Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 5

Chapter 5

Maan’s company was soaring new heights each day but his heart and soul was dying by the second. How could he live when his Jaan was suffering each moment due to him but how was he even to die with the guilt of ruining her soul. The only thread that kept him alive was the hope that maybe one day Geet’s Babaji would give him the chance to heal his angel.


When once day he received a call from Mr. Andrews who was the owner of the biggest software firm in London.


Mr. Andrews: Mr. Khurana, we would like to do partnership with your firm for our new software. We have heard a lot about your talent and it would be our honor if you could come down to London so that we could talk through the deal.


It was the perfect opportunity for Maan to expand his business. Already he had risen to great heights in India and was the most talked about business man of the country, not to mention the youngest and the best entrepreneur and the most eligible bachelor. Maan agreed and he was to leave for London the very next day.


Maan (Called up Adi): Adi, I will be coming over to London tomorrow for a couple of days for negotiating and signing a contract.


Adi: Wow buddy, this is great news. (to Pinky) Pinky, Maan is coming over tomorrow to expand his business in London.



Pinky (snatching the phone from Adi): Wow, Bhaiya, I am so happy you are coming tomorrow. (and she kept on blabbering while Maan was happy that at least he would get to meet his sister, his little princess, when on hearing no response from Maan, she shouted) Bhaiya, you listening na.


Maan: Yeah princess.


Pinky (super excited): Bhai, your company will be world famous soon, I am so proud of you. (and Maan was lost in his past).



Maan and Geet were in their final year when Maan planned to start his software firm, he had saved enough in the last few years for his start up.


Maan (came running to meet his Geet, really excited to share the best news of his life with his angel): Geet, Geet.



Geet (smiled, looking at her life, her love, her Maan): Kya hua Maan? (What happened, Maan?)



Hayee… Maan was completely lost in her angelic smile… what could he say, he toh was completely speechless, absolutely smitten by his Mishti.



Geet (snapping her fingers): Maan. (and poor Maan blushed, hayee… he always got caught drooling over his Jaan and his cheeks would go all red) Ab batao bhi kya baat hai? (Now tell what is the matter?)


Maan: Geet, I have finally saved enough to start up the software firm, Jaan.


Geet (jumping in joy): Wow Maan, I am so excited and happy. (really excited) So when are you planning to launch it and what will be its name.


Maan: Whenever my angel is ready we can launch it Jaan.


And Geet was completely lost in him. He wanted her to launch his dream, she was totally over the moon lost in his pure love for her.


Geet (tears brimming her eyes): Then let’s do it now, Maan.


And both rushed to Maan’s flat where he had purchased a nice desktop computer with the best configuration he could afford for making his softwares. He launched the company registration site and they together filled it. He named the company Softwares’ wanting to dedicate it to his angel, his life, his Geet and she was completely blown over by his divine love for her.


A tear escaped Geet’s eyes and Maan cupped her face, shaking his head.



Maan (wiping her tears): No Jaan, today is the day of celebration, so no more tears.


Geet (smiled amidst tears nodding her head): Maan I want our company to be the best not only in India but in the whole wide world.


Hayee… ‘Our company’, Maan was completely lost in her words, he loved it and felt so proud when she talked like she owned him.




When Pinky screamed on the phone not getting any response from Maan, breaking his thoughts.


Pinky (shouting on the phone): Bhai, you there?



Maan (jolting back to reality as a tear escaped his eyes, today he was inching closer to her dream and he couldn’t even share it with her, he cursed himself for the dooriyan (distance) between them.) Hmmm…


Pinky (in a baby sad voice): Kya Bhai, you aren’t even listening to me. (What brother, you aren’t even listening to me.)


Maan: Sorry my princess, tell me na.


Pinky (getting serious, actually Adi and she were very worried about Maan and his health given his depression and they had tried really hard to convince him to shift to London but to no avail): Why don’t you come and stay with us only Bhai, now that your business is expanding in London also, why don’t you develop the products from here and manage the marketing, waise bhi (already) so many of your clients are outside India.


Maan again dodged her question by changing the subject but as he kept the phone down he was lost in the thoughts of his past.



It had been around a month since they had launched the company and Maan was facing loads of problem due to some official paper work and he was totally frustrated at the slowness of the whole process. He simply hated the delay being caused and was in a real foul mood today when Geet came to visit him.


Geet (as usual her bubbly and chirpy self): Maan, how are you?


Maan (grumpy face): I hate that guy he is so unprofessional, I so much wish I was starting our company in the Silicon Valley (America), the policies there so much favor the software companies.


Geet (really furious in at Maan, she really loved her country): What is this Maan, you want to leave your country, your mother land just because of a few glitches. Tomorrow I will say something which you don’t like and you will leave me too. (saying so she turned her face away really angry at Maan)


Poor Maan gulped hard, he didn’t want to leave his country and go, if was just that he was so frustrated after the phone call that he just said like that in anger but now how to manao his ruthi hui angel. (but now how to pacify his angry angel)



Maan kept her hand on her shoulder but she jerked it away, he tried placing his hand on the other shoulder but she removed it too. Oops, she was really very angry on him today and Maan was like scratching his head as to what to do now.


Maan (going around to face her): Please Jaan, at least listen to me na (she pouted and slightly turned her grumpy sad face away but she was looking at him from the corner of her eyes as if wanting to see how would he please her)



He just couldn’t see his Jaan so sad and unhappy and he instantly went down on his knees holding his ears making a sad face with big puppy dog eyes.

Hayee… how could Geet not melt at that and she too went down on her knees and held his hands shaking her head.


Maan: Sorry Mishti, actually I just got off the call and he said he will take another week, hence I got really very frustrated.


Geet (nodded her head understanding him, pacifying him): Don’t worry Maan, it will all get solved soon.


And she smiled at him, hayee… his day was made, he forgot all the anger, all the irritation and started work again with new zeal.





Maan (self thought as pain and grief filled him up): How can I not fulfill her wish, she is the only one for whom I am still alive, how can I dishonor her word, how can I leave.


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