Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 24

Chapter 24


Geet: Maan darling, jaldi se kapre pahan lo before I change my mind and demand my suspense right away.

(Maan darling, wear your clothes fast before I change my mind and demand my suspense right away.)


While Maan gently shook his head at his cute, sweet, innocent yet naughty Jaan who had always filled his life with happiness.


Geet on the other hand giggled at remembering his shocked reaction as she so shamelessly talked about their first night together and she too blushed deep red… hayee… how shameless she had become and she chuckled at herself (hehe LOL).



But her naughty, hot and seducing ideas all came to a halt as she entered the kitchen.



Geet (was like :O ): OMG!!! Adi Bhaiya what have you done.


She screamed as she rushed to switch off the gas. The omelet was jet black by now and our dear Adi was simply staring at it…


Geet (as she bombarded him with questions in a single breathe): Bhaiya, aap yeh kya kar rahe the, why didn’t you turn off the gas and why were you staring at the omelet.

(Bhaiya, what were you doing, why didn’t you turn off the gas why were you staring at the omelet.)


Adi (taken by surprise at her rapid fire questions): But I was doing what you told me to do.



Geet (was like :O, her eyes literally popped out of her sockets, murderous glare): When did I ask you to stare at a burning omelet.


Adi (seeing her reaction, he sheepishly added): But you only said na to look after it and I was looking only na.


Geet (slapped her head as she cutely pouted complaining to her Babaji: Hayee, yeh kahan pasa diya apne (Where did you get me struck) before she screamed in frustration): Adi Bhaiya… (murderously approaching him dying to strangle him with her bare hands)


On the other hand Maan had just got ready and had come out all curious as to what was happening in the kitchen when he heard Geet screaming and he rushed there but he was in for a shock as he looked at the burnt omelet and his mad Jaan ready to chop off Adi’s head as a terrified Adi ran and hid behind Maan.


Maan: Jaan kya hua? (What happened, Jaan)


Geet (cribbing as she shot murderous daggers at Adi): Dekho na Maan, maine kitni mehanat se hum sab ke liye omelet banaya tha aur Adi Bhaiya ne ushe jala diya.

(Look na Maan, I had prepared the omelet for all of us with so much hard work and Adi Bhaiya burnt it all.)


Adi (meekly added from behind Maan): But how was I to know ki gas ko off karna tha.

(But how was I to know that I had to turn off the gas.)


Geet was like itching to murder Adi while Maan was like joh socha that wohi hua… (what I had feared only happened)


Geet: Dekha… dekha apne… (as she moved dangerously towards Adi with a spatula as he hid more behind Maan while Maan almost chuckled at his deadly Jaan, but one glare from her was enough to shut his up) Ab hum kya khayenge… ab toh aur ande bhi nahi hai (and Maan’s tummy sighed in relief, thank God it got saved from omelet hehe LOL, seeing him lost she tugged at his shirt) boliye na Maan (she cribbed making a sad baby face with puppy dog eyes and Hayee… how could her Maan see his Jaan so sad).


(Did you see… (as she moved dangerously towards Adi with a spatula as he hid more behind Maan while Maan almost chuckled at his deadly Jaan, but one glare from her was enough to shut his up) Now what will we eat… there are no more eggs (and Maan’s tummy sighed in relief, thank God it got saved from omelet hehe LOL, seeing him lost she tugged at his shirt) say na Maan (she cribbed making a sad baby face with puppy dog eyes and Hayee… how could her Maan see his Jaan so sad).)



Maan (pulling her cute cheeks): Don’t worry Jaan, come we will make aaloo ke paranthe.


Geet (her eyes sparkled as she jumped in child like ecstasy): Aaloo ke paranthe…


Maan blinked his eyes as she beamed super excited when Adi spoke.


Adi: Mei such help karoon (Shall I help you guys) (and both Maan and Geet squinted their eyes threateningly at him): No probs I will wait outside (he meekly added before he literally ran out saving his dear life)


And so our lovebirds started making aaloo parantha’s


Geet: Maan, pahale kya karna hai. (Maan what should we do first)


Maan: Jaan take four big potatoes from that basket, wash them, then we need to boil them in the cooker half filed with water. (he instructed in detail as he knew she had absolutely no idea about cooking) Till then I will take out the flour.


Geet nodded super excited as she washed and placed the potatoes in the cooker but she was really struggling with the lid.


Geet: Maan yeh cooker kharab hai. (Maan, this cooker is not working)


Maan (shocked): But Jaan how is that possible, I just used it yesterday.


Geet: Sachi dekho na yeh lid lag hi nahi raha, yeh to bara hai (Look na this lid is bigger than the cooker opening) (and Maan had a tough time controlling his giggle at how cutely his adorable Jaan was literally beating the poor cooker with the lid, she really didn’t know the C of cooking)


Maan: Wait Jaan, I will show you.


And he gently held Geet’s hand, hayee… she felt butterflies in her stomach at his sudden gentle touch while Maan too was lost in the feel of his Jaan. They had just started floating in their dreamy paradise when Adi dropped something outside jolting them back to reality as they both blushed at their imagination.


Maan helped her slid the lid diagonally into the cooker opening and showed her how to close the lid and Geet went all red in embarrassment as she mentally slapped herself for her dumbness. Geet kept the cooker on the gas to boil the potatoes.


Here Maan was about to add water to the flour to make dough when Geet spoke.


Geet: Let me help you Maan (and before the poor guy could even react she took over the water jug from him and literally flooded the flour)


Maan (holding the jug from her in a hurry in an attempt to at least save the flour): Bas, bas Jaan… (phew he sighed as he accomplished the mission of successfully saving the flour from his Jaan’s disastrous plans hehe LOL)


He started kneading the dough when Geet too wanted to join in finding it really intriguing.


Geet: Mei bhi help karna chahati hoon, please Maan. (I also want to help, please Maan)



Maan smiled at his cute Jaan’s eagerness to knead the dough.Oh… she just loved to make a mess and be naughty na and he very lovingly pulled her in between him and the dough.



Geet placed her hands super excitedly in the dough and Maan very gently held her hands teaching her how to knead. As he softly helped her knead the dough both slowly started getting lost in their dreamy paradise as their eyes started diluting feeling the divine sensation their delicate hand contact was creating.



Hayee… Maan was totally lost in her aroma as he placed his chin gently on her shoulder savoring her sweet divine smell as he closed his eyes completely lost in his Jaan while Geet felt goose bumps erupt all over her body as his rough stubble gently rubbed against her chin and she almost moaned his name as she completely lost her senses in his ticklish feel as their hearts secretly desired more of each other.


And soon the dough lay long forgotten as they both simply wanted to submerge in the other.



Slowly Maan’s hands unknowingly, delicately yet naughtily found their way to her waist wrapping themselves ever so lovingly around her petite body as she felt a shiver run down her spine at his sudden touch and she moaned his names in pure pleasure grazing her hands gingerly over his wanting to feel him more.



Her moan almost egged on his desires as his sinful lips found their way to her delicate neck showering it with deep wet kisses and she kept on moaning his name igniting him further and soon his kisses turned passionate as his lips roughly chewed on her collar bone leaving his mark on her milky skin, her knees felt like jelly as she melted away in his passionate leaning backwards more into him as their bodies completely struck to one another. Maan groaned at the sudden contact as he hardened almost instantly while she blushed as his arousal became evident despite the clothing.


They were about to lose themselves completely forgetting where they were, what they were doing when the shrill ringtone of Adi’s cell brought them back to reality and both literally jumped away blushing deep red at their hot, naughty and sinful ideas.


Hayee… Geet so cutely shied as her cheeks turned all the more ravishing as a pink blush spread across them and Maan heart desired to simply nibble at them, already he was having a real hard time controlling his over flowing emotions and his naughty heart was not helping at all when his spotted the reddish love bite over his Jaan’s collar bone and he almost bit his tongue at his desperation… OMG… what must his Jaan be thinking… that he such a despo and he was pretty sure she must have felt his arousal… hayee… he looked down all blushing and embarrassed as he turned a deep shade of red… her one look was enough to turn him on and he simply wanted the earth to split so that he could submerge in it.


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