Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Last Part

Last Part

Maan: Jaan, tum bahut thak gayi hogi na, jaldi se change kar lo. I will get dinner by then and then you go off to sleep. Ok Mishti.

(Jaan, you must be really tired na, come on change fast. I will get dinner by then and then you go off to sleep. Ok Mishti.)


And Geet was truly enchanted by his love, all he ever thought was about her, her happiness, her well being, her feelings never ever did his own desires, his own pleasures even cross his mind and she kissed him full on his lips as if conveying her heart felt gratitude, as if thanking him for coming in her life and sweeping her off her feet, for brightening her dull life, for absorbing all her hatred and filling her soul with his truly divine love. She was truly blessed to have her Maan in her life.



As days passed by Geet was slowly recovering but her over protective hubby would have none of it and continued to treat her as a delicate porcelain doll who would break if she as much as even stepped down from bed leaving her all frustrated.


She so much wanted to be enchanted under the spell of her magician, to feel his love, to feel complete, to be entirely his but he just wouldn’t budge.


Geet (sitting on the bed cribbing to her favourite Babaji): Aap hi bataiye aisa koi karta hai bhala… humari shaadi ko aaj poore saat din ho gaye hai aur ab toh mei poori tarah se theek bhi ho gayi hoon… par nahi unhe toh koi parwa hi nahi (then as if she felt Babaji glare at her all surprised) acha theek hai tori si kasar baki hai poori tarah theek hone mei… par phir bhi… unhe toh jaise meri feelings ki koi kadar hi nahi… haina Babaji (she pouted… hayee she looked so cute and adorable as Maan silently witnessed her daily cribbing session with her Babaji…) Woh poore ke poore dusht hai…nahi nahi Dusht Danav hai (and Maan was like “KYA“) haan yeh sahi hai Dusht Danav (she beamed feeling on the top of this world to have crowned him with the most fitting name wink Wink)

You only tell, does anyone does like this… it has been seven days since our marriage and now I am completely alright… but no he toh just doesn’t care (then as if she felt Babaji glare at her all surprised) ok fine, there is a little time till I get completely alright… but still… he has no regards for my feelings… right Babaji (she pouted… hayee she looked so cute and adorable as Maan silently witnessed her daily cribbing session with her Babaji…) he is totally dusht…no no Dusht Danav hai (and Maan was like “KYA”) yupp this is correct… Dusht Danav (she beamed feeling on the top of this world to have crowned him with the most fitting name wink Wink)


Maan (on the other hand Maan was like what, self thought): Dusht Danav (his eyes literally popped out… his Mishti just called him Dusht Danav) Ushe toh koi andaza bhi nahi hai ki mei kitni muskil se apne aap ko control kar raha hoon. (She had absolutely no idea how difficult it was for him to keep himself away from his Jaan and here she was cribbing… Maan’s heart pouted to her Babaji) yeh kya baat hoti hai bhala…

Dusht Danav (his eyes literally popped out… his Mishti just called him Dusht Danav) She has absolutely no clue how I am controlling himself… (She had absolutely no idea how difficult it was for him to keep himself away from his Jaan and here she was cribbing… Maan’s heart pouted to her Babaji) this is not fair at all…

But for him her well being was of the utmost priority, his own desires, his feelings, his thoughts toh just didn’t matter only and he went near her. But Geet was in a real foul mood today, she so wanted to love and be loved by her Jaan but knowing that he would have none of it, she pouted in pure anger turning her face away from him and Maan was like scratching his head “Ab kaise manao apni ruthi hui Jaan ko“. (How to pacify his angry Jaan)


Maan (sat beside her, gently taking her hands in his): Mujse baat nahi karogi Jaan (You won’t talk to me Jaan) (hayee… his voice was completely filled with love and Geet almost melted but then she remembered that this was exactly what he had been doing for the past one week and she shook her head in denial piercing his heart) Meri taraf dekhogi bhi nahi Jaan (You wont even look at me Jaan) (his voice was filled with so much pain as his heart longed for a single look of his angel that it pierced her heart and she just couldn’t control herself and instantly turned towards him. His eyes which only ever poured his pure and divine love for her where bowed today. Her heart ached to see guilt in them, guilt from making her sad, guilt at not being able to give her happiness, guilt for not being able to make her smile, guilt for not being able to pour his limitless love on her. Her heart died she just couldn’t see her Maan like that so guilty, OMG what had she done, when to her utmost horror he held his ears for absolutely no fault of his and she immediately held his hands)


Geet (as a tear trickled down her eyes at the immense pain she had caused her Jaan for her stupidity): Yeh aap kya kar rahe hai Maan, mei janti hoon hi aap yeh sab meri bhalai ke liye kar rahe hi, I know how difficult all this is for you too. I am really very very sorry Maan, I…

(what are you doing Maan, I know you are doing all this for my betterment only, I know how difficult all this is for you too. I am really very very sorry Maan, I…)


Maan (kept his finger on her lips shaking his head not letting her apologize, he completely understood her condition, in fact he was feeling no less miserable himself): Nahi Jaan…


And he hugged her with all his love and she too reciprocated as her heart filled with his divine love as peace enveloped her soul so content to be in the arms of her divine lover. They remained like that for eternity seeking each other’s warmth just not wanting to let go.



Maan (as they finally broke apart after ages, gently caressing her hair wanting to cheer his Jaan up): Don’t worry Mishti, tomorrow is your check up na and doctor will be opening the stitches so if she gives permission then (he winked Wink mischievously eyeing her lips and Geet blushed Blushing as a smile crept her lips)




They had just finished dinner and Maan lovingly carried his slightly groggy and slightly gloomy wife upstairs.


Maan (tucking her in bed): Jaan you sleep now, I have some urgent work, I will finish that and come soon. (Geet’s face fell as she longed for her hubby’s warmth especially tonight but she knew he had absolutely no clue as she hadn’t told him anything.)


Geet (somehow managing to mask her disappointment): Theek hai, but don’t strain yourself too much and come soon. (she tried to sound normal but the inherent sadness in her voice didn’t go unnoticed by her Jaan but he chose to keep quiet otherwise he would ruin everything)


Geet (self thought as she watched Maan’s reseeding figure): Maan kash ki mei aap ko bata pati ki how much I wanted to be cocooned in your protective embrace tonight. How empty I am feeling and how much I am longing to seek your warmth as you are the only one who can ever complete my lonely life. (A tear escaped her eyes and it was as if it pierced Maan’s heart who was standing outside knowing exactly what she was undergoing and he promised to make it up to her but he couldn’t ruin the surprise just yet.)

(Maan I wish I could tell you)


Actually it was Geet’s birthday the next day and she was really missing Lucky Bhaiya and the way they both used to enjoy, laugh and cut the cake at midnight, all the fun they both used to have but she had never told Maan about her birthday or the close memories surrounding it. Pata nahi kyun, (God knows why) maybe she was afraid to let go of her past memories or maybe she feared that they would be overwritten by new ones or maybe she was just afraid to be alone once again, who knows but the net net was that she never shared it with him and was feeling very gloomy that she wasn’t cocooned in his loving embrace which was the only thing that could make her feel secure tonight.


Here on the other hand how was it even possible that Maan would not know about his Jaan’s special day and he, Dadi and Annie had left no stone unturned to make it special for her. Maan had himself baked and iced her favorite black forest cake and they were all set to surprise her.


Sharp at midnight the door of their room creaked as Maan tip-toed inside with the tray followed closely by Annie and Dadi. Here Geet was all cuddled up really missing her bro today with her eyes all teared up facing the other side. Maan could sense the tension inside her soul and he vowed to free her from all the anxiety and anguish as he signaled Annie to put on the Happy Birthday song




Due to the sudden loud noise Geet shrieked up in fright before realization dawned on her that her Jaan indeed knew her Birthday. Tears trickled down her cheeks as all wished, hugged and surrounded her with their love, yes her family was complete today. As Lucky Bhaiya watched over her from the Heavens, blessing her tonight and boy did his blessings come true, she was no longer lonely and alone but had her loving family all around her and all for herself, her Jaan, her loving Maan, awesome Dadi and cool Annie and she felt over the moon as she blew the candles, cutting the cake, feeding and smearing each other so lovingly, laughing, singing, playing and teasing each other as new memories did not over right but enhanced the sweetness of the existing ones with her bro and all her fears, all her insecurities came to an end.


They partied for a little while before both Annie and Dadi headed to bed as Geet slowly crawled onto Maan hugging him with all her might truly over whelmed to have her guardian angel with her, wanting this moment to last forever, thanking him for blessing her worthless life, for being there for her always even when she couldn’t voice her inner feelings but how could she forget that he toh lived in her heart na, then how could he not know what she was undergoing and they slept peacefully cocooned in each other.



It was Geet’s check-up day and Maan very lovingly carried her inside the hospital even as Geet felt so embarrassed with the way all were staring at them. Yeah, she could walk little now but she knew her over possessive hubby would have none of it till the doctor actually said so and she just sighed. Even the doctor wasn’t amused at our dear Maan as even she knew that how caring or shall I say over caring he was when it came to his Jaan and this had been the case ever since his Geet had got injured.


The doctor examined Geet and cut her stitches as Maan impatiently paced in her chamber worried about his Jaan. Finally the doctor came out of the examination room followed by a pale Geet and he immediately rushed to help his Mishti and gently settled her in the chair.


Doctor: I must say, I am really impressed Mr. Khurana with the way in which you have taken full care of Geet. It is only with your endless efforts that she has managed to get healed so soon. (and Geet beamed truly proud of her Jaan while Maan simply smiled) She seems perfectly recovered now but to be 100 percent sure I have conducted a couple of tests and after seeing the reports only I can give a green signal. (Looking at Geet) But in the mean while Geet, you can start walking gradually but make sure to not strain yourself too much.


Maan: You don’t worry doctor, I will ensure that she takes proper rest (and Geet was like… Babaji please mujhe bacha lo (Babaji please save me))


Maan (They were about to leave when he asked): Doctor can she travel a little, I mean like a hour or so drive.


Doctor:  That should be perfectly fine Mr. Khurana, just make sure she doesn’t jerk during the drive.


Maan: Right doctor


He was about to lift Geet to carry her back to the car when the doctor added.


Doctor (smiling): Mr. Khurana, you don’t have to carry her everywhere, her wound has perfectly healed now, let her walk a little distance at least, it will help her in recovering faster (Maan was a touch embarrassed Embarrassed while Geet blushed Blushing at her ever so adorable hubby)


Maan supported Geet as she walked even as he cursed the doctor under his breath as his Jaan wobbled and winced slightly as it was obviously still painful for her.


Maan (all worried by the time they reached the corridor, his heart died to see his Jaan in pain): Geet, you are fine na is it hurting too much, shall I carry you, please say na something Jaan (he blabbered all in a single breath and she was truly over whelmed at his undying love and care)


Geet (shook her head… hayee… he loved her so much and all her pain simply vanished at his single love-filled gazed): Nahi Jaan I am just fine (and she blinked her eyes trying to assure him, but how could he ever stop worrying after all she was his Jaan na)


He helped her inside the car as he inclined the passenger seat so that she would have absolutely no discomfort and drove away to the mansion. Geet felt really exhausted after the walking and she soon fell asleep in the car. Maan shook his head at his innocent and adorable Jaan and simply admired his sleeping beauty as he drove on.


As they reached Khurana Mansion, he ever so gently lifted his cute Jaan in his arms making sure to not wake her up. He so lovingly carried her inside the mansion and up stairs into their room and softly tugged her in their bed admiring his sleeping beauty. He gently caressed her forehead as he very lovingly tucked in the loose strand of hair completely lost in his Jaan.


He kept on admiring his Jaan for God knows how long when the shrill beep of his mobile brought him back to reality and he blushed slightly for so opening drooling at his adorable Mishti…


Maan was busy downstairs making some special arrangements when Geet lazily woke up late in the afternoon. She was surprised to find a gift wrap on the bed beside her and absolutely no sign of her Maan. She was super excited to see the gift and eagerly read the note on the gift.


Will my angel descend from the heavens on her birthday to be my special date tonight?


Yours and only yours



And Hayee… Geet’s face immediately lit up as she hurriedly unwrapped the gift to find a mesmerizing black saree inside it… She blushed re-reading his love filled note… hayee… date… that too with her Jaan… her Maan… hayee… her heart flip-flopped when her mobile beeped. As she read the message a naughty and wicked plan entered her mischievous brain and she giggled away at her sinful thoughts, making some arrangements of her own for their special date.


It was early evening when Maan entered their room, he had got so busy in the preparations that he had no clue that his Jaan had gotten up and gotten ready… He was simply awestruck at the mesmerizing sight in front of her. His Jaan was dressed in the gorgeous black saree he had so painstakingly chosen for her and she looked simply out of this world.

He was completely enchanted by her as his feet on their own accord lessened the distance, he was completely lost in admiring his Jaan, his love, his life, his Geet, while on the other hand Geet blushed crimson red on seeing her effect o him. Waise he too looked no less than a price dressed in that immaculate black suit and she was soon lost in opening admiring her Jaan.


A loud noise outside broke their day dreaming session as a red blush adorned their cheeks for so openly and so shamelessly drooling at each other.


Maan: Will you bless me by being my special date tonight Mrs. Khurana.


Geet (winked Wink): The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Khurana.


And he swept her off her feet as he mischievously carried her to the car with both giggling LOL away. But as soon as she settled her in the seat he got all worried.


Maan: Jaan, you sure, you aren’t tired na, else we could…


Geet (not letting him continue, cutting him in between): I am perfectly fine Maan, Aap meri chinta bilkul bhi mat kijiye and I promise I will tell you if I feel even a wee bit tired. (she blinked her eyes assuring him)

(I am perfectly fine Maan, you don’t worry about me and I promise I will tell you if I feel even a wee bit tired.)


Maan too blinked as he took over the driver’s seat. He made sure the ride was as smooth as possible so as not to hurt his Jaan even a wee bit and she was toh simply lost in her mesmerizing angel, admiring him without even baiting an eye-lid.


As they reached their destination Maan ever so lovingly carried his Mishti in his arms to the special place he had got so especially decorated just for his love…


Geet was totally blown away at the ambience of that majestic place. It was the back drop of the captivating hotel with a lake completely surrounded by gorgeous trees as the freshness of nature filled the atmosphere. There was a certain nip in the air and the rushing sound of the nearby water fall added to the enchanting beauty of that divine place. It was so serene, so calm, so peaceful, so fascinating, so divine as if they had descended into heaven and Geet was absolutely lost in its grand feel.


Maan very lovingly carried her to a small clearing near the lake where a grand seating arrangement had been made for just the two of them overlooking the enthralling beauty and he gently settled her in before joining in beside her as Geet slowly snuggled into him seeking his warmth against the nipping fresh air and he too cuddled her into his loving embrace. He lovingly caressed her hair and they both simply lost the count of time so content to be together, cocooned into one another as living their entire life in that one moment of togetherness…


There was silence all around yet their eyes did all the talking, who needed words when their eyes were the mirror of their souls. Both were lost in the depth of their love depicted so vividly in their loving eyes wanting that moment to extend till eternity with both just submerging in each other…


The shrill voice of Maan’s mobile brought them back to reality and he excused himself to get their diner. He had especially ordered all Geet’s favourites and had got them placed in a custom made Thali format so that his Jaan didn’t have to exert even slightly.


Maan got their food and he gently adjusted his Jaan as he so lovingly fed her and she too fed him in return and they continued to pour their true, pure and divine love completely lost in one another.


Precap: Next will be the epilogue containing
Geet’s naughty plan

              Their Future…

Chapter 43


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