Dard-De-Dil Part 3

Chapter 3


He thought that she must have left to her room so that no one would come to know as it would get embarrassing and he dressed hurriedly as he was really late when he saw a note on his side table. He excitedly picked it up knowing it was most certainly from his Jaan but as he read it, the ground collapsed underneath his feet.



I don’t think what we shared together was love. We have only ever lusted for each other and yesterday that lust reached its peak before it all ended. It was nothing but mere physical desires… lust… that had attracted us and brought us together. I can’t bear this lust anymore. I am leaving…




Maan broke completely as he fell on his knees tears flowing endlessly from his eyes… his angel thought he lusted her… his voice choke in his throat… OMG… she thought he lusted her… her words were ringing in his ears deafening him as his heart bleed… no… never… he could never lust her… OMG why didn’t he just die before his angel accused and abused his love calling it his bodily hunger… tears flowed non-stop as his soul wept blood… his angel had today ripped his heart out and crushed it underneath her feet… but why… why… his heart wept blood… he smashed his hands on the ground as her voice echoed he lusted her… his hands touched her with lust… he smashed them again making them bleed as if disgusted with himself, with every cell of his body, of his heart, of his soul with made his angel feel he only physically desired her. His heart simply couldn’t bear the taunt anymore… Nooo he didn’t lust her, his soul cried in unbearable pain, he just couldn’t bear the pain anymore as it ripped his heart apart when he heard his door banging.



Dadi: Maan… open the God damit door…


Maan somehow composed himself, he wiped his tears, his bleeding hands and went to open the door.


Dadi: It has been a good half an hour since we are banging at the door… where were you and why weren’t you opening it…


Maan (trying to act normal even as his heart was dying by the second): Woh…


Dadi (really furious): Maan I saw Geet leave your room at five in the morning. Your marriage is only a week away and I will not accept this kind of irresponsible behavior from you… do you get that (marriage… it stabbed his already bleeding heart… what marriage… his angel thought he lusted her… his soul was burning today… his angel thought he… Seeing him all lost Dadi shook him up) Maan hum aap se kuch kah rahe hai.

(Maan i am talking to you)


When Rano came running…


Rano (all panicky): Dadi, Geet apne kamare mei nahi hai… hum subhah se unhe dhoond rahi hai par woh kahi mil hi nahi rahi… aap ne unhe dekha hai kya…

(Dadi, Geet is not in her room… I am trying to find her since morning but she is no where… have you seen her…)


Dadi (was shocked beyond words… she feared that something happened between them which Geet didn’t like or agree to but what… jerking Maan): Bataiye Maan aisa kya hua aap dono ke beech mei (But Maan was no longer in his senses, his soul was wandering in the dungeons of darkness trying to absorb the sin he committed but did he)

(Speak up Maan, what happened between the two of you)


Maan (just murmured in his lost state): I lusted her… (his heart was just not able to bear his angel accuse his sacred love)


Dadi (completely stunned hearing him, holding his collar and shaking him up): What did you do Maan, where the hell is Geet (hearing no answer, shaking him more) God damit answer me Maan what did you do…



Man (but he was no longer in this world, he was wandering somewhere lost in her accuses): I lusted her…


Dadi mistook that he forced himself on her at night and hence she saw her coming out of the his room in the morning and she was already worried that Geet was crying too as she had heard low muffles, hence she left not able to bear his assault and Dadi slapped Maan hard right across his face.


Dadi: Hume aap se aisi giri hui harkat ki kabhi umeed nahi thi… door ho jaiye humai nazaro se… (she slapped him again not able to bear what he did with her daughter… he lusted her… Oh… God meri parwarish mei aisi kaunsi kami rah gayi) Jab tak aap humari bahu ho humare saamne nahi late hume apni shakal bhi mat dikaiyega (and she dragged and threw Maan out of Khurana Mansion)

(I didn’t expect such cheap behavior from you… just go away, I don’t want to see your face… (she slapped him again not able to bear what he did with her daughter… he lusted her… Oh… God where did I go wrong in his upbringing) Till you don’t get my daughter-in-law back home don’t even show me your face (and she dragged and threw Maan out of Khurana Mansion))


Here Rano collapsed hearing Dadi and Maan’s conversation and Dadi and Annie rushed her to the room and called for their family doctor.



On the other hand Maan was as if in trance as he got pushed out of Khurana Mansion and he just got inside his Mercedes not knowing what to do… how to find his angel… how to make her believe that he loved her and never even once looked at her with lust… when suddenly his heart jolted… his angel was out there in this horrid world all alone, he forgot all her accuses and just sped his car trying to search for her everywhere… he contacted all her friends, went to her old place, college, their coffee shop, everywhere but there was absolutely no clue of her…


It was late in the evening and yet no lead as to where his Jaan was… his heart was dying inside fearing if something bad happened to her, he would never ever be able to forgive himself… he had been roaming around without any food or water all day long trying desperately to find his angel but nothing he found absolutely nothing. He was roaming around like mad somehow trying to find her asking people about her showing her picture when he saw a majar and he went inside…



Maan (as he sat on his knees): Mei nahi janta maine aisa kaun sa guna kiya… ki meri Jaan mujhe chor kar chali gai… mei toh sirf aur sirf usse beintehah muhabat ki hai… pata nahi usse mera pyaar… meri hawas kyun lagi (his heart bleed as tears rolled down his eyes) Mujhe meri Jaan se meri pari se bas ek bar mila dijiye uske baad aap aur woh mujhe jo bhi saza dena chahe mujhe manzoor hoga… pa ek bar… sirf ek bar mujhe meri zindagi se mila do… woh theek toh hai na… (uski toh rooh tak kaap gayi yeh soch kar bhi ki uski pari ko kuch ho to nahi gaya)

(I don’t know what crime did I commit… that my love left me and went away… I only ever loved her with all my heart… I don’t know why she thought my love… was my lust (his heart bleed as tears rolled down his eyes) please make me meet my Jaan, my angel just once after that whatever punishment you or she wants to give me I will happily accept… but once… just once please make me meet my life… she will be alright, right… (even his soul flinched in unbearable pain what if something happened to his angel))


Baba: Yeh tere pyaar ka intehaam hai beta… himmat mat harna… yadi tere pyaar saccha hai toh woh tujhe zaroor milegi…

(This is your love’s exam… don’t lose hope… if your love is true, you will surely find her)



Maan promised the Almighty ki woh apni aakhari saas thak apne pyaar ki pavitrata sabit karega aur usse Geet ke Babaji par poora vishwas tha ki woh usse uski Jaan se ek bar jaroor milwaninge.

(Maan promised the Almighty that till his last breath he would prove the purity of his love and he had full faith on Geet’s Babaji  that he will surely make him meet his Jaan once.)



As he went out he saw people trying to prove their love by stepping over the burning coal but no one was successful. His feet automatically went towards the bed of angare as if his heart and soul wanted to prove his love from his angel.



Maan stepped onto the burning coal, his feet burnt at the contact but still his heart felt nothing… he stepped ahead… his walk was unsteady as his feet bleed and burned with unbearable pain but nothing he felt absolutely nothing. What was he to feel when his soul was dying under the accuses of his Jaan. He dragged his feet ahead and all standing there were aghast, how could someone suffer so much just to prove his love. A mere mortal couldn’t even walk two steps on that burning path and here this noble soul was willing to sacrifice his body, soul and mind for his divine love.


Person: Iska pyaar kitna paak hoga ki yeh in angaro par bhi aise chal raha hai mano phoolo ka seej ho

(His love must be so pure that is why he is walking on burning coal as if it is a bed of roses.)



Maan looked up at Heaven, even as a tear dropped down his eyes owing to the excruciating pain not only physically but also at the heart wrenching accusation, Yadi mera pyaar sacha hai, pavitr hai toh aap meri Jaan ki hifazat kijiye… aur mujhe mere pari se ek bar milwa dijiye… (If my love is true, if it is pure then you will keep my Jaan safe and you will surely make me meet my angel once)


Not caring about his burning feet he once again got inside his car and went out looking for his Jaan. He started searching at the hospitals, bus stops, railway station everywhere hoping to find his angel.


The night had long disappeared as the sun rose high yet he was still searching for his love but alas no clue still… Soon it was evening, his body was aching due to lack of food, water and rest yet he kept on searching endlessly, tirelessly for her one glimpse…


He once again went to the majar as if to offer his soul in order to prove his love’s purity and once again he climbed onto the bed of burning coal. Even the old Baba had tears in his eyes seeing the condition of Lord’s true child and he prayed to his Allah to grant him his wish to make him meet his love.



As Maan dragged his almost lifeless body onto the burning coal he almost fell as his legs gave way but he somehow managed to regain his balance as the people rushed forward to help him but he raised his hand as if conveying he was fine.


Person: Arey beta, apni halat toh dekh aise toh tu mar jayega… neeche utar ja. (But then was he even alive without his Jaan)

(Arey beta, look at your condition, you will die like this… get down)


How was he to get down… he had to prove his love… uska pyaar itna kamjoor nahi tha… uska pyaar itna swarthi nahi tha… uska pyaar itna chota nahi tha… his heart cried… he truly loved her unconditionally and he somehow managed to drag his body across the burning coal. But as soon as he finished the walk his body collapsed and he fell unconscious.

(His love was not so weak… he love was not so selfish… his love was not so small…)


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  1. Maaneet dewani says:

    Ohhh pyar karo tho Arpi ki maan ki tara karo ( arpi ki matlab aap jo maan lekhtye hu un pe ek alag pyar ka khumar hota hain sachi pyar ka khumar ) hmm dont know whats next but i think one round on coal geet need too kise k sachai pyar ko vasna samjhna sub se bari ghuna hain !! Pyar tha us ko tujhse muhabbat ki gahrahio thak / tujhe samjh nahi aaya wo pak ehsass donya ki jal mein yo phas kar / kya ghuna kya khata hui thi us se ?/ tujhe agar chua tha tho wo bhi tere riza se ( by me for this update )

    • wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! What perfect lines on how anyone witnessing Maan’s agonizing heart wrenching pain would feel…. amazing dear 🙂

      And am truly honored and humbled that u feel Maan’s love the way u feel it 🙂 🙂

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