Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 28




Geet snuggled more into Maan bringing him back to reality and he smiled seeing her cuddling when her tummy grumbled loudly and both Maan and Adi were taken by surprise while Geet made a baby face with puppy dog eyes ki ab woh kya kare (what can she do) her tummy was like a hungry baby always growling na and hayee… Maan simply adored his cute si, nautaki si, adorable si Jaan and he was once again lost openly drooling over his Mishti, on the other hand getting no response Geet’s tummy pouted arey yeh kya baat hoti hai, yahan mei bhook se mara ja raha hoon (What is this, here I am dying of hunger) and he is giving no reaction and it grumbled even louder while a confused Geet tugged at Maan’s jacket bringing him out of his dream land and he blushed Blushing slightly “Oops” he was lost once again when Adi spoke.


Adi: How about we make Barbeque (and Geet’s face lit up and hayee… Maan was just about to get lost drooling once again when his brain somehow controlled his beqaboo (out of control) heart not wanting those two to tease the hell out of him especially after having just got caught downstairs.)


Maan: Chalo (Come) I will make different types of kababs (and his Jaan shrieked in delight and all the three got going to collect all the stuff from the kitchen and set the terrace for a barbeque night out)


And they soon set up the Barbeque with Maan being the head chef, Geet his assistant while poor Adi was strictly restricted to being the audience ordered to sit far away.


Adi (cribbing): Yaar, yeh kya baat hoti hai bhala, mujhe bhi dekhna hai aur help karni hai.

(This is not fair, even I want to see and help)


Maan: Ji nahi (No way), we don’t want to burn down the entire house… (and Geet couldn’t agree more especially after what happened to her dear omelet)


Geet: Yupp exactly, you aren’t coming even in a two feet radius of the Barbeque stand (Adi made a puppy dog face but no effect on either of them) Nothing doing, this is your punishment for ruining my beautiful omelet (waise Arpi wondering from which angle was it beautiful, par chado…) (Poor Adi just sighed as he sat quietly, far away from the action, still trying to curiously peep in from his boundary hehe LOL)


And as the kababs started roasting, the heavenly smell made Geet nostalgic as she went back into flash back.


Flash Back


Geet’s “personal heater” gifted her with his jacket and finally she got down from his lap and moved back to her original position even as the entire gathering was simply stunned at our naive Geet’s unintentionally bold statement “Woh… Maan is my personal heater na…” watching them with their mouths wide open when Maan cleared his throat to bring all the zombies back to Earth.


Maan (clearing his throat): Ahem… Ahem… guys… (still no reaction, so he raised his voice) guys (and finally he was able to break through their hot imaginations and they dropped back to ground)

Pari was the first to regain composure and spoke so as to prevent her friend from more embarrassment as she knew Geet had no clue of what she had just blurted out.


Pari: Chalo, let’s all play “Passing the Parcel”. Arun you will play and music and we will pass around this cushion. The person who has the cushion when the music stops, will have to do whatever he is told.


All were super excited as they started playing “Passing the Parcel” and they started passing around the cushion. But as the cushion reached our dear Maan the song changed to


Taakte rehte tujhko saanjh savere
Nainon mein haye
Nainon mein haye

Taakte rehte tujhko saanjh savere
Nainon mein basiya jaise nain yeh tere
Nainon mein basiya jaise nain yeh tere


And as he turned to his side to pass the cushion to Geet their eyes met and he was slowly but surely drowning in her hazel eyes losing his senses to his Jaan. Initially Geet was tugging at the cushion but soon she left it and was also completely lost in his chocolate eyes.


Tere mast mast do nain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Tere mast mast do nain

Tere mast mast do nain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Tere mast mast do nain


Maan’s heart was fluttering as he gently started flowing into his dream world dreaming about his Mishti while Geet’s heart too missed a beat sensing him all lost in her.



Pehle pehal tujhe dekha toh dil mera dhadka haye dhadka dhadka haye
Pehle pehal tujhe dekha toh dil mera dhadka haye dhadka dhadka haye


When to her horror the music suddenly stopped and all started giggling LOL at how the love birds were lost in each other breaking Geet’s trance but our hero… hehe LOL he toh was still floating in his paradise far far away from reality.


Geet (whispering in his ears, as she turned totally red, blushing real hard Blushing at been caught admiring her Maan): Kya kar rahe hai aap, all are staring at us (she said shaking him slightly finally breaking his dreaming session and now it was Maan’s turn to blush Blushing as the folks giggled all the more hehe LOL)

(What are you doing, all are staring at us)


Pari: Arey toh Bhai ab batao humare Majnu (and hayee both Maan and Geet blushed Blushing this was the nth time they were getting caught by their friends and all because of Maan’s fluttering heart but it pouted making a baby face Arey yaar samjha karo apni Jaan ko dekh kar us bechare se control hi nahi hota na hehe LOL) oops mera matlab hai Maan se kya karwana hai…

(So guys now tell what should we get done from our Romeo (and hayee both Maan and Geet blushed Blushing this was the nth time they were getting caught by their friends and all because of Maan’s fluttering heart but it pouted making a baby face Come on understand guys, he just can’t control itself after seeing his Jaan hehe LOL) oops I mean Maan…)


Aman (jumping raising his hand): I know… I know…


Pari (frustrated, ab pata hai toh bol bhi na types (If you know then tell types)): Kya…


Aman: Maan will make Barbeque for all of us… what say guys…


And all instantly agreed as they all knew what an amazing cook Maan was. He too had no problem except that his heart wined Unhappy arey yadi woh wahan door jake barbeque banayega toh uski Jaan ko kaun niharega (Come on, if he would that far away to make barbeque then who would admire his Jaan) hayee… it almost sighed when an idea clicked him.


Maan: Acha theek hai (Ok fine) I will make Barbeque (and all screamed “Yay, yay” when he calmed them continuing) but it will be difficult for me to make so much food all alone na.


Pari: Haan, woh toh hai, phir… (Yeah that is right, then…)


Maan: How about I choose my assistant.


Pari: I think that is fair enough, what say guys…


Chorus: Pick anyone, so who will be the bali ka bakra (they questioned each other when Maan spoke)


Maan: Geet will help me (and Geet blushed Blushing lowering her eyes while all just shook their heads obviously he needed no assistant but his Geet to drool over and they giggled LOL knowing his intentions pretty well while Geet blushed Blushing all the more where as Maan’s heart fluttered hayee… he would so happily drool over his Jaan with no one to disturb him Day Dreaming)


Pari: Par humari bhi ek shart hai (But we have a condition) (and Maan raised an eyebrow “Kya(“What”)) you will have to sing for us before you take your Jaan for the drooling (Maan’s cheeks turned as red Blushing as Geet’s) oops I mean Barbeque session. What say guys?


And all hooted and cheered for Maan and he wasn’t the one to disappoint as he sang for his Jaan.



Tu hi toh jannat meri, Tu hi mera junoon
Tu hi to mannat meri, Tu hi rooh ka sukoon
Tu hi aakhion ki thandak, tu hi dil ki hai dastak
Aur kuch na janu mein, bas itna hi jaanu

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai, Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai, Yaara mein kya karu
Sajdhe sar jukhta hai, Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai, Yaara mein kya karu


Ohhh hooo ohh….



Maan sang with so much sincerity in his voice, all the while admiring his Jaan, as if his heart meant each and every word of it.


Kaisi hai yeh doori, kaisi majboori
Meine nazron se tujhe choo liya
Oh ho ho Kabhi teri khusboo
Kabhi teri baatein
Bin mange yeh jahan pa liya

Tu hi dil ki hai raunak, Tu hi janmo ki daulat
Aur kuch na janoo, Bas itna hi janoo
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai, Yaara mein kya karu

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai, Yaara mein kya karu
Sajdhe sar jukhta hai, Yaara mein kya karuo
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai, Yaara mein kya karuo


His soul truly worshiped his Geet from the bottom of his heart and simply wished to bow down to her for coming in his dark life and lighting it up with her smile while Geet was completely mesmerized by his truly divine and unconditional love.



Cham cham aaye, mujhe tarsaye
Tera saaya ched ke chumta
Oh ho ho… tu jo muskaye
Tu jo sharmaye
Jaise mera hai khuda jhumta

Tu hi meri hai barkat, tu hi meri ibadat
Aur kuch na janu, bas itna hi janu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai, Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai, Yaara mein kya karu
Sajdhe sar jukhta hai, Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai, Yaara mein kya karu


There was so much genuineness in his voice as if truly worshipping his Goddess that everyone was left completely enchanted by his heavenly voice as if all were floating in the divine world of those true lovers truly blessed to be witnessing such pure and unadulterated love.



The beautiful song in his melodious voice finally ended leaving all mesmerized by the depth of their undying love for one another and they broke out clapping as tears brimmed their eyes to be honored to feel such magical love.


As the clapping finally mellowed down Maan got up and gently forwarded his hand for his Jaan who eagerly took his hands in hers to get up but as soon as their hands touched she was shocked to find his hand absolutely cold and tears welled up her eyes. As they moved a little further from the bonfire Geet spoke up.


Geet (overwhelmed with emotions): Aap ko kitni thand lag rahi hai, meri bewakoofi ki wajah se aap ne apni jacket bhi utar kar mujhe de di (and a tear escaped her eyes and Maan immediately cupped her face wiping her tear)

(you are feeling so cold, and because of my stupidity you gave me your jacket as well)



Maan: Nahi Jaan isme tumhari koi galti hai. (No Jaan it’s not your fault)


Geet (making a baby face): Yeh sab us chudail ki wajah se hua hai (she said cursing the witch to have caused so much pain to her Maan while he was completely taken aback)

(Yeh, all this happened because of that witch)


Maan (completely shocked): Chudail, kaun si Chudail (Witch what witch)



Geet: Arey wohi wali jis ke bare mei conductor Bhaiya bata rahe the, issi liye toh mei apni jacket lene tent akele nahi jana chahati thi na, yadi woh mujhe pakar leti toh… (she said making cute baby expressions and hayee… Maan had a tough him controlling his giggling LOL at his Jaan’s adorable antics while his heart toh just wanted to get lost in her again Day Dreaming when she continued breaking his trance) Par ab toh aap mere saath hai na toh chaliye lets get my jacket from my tent nahi toh aap ko sardi ho jayegi (And hayee… Maan’s heart flip flopped his Jaan loved and cared for him so much na)

(Arey That one about which the conductor was telling about, that is why I didn’t want to go alone to the tent to get my jacket , what if she would have caught me…

But now that you are with me, come lets get my jacket from my tent otherwise you will catch cold)


And so amidst Maan’s mini drooling sessions they went to the tent to get the jacket before heading to set up the Barbeque.


They set up the Barbeque stand and Maan made his Jaan sit right in front of him.


Geet (surprised): But how will you make so much food all alone, let me help na.


Maan (blinked his eyes): Nahi Jaan, you just relax (he bowed down in style) Your head chef is there to take care of the Barbeque (she giggled LOL see him bow like a true performer while he winked Wink at her before continuing) Waise bhi meri Mishti toh sabse important kaam kar rahi hai (and Geet got all confused “Kya” she asked raising her eyebrow) Arey meri Jaan hi toh meri inspiration hai jise dekhe bagair mujse kuch hota hi nahi (he said huskily and hayee Geet blushed Blushing lowering her eyes)

(And anyways my Mishti is doing the most important work.

Arey my Jaan is my inspiration without seeing whom I can’t do any work)


And as Maan started with the preparations the following song played in the background as the “Passing the Parcel” game continued a little far from them.



Hoo tora saajan, Aayo tore desh
Badli badra badla saavan, Badla jag ne bhes re
Tora saajan, Aayo tore desh

Soyi soyi palkon pe chal ke
Meri sapno ki khidki pe aa gaya
Aate jaate phir mere dil ke,
Inn haathon mein woh khat pakda gaya

Pyaar ka, Lafzon mein rang hai pyaar ka
Bahara bahara, Hua dil pehli baar vee
Bahara bahara, Ki chain to hua faraar vee
Bahara bahara, Hua dil pehli pehli baar vee


As if depicting the inner depths of Geet’s heart as she sat there completely lost in her Maan and his immense love admiring him while Maan too was stealing glances at his Jaan. His heart flip flopped seeing his Mishti drooling over him and hayee… he felt over the moon today as he continued preparing the best kababs ever.



Flash Back Ends


Precap: Maaneet moments Wink


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