Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 8

Chapter 8

Maan was horrified, he felt the ground under his feet collapse, his Geet wanted to die because of him. Oh God, why didn’t I just die before the day I burned our love ruining my Jaan killing her.

Maan: Nahi Geet, I am leaving London right now but you don’t do anything to yourself. I will never ever try to contact you but please don’t do anything rash I beg of you.


He left from there, his heart dying, his soul burning with guilt. He died a thousand deaths as Geet’s broken and blank eyes flashed in front of him, he flinched in pain remembering the pain, the hurt, the frustration, the anger, the hatred, the sufferings in those beloved eyes.


He cursed his very existence which had ruined his angel and he wished he could die but his heart still hung on the hope that maybe her Babaji would grant his sinful soul that one chance some day when he would be able to heal his Jaan when his Mishti would smile wholeheartedly again.


He sped to the airport leaving behind everything, nothing, absolutely nothing mattered to him at the cost of his angel. Yes, he was there to fulfill her dream only but if it pained her so much then what was its value, it was all so worthless, when suddenly his mobile rang.


Pinky (as if she had felt her brother’s pain): Bhai aap ghar kab aa rahe ho, pata nahi mujhe bahut gabarahat ho rahi hai, ek aeeb si bechani ho rahi hai ki kuch bahut bura hone wala hai.

(Brother, when are you coming back home, I don’t know why but I am feeling very uneasy, I am getting a sinking feeling as if something very bad is going to happen)


Maan’s heart cried bura toh hogaya na. Meri Mishti mujse itni nafrat karti hai ki woh apni Jaan tak dene ko taiyaar thi, isse bura aur kya ho sakta hai, his soul howled in pain. Maine apni Jaan, apni Zindagi, apni Geet ko itni buri tarah tabah kiya hai ki woh ek zinda laash ban gayi hai. Mein janta hoon ki mei uska gungegar hoo par mei majboor tha, mei apni Mishti ki aakhon mein apne liye itni nafrat bardast nahi kar sakta, na mei jee sakta hoon nahi mar sakta hoon shayad mere gunhao ki yehi saaza hai.

(Maan’s heart cried Bad has already happened. My Mishti hates me so much that she wants to kill herself because of me, what worse can happen than this, his soul howled in pain. I ruined my Jaan, my life, my Geet so badly that she had become a living corpse. I know that I am her culprit but I was helpless that day, I can’t bear to see so much hatred in the eyes of my Mishti, neither can I live, nor can I die, maybe this is the punishment of my grave sins.)


Tears rolled down his eyes but he somehow controlled himself not wanting to give pain to his little sister.


Maan (speaking with great difficulty, he was choking with emotions but somehow managed to speak): Nahi princess, everything is fine (his heart screamed in pain as he lied) I have an urgent meeting and need to leave London right away.


Pinky: But bhai your deal.


Maan: You don’t worry princess I will manage everything.


Pinky was still anxious but she believed her brother little realizing that he was just keeping her heart, in reality he was completely and utterly broken from inside. When she told this to Adi he immediately realized that something was amiss. He didn’t want to alarm Pinky hence called up Maan from outside not letting her know.


Adi: Maan, what are you doing buddy, why are you leaving town. Tomorrow is the most important deal of your career, how can you leave.


Maan: Nahi Adi sab katam ho gaya. Ushi ko rula kar, ushi ko tarpa kar, uski hi rooh ko roond kar mei uska khawab kaise pura kar sakta hoon. Mei toh woh badnaseeb hoon jo apni wafa bhi sabit nahi kar sakta, mei uska khwab kya poora karoonga, mei hi toh uske zakhamo ka karan hoon, meri hi wajah se toh uski aankho mei aanso hai, mei toh ushe ek mushurahat dene ke kabil bhi nahi hoon, maine toh uski sari khushiyan hi cheen le, kash ki mei kabhi paida hi nahi hua hota kam se kam mere hone se ushe itna dukh toh nahi hota.

(No Adi, everything is over now. By making her cry, by torturing her, by killing her soul, how can I fulfill her dream. I am that unlucky person who can’t even prove his innocence, how will I fulfill her dream, I am the cause of all her wounds, due to me only there are tears in her eyes, I am not even worthy of giving her a single smile, I snatched away all her happiness, I wish I was never born al teast she wouldn’t have been pained so much by my existence)


Adi (aghast to hear so much pain and helplessness in Maan’s voice): Maan, I am feeling really scared, just tell me where are you?


Maan: I am on my way to the airport.


Adi rushed to meet Maan, he was really scared, worried about his condition, fearing he might do something to himself.


Here Geet was completely broken, her past was haunting her, his betrayal was dancing in front of her eye and she wished she just died this very instance. The pain, the hurt, the suffering he had caused her had broken her tender heart into thousand pieces. He had ripped her soul apart and burnt their pure and sacred love by his acidic words and sinful deeds.


She had witnessed the real Maan, the cruel, the unfaithful, the heartless Maan and her heart was crumpling under the agony he had caused her. She hugged her knees close to her chest and kept on weeping the whole night long trying to forget his betrayal, trying desperately to heal her wounded heart, which had been ripped apart again by his mere presence as if his mere appearance there re-enacting the treachery he had caused her.


Not able to control her emotions at all she switched on the television in the wee hours of the morning when a news flash caught her attention.


Breaking News

“Indian Business Tycoon Maan Singh Khurana goes back on his words”


Geet was shocked and she flipped the channels.


Breaking News

“Maan Singh Khurana flies back without signing THE deal”


The news reporter was saying “Mr. Andrews and Mr. Khurana were to sign the historic deal tomorrow morning but we just received the breaking news from our correspondents that Mr. Khurana was seen at the airport catching a flight back home, if industry experts are to be believed looks like he chickened out of the deal at the very last moment as he was incompetent of handling just a huge and prestigious assignment


Geet changed the channel again.


Panel discussion

“Maan Singh Khurana destroys Indian business community reputation”


Attendee 1: Maan Singh Khurana is a man with no ethics, no morals, and no principals that is why he left the deal in a lurch and ran away.


Attendee 2: I think he is just a fraud and realizing that he would be exposed naked in front of the world he simply backed out of the deal, he is such a coward and yes it is a big blow to our reputation. His irresponsibility will hurt our community far and wide. He is such a jerk, a total moron.


Attendee 3: This is what happens when people from small upbringing suddenly get money and power, they think they own the world and can do what they feel like little realizing what damage their cause others. Yes his immature and stupid action will really cost us big time in the international market.


Attendee 1: Yes very true, these small towners are useless bloody folks having no value, no respect of other people’s time and money. Because of him international market may never ever trust an Indian again.


Geet was horrified as realization drawn on her that he was there for a business deal and she had accused him of breaking his last promise. Her heart cried see I told you he isn’t heartless, he didn’t break the last promise but her brain warned her, don’t you fall in his trap again, God only knows what is he up to this time.


When the news flashed “Maan Singh Khurana has arrived in Delhi”


Reporter “India’s youngest computer whiz fails in the international world. Let’s ask him what went wrong”


All the reporters had encircled Maan and were bombarding him with questions “Sir, what happened, why did you chicken out”


Another ridiculed Maan “Do you think you company is incapable of handling such an important international venture? Do you think you are incompetent as a leader?”


Another questioned his integrity and commitment “Mr. Khurana do you even realize what repercussions your actions will have for the Indian business community. Do you have no ethics, no morals?”


Maan’s lawyer had already arrived at the airport as he was fearing the reaction of the business community as well as the media and he shielded Maan saying “no comments” as Maan was in no condition to say anything, he was completely heartbroken. He escorted Maan and headed towards the car.


Geet was shocked to see all mock Maan and her heart felt guilty. Her heart screamed “Oh My God, what have I done, he left London leaving the unsigned deal behind because I threatened to jump and now he is being ridiculed, all because of me” but her mind argued “He bloody well deserves it, rather much more for his betrayal. And I am pretty sure he must have done this too for some insane reason of his own and not due to the warning”. But her heart protested “Nahi, he did it to honor the last wish” but her mind argued “If he was so faithful he would have never betrayed you in the first place” and her heart was speechless, it simply had no argument for his disloyalty.


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