Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 9

Chapter 9

Geet’s heart was trying to defend Maan when a new flashed.


“Mr. Andrews calls for an emergency press conference”


Mr. Andrews addressed the press: Before you guys start bombarding me with questions let me clarify the whole situation. Yes initially we were supposed to sign the deal today but due to some personal emergency Mr. Khurana had to leave town yesterday night itself hence we signed the deal papers before his leaving the country at the airport. I don’t know why the media created such a hue and cry about his leaving back home. You guys ought to be more careful before flashing such baseless news as the word spreads like jungle fire. There was absolutely no truth in that news and the deal is very much on, in fact it is signed and the business community need not worry. Thank you all for your time and be more careful in the future and don’t jump the gun before knowing the facts.


Geet’s heart sighed in relief that at least he won’t be ridiculed now, it was as if a great burden lifted from her heart while her mind jeered “see he does everything only for himself and his selfish reasons” but her heart knew he left the country to respect her last promise. Despite the pain, the suffering, the agony and anguish Maan had caused her heart still it couldn’t hate him, in fact a part of her still loved him. Her heart couldn’t bear to see him humiliated but neither could it win the battle against her mind as after all he did betray her.


The events at the airport the night before

After talking to Maan, Adi was really very worried as to what suddenly happened? Maan seemed all fine before the party then what went wrong? Though by Maan’s conversation he was pretty sure it was to do with Geet but where did Maan meet her, was it at the party? Adi rushed towards the airport. He met a highly dejected and heartbroken Maan who had just bought the return ticket.


Adi (worried): Maan what happened suddenly (Maan just looked blankly at Adi as if he wasn’t in this world anymore) what are you doing Maan, why are you playing with your dream rather life? Do you even imagine the repercussion of this decision of yours? All will mock at you, humiliate you, your whole reputation will be destroyed. The name, the fame you have made with such difficulty, facing extreme hardships will all go down the drain. No one will ever trust you or your company again and all will be destroyed.


But his words fell on deaf ears as Maan was too heartbroken to even realize the damage he was doing or maybe he knew it all but nothing mattered when compared to his angel. He won’t break her heart again, he won’t break his last promise whatever be the cost this time, he was willing to pay it. He was more than happy to weep blood than to see his Jaan, his life, his Mishti suffer more. No, he won’t bow down to circumstances again, no ways, not this time. It was only his reputation, his credibility at sake, he was willing to just let go of it all.


Seeing his broken state Adi got really worried and shook him up.


Adi (shaking him): Maan aisa kya ho gaya, answer me damn it. (Maan what happened, answer me damit)



Maan (tears rolling down his cheeks as Geet’s pained face and haunted eyes flashed in front of him): I can’t break her heart again Adi, not this time.


Adi: Maan… but…


Maan (wiping his tears, full of determination): No if no but, I have made up my mind I am leaving London right away. Jo hoga dekha jayega. (whatever happens, I will face it later)


Adi knew it was next to impossible to deter Maan once he had made up his mind when an idea clicked him.


Adi: When is your flight Maan?


Maan: After 3 hours.


Adi: Then we can sign the deal now itself, just call up Mr. Andrews and we will finish it tonight.


Adi made Maan call up Mr. Andrews, but sensing Maan’s condition, Adi himself handled the whole situation from there. Adi told him that there was a personal emergency due to which Maan had to head back home instantly so if they could sign the deal before his leaving it would be great.


Mr. Andrews agreed as he really wanted the deal and so it was finalized that he would sign two copies of the deal and send it over with his most trusted guy and Maan too will sign and return one copy. So finally the deal got signed thanks to Adi and he averted a major disaster which would have completely and thoroughly destroyed Maan’s reputation.


Two weeks passed

Here almost two weeks had passed since the incident but neither Maan nor Geet were able to recover from their meeting.


It was as if sleep evaded Maan completely, as soon as he would close his eyes, his Mishti’s broken and dejected face flashed in front of his eyes accusing him of destroying her tender heart, of betraying her and he would jolt back awake screaming “No, I can never ever betray you Jaan” but only to realize he was all alone far far away from his angel with absolutely no way to reach out to her, to heal her broken heart.


He was completely broken but still somehow he managed to work after all it was her company how could he fail her again. He would keep on working tirelessly all day long but as the night stuck he would start wandering in search of peace, some days walking endlessly, some days practicing Tai- Chai mercilessly

while some days just torturing himself brutally bleeding and limping but still solace evaded him and he was falling deeper and deeper into the black hole of darkness as the blackness of remorse was slowly engulfing his soul completely.


Would Babaji grant him the one chance he was so desperately seeking before he perished completely?


On the other hand, the meeting with Maan had ripped open Geet’s just healing wounds and she just couldn’t get a grip on her life. She would miss her college lectures, some days even miss taking the computer classes and would keep on weeping endlessly re-living his betrayal every second of her existence.


As if his betrayal wasn’t enough she recalled his nasty words “I never loved you, in fact I was just using you”, You are a bloody burden on me” and she covered her ears trying to block out his sinful voice stabbing her heart and soul with his cruel, sick, hateful, deceitful, mean, horrible, gruesome, atrocious, ghastly and brutal words, abusing and burning her love, making a mockery of her feelings, tearing her heart apart, scorching her soul, destroying her as she completely broke down just not able to bear those torturous memories of his unfaithful and cruel love.


Here Adi was really worried about Maan’s condition. Though Maan pretended to be absolutely fine when he talked with Adi and Pinky, Adi knew his dear friend inside out and could feel the pain he was undergoing. Adi really wished to reach out to him when an idea stuck him.


Adi: Pinky how about we both go to India this weekend. It will be a surprise for Maan.


Pinky: But Bhaiya will be completely busy with work na, he won’t get any time.


Adi (thinking more): Hmmm, how about we get engaged there itself then toh he will have to take out some time from work. Yeah, we will tell him that since he is so busy and won’t get time to visit London, we thought of coming to India and getting engaged as you had your holidays. What say?


Pinky (really excited): Yeah, that’s perfect and we will get to spend some quality time with Bhaiya. It has been ages since we all spent time together and had fun. Since we have come to London no one had any time and even when Bhaiya came he had to rush back the same day (she made a baby sad face)


Adi pulled her cheeks to cheer her up, he couldn’t bear to see his Pinky so sad not after what all she had been through. She was his princess too and both Maan and Adi made sure that she was far far away from any pain and no harm could ever touch her. She didn’t even know how broken her brother was, they always masked it from her.


Pinky rushed to the computer class and today finally she found Geet.


Pinky (very relieved to see her): Arey Di, kitne din ho gaye (so many days passed) where were you? On phone also you didn’t say much expect that you were on leave but you sounded so sad that I got so worried, is there any problem kya di? Can I help?


Geet (smiled slightly sensing the genuine concern in Pinky’s voice, otherwise Maan’s betrayal had lifted Geet’s faith from mankind): Nahi my dear sister, I am absolutely fine (her heart winced in pain as she lied but how could she sadden her litter sister) I had slight head ache and so thought of taking rest.


Pinky (worried, making baby sad face): Oh… poor you, I know headaches are so bad na. Ab aap kaise ho? (How are you now?)


Geet (pulling her cheeks): I am much better now, you don’t worry, smile na my dear sister.


Pinky smiled, her smile always lifted Geet’s mood and brought a smile on her face and she too smiled slightly.


Pinky (super excited): Di, Adi and I are planning to get engaged this week itself. We are planning to go to India as bro is really busy and he can’t come here. You also come na please please.


Precap: Will Geet agree to go back to India for the engagement?


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