Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 43

Chapter 43


He held her hand as she reseeded them and Geet looked at him all confused. When he brought her hand and placed it on his heart.


Maan: Yeh tumhara haq hai Jaan, sirf tumhara (and hayee… Geet blushed Blushing deep red even as she snuggled more into him)

(It is your right Jaan, only yours)



Both slept peacefully as they dreamed on about their lives ahead together but who knew what destiny had in store for our love birds.


Maan helped Geet get ready the next morning and he very lovingly carried her down for breakfast.



As he made her comfortable on the lounge Dadi came there looking all worried and dull.


Maan: Dadi, kya baat hai aap bahut pareshan lag rahi hai. (What is the matter, Dadi, you are looking very worried)


Dadi (in a sad voice): Lagta hai (seems like) you both will have to wait for a year to get married.


And Maan felt like the ground collapse under his feet “One year“, he had to wait for another year to make his Jaan his wife, his life… no way, his heart protested… On the other hand Geet’s face too fell… her heart pouted… OMG how was it to wait for one whole year, already her mischievous hands couldn’t keep themselves off her Maan and now she had to wait one year and she cribbed looking up to her Babaji.



Maan: But Dadi how can we wait for another year (he blurted unthinkingly in his desperation and seeing his Jaan so sad and gloomy)


Dadi (had it been some other situation she would have loved to tease her grandson for his desperation but under the current circumstances she could very well understand their plight): But nothing can be done Maan beta. Panditji just called and he said that either you both need to get married tonight itself otherwise there is no auspicious time for another year.


Maan (suddenly his eyes lit up): Then we will get married today itself (Geet’s sighed in relief as her heart flip flopped yippee… it didn’t have to wait another year when a slight blush Blushing crept her cheeks realizing her naughty thoughts even as Dadi was taken aback at Maan’s declaration while Annie giggled LOL seeing the desperation of her brother making him blush Blushing a deep shade of red at how desperate he sounded but his heart made a puppy face… arey yaar how could it control its love for another year)


Dadi: Par Maan beta, Geet is not even fully recovered yet, it would be very strenuous for her. Also how can we do all the preparations in just a few hours.


Maan: Dadi, Geet ko koi bi takleef nahi hogi aap bas mera vishwas kijiye (Dadi, Geet will not get strained even a wee bit you just have faith in me) (he said as he looked deep into Geet’s eyes as if seeking her approvals as if asking her if she trust him and she blinked her eyes as if reassuring him that he could never ever let any harm come her way, that she blindly believed him while Maan was truly overwhelmed at the trust his angel had on him and he vowed to never ever let her believe down on him). And regarding the preparation, we will keep a very simple wedding, only call a couple of very close friends like Adi and Pinky. (Before Dadi could protest he added) and whatever more elaborate functions you want to do Dadi, we can do at the reception (he paused before adding) also I don’t mind if we get married in all pomp and show again next year at some other auspicious time (he added winking Wink at his Jaan who blushed Blushing a deep shape of red at his naughtiness) but we are getting married tonight and that is final. (Annie giggled LOL at her brother’s desperation while Geet beamed Smile and what problem could Dadi have, she simply wanted her children to be happy and she too agreed as she, Annie and Maan all got busy with the preparations while an extremely delighted Geet watched over them.)


After lunch Maan very lovingly carried Geet even as she cribbed making a baby sad face that she too wanted to see what was going on.


Maan (as he tucked her in the bed): Jaan (but Geet turned her face away pouting) Jaan please look at me na…



Geet (but his Jaan grumpily shook her head, complaining): Nahi, aap bahut gande ho, mujhe bhi humari shaadi ki taiyariya dekhani thi par nahi… aap bilkul dusht ho… bahu strict ho… jaiye mujhe nahi karni aap se baat (she pouted as she looked at him from the corner of her eyes as if to see his reaction and he gently shook his head at his cute and adorable Jaan and her child-like antics.)

(No you are very bad, I also wanted to see our wedding preparations but no… you are very dusht, very strict… go I don’t wanna talk with you)


But Maan also knew how to melt his Jaan’s fake anger and he captured her soft lips into his gentle ones. Geet was stunned at first as she had expected him to manofy her but soon she was lost under the spell of her magician as he poured all his love into that one kiss taking her to the heights of pleasure.


After ages as he gently broke away, he smiled seeing his effect on his Jaan as she was still lost in the after effects of his love.


Maan (huskily whispered in her ears): Toh Jaan how was this as compensation. (and hayee Geet opened her eyes totally flushed realizing she was still lost under his divine spell and she blushed Blushing … hayee… he so adored the red blushy blushy cheeks of his Jaan and he very lovingly kissed them and she blushed Blushing even more) Ab toh meri Jaan mujse naraz nahi hai na…

(So now toh my Jaan is no longer angry on me…)

Hayee… how could she ever be angry on her adorable Maan and she so cutely nodded for a no blushing Blushing away that Maan felt himself falling more and more in love with his Mishti…



Maan (gently tucking her in the comforter, caressing her hair): Jaan, now you rest, ok (and she blinked her eyes)


It was evening soon and Maan had got all the preparation done ek dum (absolutely) perfectly.


Maan (handed Annie a very light yet gorgeous lehnga he had especially selected for his Jaan and matching delicate and spectacular jewellery): Annie, let me know once Geet is ready and I will carry her to the mandap. (Annie nodded truly mesmerized witnessing the pure and unconditional love of her brother for his Geet.)


Annie helped Geet to get ready making sure she didn’t exert even a wee bit. Geet was looking simply out of this world in the simple yet magnificent attire her Maan had especially got for her. The dress and jewellery were so light that she hardly felt any weight and tears brimmed her eyes at his truly divine love. His love and care for her could just not be expressed in words and she felt that even the Lord would bow down to his true, pure and sacred love.



Annie called Maan as she left to get ready and Maan was completely blown away looking at his mesmerizing Jaan. She truly looked like an angel who had descended from the heavens just for him in the beautiful pink and he was totally lost in admiring his Mishti while he himself looked no less than a prince himself in the royal blue Sherwani and Geet too was completely lost in her Maan.


Maan looked deep within Geet’s eyes which were the mirror of her soul and she too was lost in his chocolate brown eyes dreaming her dreams with her Jaan. They absolutely lost the trace of time as they simply wanted to submerge in their love which was oozing from their eyes.


Annie (coughed giggling LOL away seeing them both so lost): Ahem… ahem…


And Geet looked here and there blushing Blushing away to be so lost in her Maan while Maan simply swept his Jaan off her feet as he so lovingly carried his would be bride to their mandap. It was the most unusual wedding setup as the ever so charming groom carried his mesmerizing Jaan in his arms for their wedding. He so lovingly carried her that Geet was completely lost in his pure love. He very gently settled her in the mandap, seating next to her. And Panditji immediately started with the mantras as per the strict instructions by Maan to not waste any time as it would strain his Jaan. The exchanged the garlands while seated only as Maan simply didn’t want any discomfort for his Jaan.



And soon it was the time for the phere and Maan ever so lovingly lifted his Jaan and took the scared wows with his Jaan in his arms.


As the sacred wows ended Maan very carefully made Geet seat back in the mandap as he so lovingly adorned her forehead with sindoor. She closed her eyes savoring the feeling of being finally complete as her Maan slipped in the mangalsutra around her delicate neck.


As the wedding came to an end Maan bowed his head in front of Dadi with his Jaan in his arms as he took her blessings and Dadi blessed both her children and wished them a long and happy life ahead. And Maan carried his now official wifey to their room.


Maan gently laid Geet on the bed and she was completely mesmerized by her hubby who so lovingly poured all his love via his eyes as he gently kissed her forehead.



Maan: Jaan, tum bahut thak gayi hogi na, jaldi se change kar lo. I will get dinner by then and then you go off to sleep. Ok Mishti.

(Jaan, you must be really tired na, come on change fast. I will get dinner by then and then you go off to sleep. Ok Mishti.)


And Geet was truly enchanted by his love, all he ever thought was about her, her happiness, her well being, her feelings never ever did his own desires, his own pleasures even cross his mind and she kissed him full on his lips as if conveying her heart felt gratitude, as if thanking him for coming in her life and sweeping her off her feet, for brightening her dull life, for absorbing all her hatred and filling her soul with his truly divine love. She was truly blessed to have her Maan in her life.


Precap: Last Part (It will be a big one Wink)


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