Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 42

Chapter 42


Maan was about to leave when he noticed that though she was smiling but the sparkle was missing in her eyes as if she was longing for something. Maan got confused when he saw her eying his lips and sighing in longing and he understood what his Mishti wanted.


Maan (chuckling slightly) So my would be wifey wants kissy wissy (hayee… Geet blushed Blushing, he really could read her like a book. Maan showered her face with kisses before he kissed his Mishti gently on her lips) Chalo now you rest (he continued winking Wink at her) We will continue after that (he said eying her lips and she blushed Blushing)




By now Dadi had finished talking with the Panditji and the mousse was also ready so she got the mousse for both of them and came to Maan’s room just as Maan was about to leave.


Dadi: Dekho Beta, I have got chocolate mousse for both of you.


Geet (beamed): Dadi woh ban gaya (phew she sighed in relief) I was so worried ki woh jal gaya hoga.

(Dadi it got ready (phew she sighed in relief) I was so worried that it will get burnt.)


Dadi: Beta aap Maan ke liye itne pyaar se banwana chahati thi toh how could it burn (Dadi said handing them the bowls) Chalo aap dono khaiye I have some work (saying so Dadi left out lovebirds alone to relish the yummy mousse)

(Beta you had got it made with so much love then how could it burn (Dadi said handing them the bowls) Chalo you both eat, I have some work)

Geet started to get up when Maan gently held her not letting her strain and softly tucked her back in bed.


Maan: Nahi Jaan tum lati raho, already you have strained way too much in making the mousse.

(No Jaan you keep lying down, already you have strained way too much in making the mousse.)


Geet: Par… (she said eying the chocolate mousse as her mouth watered seeing the delicious dish, she was dying to eat the mousse)



Maan (seeing her eying the chocolate mousse with child like greedy eyes and he shook his head at her cute antics): Arey tum leti raho. (her face dropped… Hayee… chocolate mousse, when he added) I will feed you na Jaan… (and she gave him her million dollar smile and hayee… Maan’s day was made.)

(Keep lying down)


Maan very lovingly fed Geet as she slowly submerged into his love filled eyes simply wanting to drown in them, desiring to remain immersed in them till eternity. As the mousse finished Maan gently kissed her on her forehead.



Maan (lovingly caressing her): Jaan, you take some rest now, I will be back soon (Geet smiled at him as soon sleep took over her and she was lost dreaming about their divine paradise.)


Maan: Dadi, what did Panditji say?


Dadi: Nahi, he had forgotten one of his books to see the time so he has taken yours and Geet’s horoscope. He said that he will take a look at them today itself and inform us what is the right day and time for your marriage (and Maan smiled… hayee… his Jaan will finally be his)


Maan finished the office work from home itself before he went upstairs to wake up his Jaan for dinner.


Maan (gently caressing her forehead): Wake up Jaan, it’s time for dinner…


Geet (but his Jaan was really sleepy as she groggily murmured): Please Mujhe sone do na Maan… (Please, let me sleep na Maan)



Maan (Hayee… he so didn’t want to disturb his sleeping beauty but she had to take medicines na, kissing her eyes urging her to open them): Please Mishti, tumhari medicines ka time ho gaya hai na Jaan.

(Please Mishti, it is time for your medicines, Jaan)


Geet (pouting her lips as she cursed the doctor under her breathe): Please Maan just 5 mins more na (and she held his hand and snuggled it under her head… sleeping cozily and Maan was like ab kya karoon mei apni cute si par naughty Jaan ka (What should I do of my cute yet naughty Jaan))



Maan (after 5 minutes): Ab toh uth jao na Mishti, five minutes are also over.

(No toh get up Mishti, five minutes are over)


Geet (sleepily opened her eyes cursing him): Five minute ka matlab, ghari dekh kar five minutes nahi hote… (and Maan was like “KYA???” as she so cutely pouted before she finally got up lazily stretching her arms, hayee she looked so beautiful and angelic and he was completely lost openly drooling at his Jaan. Seeing him all lost in her she frowned breaking his day dreaming session and he was like “Maine kya kiya“) Abhi toh itni jaldi ho rahi thi, ab kya hua (Hayee… Maan blushed Blushing a little she had once again caught him drooling at her…)

(Five minute doesn’t mean exactly five minutes by the watch… (and Maan was like “WHAT???” as she so cutely pouted before she finally got up lazily stretching her arms, hayee she looked so beautiful and angelic and he was completely lost openly drooling at his Jaan. Seeing him all lost in her she frowned breaking his day dreaming session and he was like “What did I do now”) You were in so much hurry then what happened now (Hayee… Maan blushed Blushing a little she had once again caught him drooling at her…))



Maan gently lifted her in his arms as he very lovingly carried her down stairs. He made her comfortably sit in the lounge chair so that she could enjoy the meal with her family as he very lovingly fed her.


Annie: Bhabhi, aap kaisi ho, subha se aap se theek se baat hi nahi hui. (Bhabhi, how are you, we didn;t even talk properly since morning)


Geet: Aaj you college was really hectic na…


Annie: Yeah Bhabhi (and she started telling tales about her college and masti (fun) with her friends and all had a hearty time laughing at the pranks they played on each other)



All four really enjoyed themselves chatting, joking, watching TV and soon it was really late.


Dadi: Chalo bhai, I am toh feeling sleepy now… you kids carry on, me off to sleep. Good night bacho.



Maan: Geet, you should also rest now (and she so cutely pouted as Maan picked her up. And Maan was like tab uthna nahi tha aur ab sona nahi hai… (Then she didn’t wanted to get up, now she doesn’t want to sleep) and he shook his head at the adorable antics of his cute Jaan) Good night Dadi, good night Annie.


Annie: Good night Bhaiya and Bhabhi


Geet: Good night Dadi, good night Annie…


Maan carried her to his room tucking her very lovingly into the comforter.



Maan( as he gently caressed her forehead): Chalo Jaan, now you sleep.


Geet (blinked her eyes): Aap bhi so jaiye na… (You also please sleep na)


And Maan too made his way to the couch. Yeah since the return from the hospital, Geet was staying Maan’s room and Maan was sleeping on the couch as he wanted to be near her in case she needed anything during the night.


In the middle of the night Maan heard Geet moan in pain and he rushed to her side. She was wincing in deep sleep as her wound was really hurting her and tears brimmed Maan’s eyes to see his Jaan in so much pain. He instantly held her hand trying desperately to soothe her and she dug her nails deep in his palm just not able to bear the pain anymore.



Maan settled near the headboard as he gently caressed her forehead and hands trying to calm her. She soon relaxed under his magical touch as a peaceful sleep enveloped her and she slept holding his hand. He very lovingly smiled at her as she snuggled his hand underneath her chin sleeping like an innocent baby and he softly caressed her hair as he too slowly fell asleep their only in a sitting position.



At around 3 in the night Geet slightly stirred in her sleep as she was feeling really thirsty. She opened her eyes to find how Maan was sleeping so uncomfortably in a sitting position, caressing her even in sleep so as to soothe her and tears brimmed her eyes as she saw her nails digging deep into his skin almost drawing blood. It was as if Maan felt her pain even while sleeping and he blinked his eyes to find his Jaan all teary.


Maan (really worried, as a tear escaped her eyes, wiping it): Kya hua Jaan, is it hurting too much kya. (and she was blown away at his simply divine and out of this world love… it was as if he lived only for her and she shook her head. Maan raised his eyebrow) Phir kya hua Jaan?

(What happened Jaan, is it hurting too much. Then what happened Jaan?)


And Geet shifted a little as she slowly guided him down so that he could comfortably lie on the bed and sleep. Hayee… Maan was completely lost his Jaan loved her so much…


Geet: Maan, meri wajah se you couldn’t even sleep properly na (she said as tears brimmed her eyes)

(Maan, all because of me you couldn’t even sleep properly)


Maan: Nahi Mishit, how can I ever be uncomfortable when I am so near my Jaan (and she blushed Blushing as Maan cocooned her in his protective embrace, gently caressing her forehead) Chalo Jaan you sleep now, you need to rest na (knowing she was still worried about his comfort) and see I am also sleeping so cozily with my Jaan (and she blushed Blushing as she soon fell asleep enveloped in his loving embrace)


Maan very lovingly stroked her hair and she snuggled more into him wanting to remain in his embrace forever and he too soon fell asleep feeling content to have his Jaan so near to him.



It was wee hours in the morning when Geet nuzzled more into him as her hands naughtily, even in deep sleep, sneaked inside his shirt and Maan eyes almost popped out before a sweet smile spread across his lips at how cutely his Jaan had cuddled into him while her naughty hand was gently caressing him.


Maan almost let out a giggle as she so cutely pouted feeling his vest underneath his shirt, oh her naughty hands so wanted to feel him and he blushed slightly as her hands finally found their way inside his vest and he inhaled sharply feeling her mesmerizing touch. Geet delicately stroked his absolutely chiseled Geek God like chest and taut abs and he was completely lost in her feel as he closed his eyes savouring her divine touch.


Her playful hands had by now sneaked completely inside his vest pushing the barrier up as she wrapped her arms around him. Her one hand softly massaged his bare back while the other traced delicate patterns on his chest and he felt goose bumps erupt all over his body at her tantalizing yet heavenly touch as he was slowly completely losing himself in her feel.


Maan felt her soft lips on his heart as she deeply kissed his heart which beat only for her as if acknowledging that she knew that she resided in it as if grateful to have him in her life as if wanting to pour all her love into that one kiss and Maan moaned her name in pure pleasure.


Geet stirred a little as she heard him moan her name and she blushed Blushing the deepest shade of red as she realized what her mischievous hands were up to. She gently removed her hands off him as she shied away she really couldn’t keep her hands off him even when asleep. Maan frowned as if he missed his Jaan’s warmth and she giggled seeing her effect on him as she blushed Blushing more. Maan opened his eyes hearing her chuckle as he too blushed Blushing at how he was moaning completely lost in her.


He held her hand as she reseeded them and Geet looked at him all confused. When he brought her hand and placed it on his heart.


Maan: Yeh tumhara haq hai Jaan, sirf tumhara (and hayee… Geet blushed Blushing deep red even as she snuggled more into him)

(It is your right Jaan, only yours)



Precap: Dadi: Lagta hai (seems like) you both will have to wait for a year to get married.


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