Dard-De-Dil Part 5

And so it continued for 5 days, Maan would leave early in the morning to collect the flowers, he would somehow scrabble up the mountain sometimes on all his four limbs as his body was becoming really weak due to no food, so much physical exertion and hardly any rest, pluck those flowers and get them by afternoon. By that time his angel would be asleep and he would start the process of extracting the oil despite the fact that his hands would be hurting with unbearable pain.


He would relentlessly massage her with the oil for hours together not even once thinking about his own condition. After which the nurse would give him the drip to save him from losing his consciousness and keep him alive.


The doctor was really pleased with the progress Geet was making thanks to Maan’s massage and they also put in double effort during the day with the physiotherapy sessions.


Maan woke up with great difficulty today, his whole body was really sore, his legs hardly mobile due to cramps and it was only the true love that flowed in his veins for his angel that allowed his heart to drag his aching body up the hill, when suddenly his foot lost its holding on the ground and he rolled down the slope bruising his hands and legs. He scampered to prevent himself from rolling further but his head banged on a sharp rock and he fell unconscious but fortunately the rock save his life by preventing him from slipping further.



He remained unconscious for a couple of hours after which he opened his eyes with great difficulty. He felt a sharp pain in his head and he got up holding his forehead which was bleeding badly when he saw the time and almost shrieked he had become so late and he simply forgot about his cut, bruises and his bleeding head as he dragged his aching body up the hill to collect the flowers. He hurriedly plucked them and rushed back to the hospital limping and wobbling all the way.


But as he entered his angel’s room, a surprise awaited him.


Maan: Maa aap… (Rano was sitting next to Geet caressing her hair. She had arrived an hour back by the time Geet had already slept. Maan suddenly worried) Ghar par sab theek toh hai na aap, Dadi, Annie…

(Mother you… Everything is alright at home right, you, Dadi and Annie…)


Hearing his voice Rano turned to face him but was utterly shocked to see his condition, blood flowing endlessly from his head, his hands ripped and bleeding, this body badly bruised, this clothes torn due to the slide and he looked like a Ghost having lost a good ten kilos as his legs trembled to support him.


Rano: Maan… (she rushed to him as tears rolled down her eyes as her heart flinched in pain witnessing his condition) Aap ne yeh kya haal bana rakha hai beta (the doctor and nurse had told her whatever they knew about Geet’s condition and how Maan was sacrificing his heart, body and soul in order to revive his Jaan)

(What have you done with yourself, beta…)


Maan (blinking his eyes assuring her he was fine as Rano Maan gently touched his head wound): Maa mei bilkul theek hoon aap meri chinta mat kijiye. Aap, Annie aur Dadi kaise ho.

(Maa I am absolutely alright, don’t worry about me. How are you, Annie and Dadi.)


Rano: Dadi ki tabiyat abhi bhi kharab hai aur Annie unki dekh bhal kar rahi hai. Today only the doctor allowed me to travel hence I came to see my children par aap… (Maan shook his head not letting her continue) Nurse ne bataya aap ne aath (8) dino se kuch khaya bhi nahi hai beta aise toh aap bhi bimar par jainge na aur dekhiye aap ka toh kitna khoon bhi baha raha hai.

(Dadi’s health is still bad and Annie is looking after her. Today only the doctor allowed me to travel hence I came to see my children but you… (Maan shook his head not letting her continue) Nurse told me you haven’t eaten anything since the past eight(8) days, beta this way you will also fall sick and look you are bleeding so badly.)


Maan (overwhelmed at her motherly love): Aap mujh par naraz nahi hai… Geet…

(You are not angry with me… Geet…)


Rano (lovingly caressing his hair): Hum nahi jante aap dono ke beech kya hua par hum yeh kabhi nahi maan sakte ki aap ne kuch galat kiya aur ab toh bilkul bhi nahi (fresh tears rolled down her cheeks seeing her children undergo such heart wrenching pain but Maan shook his head pleading her not to cry as it pierced his heart to see his Maa in tears and she wiped her tears not wanting to hurt him more) Chaliye hum aap ko apne haato se khana khilata hai… (Maan tried to refuse not wanting to trouble her but she was nowhere to listen how could she when her child was suffering so much)

(I don’t know what transpired between the two of you but I can’t believe that you did anything wrong and now toh i just can’t. Come I will feed you with my hands…)


She had gotten food from home and very lovingly fed Maan and his eyes brimmed with tears witnessing her motherly love. She lovingly caressed her son’s face and a tear rolled down his eyes but she instantly wiped it shaking her head.



Rano: Nahi mere bache ab aur aasu nahi (and she kissed his forehead) Chaliye dava laga lijiye (and she wiped his bleeding hands with an antiseptic and he tried his best to not flinch so as not to cause her more pain but the sting was so unbearable, even for him that he winced in pain and Rano had tears in her eyes at how her child was bearing all the sufferings silently that too all alone)

(No my child, no more tears. Come I will put medicine.)


She wiped her forehead with antiseptic as the nurse bandaged it.


Maan: Maa aap ghar jaiye aur aaram kijiye.

(Maan please go back home and rest)


Rano: Beta aap bhi toh aaram kijiye na… aap ki yeh halat humse dekhi nahi ja rahi hai… sochiye Dadima aap ko aise dekhengi toh unpar kya beetagi.

(Beta, you also take rest na… I can’t see you in this condition… just imagine what will Dadi undergo when she sees you like this.)


Maan: Dadi ko kuch mat bataiyega maa aap ko meri kasam woh yeh sab sah nahi payengi… please Maa (and Rano blinked her eyes lovingly caressing his face at how much he loved and cared for all and that too unconditionally)

(Please don’t tell anything to Dadi promise me… she won’t be able to bear all this… please Maa)


Rano: Hum unhe kuch nahi batainge par aap.

(Don’t worry, I won’t tell her anything)


Maan: Maa aap meri chinta mat kijiye… mujhe kuch nahi hoga aur mei apni Geet ko bhi kuch nahi hone doonga. (he paused before continuing) yeh dava kewal mai hi bana sakta hoon aur mei is illaz ko tahe dil se poora karoonga aap bass mujh par bharosa rakhiye aur ab toh doctor ko bhi vishwas hone laga hai ki Geet jaroor theek ho jayegi (Rano blessed him kissing his forehead truly overwhelmed at his selfless love)

(Maa please don’t worry about me… nothing will happen to me and I won’t let anything happen to my Geet. (he paused before continuing) only I can make this medicine and I will do this treatment with all my heart and soul, you just keep faith on me and now even the doctor believes that Geet will surely recover)


Rano: Beta hum sham ko aate hai aapke liye raat ka khana lekar.

(Beta, I will come back in the evening along with your dinner)


Maan (truly touched by her love): Nahi Maa… hospital ghar se bahut door hai aur aap abhi poori tarah theek bhi nahi hui hai, isliye aap bilkul bhi nahi aa rahi hai (Rano tried to interrupt “Par“) no if no but I will ask sister to give me the drip aap bas meri bilkul bhi chinta mat kijiye.  Aur waise bhi jab aap sab ka aishirwad mere saath hai toh mujhe koi bala choo bhi nahi sakti. (and Rano was truly overwhelmed to have found a son like Maan whose love not only for his angel but for everyone was simply divine, unconditional, undying, selfless, true and absolutely pure).

(No Maa… hospital is very far from house and you are not even completely well, hence you are just not coming(Rano tried to interrupt “But”) no if no but I will ask sister to give me the drip, you just don’t worry about me. And when I have all your blessings no problem can even touch me.)



A week went by with Maan somehow managing to drag his dying body up the mountain every morning in order to get the flowers, it was getting difficult day by day for him to do so much physical exertion with his deteriorating condition but his pure love for his angel helped him to overcome all the obstacles in his path. He would collect the flowers and be back by afternoon and Rano Maa would be waiting to feed him food, that was the only time of the day when he actually ate anything and she would very lovingly feed him wanting to pour all her motherly love on him. After which he would urge Rano to go back home and rest while he would resume the task of extracting oil with his already horribly peeled and bleeding hands and massaging his Jaan. Even the hospital staff had tears in their eyes witnessing his condition how he was sacrificing his flesh and blood for his love and they felt blessed to be witnessing such divine and magically pure love and were sure that a miracle would definitely happen.


Geet was almost making a miraculous progress and doctor was hopeful that she should be able to start walking on her own in a couple of days. It was thirteenth day when Maan woke up to realize it was pouring heavily.


Nurse: Aap aaj mat jaiye, it has been pouring since the last five hours and the mountain slope would be really slippery.

(Please don’t go, it has been pouring since the last five hours and the mountain slope would be really slippery.)

Maan: No, how can I stop the treatment in midway, the sage has specifically told me to not stop even for a day in midst of these fifteen days and that the last three days were the most crucial as she would benefit the most and even doctor said that today they will try to make her walk without support, so it is extremely important that I go.



Saying so he left for the mountain in that pouring rain even as the hospital staff prayed for his safety. And as the nurse has warned the slope was really slippery today and Maan was just not able to hold his ground, already the visibility was horrible due to the downpour and he could hardly see ahead as the water was blocking his vision but how was he to give up hope. He went down on all his four limbs and literally dragged his body up gripping the rocks via his hands and pulling himself up. His hands were ripping in pain as tears rolled down his eyes due to unbearable pain but still he kept on his mission and somehow climbed on.


With great difficulty he managed to collect the flowers today as the heavy rain had uprooted many small trees destroying the flowers. As he collected sufficient he started the descend. He managed to hold his ground just in the nick of time else he would have rolled down as the ground had become really slippery as the rain was still pouring down. He tried to climb down again and almost slipped again and Maan realized it was hell risky to get down standing on that slope today. Thinking something Maan tied the bag onto his waist as he sat on the ground with his leg spread out and he took 2 strong branches and glided himself down that slippery slope even as his legs bruised due to the twigs and sharp stones.


He somehow managed to safely descend the slope but was bruised and bleeding apart from being completely drenched. He rushed back to the hospital but Rano Maa was aghast to see his state, he was dripping water from head to toe, his trousers were all ripped, blood trickling down and he was covered with mud.


Rano (completely shocked as she rushed to him): Maan beta what have u done with yourself, go change fast you will fall ill (she exclaimed her voice laden with worry as she pushed his dripping self inside the washroom).


Maan quickly dried himself and changed his clothes after applying antiseptic to his hand and leg bruises. He came out and Rano Maa very lovingly fed him as she wiped his hair drying him but despite all that he started sneezing.


Rano (really worried): Beta aap ki tabiyat toh bahut karab lag rahi hai you are shivering beta.

(Beta, how health is really deteriorating,you are shivering beta.)


Maan: Maa mei bilkul theek hoon aap meri chinta mat kijiye, aap ghar jaiye.

(Maa, I am absolutely alright, please don’t worry about me, you go home.)


Precap: Maan shivering in high fever… ab kya hoga…


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  1. Maaneet dewani says:

    Kahtye hain na : ye ishq nahi aasan itna samjhte / ek aag ka darya hain doob ki par kar jana hain … Love n pure is what this ss is shouting out load saying this call true love .. Pyar karo tho esi karo

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