Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 26

Chapter 26

Maan resumed cooking but Geet was sad how could she eat knowing how hungry her Maan was when an idea clicked her and she made a bite and fed Maan. He was taken completely by surprise as tears brimmed his eyes at her love and he happily ate from her hand as she alternately made a bit for herself and one for him.



And hence our kitchen romance continued with Geet feeding Maan while he kept on getting lost in her but fortunately didn’t burn any paranthas hehe LOL



Here on the other hand Mr. Handa was really furious as he had to cancel the engagement which was so embarrassing for his image and he felt his prestige getting destroyed but in order to save his face he lied to all the guests and the press out there. He called for a press conference to clarify the reason of postponing the engagement.


Mr. Handa: We are really sad to inform you all that we have to postpone the engagement ceremony as my daughter is unwell. We regret the inconvenience caused to you all.


Reported 1: Are you sure Mr. Handa that she is indeed unwell or are you trying to cover up. She was just fine a few hours ago then what can happen.


But before Mr. Handa could reply another reporter spoke.


Reporter 2: Yes, we have been hearing rumors that she has indeed run away with her long time boy friend and…


Mr. Handa (really furious Angry as he lost his temper, not letting the reporter to continue): Shut up, just shut up you moron… How dare you spread such rubbish about my prestigious family? (somehow calming himself as he knew the power of press) My daughter was not well since morning but the doctor had assured that she would get better by the evening but unfortunately her health just worsened. She is running very high fever and is too weak to even stand properly. Hence we have to postpone the engagement ceremony.


Reporter 3 (started to question): But…


Mr. Handa’s secretary: No more questions now, this press conference is over.


And his security escorted Mr. Handa back to the hotel room where an agitated Vikram was pacing like a mad tiger.


Vikram (as soon as he saw Mr. Handa he literally pounced on him, gripping his collar): What the hell is all this Handa? (shaking him up) Where the hell is your daughter?


Mr. Handa (meekly replied): I don’t know…


Vikram (shaking him more): Don’t you dare try to play games with me, you are probably not even realizing who you are messing with.


Mr. Handa (meekly replied): I really don’t know…


Vikram (jerking him away seeing him tremble, mocking him): You don’t know… and you were boasting only yesterday about how she was in your control, how you could as much as crush her under your feet and she wouldn’t even whimper but what happened Handa, she ran away right under your nose.


Mr. Handa (really furious at been ridiculed by all but he was sure she couldn’t dare to deny him): Never, Geet can never so something like this.


Vikram: I don’t care. You just remember our deal, if I don’t get Geet then you just wait and watch Handa what I do with you. No one will even remember that you ever existed once I am finished with you.


Mr. Handa (in deep thinking, disregarding whatever he was blabbering): We should focus on the problem at hand right now. She can’t run away on her own that is for sure. It must be… yes… it must be that someone misled her and aided her to run away… no… no… even that is not possible, it must be that someone kidnapped her… yes… that is what must have happened, someone has surely kidnapped her. Yes, this is it.


And he rushed out to the control room where the CCTV cameras were controlled from. But to his extreme disappointment, the camera focusing Geet’s room had no recording and he threw the cassette in extreme rage.


Mr. Handa (holding the collar of the monitoring gut): What the hell is this? How come the cassette is empty?


Monitoring Guy (trembling in fear): I have no clue sir, I don’t know what happened (obviously how could he know, after all it was the master plan of the great MSK)


Mr. Handa (threw him down in real fury): I don’t know how or what you will do but I want as much coverage of the events leading to the party as possible and you get all the hotel staff recognized by the hotel manager. Even a slightest of mismatch should be reported to me, understood. I want all this done by tonight otherwise (he screamed pointing a finger at the poor terrified monitoring guy and he meekly nodded as his voice simply failed him knowing pretty well that, that mad guy would have him dead without a second thought)


Here Geet very lovingly fed Maan and soon the 3 of them were done with the breakfast.


Adi: Maan paranthe toh ek dum lazez the… your hands have the magic buddy… (Maan the paranthe were absolutely yummy… your hands have the magic buddy…)


Geet (full on beaming): Woh toh hai (Yupp, so true) (and she kissed Maan’s hand and hayee… he was once again lost in his Jaan admiring his Mishti while savouring the divine feel of her soft rose petal like lips on his palms)


(assume Geet kissing his palm Wink)

Adi (was like not again guys and he cleared his throat wanting to catch their attention): Ahem… ahem…


Bringing both of them back to reality as Maan blushed, seriously he just couldn’t control but simply get lost in his Jaan…


Maan (seeing that Geet was really tired, how could she not be after what all she had gone through especially since yesterday and she toh hadn’t even slept at night): Jaan…


Geet: Hmmm…


Maan (really worried): You couldn’t even sleep at night na, please take some rest na Jaan.


Geet (hayee… she was completely blown away at his love and care and she smiled at him): Okie Jaan but promise you too will rest…



Maan (blinking his eyes): Yupp Mishti…


And Geet retired to the room feeling really exhausted but finally happy that she was with her Jaan, her Maan.


Maan (as Geet left to sleep, Maan looked at Adi and said in a really serious tone): Adi…


Adi: Kya hua Maan? Why are you so worried? (What happened Maan? Why are you so worried?)


Maan: Adi, we need to find out what the bas**** Handa is up to now. He must surely be really agitated as the engagement broke off knowing that Vikram would for sure ruin him. I am sure he must be leaving no stone unturned to find out where Geet is and this time I just can’t let him spoil our lives… no… never… not again.


Adi: You don’t worry, I have my person at the hostel and he just called up that Handa is really restless but as of now he hasn’t got even the slightest of clue as to what happened. He is raking through all the CCTV footage and has given an ultimatum to the guy to find some clue by tonight. Let’s see what they find and report back and we can take an action accordingly.


Maan nodded… yeah it was the best to wait and watch his strategy for now before deciding what they should do next and also he wanted Geet to calm down completely. He knew how torturous this ordeal had been for his Jaan and he wanted her to relax before they took any action.


Maan (as his eyes numbed): Adi…


Adi (confused as to what had suddenly happened to Maan): Kya hua Maan… (What happened Maan?)


Maan: I know that in friendship there is no sorry and no thank you but I really want to express my gratitude to you buddy. I am so fortunate to have a friend like you who has stood by me through thick and thin. You have always been there for me come what may. You have looked after my family like your own. (and tears brimmed Adi’s eyes as he instantly hugged him).


Adi: Khabar dar joh tune thank you kaha toh (breaking the hug) and dare you call Pinky and Geet your family, they are mine too. (Adi faked anger and Maan smiled amidst tears, he was really really fortunate to have a buddy like Adi).

(Dare you say thank you)


Maan: Acha Bhai as you say (and they both smiled. The dark clouds had finally lifted from their lives but had they really lifted with that Handa still lurking over, God only knows what destiny had in store for them) Chal Adi you also rest na, you also didn’t sleep at night.


And Adi nodded as he headed to take a nap in the other room while Maan went to check on his Jaan.



Hayee… she looked so heavenly, so angelic while asleep that he was completely lost in his sleeping beauty. His legs wandered on their own, as he was totally lost admiring her, and they slowly lessened the distance till he banged on the foot of the bed almost tripping over her. Geet stirred a little in her sleep as Maan somehow balanced himself, phew fortunately his Jaan didn’t wake up or else he would have had made a complete fool of himself.


Maan gently rubbed his leg as he mentally slapped himself to be so lost in his Jaan that he just didn’t see anything but his heart pouted that what could it do, it toh was totally fida (flat) on her na. He gently settled down on the ground on his knees next to the bed post as he sat softly admiring his Mishti as if his eyes pouring his truly unconditional, pure and divine love on her.



Precap: Geet(super excited): Let’s camp on the terrace…

Flash Back about camping trip too

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