Dard-De-Dil Part 2


And their secret admiral continued for months with both drooling at each other and slowly but surely their friendship grew and whenever they got a chance they would sneak out to Cafe Coffee Day which had by now become their favorite hangout place. In fact Maan would come an hour early from Annie’s pick up time and he and Geet would almost daily go out for coffee as her classes got over earlier now and then after dropping Geet back home he would pick up Annie.


But one day oops… as they were sitting and enjoying their coffee along with the drooling sessions someone saw them…


The person (heading towards their table): Oye… hello… what is all this and since when is this going on… (Maan and Geet were shocked to find a furious Annie Angry standing in front of them with her hands on her hips… Geet blushed Blushing a deep shade of red as she lowered her eyes while Maan maintained a stern look even though deep within his heart he was blushing Blushing like a teenager caught by his elder sister) Ab mei samji (Now I understood) why Bhai is so adamant to drop me and pick me up from college so that your little romance can go on (Geet blushed Blushing all the more if it was even possible while Maan faked anger Angry

Par yaar haad hoti hai… (But this is a limit…) you guys were romancing right under my nose and I didn’t even get to know (she said fumingly as she thumped beside Maan)


Maan (his kiddo looked so cute when she pouted like that and he just pulled her cute angry red cheeks before kissing her forehead): Acha meri maa, ab toh pata chal gaya na…

(Ok my mom, now toh you got to know na…)


Annie (beamed all excited): Toh Bhai when did all this start and how and when did you propose Geet (oops it was Maan’s turn to blush now and his cheeks went all red Blushing) What don’t tell me you still didn’t propose Geet (and poor Geet literally ran out from there hearing Annie)


Maan (cribbing as his angel ran out): Arey yaar, yeh kya kar diya… tune toh usse bhaga hi diya…

(Oh yaar, look what have you done… you made her run away…)


Annie (nudging him): Hayee… Bhai aap kab se aise (and Maan glared at her) acha acha but what yaar you haven’t even proposed her yet…

(Hayee… Bhai when did you started behavioring like… (and Maan glared at her) ok ok but what yaar you haven’t even proposed her yet…)


Maan (really sad, faking anger): Mei kar hi deta par ab kaise karoonga… tune toh sab barbaad kar diya yaar…

(I would have done it but now how I do it… you have spoiled everything yaar…)


Annie (Side hugging her big bro who was looking more like a big cribbing baby right now): Acha how about I tell you something (and Maan curiously raised his eye brow) Geet’s mom will be coming to town tom (she winked and Maan kissed his kiddo’s cheeks)


Maan: Thank you, thank you, thank you kiddoo… yaar you are a life saver (and she laughed at her bro, the MSK all excited like a kid who had just got his favorite candy)


And so mission Geet began.


Maan: Dadi… woh…


Dadi: Kya baat hai Maan… (Annie nudged her otherwise determined bro to tell Dadi about Geet and Dadi guessed something was definitely fishy) woh… woh… kya Maan…

(What is the matter Maan)


Maan: woh… Geet…


Dadi (though she got the hint but she played along… giggling LOL inside to see the business tycoon Maan Singh Khurana at the loss of words to express his love… hehe LOL): Kya Geet… (What Geet…)


Maan: woh… mei… woh… Geet…


Dadi (acting all innocently curious): Kya aap… kya Geet… (What you… what Geet…)


Maan (Hayee he was blushing… Blushing the MSK was blushing… Blushing and Dadi’s dream was coming true to see her grandson blush like that completely in love): Dadi woh… mei woh… ((st) come on Maan you can do it and finally he took a deep breath and spoke it all in one go) I love Geet…


Dadi (teasing him): Acha toh you love Geet… toh kya… (and Maan was like “Dadiii” cribbing like a baby) Toh aap chahate hai ki hum unke ghar walo se baat kare (Dadi winked Wink at him and Maan hugged his grandmother even as his heart flip-flopped hayee… his angel will be his soon…)

(Ok so you love Geet… so what… (and Maan was like “Dadiii” cribbing like a baby) So you want me to talk to her folks)


And without further ado Dadi along with Maan and Annie went to Geet’s house the very next day to meet Rano and ask for Geet’s hand.


Dadi: Hum aap se Geet bitiya ka haath maangne aaye hai humare poote Maan ke liye…

(I have come to ask for Geet’s hand for my grandson Maan…)



Rano was more than happy to have Maan as her daamad (son-in-law) as the mere mention of his name brought a completely new glow on her daughter’s face. And so it was decided that Maan and Geet were to get married within a month and half after Geet’s exams and on Dadi’s request, or shall I say due to Maan’s insistence Rano and Geet shifted to Khurana Mansion as soon as Rano accepted Maan as her son-in-law.


Maan: Maa, aap mujhe apna beta mante ho na toh phir aap humare saath hi rahiye na humesha ke liye meri maa ban kar.

(Mother, you consider me as your son na then you live with us only for ever na as my mom)


And Rano just couldn’t refuse the earnest request of a child’s heart which always longed for a mother after losing his own in childhood and she agreed to permanently shift to Khurana Mansion along with Geet.


Maan had to urgently go for a project and though both were sad it was in fact better for both of them as Geet would at least be able to concentrate on her exams now.


A month flew by with Geet’s busy in exams while Maan was totally engrossed in work but still they managed to steal sometime for their daily chit chat or shall I say lovey dovey talks…. Hehehe… LOL


Geet had just finished with her papers and Maan too had returned from his official trip. He was super excited to be back home near his angel but as he went to her room to surprise his Mishti his heart pricked to see her all sad and gloomy.



Maan (he went and sat next to her): Kya baat hai Jaan (tears brimmed her eyes on seeing him and she simply hugged him tight as she was afraid that someone might snatch him away from her) kya baat hai angel (he asked… his voice dying in worry as he gently caressed her hair)

(What is the matter Jaan. What is the matter angel)



Geet (somehow collecting herself as she broke from the hug): Woh nothing actually I was missing you na and mera last paper acha nahi hua (she added cribbing like a baby but there was something in her eyes… some strange kind of sadness which didn’t go unnoticed by her Maan but she denied and finally he let go of it)

(Woh nothing actually I was missing you and my last paper didn’t go well)


Their wedding was just two weeks away and Maan was jumping like a little boy but somehow he could sense that something was amiss with his angel, her smile was not reaching her eyes.


Then one night at around mid night his angel crept into his room.


Geet (softly called knowing he was fast asleep): Maan…


Maan instantly got up fearing something was wrong with his angel.



Maan (switching on the light, he rushed to her and cupped her face seeing her all worried): Kya hua Jaan, sab theek toh hai na…

(What happened Jaan, is everything alright)


Geet (blinked her eyes not able to see him in pain) Hmm… (slightly hesitant) woh… mei… (Maan was like “Kya baat hai Jaan“(What is the matter Jaan)”) woh can I ask you for something (she looked deep into his eyes truly hopeful that he would grant her, her wish)


Maan: Why are you asking Jaan, mujh par meri har ek cheez par tumhari poora haq hai… just order na angel (he added trying to lighten the situation wanting to bring a smile on her lips)

(Why are you asking Jaan, you have complete right on me and all my things… just order na angel)


Geet: Will you love me tonight Maan.


Maan (was surprised at her sudden request): But you toh always wanted to make our first night special na… then (he tried to look into her eyes trying to search for something… his heart was feeling that something was definitely wrong but what…)


Geet (lowered her eyes maybe not wanting him to peep inside her soul): Please Maan, I want to feel our love tonight… please Maan


Maan couldn’t understand why was she talking like this, I mean she toh was his Jaan na and she toh always demanded na and this was her haq but then why was she so scared as if fearing something, also she toh never wanted any physical relationship before marriage then what happened but seeing her dejected face as if her heart felt he was denying their love killed him inside and he just let go of all his thoughts about what happened, why all of a sudden she wanted what she wanted and he instantly captured her soft lips in his taking her to the heights of pleasure.



As they finally broke apart panting from their heavenly bliss Maan looked deep into her eyes.


Maan (as if trying to read her soul but somehow her eyes were hiding something from him): Are you sure Jaan (and she nodded)


18+ Part begins

He planted deep wet kisses all along her jaw line as he gently undressed her amidst the kisses caressing her smooth milky skin. This was the first time he had touched her like this and goose bumps erupted all over her body.


He got rid of their clothes as he softly placed her on the bed drinking in her beauty via his eyes which darkened in desire and she blushed not able to meet his intense gaze.


He started showering his love placing soft feather like kisses all over her heavenly body while she felt as if she was floating in Heaven as he pleasured her womanly asserts licking, sucking and gently nibbling them as she moaned his name in pure bliss while his long sleek fingers found their way to her untouched treasure stroking, rubbing and caressing it gently while she withered under the divine sensation. He thrusted his fingers deep inside her core teasing her senses and she screamed in pure desire digging her nails inside his broad shoulders “Love me Maan” and he knew she was ready.


He gently glided in her letting her adjust before he took her to the heights of pleasure rocking her world and soon both hit their climax, cuddling into one another they finally became one body, one soul.


18+ Part ends


Maan: I love you Jaan


While a tear escaped her eyes as they slept cuddled into one another.



Maan woke up the next morning remembering their passionate night together but he was disappointed to not find his Jaan in his arms, he missed her warmth so much but little did he know what storm awaited him.


Precap: A storm rocks their paradise


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