Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 23

Chapter 23

Geet (screamed super excited breaking Maan’s thoughts): Adi Bhaiya aap ko bhi omelet pasand hai na? (Adi Bhaiya, you also like omelet, right?)



Adi (nodded delighted to see a smile on his best buddy and Geet’s face): Yupp, chalo, let’s go.


Maan (dreaded what would happen if do nausikiye (not trained) would prepare breakfast and he tried to interrupt): Let me help you guys (he started moving towards the door near Geet but she pushed him back inside the room)


Geet (pushing him): Nahi, nahi, bilkul bhi nahi. I will prepare the breakfast and Adi Bhaiya is there to help na. (But that was exactly what Maan feared more, firstly Geet preparing breakfast and on top of that Adi helping her out).

(No, no, absolutely not. I will prepare the breakfast and Adi Bhaiya is there to help na.)


Maan (tried to protest): But…


Geet (but when did she ever listen to him): No if no but… bas aap jaldi se taiyaar ho jaiye… hum breakfast banate hai.

(No if no but… you get ready fast… we will prepare breakfast.)


Poor Maan what was he to say how could he break his angel’s heart by telling her about her last omelet experiment so he just sighed and went to take his bath and yeah brush his teeth and not to forget mouth wash so that next time he won’t have to stop his Jaan… (wink Wink understand na guys…)


Here Geet was trying her hand at cooking while Adi was sitting munching an apple as he had least clue as to what cooking was. When suddenly Geet remembered something.


Geet (rushing out of the kitchen): Adi Bhaiya aap omelet ka khayal rakhiyega I will just be back.

(Adi Bhaiya you look after the omelet, I will just be back.)


Before poor Adi could protest that he had no idea what to do, Geet was off like a Shatabadi and barged into the bedroom. Here on the other hand Maan had just taken a bath and had come out bare chested with just a towel wrapped around his waist and Geet was completely lost in her Greek God as she went back in flash back.



Geet as usual barged early one morning into Maan’s flat using her spare key and she broke into his room super excited after all she had to tell him the most hot and happening news of the college. On the other hand Maan had just come out after taking a bath bare chested with just a towel wrapped around his waist and was busy selecting clothes from the closet.



Geet (as she barged into his room): Maan… (here Maan turned around completely startled to find Geet there… while Geet’s voice simply died in her mouth as her eyes darkened in pure desire and passion seeing his absolutely chiseled and mouth watering physic with tiny water droplets dripping from his wet hair onto his gorgeous and ravishing torso and she almost moaned his name): Maan… (Maan too was completely lost in his angel as she slowly closed the distance absolutely submerged in his mesmerizing and love filled eyes.)



Their trance was broken by a loud noise outside and poor Maan blushed Blushing deep red at the way Geet was literally staring at him as if she would eat him alive.


Geet (smirked looking at her blushing Jaan Blushing and an evil plan entered her mind to tease her Maan and she delicately leaned over Maan making sure to gently caress his bare chest and shoulders while he inhaled sharply, her soft touch and close presence creating havoc in his senses as her breathe fanned his neck as she hoarsely whispered in his ear): You are looking smoking hot Maan (she huskily said as she softly caressed his waist just above the towel and he closed his eyes in pure pleasure completely lost in his angel’s delicate touches as he moaned her name when suddenly Geet almost tugged at the towel knot and Maan’s eyes literally popped out as she continued teasingly): Shall I pull it (she said naughtily eying the knot) Sexy


Maan (gulped hard at her evil ideas as he held her hand): Geet, Jaan, I am not wearing anything underneath.


Geet (husky whisper): I don’t mind sexy.


And poor Maan blushed tomato red Blushing as he became all sharm se pani pani as he literally ran from there holding onto his dear life (oops I mean towel… hehe LOL… wink Wink)


Maan (as he ran around the room dodging Geet): Jaan, I swear I am not wearing anything underneath (he said totally embarrassed as he turned all the more red Blushing if it was even possible)


While Geet on the other hand was really enjoying his plight as she ran behind him when finally Maan somehow managed to run past her and dashed straight into the washroom. He sighed in relief as he closed the door behind him when Geet spoke to his utmost horror.


Geet: But Maan darling you forgot your clothes outside only (she spoke in a teasing voice and poor Maan really had it today as he pleaded from inside).


Maan: Please Jaan aisa mat karo na… Please mere kapade de do na…

(Please Jaan don’t so like this… Please give my clothes…)


Maan whined from inside not sure as to what his Jaan was up to today but it really seemed like his izzat was under threat (hehe LOL) while on the other hand Geet was having a real hard time controlling her laughter as she giggled remembering his completely red face and shocked eyes.




Maan broke Geet’s thoughts as he gently held her hands and placed them on the towel knot while Geet was completely taken by surprise as she raised an eyebrow as if questioning him.



Maan ( as a tear rolled down his eyes): Only you have the right Jaan (he spoke with so much pain in his voice that it pierced Geet’s heart, his soul was still dying under the weight of the sin that he had been forced to commit)



Geet wiped his lone tear shaking her head as if pleading him to not torture her soul more, her Maan more, her Jaan more, that it was never his fault that she had full faith on him, that she knew he was hers only hers.


Geet (as if assuring him that she trusted him more than her life, that nothing absolutely nothing could ever come in between them now, that she would rather die than let her life, her Maan suffer more): Mei janti hoon ki aap mere ho sirf aur sirf mere aur mei aapki hoon sirf aapki.

(I know that you are mine, mine and only mine and I am only yours)


But he was still lost somewhere, his soul still burning in guilt, while Geet so desperately wanted to heal her Maan, wanting to suck away all the guilt, all the sorrow, all the pain, to cure his bleeding heart, to tend to the endless wounds she had so mercilessly bestowed on her Maan, to pour her care on him, to fill his heart with her love, to free him from all the burden, to love him till eternity when a naughty idea popped in Geet’s head and she leaned over him softly caressing his cheek while her other hand wrapped around his bare back as he inhaled sharply completely lost in her delicate yet majestic touch.


Geet (He closed his eyes wanting to submerge himself in her gentle caresses, feeling her as she whispered huskily, her breath fanning his earlobes as he moaned her name in pure pleasure): I don’t want to spoil my Suhaag Raat suspense sexy.


While Maan was completely blown away as he blushed deep red Blushing… OMG Shocked his naughty Geet… goose bumps erupted all over his body as she softly caressed his bare chest kissing his (wounded and bandaged) heart and Man… poor Maan… was completely red while Geet so much adored and loved her blushing Jaan… as she gently pecked his lips before leaving the room, gently closing the door behind her but not before winking at him and naughtily eying his towel knot as if saying she will be waiting for their first night… while Maan stood there completely lost in the feel of her delicate lips, submerged in their dream world… in their paradise with his Jaan… hayee… dreaming dreams about their marriage when Geet’s voice broke his thoughts as she whispered from outside.



Geet: Maan darling, jaldi se kapre pahan lo before I change my mind and demand my suspense right away.

(Maan darling, wear your clothes fast before I change my mind and demand my suspense right away.)


While Maan gently shook his head at his cute, sweet, innocent yet naughty Jaan who had always filled his life with happiness.


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