Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 29

Flash Back Ends


Geet was floating in the sweet memories of the past when she suddenly heard Maan wince in pain breaking her trance and she saw him jerking his hand as he had by mistake touched the hot part of the Barbeque stick burning his fingers slightly. Geet immediately held his hand blowing softly at his fingertips trying to sooth his pain and hayee… as her gentle breathe touched his skin Maan started drowning in the divine sensation of his Jaan completely forgetting his surroundings, his pain, his everything as he gently floated into the heavenly feel of her gentle caresses and soothing care.



Geet: Ab kaisa lag raha hai (and Hayee… what was Maan to say he was simply drowning in her feel, Geet panicked on not getting any response and looked up but as she saw his slightly diluted pupils as if submerging in her care she blushed Blushing slightly shaking her head) Aap yahi rukiye mei dayai lekar aati hoon (Maan nodded as if in trance and she rushed downstairs to get the medicine)

(How are you feeling now.

You wait here, I will just get the medicine)


Here on the other Adi was fast asleep on the mattress where the poor guy had been ordered to stay so as to keep the house safe and sound from his murderous cooking skills hehe LOL.



Geet (couldn’t find burnol (ointment for burn wounds) in the first aid kit): Arey isme toh koi bhi ointment nahi hai, ap mei kya karoon (she wondered as she looked up to her Babaji for help when an idea clicked her Thumbs Up) Thank you, thank you sooo much Babaji (and thanking her favorite Babaji she rushed back to Maan with a toothpaste)

(Oh… the ointment is not in this, now what should I do?)


Maan (taken by surprise as his Jaan put toothpaste on his burn wounds): Toothpaste???



Geet (she looked up momentarily from her task of applying the toothpaste ever so soothingly to his finger tips): Aap bas toothpaste ka jaadu dekhiye, dard kaise minto mei gayab ho jata hai. (as she finished with her treatment) Ab kaisa hai?

(You just watch the magic of toothpaste, your pain will vanish in minutes

How is it now?)


Maan: Tum galat thi Jaan toothpaste mei jaadu nahi hai (and Geet’s face fell Unhappy worrying that her Maan was still hurting badly, when his next set of words rendered her completely speechless) yeh toh meri Mishti ke haato ka jaadu hai jo mera sara dard choo mantar ho gaya (he said with so much sincerity in his voice as he looked deep within her eyes as if feeling her soul that Geet was simply losing herself more and more into her Jaan, her Maan)

(You were wrong Jaan, toothpaste has no magic.

It is the magic in my Mishti’s hands that my pain simply vanished)


They remained like that for ages as if reading their soul via their eyes, as if their heart simply wished to submerge into one another and remain like that till eternity when Adi’s phone rang bringing them back to reality and awakening Adi.


Adi (super excited to see the caller): Hiii Pinky…

Pinky: Hiii Adi…


Maan and Geet too joined in with Adi as he put the phone on speaker.


Maan: Hi kiddo, how are you?

Geet: Hi Pinky


Pinky: Hi Bhaiya and Bhabhi. I am absolutely fine but getting bored and missing you all. (she said in a low tone and it pierced her bro’s heart)


Maan: Just a few more days Kiddo and we will all be together. (and Pinky’s face instantly lit up)


Pinky (super excited): I am sooo excited Bhai and I have sooo many stories to share (Adi was like “Kal toh itni sari batai thi, phir se“) par mei baad mei bataongi nahi toh Adi phir kahega I don’t let you all speak (she cribbed showing her tongue to the phone as if it was Adi hehe LOL and Adi frowned Angry knowing her while Maan and Geet simply giggled LOL at those two fighting kids) Acha yeh sab choriye aap bataiye, what are you guys up to.

( I am sooo excited Bhai and I have sooo many stories to share (Adi was like “Yesterday only she told so many, again”) but i will tell later otherwise Adi will again say that I don’t let you all speak (she cribbed showing her tongue to the phone as if it was Adi hehe LOL and Adi frowned Angry knowing her while Maan and Geet simply giggled LOL at those two fighting kids) Ok, leave all this you tell, what are you guys up to.)

Geet (jumping): Tumhe pata hai Pinky, Maan is making kababs and we are having Barbeque at the terrace.

(You know Pinky, Maan is making kababs and we are having Barbeque at the terrace.)


Pinky (cribbing): Arey yeh kya baat hoti hai, mere bina you all are enjoying (she pouted) par koi nahi mei bhi apne badala loongi. Since I have to miss Bhai’s mouth watering delicacies, you all have to face punishment, manjoor hai. (all gulped but  what was the option they had to agree to their angry kiddo)

( Arey this is not fair, without me you all are enjoying.

but never mind, I will take my revenge. Since I have to miss Bhai’s mouth watering delicacies, you all have to face punishment, do you all agree.)


Maan: Ab humari yeh majal ki hum sab mana kare (he said dramatically and Pinky laughed LOL at her cutie and sweetest bro)

(How can we even think of refusing)


Pinky: Acha toh aap sab ki punishment hai that whatever I say you three will have to do. (and they all obediently nodded their heads and as if Pinky could see from the phone she continued) Toh sab se pehele Adi (and poor Adi gulped) Do you know Bhaiya and Bhabhi that Adi makes ek dum awesome wala Khus soda shake (and Adi pulled up his imaginary collar)

(Ok, so your punishment is that whatever I say you three will have to do. (and they all obediently nodded their heads and as if Pinky could see from the phone she continued) So first Adi (and poor Adi gulped) Do you know Bhaiya and Bhabhi that Adi makes completely awesome Khus soda shake)


Maan (completely shocked): Adi can make something edible too (and Adi frowned at him while Pinky continued)


Pinky (thrilled): Arey haan Bhai, he makes the best mock tail, just try it once and I am sure you all will love it. So Adi’s punishment is that he makes the mock tail till the kababs are cooking and I will too make one for myself and heat the pizza. Will call you guys back on skype so that we can enjoy together as family (she beamed as she kept the phone and went to kitchen to get her brunch while Adi too headed downstairs to fulfill his punishment leaving our love birds all alone wink wink Wink)


Geet was wearing a fur jacket and gloves despite that she was almost shivering and as she snuggled more into her Maan, her tummy suddenly grumbled again, Geet made a baby face “Arey yaar bechari kya kare uske peet mei chuhe kood rahe the” and Maan simply shook his head as he spoke.

(Arey, what can she do, rats were jumping in her stomach)


Maan (thinking of something): Wait Jaan, I will just be back. (And Geet looked on curiously as to what her Maan was up to when he returned with garma garam Paneer Tikka and Geet’s mouth watered while her tummy jumped in excitement)


Geet just wasn’t able to hold the folk properly using her groves and her face fell as she wasn’t able to pounce on the tasty dish. Though she was feeling real cold she sighed that let it be she will simply remove the gloves when Maan held her hand. She looked into his eyes as if questioning “Kya hua Maan(“what happened Maan”) when he blinked his eyes as if conveying “Mai hoon na Jaan phir tumhe gloves utarni ki kya zaroorat hai” (“When I am there Jaan then why do you have to remove the gloves“), he knew how cold she would get. And as Maan lovingly fed his Jaan Geet was slowly but surely losing herself in his loving and caring gaze as she gently floated into flash back.



Flash Back


One day Geet and Maan’s classes had got over early as one of their teachers was on leave.


Geet (Really thrilled): Chalo Maan market chalte hai (Though Maan hated shopping or even going to market but he happily accompanied his Jaan as all he ever wanted to do other than computers was drool over his Mishti hehe LOL)

(Come on Maan, let’s go to the market)


They were roaming about in the market when all of a sudden Geet saw a person applying mehendi and she tugged at Maan.


Maan (raising his eyebrow): Kya hua Jaan. (What happened Jaan)


Geet (super excited almost jumping like a kid): Maan mujhe dono haato par mehendi lagani hai (Maan smiled at his cutie Jaan and took her over to get mehendi applied on both her hands.)

(Maan I want to apply mehendi on both of my hands)


Geet got a lovely delicate and intricate design put on both her palms with her Jaan’s name engraved in it. She blushed Blushing showing him his name on her hands while Maan smiled his magical smile at her and soon both were completely lost in each other.



Maan was drinking in his Jaan’s beauty without even baiting an eyelid while on the other hand Geet was slowly submerging in his loving gaze when the sound of a car horn broke their trance and both blushed Blushing to be so lost in each other openly drooling Day Dreaming over their love in the middle of the road.


They moved on a little further when suddenly Maan realized that he was walking all alone, he turned back to see his Jaan standing a couple of steps behind staring dreamily at something. Her mouth slightly ajar as she almost drooled over the object of fascination and Maan turned his gaze as a prang of jealously touched his heart that what was it that his Jaan was gapping at with her mouth wide open but when he saw the source of his Jaan’s drooling, he simply shook his head at her cute child-like antics as a beautiful smile spread across his lips.



His Mishti licked her lips as she stared at the mouth watering golgappa stall without even blinking while his heart skipped a beat wanting to feel her rosy red lips as she slowly almost teasingly licked them. He groaned in desperation while his Jaan didn’t even have the slightest of idea what her innocent actions were doing to his heart and thoughts. When her tummy grumbled loudly as it too wanted to taste those delicious golgappas breaking his trance and he somehow controlled his urge to kiss his Mishti breathless as they were in the middle of the road and somehow controlling his erotic thoughts he went to his Jaan.


Here Geet made a baby sad face as she looked at her mehendi covered palms and then greedily at the golgappas… hayee… her heart cribbed she so wanted to eat those yummy golgappas but alas… and she sighed making a cute sa, sad sa baby face with big big puppy dog eyes and hayee… Maan just couldn’t control himself and pulled her adorable cheeks. Geet looked up at him with those sad puppy dog hazel eyes and he just grabbed her wrist and took her to the stall.


Geet (showing her hands in a sad whimper): Par Maan how will I eat I have mehendi na (she cribbed… hayee she looked so cute that it took Maan, his entire control to not kiss her sweet red cheeks and cute red nose.)

(But Maan how will I eat I have mehendi na)


Maan (blinking his eyes): Mei hoon na Jaan (and Geet was a little confused Confused as to what he meant when he asked the stall Bhaiya for the golgappa and very lovingly fed his Jaan with his hands and hayee… Geet just couldn’t help but fall more and more in love with her Maan as her heart flip flopped hayee… golgappa and she merily enjoyed her tasty mouth watering dish while Maan toh was simply lost in his Jaan drooling openly at her child like antics as she relished each bite.)


Flash Back Ends


Adi spoke breaking Geet’s trance bringing her back to reality as Maan so very lovingly fed her Paneer Tikka.


Adi: Tada… see I got the mock tails and the lappie too, to chat with Pinky.


Precap: Maaneet moments Wink


6 thoughts on “Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 29

  1. Esmeralda says:

    WOOOWW…….Such a beautifuuulll updatee….haaayyyeeee main toh totallyy fida on maan’s drooling sessions…..kaash geet ki jagaa main hoti(pout pout) 😛
    Arpita u noe wat…i just came across this website some three to four days back…aur tab se i hav finished reading two of ur completed FFs…n this is the third one….ur FFs has got me completely hooked to the screen!!
    Do continue….m very eagerly awaiting the next update…jaldi :update karna pleeeezz 🙂
    All the very beesst (Y)

    • Hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Thank u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear 🙂 🙂

      Am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy u liked them 🙂

      Waise abhi toh bahut sare SS and OS hai 😉 do tell me how u find them dear and which one u like the most and why 🙂 me waiting….

      I will try to update asap dear… but i guess new year me hi ho payega… solly

      • Esmeralda says:

        Awwwee its my pleasure 🙂
        I hav read the OSs n i looovvee d concept of all 3…though i found stilettos kinda funny 😀
        Aur ab i am reading the SS…will let u noe wen i finish dem all 🙂
        Why can’t u update nw?? Ab toh mere paas time hi time hai tumhaare FFs padhne ke liye cz i hav winter vacations nw….baad mein jab skool khul jaayega tab naahi main FFs padh sakoongi aur nahi comment kar sakoongi 😦
        If possible den pleasee update something this month itself..otherwise kaise bhi karke time nikaalna padhega for reading ur awsomiliciouss updates 🙂

      • Hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy u liked them dear 🙂 Will be waiting to know how u find the SS 😉

        Dear abhi tak office hectic tha so haven’t penned down anything… will try if I can get an update on 1st dear 🙂

        Hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u will steal time to read the updates 🙂 will be waiting dear 🙂

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