Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 25

Chapter 25

Hayee… Geet so cutely shied as her cheeks turned all the more ravishing as a pink blush spread across them and Maan heart desired to simply nibble at them, already he was having a real hard time controlling his over flowing emotions and his naughty heart was not helping at all when his spotted the reddish love bite over his Jaan’s collar bone and he almost bit his tongue at his desperation… OMG… what must his Jaan be thinking… that he is such a despo and he was pretty sure she must have felt his arousal… hayee… he looked down all blushing and embarrassed as he turned a deep shade of red… her one look was enough to turn him on and he simply wanted the earth to split so that he could submerge in it.



Geet saw him blushing seeing the love bit and how cutely he looked down going all red. Hayee… he looked so adorable when he blushed… he seriously could give a complex to the tomato the way he blushed Blushing hayee… and an idea struck her naughty brain to tease him more.


She gently hugged Maan from behind sensuously grazing his waist line and he felt goose bumps erupt all over his body at her delicate yet teasing touch. Her hot breathe fanned his earlobes and he moaned her name as her sudden actions ignited his already overflowing desires while she had a tough time suppressing her giggles seeing her effect on him.


She teasingly licked his ear lobe and she could feel him losing himself in her as he gingerly grazed her hands sensuously massaging them with his long slender fingers. She almost moaned his name losing herself as he traced delicate patters on her soft hands and she mentally chided herself of forgetting her wicked plan to tease him. She somehow got a grip on her erotic senses and resumed her master plan as she teasingly nibbled his ear lobe as Maan completely drowned in her desires moaning and groaning her name “Geet…” as he closed his eyes savouring her divine feel .


Geet (naughtily whispered in his ears): Kyun Jaan, control nahi ho raha hai kya (Why Jaan, you aren’t able to control?) (and Maan almost nodded totally lost in their dreamy paradise breathing in her aroma as it intoxicated his senses, when she added) You know na, I felt your ahem, sexy (OMG Maan’s eyes popped out wide open as he turned absolutely red in embarrassment, blushing real hard Blushing. Yeah he knew that she must have felt his arousal but her saying so…. Hayee… poor Maan had it today… he really wanted to run and hide his face somewhere as he turned the deepest possible shade of red while Geet burst out laughing looking at his absolutely flushed face) Chalo now stop blushing like a newlywed bride and let’s get back to cooking

(she winked Wink giggling LOL hard… his Jaan had seriously planned to be his death today, first her naughty caresses then her teasing, seriously… mannn… poor guy had it as Maan nervously resumed kneading the dough giving a silly stupid smile as if nothing happened and Geet giggled away to glory)



Maan had just finished making the dough when the last whistle of the cooker came and he removed it from the gas as Geet looked on super excited.


Geet (as he opened the cooked): Maan, aaloo ho gaye (Maan, did the potatoes cook?)



Maan (smiled at her): Haan Jaan, they have boiled, how I will peel the skin and we will make the stuffing.


Geet (super excited): I will also help peel.


Maan (immediately held her hand as she was about to touch the hot potatoes): Nahi nahi Jaan, the potatoes are really hot, you will get hurt. (and tears brimmed her eyes, he just couldn’t bear to let her face even the slightest of discomfort)


Maan juggled the potatoes huffing and puffing peeling the hot potatoes hurriedly so as not to burn his fingers and as he finally finished peeling them he shook his hands as his finger tips had burned slightly in the process and Geet immediately held his hands blowing air gently trying to soothe him



before she softly kissed his fingertips and hayee… Maan was floating in his dream world as he closed his eyes completely lost in the feel of her soft delicate lips on his fingertips.


Geet (anxious): Ab kaisa lag raha hai Maan (but what was he to say he was totally lost savouring the feel of her divine lips. On hearing no response Geet looked up all worried but seeing him all lost she slightly shook her head giggling LOL at her romantic Jaan. Hayee… poor Maan, he blushed Blushing as he opened his eyes hearing her chuckle, oops she had once again caught him all lost in her…)

(How are you feeling now Maan?)


On the other hand the shrill phone call that had disturbed our lovebirds had been the call of Pinky and Adi was talking to his love.


Pinky (all worried): Adi, how are you and Bhaiya?


Adi: Relax Pinky, we both are absolutely fine (and she sighed in relief) In fact your bro and my best buddy is more than fine.


Pinky (she could sense the mischief in his voice and she asked super excited): Kya baat hai Adi, tell in detail na. (What is the matter Adi, tell in detail)


Adi (as tears of happiness brimmed his eyes to see his best buddy finally laughing and smiling): Pinky Maan finally found his love, his life, his smile… his Geet (Pinky was like “Geet“) yes, yes your Geet Didi is the one whom Maan always loved. She was the one who was brutally snatched away from him leaving him to die in guilt but all is well now Pinky. All their misunderstanding have cleared (and Pinky too beamed all excited as her eyes too brimmed with tears, she had been dying for this day to come when her bro would smile wholeheartedly once again after that horrid nightmare struck their lives)


Pinky (said after a pause as she let the feeling seep in her, wiping her lone tear): Then what are you waiting for, give the phone to my Bhaiya and Bhabhi na…


Adi (as he peeped in the kitchen): And disturb their cooking session (he giggled LOL)


Pinky (surprised): Wait a minute but Geet Didi doesn’t know how to cook, in fact she toh can’t even light the gas properly, even in London she had a chef who did the cooking.


Adi (chuckling away): But there is nothing to worry when Master Chef “The MSK” himself is her tutor na, teaching her the tricks of the trade…


Pinky (interrupting him, not letting him continue, super excited): Wooowww… Bhaiya is teaching Bhabhi how to cook…


Adi: Yeah sort of…


Pinky (confused Confused): What do you mean sort of…


Adi: Pata nahi yeh cooking classes hai ya ahem ahem classes (and they both burst out laughing at the plight of our love birds as Adi barged into the kitchen putting Pinky on speaker phone breaking our Maaneet’s dreamy eyelock)

(I don’t know if they are cooking classes or ahem ahem classes)



Poor Maaneet jumped away blushing Blushing hard totally embarrassed at the way Adi and Pinky were giggling LOL.


Pinky: Toh Bhaiya… what are you teaching Bhabhi… cooking hi na… ya phir… (before she burst out giggling LOL and Maan and Geet blushed Blushing at her teasing)

(So Bhaiya… what are you teaching Bhabhi… cooking only na… ya…)


Maan (somehow controlling himself, masking his embarrassment with slight anger): Tu bahut badmash ho gayi hai Pinky. We were just making (clearing this throat as his voice got stuck in his throat remembering their romantic dough making) aaloo paranthas

(You have become very naughty)


Pinky (her mouth watering as she forgot all about the teasing): Hayee and I am missing all the fun… Oh no Unhappy… when are you guys calling me back to India yaar.


Maan: Very soon kiddo (and she beamed) Waise how are you

and that was all Pinky needed as she started off telling each and every minor detail of her trip as Maan resumed the task of making paranthas occasionally asking her something, waise out chatter box Pinky was enough for both sides talking na… hehe LOL


Pinky (after like ages): Arey aap log kuch bolte kyun nahi… (Why aren’t you guys talking…)


Adi: Ab tum chup hogi toh koi kuch bolega na (Now if you will keep quiet then only anyone can speak na)


Pinky (And she was like :O): Mei itna tori bolti hoon, haina Bhai… (I don’t speak so much, right bro)


Maan (was in a fix, she really talked too much na but… as he diplomatically started): Ab kiddo seriously… tora sa toh…


Pinky (making a baby sad face as she pouted over the phone): Kya Bhaiya aap bhi… (What bro, you too…)


Geet (came to her defense): Meri Pinky ko tum dono kyun sata rahe ho (why are you both troubling my Pinky)


Pinky (and she was like): Yipeee Bhabhi is on my side…


And all the 4 laughed wholeheartedly after ages.



Pinky (after some time): Chalo mei chalti hoon. Since I am here, I might as well attend college.

(I will leave now. Since I am here, I might as well attend college.)


Maan: Ok kiddo. Take care.


Pinky: Ji Bhaiya…


By now Maan had finished making a couple of paranthas and he gave one each to Adi and Geet. Adi took his plate and sat on the kitchen slab gobbling away hungrily while


Geet (was like): Maan aap bhi toh khaiyena… (Maan you also eat na)



Maan (Haye… he toh was totally flat, his Jaan thought so much for him na…): Bas five minutes Jaan, I will just finish making the rest and then will eat, you eat na.


Maan resumed cooking but Geet was sad how could she eat knowing how hungry her Maan was when an idea clicked her and she made a bit and fed Maan. He was taken completely by surprise as tears brimmed his eyes at her love and he happily ate from her hand as she alternately made a bit for herself and one for him.


And hence our kitchen romance continued with Geet feeding Maan while he kept on getting lost in her but fortunately didn’t burn any paranthas hehe LOL


Precap: Maaneet moments Wink

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