Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 6

Chapter 6

Next day Maan caught the early morning flight to London and reached there by afternoon. Adi and Pinky received him at the airport and he was happy to meet his little princess.


Maan (Hugging both Adi and Pinky): I am so happy for you both. Meri dua hai ki Babaji tum dono ki zindagi khushiyon se bar de.

(I am so happy for you both. My prayer is that Babaji fills your lives with happiness.)


All got emotional as Adi and Pinky forced Maan to have lunch before he headed for the meetings. After lunch Maan immediately headed for Mr. Andrew’s office for the meeting and he was really very very impressed with Maan’s dedication, commitment and completely blown over by his intellect. Maan’s one presentation and all were totally gaga over him. Had it been any other firm Mr. Andrews would have forced his terms and conditions but he simply didn’t wanna lose his chance to work with MSK, the computer whiz, and hence agreed to all the changes Maan wanted in the contract.


Mr. Andrews: Mr. Khurana I am highly impressed by you. Your talent surpasses what all I had heard about you and it will really be my privilege to work with your firm on this crucial project. I will get all the papers printed as per our discussion and then we will sign it tomorrow.


Maan nodded and was about to leave the conference room when Mr. Andrews added.


Mr. Andrews: Mr. Khurana, I am throwing a party tonight for all my associates and it would be my honor if you could attend it.


Though Maan never liked parties especially without his Jaan but he agreed as it would be good for the partnership as he would get to meet all the folks.


In the few hours that Maan had spend with Mr. Andrews he was completely blown over by Maan and he almost started treating him like his own son having great respect for the person that Maan was. Well such was the magnetic, dynamic and charismatic personality of our MSK that anyone who ever came in contact with him even for a minute could never ever forget him, but look at the irony of nature that the one and only person who mattered the most to Maan, his love, his life, his Jaan had been destroyed by his very presence on Earth.



Here Geet’s father called her up.


Mr. Handa: Geet, I need you to attend Mr. Andrews party tonight.


Geet no longer liked to attend any parties, she had simply given up on life, and however hard she tried she just wasn’t able to overcome his betrayal. She tried to interrupt ‘but’


Mr. Handa (cutting her): No if no but, I am stuck here and hence won’t be able to come over to London so you only need to attend as my representative. I will send you the address so just go.


Poor Geet had no choice and finally agreed to attend the party. As she kept the phone down she was lost in the memories of her beautiful past.



It was the last day of the college and the final year students had organized for a grand farewell party. Geet was really very very excited.


Geet (jumping in joy): Maan, I am so excited, we will have loads and loads of fun.


Though Maan didn’t like parties much but still he used to attend with Geet as he simply loved to be with his Jaan, his Mishti. Hayee… he would just keep drooling over her throughout the party so it hardly mattered where he was. (hehe LOL)


Geet dragged Maan and was completely busy in trying out the various dresses in her wardrobe trying to find the perfect one for tonight.


Geet: Maan is this one nice… nahi nahi let me try this one, its color is better na, wait.


And Maan toh was completely lost in his angel and was admiring her without even baiting an eyelid. Hayee… she looked so beautiful in whatever she wore. Geet had been blabbering for ages now when she finally realized that he wasn’t even paying attention and she was like ‘O’.



Geet waved her hands in front of her but no luck, arey he toh was lost in the dreams for their future na, she really got frustrated when an idea stuck her naughty mind.


Geet (shrieking in his ears): Mmmaaannn…


And poor Maan jerked out of his dreaming session completely flushed and embarrassed and blushing hard, hayee… his cheeks went all red at being caught again.


Geet: Maan what is this yaar, help me find a dress na, tell me what should I wear.


What was the poor guy to say, he toh just loved her the way she was pure, simple and innocent but he helped her find a beautiful black color dress. Hayee… she really looked gorgeous, nahi nahi out of the world, Maan corrected his mind. Maan wore a black suit to the party.


Both were looking amazing and complementing each other perfectly. As they walked in all started hooting after all they were the hottest and most happening couple in college and all swore by their love.


The party was going on in full flow and as usual Maan was lost niharofying (admiring) his princess when the whole gang surrounded them.


Chorus: Maan we want you to sing today, please.


Yeah Maan was a fabulous singer, but he only sang for his angel, seeing him lost in his Jaan they pleaded Geet.


Chorus: Geet, yaar, Maan ko kaho na, he only sings for you, ask him to sing on you today for us na, pleaseee.


Hayee… Geet blushed, yupp he really loved her.


Geet (tugging at Maan’s sleeve): Please Maan sing na.


How could Maan ever deny his Jaan


Dekha Tumko Jab Se, Bas Dekha Tumko Yaara
Tumse Koi Achha Hai Na Tumse Koi Pyaara
Yun Nazre Na Phero Tum, Mere Ho Mere Tum

She’s What I Want, She’s What I Love
She’s Sent To Me From The Heaven Above
She’s So Cool, She’s So Fine
Out Of Ten I’d Give Her Nine

Hey, Eh Eh Eh Hey
Dekha Tumko Jab Se, Bas Dekha Tumko Yaara
Yea, Dekha Tumko Jab Se, Bas Dekha Tumko Yaara
Tumse Koi Achha Hai Na Tumse Koi Pyaara
Yun Nazre Na Phero Tum, Mere Ho Mere Tum


Maan started singing for his Jaan, his love, his Mishti, his everything. There was so much pride in his eyes for his sweet heart that Geet was completely lost in those mirrors of his soul reflecting just pure and divine love for her.

Keh Do Na, Keh Do Na, You Are My Soniya
Hey, Keh Do Na, Keh Do Na, You Are My Soniya


Maan softly dance around Geet, nudging her to reply and she too took a mike to sing.

Hey, Aa Aa Aa Ha
Dekha Tumko Jab Se, Bas Dekha Tumko Yaara
Tumse Koi Achha Hai Na Tumse Koi Pyaara
Yun Nazre Na Phero Tum, Mere Ho Mere Tum
Keh Diya, Keh Diya, You Are My Soniya

Geet sung reciprocating his true love via not only her words but her eyes as well and both were lost in the eye-lock as the gang danced around them totally mesmerized by their divine love for each other.


The Chorus separated Maan and Geet and Maan continued singing while Geet Complimented him


Teri Mohabbat Mein Yeh Dil Deewana Hai
Is Mein Hai Meri Kya Khataa

Haan, Yeh Dil Churaane Ka Achha Bahaana Hai
Mujhko Hai Pehle Se Pataa

Milne Mein Humko Kitne Barson Lage Hai Yaara

Aisi Khushi Ke Pal To Phir Na Aaye Dobaara

Aisi Khushi Mein Yaara Yeh Nasha Kya Kam Hoga
Keh Do Na, Keh Do Na, You Are My Soniya

Hey, Keh Diya, Keh Diya, You Are My Soniya

Hey, Paagal Banaaya Hai Teri Adaaon Ne
Mujhko To Hai Tera Nasha

Maan danced around Geet while she blushed at his admittance before adding

Hmm, Maine Bhi Palkon Mein Tumko Chhupaaya Hai
Tu Mere Khwaabon Mein Basa

Betaabi Kehti Meri Aaja Baahon Mein Bhar Loon

Jeena Hai Teri Hoke, Milke Yeh Vaada Kar Loon

Dono Ne Kasmein Li Hai, Pyaar Kabhi Na Kam Hoga

Maan extended his hand and Geet took it as she submerged completely in him placing her head over his chest and they hugged each other completely oblivious to their surroundings as the whole gang danced around them truly blessed to be witnessing the divine love of the purest of souls.

One, Two, Three, Hey!




Thunder roared outside as Geet opened her eyes to find herself all alone hugging the empty infinite space desperately missing the warmth of her love but his remembrance caused only pain now as tears rolled down their eyes.


Precap: Maan and Geet face to face Ouch


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