Dard-De-Dil Part 4

The people around him rushed to bring water. They sprinkled it on his face and finally Maan opened his eyes. He blinked his eyes to adjust to the surrounding but his heart jolted his angel was still missing and he tried to get up…


Baba: Beta… tora aaram kar le aur kuch kha le… (Son… take some rest and eat something)


Maan: Nahi Baba mujhe meri rooh ko doondhana hai… mei aise nahi thak sakta… mei aise nahi ruk sakta… (saying so Maan again resumed his search for his Jaan.)

(No Baba, I have to find my soul… I can’t get tired like this… I can’t stop like this…)



The morning sun rose again but alas still no news about his angel, it was the third day and Maan was still searching for his Jaan without any food, water or rest.


It was noon and he was asking an old lady about his Jaan’s whereabouts by showing her Geet’s photograph when his head started spinning due to lack of any food, water, sleep and so much stress and he collapsed. The crowd tried to sprinkle water but Maan wasn’t gaining consciousness and they rushed him to the hospital.



They rushed him inside the emergency ward but he was clutching onto a picture which he was just not willing to part with even when unconscious and finally they let it be and started working on him. He had collapsed owing to no rest, no food or water and extreme stress hence they immediately put him on drip but he was restless even when unconscious and they gave him a sleeping injection so that he could relax a bit.


It was late at night when he finally gained consciousness. He jolted awake screaming “Geeettt” when he realized that he was in a hospital and tried to get down in order to start searching for his Jaan once again. The nurse came rushing in hearing his scream and tried to talk sense into him.


Nurse: What are you doing (trying to hold him) you have absolutely no strength left in your body (she pleaded trying to stop him from ripping the drip off himself)


Maan (as if in trance, struggling to get free): Nahi… mujhe jaana hai… mujhe meri Geet ko dhoondhna hai… (he said showing her the picture which was still clutched in his hand )

(No… I have to go… I have to find my Geet…)


Geet ki tasveer dekh kar mano nurse ke toh hosh hi ur gaye. (The nurse became pale seeing Geet’s picture) Maan noticed something amiss.


Maan: Have you seen her (on hearing no reply he held her shoulders and shook her up) kahan dekha hai tumne meri Geet ko… (where have you seen my Geet…)


Nurse (hesitating): woh… unhone mana kiya hai… (woh… she had requested to not tell)



Maan (really frustrated… vulnerable… completely broken… almost pleading as tears of helplessness rolled down his eyes): Please mujhe bata do meri Jaan kahan hai… nahi toh mei mar jaunga…

(Please tell me where is my Jaan… otherwise I will die…)


Nurse couldn’t bear to see him like that, she realized that he must be searching for his Geet only tirelessly without food or water hence he was brought to the hospital in that condition clutching her picture and hence she decided to break her silence.


Nurse: Woh… actually she had come three weeks back for check up as she had met with an accident but when we did the test doctor found out that she had suffered a major back injury in her childhood which had gotten aggravated due to this accident and we had to do a surgery soon in order to save her otherwise her life would be in danger but the surgery is very risky and would most certainly lead to paralysis of her legs. There was less than 2% chance of her coming out hail and healthy without any problem and she didn’t have much time to decide hardly two weeks. Finally she came back three days back and we did the operation. As expected it was successful in saving her life from the impending danger but her legs have started losing their power and she is in a kind of a semi coma. In the morning she is awake when the physiotherapist tries to make her do the exercise, in hope that maybe her limbs would revive while the rest of the day she is under sedatives to soothe her pain… along with other drugs in the hope to cure her but the doctor says that if no improvement happens in a week then all would be lost.


Maan completely broke down as he fell on his knees as tears rolled down continuously from his eyes he couldn’t believe his angel had to undergo so much and he wasn’t even there for her.



Nurse: Aap unse milna chahenge (Do you want to meet her)


And Maan went with her to look at his angel, she looked so peaceful while asleep but his heart wept to see her condition all poked with needles, he couldn’t even bear to imagine the pain she was going through and he fell on his knees trying to absorb what the nurse had said.


Nurse: Sambhaliye apne aap ko nahi toh unhe kaun sambhaliega (Control yourself otherwise who will console her), she has been trying to be strong but I don’t think she is. (Maan tried to control himself, when the nurse continued hesitantly) waise if you don’t mind can I suggest something (Maan looked at her all confused) they say there is no treatment in allopathy for this disease but I have seen miracles being done for patients with such muscle and nerve condition by a sage in the temple on that hill. (Maan looked at her with a ray of hope) but you will have to go bare foot climbing 200 odd stairs to that temple at noon, he present there only for an hour. (Maan saw a bleak ray of hope and he wasn’t going to let go of it)


Nurse persuaded Maan to let the drip be on the entire night so that he could gain sufficient strength so as to cure his love and he agreed for his Geet. But early in the morning he rushed to meet the doctor. The doctor told pretty much what the nurse had said but she added.


Doctor: But Mr. Khurana I would suggest that you stay away from Miss Geet as she didn’t want her family especially you to see her in this condition. She had said that she had made sure no one would come after her as she didn’t want to be a parasite on them after her paralysis. It could give her more stress deteriorating her condition.


Maan (though it broke his heart to stay away from his Jaan but he agreed for her sake to stay away when she was conscious): Ok doctor I promise I won’t show my face when she is awake but what are the chances of her reviving.


Doctor: I am really sorry Mr. Khurana but we are almost helpless none of our medicines are working on her.


Maan: How about if I try other streams of medicine like auryeda.


Doctor: If you want you can I have no issues as anyways nothing is working on her limbs so if it helps it will be for the best.


And so Maan decided to visit the sage as it was like a ray of light in this dark tunnel and so he left for the temple bare foot. His feet burned and bleed as he climbed those hot and half broken stairs bare foot at noon but when did he ever feel any pain when his Jaan was at stake and he climbed on tirelessly. Finally he reached the top and saw a learned man.


Maan: Baba, meri patni ki tabiyat bahut karab hai, uske pair kaam nahi kar rahe hai, kisi ne bataya tha ki aap ke paas aise rog ka illaj hai

(Baba, my wife is really ill, her legs are not working, someone told me that you have a cure for such illness)


Baba: Illaj mere pass nahi beta uske pass hai (he said pointing to the skies) mei toh kewal rasta bata sakta hoon, uspar toh tujhe hi chalna hai aur yadi uparwale ki meher hui toh toh zaroor kamayab hoga.

(I don’t have the cure child, HE has it (he said pointing to the skies) I can only tell you the way, but you will have to walk on it and if God is willing you will surely be successful)


Maan: Mei kuch bhi karne ko taiyaar hoon Baba aap bas bataiye mujhe kya karna hai.

(I am willing to do anything Baba, you just tell me what do I have to do)


Baba (he said pointing to the mountain in front): Tu woh pahar dekh raha hai, uski choti par bahut sare chote chote kaanto bhare phool hai. Tujhe roz woh phool waha se tor kar lane honge kyunki unka asar totne he barah gante mei khatam ho jata hai. Un phoolo ho tuje apne haat se tor ka, unke andar ka tel nikalna hoga aur us tel se apni patni ke pairo ki malish karni hogi char ghanto tak. Haan par yaad rak un phoolo se tel nikalna itna aasan nahi hai, tere pure haat chil jainge aur khoon bhi bahega par jo is tel ko nikalega wahi malish kar sakta hai kyunki uska khoon tel mei milkar dava ka kaam karega. Haan aur yaad rak un phoolo mei ek zahar bhi hai isliye tujhe khana bhi chorna hoga kyunki tere haat zahar se bar jayengi. Tujhe yeh rojana bina naga pandara (15) dino tak karna hoga, yadi tu yeh sab kar payega toh teri patni ko upar wala zaroor theek kar dega par yeh sadana bahut hi kathin hai.

(You are seeing that mountain, on its top there are very small thorn filled flowers. Everyday you will have to pluck the flowers from there as their effect lasts for only twelve hours. You will have to pluck those flowers by you hands and extract the oil from them, and using that oil you will have to massage your wife’s legs for four hours. Yeah, but remember it is not that trivial to extract the oil from those flowers, the skin of your hands will peel in the process and they might bleed as well but only the person who extracts the oil can massage as when the blood meets the oil it works as a medicine. Yeah and also remember that those flowers have a poison hence you will have to be fasting because your hands will be covered with poison. You have to do this process everyday for the next fifteen (15) days, if you are successful in doinf all this then Go will surely cure your wife but this is a very difficult process.)


Maan: Mei yeh zaroor poora karoonga, jab tak mere shareer mei Jaan baki hai tab tak mei meri patni ko bachane ki poori koshish karoonga.

(I will surely complete it, till the time I have life left in my body I will try my best to save my wife.)


Maan immediately left for that mountain, it was very steep and his legs were slipping but somehow he strengthened himself and kept on climbing. He soon reached the top but he was sweating profusely owing to the heat. As he plucked the flowers, the sharp thorns around them pierced his hand and he winced in pain as blood trickled down his palm but he didn’t stop even for a second. He very carefully continued plucking avoiding the throws and finally when he had managed to collect a large bunch of them he started the descent. At one point he almost slipped as his left leg gave way but he somehow managed to regain his balance and rushed to the hospital.


His angel had already slept by the time he reached after the physiotherapy session and he kept the flowers inside her room while he went to make a call.


Maan (called his home to inform that he had finally found his angel): Hello…


Annie (picked up the phone): Bhai… (she was in tears)


Maan (panicking heard her teary voice): Annie sab theek toh hai na… (Annie, is everything alright…)


Annie: Bhai… aap kahan ho… aap ka mobile bhi switch off aa raha hai… Yahan kuch bhi theek nahi hai (Maan’s heart sank what were the sins he had committed that his family was suffering so much)

(Brother… where are you… your mobile is also switched off… Nothing is fine here)



Maan (really worried): Annie saaf saaf bata baat kya hai… (Annie tell clearly what is the matter…)


Annie (controlling her tears): Woh Rano Maa collapsed as soon as you left and even Dadi’s health is deteriorating Geet Bhabhi aur aap ki chinta mei. Meri toh kuch samaj nahi aa raha mei kya karoon Bhai…

(Woh Rano Maa collapsed as soon as you left and even Dadi’s health is deteriorating worring about Geet Bhabhi and you. I am not understanding what should I do brother…)


Maan (controlling his emotions): Annie sambhal apne aap ko, nahi toh Maa aur Dadi ko kaun sambhalega kiddo… tu toh apne Bhaiya ki strong Bhaina hai na (and Annie nodded amidst tears) Acha mera ek kaam kar mujhe speaker par daal aur Maa aur Dadi se meri baat kara.

(Annie control yourself, otherwise who will console Maa and Dadi… kiddo… you are your brother’s strong sister right (and Annie nodded amidst tears) Do me a favour but the phone on speaker so that I can talk to Maa and Dadi.)


Annie: Ji Bhai (and she took the phone to their room and put it on speaker)


Maan: Mei nahi janta ki aap dono mujhe kabhi maaf kar payenge ya nahi par aap se mera yeh wada hai ki mere jeeteji meri Geet ko mei kuch nahi hone doonga. Bas mujhe kuch dino ka samay de deejiye mei aap ki hasti muskurati Geet aap ko wapas lauta doonga…

(I don’t know if you both will ever be able to forgive me but I promise you that till the time I am alive I will not let anything happen to Geet. Please give me a few days time and I will bring back your happy and smiling Geet …)


Rano: Woh tujhe mil gayi… woh theek toh hai na… (You found her… is she alright)


Maan: Haan woh mujhe mil gayi hai woh theek hai par poori tarah nahi, aap bas mujhe pandhara dino ka time de do please…

(Yes I found her, she is fine but not completely well, please give me the fifteen days…)


Rano: Woh kaisi hai… kahan hai… (How is she… where is she…)


Maan: Woh hospital mei hai (he paused before continuing) par yadi ho sake to mera ek aakhari baar vishwas kar lijiye mei usse kuch nahi hone doonga. Aap apna, Dadi aur Annie ka khayal rakhiye na please. (he pleaded for one last chance)

(She is in the hospital (he paused before continuing) but if it is possible please believe me one last time I won’t let anything happen to her. Please take care of yourself, Dadi and Annie.)


Rano (her heart felt the pain in Maan’s voice how could she not believe him, already her heart wasn’t able to believe that he could ever harm her daughter): Beta mujhe tum par poora vishwas hai… (Beta, I have full faith on you…)


Maan (finally his bleeding heart and soul received a soothing touch): Mei aap ka vishwas kabhi tootne nahi doonga Maa… (I will not let your faith on me break Maa…)


And Maan was filled with a new found determination as he started his mission to heal his angel and he resumed with peeling the flowers to take out the oil for the massage. The sage was right as he started peeling his hands felt a burning sensation but he kept on with his work. By the time he was done with all the flowers his hands were bleeding as the skin had peeled off from many places and it really hurt to touch that oil but how could he stop.



Not caring even a wee bit about himself he extracted the complete oil even though his hands were really burning and bleeding by now causing him excruciating pain.


He took the bowl that contained the oil and placed it on the side table. He locked the door, pulling the curtains. But as he was about to open the nara of her salwar her voice echoed in his ears “You Lust Me” and a tear dropped from his eye remembering her accuses. He closed his eyes in pain as his heart begged her to believe his love.



Maan (prayed a silent prayer): I am sorry Jaan, I have to do this but please believe me I have never ever lusted you…



Praying so he gently removed her salwar and started massaging her legs. As the oil touched his peeled skin it sting so much that a mere mortal would have screamed in pain but nothing he felt nothing. His pain, his suffering was nothing when compared to what all his Jaan was undergoing and he started the massage. He kept on massaging her legs tirelessly for four hours as the sage had advised.


But as he finished the massage and went to open the door his head started spinning due to the extreme physical exertion with absolutely no food, only on a liquid diet. And as he opened the latch he collapsed on the ground. The same nurse was on the duty and rushed to him. She sprinkled water and Maan gained consciousness.


Nurse: Aap theek toh hai na. (You fine, right?) (Maan blinked his eyes assuring her, she helped him get up but his walk was really wobbly and he was about to collapse again, she held him) looks like you still haven’t had anything (Maan just gave a feeble smile, the nurse thought for some time then added) Come let me give you glucose in the drip.





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5 thoughts on “Dard-De-Dil Part 4

  1. Meena says:

    awesome dear
    loved it

  2. Maaneet dewani says:

    Yaar qasam khahi hu k aaso nekalo gi humari ?? Itna pyar !!! Well shayad es donya mein aaj bhi koi hu ya na hu ?? Who knows?? But from each sentence pure love n true selfless love was ozzing

    • so solly to make u cry dear but am truly honored u felt the emotions and his undying luv….

      pata nahi koi issi se itna pyaar kar sakta hai ki nahi…. par mei aasah karti hoon tha i can fins such unconditional luv as well as be able to give such selfless luv

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