Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 7

Chapter 7

Maan went home and spent some time with Pinky and Adi.


Maan: Now that my dear buddy you have proposed (and Adi blushed) let’s get you both engaged.


Pinky (really excited): Haan Bhaiya, neek kaam mein deri kaisi (Yeah brother, why delay in good things)



Maan stared at her and poor Pinky she was Sharam se pani pani, oops, but Maan smiled Hayee… both Pinky and Adi heaved a sigh of relief.



Maan (blinking his eyes): Sure my little princess.


Adi and Pinky smiled they were truly happy to be together.


After sometime Maan headed for the party. Here Geet also somehow collected herself wiping her tears and got ready for the party.


Mr. Andrews made Maan meet every associate and all were full of praises for what MSK had achieved in the world of computers at such a small age in so less a time. Maan was chatting with a few folks when suddenly there was pin drop silence in the hall as everyone’s eyes were stuck admiring the gorgeous lady dressed in the mesmerizing white saree just entering the hall.



Maan looked up and he was completely smitten by his angel. He was seeing his Jaan, his love, his life after 20 long months and tears brimmed his eyes as he was totally lost in admiring her when the folks around him whispered breaking his thoughts.


Mr. Kent: Who is this gorgeous lady?


Mr. Garg: Arey, she is the daughter of the famous industrialist Mr. Handa. I have heard she is settled in London for the past year and a half or so.



Maan was stunned his angel left her country. Oh God… she never wanted to move away from India and here she was forced to settle abroad all because of him, he cursed himself as fresh tears brimmed his eyes.


Geet looked up and their eyes met but Maan died a thousand deaths looking at her lovely hazel eyes, which were always full of life, but now they were completely blank, absolutely lifeless as if someone had snatched the light from them and he fell more in the darkness of guilt as her eyes accused him for ruining her life, tearing her heart, destroying her soul. His eyes pleaded her to give him one chance, to hear him out but she just didn’t have any strength left in her heart to let it break again.


Mr. Andrews (on mike): Mr. Khurana, I have heard you sing beautifully (reading from a paper and saying in broken Hindi) Kya aap humari mehfil mein apni Madhur awaz se char chand lagayenge. (Will you lighten our party with your melodious voice)


(He really enjoyed Bollywood numbers and loved to shake his leg on their tunes.)


Maan looked at Geet but she looked away as if he no longer mattered to her. Maan’s heart broke to find so much hatred in her hazel eyes for him and he could control no longer control his emotions as he took the mike singing his heart out.


Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The

Par Hum Wafa Kar Na Sake

Humko Mili Uski Sazaa

Hum Jo Khata Kar Na Sake


Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The

Par Hum Wafa Kar Na Sake

Humko Mili Uski Sazaa

Hum Jo Khata Kar Na Sake


(I was never unfaithful

Yet I could not be faithful to you

I have suffered the punishment

For the crime I didn’t even commit


I was never unfaithful

Yet I could not be faithful to you

I have suffered the punishment

For the crime I didn’t even commit)


Geet looked up and their eyes met. Maan pleaded her to at least give him a chance to speak. Her heart wanted to hear him out but her mind warned her to not fall in his trap again.
Kitni Akeli Thi Wo Raahein Hum Jinpar

Ab Tak Akele Chalte Rahein

Tujhse Bichhadke Bhi O Bekhabar

Tere Hi Gham Mein Jalte Rahein

Tuney Kiya Jo Shikwa

Hum Wo Gilaa Kar Na Sake


Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The

Par Hum Wafa Kar Na Sake

Humko Mili Uski Sazaa

Hum Jo Khata Kar Na Sake


(How lonely were those paths

On which I kept walking alone so far

Even after separating from you, o unaware one

I have borne the pangs of your sorrows

Of what you have complained to me about

I didn’t even commit those acts


I was never unfaithful

Yet I could not be faithful to you

I have suffered the punishment

For the crime I didn’t even commit)


Maan remembered the times he had struggled alone when even his angel left him and wasn’t there to heal him. He poured his heart out as he sang begging her to at least consider his plea, to once listen to her heart which still loved him, to give him that one chance for which he was still dragging his worthless life on.

Tumne Jo Dekha Suna Sach Tha Magar

Kitna Tha Sach Ye Kisko Pata

Jaane Tumhe Maine Koi Dhokha Diya

Jaane Tumhe Koi Dhokha Hua

Is Pyar Mein Sach Jhooth Ka

Tum Faisla Kar Na Sake


Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The

Par Hum Wafa Kar Na Sake

Humko Mili Uski Sazaa

Hum Jo Khata Kar Na Sake


(What you may have seen or heard was true

But how much truth was there who knows

Maybe I deceived you

Or you might have misunderstood me

Matters of truth and falsehood, in this love

You could not even decide


I was never unfaithful

Yet I could not be faithful to you

I have suffered the punishment

For the crime I didn’t even commit)


Each and every word of the song depicting the pain his heart and soul was undergoing since that day. Maan recalled the day their lives ruined beyond repair, yes what she saw was the truth but how much of it was the truth who knows his heart cried. Her heart cried too but the pain he had caused her was far more than she could ever bear. What she saw that day killed her soul, burned her heart alive. She was like a lifeless corpse, his betrayal having shattered her completely.


Maan’s soul cried begging her to cross her heart that did it believe he could betray her ever but what was she to believe, she toh believed him only na that day, then why was all this now her soul cried.


All were spell bound and speechless by the melodious song Maan just sang, his voice depicting the painful emotions beautifully and perfectly but who knew that it was his dying heart singing for his Jaan trying to prove his love for her begging his Mishti for that one chance.


Geet left the party just not able to control her emotions anymore and Maan somehow excused himself and ran behind her.


Maan: Geet please listen to me Jaan.



Geet (tears pouring endlessly as she recalled his betrayal): You have lost the right to call me that. What more do you want to clarify, I gave you the chance that day despite your betrayal and you spoke your filthy black heart out pouring acid on our sacred love burning it to ashes.


Maan (tears brimming his eyes): Par mein us din majboor tha. (I was helpless that day)


Geet: Aur aaj mein majboor hoon. Mujhme ab aur tootane ki taqat nahi hai, chale jao yahan se. (And today I am helpless. I don’t have any strength left to break again, go from here)


Maan: Please listen to me once, I beg of you.


Geet (jerking in anger as she remembered something): Toh ab tumne apna aakhari wada bhi tor diya.  Bhool gaye us din tumhari bewafai ke baad maine tumse kewal ek vachan manga tha ki yadi tumne mujse ek pal ke liye bhi pyaar kiya tha toh tum mujhe kabhi nahi dhoodhoge, par tum toh mere pheeche yahan tak aa gaye. (she turned her face away) Arey, mein kaise bhool gayi tumne toh mujse kabhi pyaar kiya hi nahi.

(So now you have broken your last promise too. Your forgot that day after your betrayal I had asked you for only one promise, that if you loved me even for a second then you will never try to find me, but now you have reached here too after me (she turned her face away) Oh, how could I forget, you never loved me only)



Maan (breaking down completely, not able to bear her accuses): Nahi Geet aisa nahi hai, I really love you and have always loved you only.

(No Geet it’s not like this, I really love you and have always loved you only.)


Geet (but she didn’t let him continue as she wiped her tears completely determined not letting her heart open to him ever again): Bas Maan bahut ho gaya, just leave from here. (Enough is enough Maan, just leave from here.)


Maan (falling on his knees begging her): Please listen to me, I didn’t break any promise Geet please…


Geet (losing herself completely in rage): You killed the naive, innocent Geet that day, because of you my whole life got destroyed, because of you I had to leave my beloved country, now just leave me alone, just go away from here this very instant (he tried to plead) go away, leave this town otherwise I will jump from this cliff right now.


Maan was horrified, he felt as if the ground collapsed under his feet, his Geet wanted to die because of him. Oh God, why didn’t I just die before the day I burned our love ruining my Jaan killing her.



Maan: Nahi Geet, I am leaving London right now but you don’t do anything to yourself. I will never ever try to contact you but please don’t do anything rash I beg of you.


Precap: “Maan Singh Khurana destroys Indian business community reputation”


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