony. Maan was called on the stage to give a speech and all were completely spell bound by his spectacular oration. After which the award ceremony started and as Maan received the award he proudly showed to his angel from the podium before adding “Thank you for coming in my life my angel, my Geet. This is especially for you Jaan and our little mehman“. And Geet very proudly caressed her belly as if talking to their unborn baby.


Geet: Dekho baby, woh stage par aapke papa hai. (and the baby kicked softly as if acknowledging it and really enjoying seeing his Papa on stage)

(See baby, that is your father on the stage)     


A couple of months passed by and suddenly one day, Geet’s water broke and Maan, Dadi, Rano and Annie rushed her to the hospital. Maan accompanied Geet into the delivery room wanting to be her moral support but seeing his Jaan in labor pain his face became all pale, it seemed as if he was bearing the pain instead of his angel and looking at his condition extremely tensed, sweating profusely, in unbearable pain just not able to see his Jaan in pain, Geet requested him to leave.


Geet (somehow managing to speak inspite the pain): Maan, aap please bahar intezar kijiye…

(Maan, please wait outside…)


Maan (shaking his head): Nahi Jaan, how can I leave you alone like this (he said forcing a smile on his face even as his heart was dying to see his Jaan in such excruciating pain)


Geet: Please Maan (she spoke in between labored breathes knowing how difficult it was for him to see her like that in so much pain but Maan was extremely adamant as he simply refused to budge from his place and finally Geet’s patience wore out and she ordered the doctors to just throw him out of the room)


Doctor: Please Mr. Khurana you are causing tension to the patient, kindly leave (and having no choice Maan finally left from there but he paced the hall restlessly)


Rano and Dadi tried to calm him down but he was nowhere to relax, how could he when his Jaan was in such extreme pain. When all of a sudden they heard a baby’s cry and the doctor came out to inform them that they had a beautiful baby girl and that both mother and daughter were doing fine. Maan rushed in to see his angel and the little pari too. His heart as if stopped beating as he saw his Jaan sitting with their little bundle of joy and Maan cuddled them both into his loving embrace as if wanting to hide them from this world and keep them safe in his protective cocoon.




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9 thoughts on “Dard-De-Dil Epilogue

  1. Meena says:

    awesome dear
    loved it

  2. Esmeralda says:

    Woww…such a heavenlyy FF…really Arpita…I am truly smitten by ur way of plotting stories!!
    U are a great inspiration for me…u hav no clue of hw much i owe you as i hav highly benefitted frm d way u write nd ur usage of language 😀
    This blog is one of the most favorite of mine…so please keep writing as much as possible…as dis is the only way i can both njoy as well as improve my writing skills…keep it up always (Y) :*

  3. Maaneet dewani says:

    Awesome !!! I just imagian geet with her cute baby bum ayeeee n everything about this ss was perfect love it alot n thanking u the greate writer of pure love . I have noticed a deffrince in ur work n others , which is: in others ff geet has the selfless love where maan is selfish or say ego ka bhut sawar hain sar per But in ur ff ss n osi saw maan selfless love yeah both of them love eachother no no limites but maan always giving the tests hmm i very enjoy it as everyone know today the word love is just a game for boys but if anyboy read it they can learn how to love trust n care

    • Hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ur comments make me speechless dear 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Am truly very very honored and humbled that u can feel pure, true and selfless luv in my writings 🙂 🙂

      Waise have u read “Will his Luv survive the turbulent times” it is my personal fav… will truly like to know ur comments and reactions on that and all other stories 🙂 😉

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