Dard-De-Dil Part 1


Maan was as usual rushing for an early morning meeting to Khurana Constructions. He was cruising at a steady pace driving his spotless black Mercedes as always when all of a sudden someone came in front of his car and he screeched on to the brakes. Fortunately he managed to stop the car just in the nick of time barely inches away from that bent figure in front of his car who was picking up something. Maan was furious to say the least and he got down in full MSK terror to blast the stupid moron and give him a piece of his mind.


Maan (roared in fury): Hey, you… (but his voice simply got stuck in his throat as the epitome of angelic innocence turned around to face him at his command. Her doe like hazel eyes reflecting fear as she clutched something close to herself. Maan was slowly but surely losing all his senses as he was drowning in the divine innocence of those pure eyes as if he could read her soul via her magical mirrors… her hazel colored eyes, while she clutched the object still in trance of the near fatal accident when she screamed all of a sudden as the object bit her harshly before jumping down breaking his trance)


Maan looked at her angelic face which was now depicting pain and it ached his heart, squeezed his soul to see so much anguish in her angelic eyes when she winced again “Ahhh” holding her hand. He shifted his gaze to her hand as it bleed due to the bite mark and he looked down at the object that was responsible for her misery. It was a small puppy who had ventured out on the road and the angel had risked her life to save it… yet the same puppy bit her hand and this infuriated Maan and he was about to hit the puppy enraged when the angel held his hand.


Angel shook her head as she gently held his hand even as tears threatened to fall from her eyes owing to the pain that, that ungrateful creature had bestowed upon her in return of her kindness yet an angel can only heal.


Maan looked at her surprised and she shook her head again.


Angel: Please don’t hit him.



And Maan was completely lost in her kindness while the puppy ran away from there. The honk of the cars both Maan out of his trance.


Maan: Come I will take you to the hospital.



Angel had an unknown fear in her eyes as to how could she trust a complete stranger but there was something in the stranger’s eyes which promised her that he would never ever let any harm come her way and she nodded slightly as she silently accompanied him to the hospital.


Maan was filling out the patient’s form in the hospital when he realized he didn’t even know the name of his angel.


Maan: Woh… hmm… aap ka naam…


Angel: Geet…


And Maan was completely lost in her melodic voice… yes she was truly the magic that music bestows on this entire planet… yes she was the tune that was blowing in his otherwise silent heart… yes she was the light that was brightening his dull life… yes she was the angel that could fill his entire soul with pure magical love.


When the nurse brought him back to reality as she asked for the form and Maan mentally slapped himself to be again lost in his angel and he hurriedly completed the form.


Geet was really scared as the doctor came to stitch her wound and give her the injection but the stranger blinked his eyes assuring her that he was there and a small smile crept her lips as she gently held Maan’s hand.



And as their fingers touched something magical happened as if they were destined to be together and she didn’t even realize when time flew by and the treatment got over.


Maan offered to drop her home and she accepted as she was really tired. The journey was silent yet their eyes spoke of an unsaid trust, an unsaid faith, an unsaid bonding of their souls.


Finally they reached her home.


Geet: Thank you… aap…


Maan: Maan


Geet (smiled her sweetest smile): Thank you so much Maan…



And hayee… Maan was totally lost in her magical smile even as she bid goodbye and went towards her house.


It had been a week since that incident but Maan had as if lost his sleep to the angel who had secretly stolen his heart and he would be lost most of the time in his own world making Dadi suspicious as to something was definitely wrong with her otherwise alert grandson.


And as if it was for the past one week Maan was sitting lost during breakfast at the dining table.



Dadi (getting worried at his weird behavior): Maan… (but he was still lost holding his toast near his mouth, shaking his hand) Maan beta…


Maan: Ji Dadi…


Dadi: Beta hum kitne dino se deekh rahe hai aap kahi khoye khoye se rahate hai… beta kuch problem hai kya…

(Beta, I have been observing since so many days that you are lost somewhere… is there any problem…)


Maan (his heart was blushing Blushing inside thinking about his angel but he maintained a stern look not wanting Dadi to tease the hell out of him): Nahi Dadi, I was just thinking about the new project…


Dadi (shaking her head, she was thinking maybe he started liking someone… but no… ufff… this grandson of hers…): Kaam, kaam aur sirf kaam (work, work and more work). Maan have you even thought about settling down and giving me the privilege of playing with my great grand children. (But little did she know her grandson… the great MSK was head over heels in love with his angel… hehe LOL…)


When Annie joined them all excited and Maan sighed in relief to have been saved from her Dadi’s never ending wedding allap…


Annie (super excited as it was the first day of her college): Bhai toh aaj aap mujhe drop kar rahe ho na…

(Brother, you are dropping me to college today, right…)


Maan: Of course, my kiddo… (and he kissed her forehead lovingly as always. She will always be his little sis, his little kiddo).


And they left for her college. As Maan dropped Annie his soul suddenly felt alive, his heart started beating faster, his breathing increased as if his angel was there only, as if his soul could feel her presence and then he was completely lost as if in a trance… there stood his angel inside the campus in a group of friends laughing wholeheartedly… hayee… he was totally smitten by his angel absolutely lost in her angelic laughter



when someone honked from behind breaking his drooling session and he realized that if he didn’t move now he would end up making a complete fool of himself. He felt sad as he left from there but his heart was at peace, yes he would be able to adore his angel twice a day… hayee… his heart flip flopped and he felt like a teenager in love…


And so every day as if by ritual Maan would be there to drop and pick up his kiddo or shall I say wanting to get a glimpse of his angel… hehe LOL… A week had gone by and today was Monday but Annie was not going to college… his heart as if broke… now how will he be able to get a glimpse of his angel, already how he had controlled his restless heart the whole weekend he only knew. He had been waiting for Monday like a dying man for a drop of solace and here he wouldn’t be able to see her even today.


But somehow as he sat in his black Mercedes his feet automatically took him to her college, he simply couldn’t survive without his breathe, his life, his angel and hayee as soon as he saw his angel he was lost drooling opening at her till Adi’s call broke his trance and he left for office.


Maan was glancing at the clock repeatedly even as his mind was telling him that today he didn’t have to go to college to pick Annie up so just concentrate on work but alas what was he to do his heart was jumping inside longing her one glimpse when Adi entered his cabin.


Adi: Sirrr… woh….


Maan (coming back to his senses): Haan…


Adi: Sirrr… as Annie madam has not gone to college today so shall I schedule the HOD meeting now.


Maan (his mind said yes but his heart yearned for her one look and finally his heart won as he grabbed his car keys): Adi, keep it for tomorrow, I have some urgent work now.


Adi: Rightt… sirrr…


And Maan left to quench his heart’s thirst for her one glance.



Hayee… and as always he was lost in his angel when he saw her walking out of the college but her friend Pinky who used to accompany her home wasn’t there today. Maan got curious and got down from his car.



Geet (looked at him, all surprised): Aap yahan, par aaj toh Annie college nahi aayi… (she tried hard to suppress her giggle but looking at his completely flushed face, as if he had been caught red-handed doing mischief by his head mistress, she simply couldn’t control anymore and burst out laughing LOL and hayee… Maan was again lost in her angelic laughter despite just being caught… hehe… but what was his heart to do na… hehe)

(You here, but today toh Annie didn’t come to college)


Actually Annie and Geet had become best of friends as Geet had helped Annie in her initial days settling her in college as she was in the final year. Also she knew that her stranger… her Maan was Annie’s brother who used to come to drop and pick her up daily and yes she was totally aware of his drooling sessions in fact she loved them and actually even she used to steal glances at her stranger… her Maan… hayee…




Geet shied a little seeing him again lost in her and she gently looked down not able to meet his intense soul piercing gaze and her cheeks became all red Blushing when a car horn broke his trance and he too blushed Blushing a little knowing she had caught him drooling openly at her.



Geet (wanting to tease him a bit more loving the red blush on his cheeks): Bataiye na… aaj toh Annie nahi aayi (she acted all innocent wanting to tease him and hayee… Maan was falling more and more for his naughty angel)

(Tell na… today Annie didn’t come)


Maan (rendered totally speechless by his angel): woh…


Geet (mischievously raising her eyebrow): woh… kya…


Maan (smirking after all he was the MSK na): Kyun mei aap se milne nahi aa sakta (Why, can’t I come to meet you) (he said leaning onto the tree right in front of her leaving her totally stunned and completely speechless at his boldness and hayee… her cheeks went all red Blushing. Only he knows how he controlled his erotic heart to not kiss her adorable red cheeks) bataiye na (Tell na) (and she blushed Blushing all the more lowering her eyes. Hayee… he so loved her blushing self, and finally the devil showed some mercy on his blushing angel) If you don’t mind shall I drop you home (and she shied slightly but blinked her eyes in acceptance, actually even she didn’t like going home all alone when Pinky was not there to accompany her)


The ride was again silent but their eyes talked as if the silence meant the world to them, as if it spoke of their silent love, the vow, the promise that someone was always there to unconditionally watch over the other.


As the ride finally came to an end both were saddened a little but there was a glimpse of hope that they would meet again the next day stealing glances at each other and they bid good bye in that faith.


Precap: One day Maaneet were sitting and enjoying their coffee when someone saw them…


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5 thoughts on “Dard-De-Dil Part 1

  1. Meena says:

    awesome dear
    loved it

  2. Maaneet dewani says:

    Cute one aye maan’s boldness can imagian how a girl react lovely update

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