Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 21

Chapter 21


Maan somehow managed to hide himself from the goons and soon collapsed due to the blood loss even as his heart wanted to chase behind his Geet to prove to her that he was innocent. Geet left the country all broken that night while Maan lay there bleeding as if ready to go to heaven but how was his soul to leave Earth after torturing his Jaan so brutally.



Geet didn’t even know that she had sentenced his soul for the worst ever punishment of having to live in the guilt of destroying his Jaan when in reality he couldn’t even dream of harming her. In fact she had tied his heart under the oath to never ever try to find her sentencing his soul to roam in the darkness of hell till eternity, killing it by the second judging him guilty of a sin he couldn’t even imagine to commit. Uski rooh ko toh aaisi bhayanak saaza mili ki na toh woh chain se ji sakti thi aur na hi is duniya se ruksad ho sakti thi. (His soul got the worst ever punishment that neither could it live in peace nor could it leave this world)


In the wee hours of the morning some passerby’s saw Maan’s almost lifeless body lying there on the road bleeding profusely and they admitted him to a government hospital. Mr. Handa could not trace him as he was admitted under a wrong name since no one actually knew who he was or where did he come from.


He gained consciousness after a couple of days only to realize that he had lost his all, his life, his love, his Geet, his everything. He called up Pinky and Adi and informed them that he was fine as he knew that they would be dying in worry and they sighed in relief to hear his voice.


Maan: How are you guys?


Adi: Hum dono theek hai. But how are you yaar? (We both are fine. But how are you yaar?)


Maan (lied): I am fine, you don’t worry.


Adi: I know that you are lying Maan because if you were indeed fine you would have made sure that we reached safely and your mobile wouldn’t have been switched off for 2 days killing us in worry. Tell me what happened (and Adi was shocked to hear what all happened that night and he was immediately worried about his buddy). Shall I come there buddy?


Maan: Nahi, nahi Adi. I am all right but you don’t tell anything to Pinky, she won’t be able to bear it and please promise me that you will never ever leave Pinky’s side come what may, please buddy.


Adi: I vow my life on it Maan, I will never let any harm come her way.


And Maan was truly grateful to have a friend like Adi.



Maan remained in and out of unconsciousness for about a month owing to the grave injuries he had suffered with no family around him, just the hospital staff who hardly cared as he lay there like a nameless person in the general ward but finally after about a month and a half he was fine enough to be discharged.


But as soon as he got discharged and went to his land lady he got to know that Mr. Handa had got his rented apartment all burned and the land lady was really furious on Maan but seeing him all bandaged him like that she softened. Maan apologized to her and promised her to pay the damages as soon as he was capable enough as he had just got to know from his friend that Mr. Handa had got his savings account all sealed using his power, in fact he was waiting for Maan to approach the bank to finish him off. Fortunately Maan had contacted his trusted friend who vowed secrecy to not tell anyone about him. His land lady had been really fond of Maan and she too agreed and let him go promising to not say a word to anyone that he had come there and Maan left the town forever with nothing absolutely nothing to call his own, he didn’t even have his merit certificates and didn’t want to take a chance to the duplicates as Mr. Handa might be able to track it.


So Maan was once again on the road with nothing left in his hand. Fortunately he had saved the softwares that he had been developing online in a secured site but he needed money to set up everything from scratch again. Hence he struggled day and night doing all kinds of jobs and saving enough to activate his Jaan’s company again.



It took his close to 2 months to become fully fit and he slogged really hard to set up everything again as before but his soul was dying in guilt every second of his life as he dragged on his lifeless body cursing his very existence to have tortured his Jaan, to be the reason of her suffering awaiting the one chance to pour his bleeding heart to her.




Geet was stunned to hear him pour his heart out. She just didn’t know how to react, her heart knew that her Maan could never lie especially seeing the condition he was in all broken and wrenched but how could she believe that her father could fall so low when Maan spoke.



Maan (as tears poured out of his eyes endlessly, as his heart wept blood at being the reason of so much pain in his Jaan’s life, begging her to believe him): Tumhare Babaji sakhshi hai meri begunahi ke…. Mei bewafa nahi hoon Geet (he screamed in unbearable pain) Mei manta hoon ki mujse paap hua hai par maine tumhe dokha nahi diya… mei tumhara hoon sirf aur sirf tumhara… please mera vishwas karo I beg of you (and he collapsed not able to bear her silence anymore).

(Your Babaji is witness of my innocence… I am not unfaithful Geet (he screamed in unbearable pain) I agree that I have committed a grave sin but I didn’t deceive you… I am yours, yours and only yours… Please believe me I beg of you (and he collapsed not able to bear her silence anymore).


Geet (shrieked as she saw him falling down): Maaannn….


And even Adi who had just come a little while back rushed forward to hold Maan from falling. They both somehow managed to move Maan to the bed and made him lie down. Then there was complete silence which was finally broken by Adi.


Adi: Vishwas nahi ho raha na ki tumhare pita itna gir sakte hai. Par isse pahale ki tum Maan ho jootha samjo aur ushe phir se koso mei tumhe kuch dikhana chahata hoon.

(You can’t believe right that your father can fall so low. But before you declare Maan a liar and curse him more, I want to show you something)


Yes Adi had gained the proof and he put a video which contained a discussion between Mr. Handa and Vikram.


Vikram: Mohinder, I told you I will cancel this partnership if I don’t get Geet but looks like you didn’t take my warnings seriously. Now wait and watch how I destroy you.


Mr. Handa (pleasing to him): No, no please don’t do anything like that, I am finding her and soon she will be yours, you don’t worry. She can never deny me, she will do as I say. Already she thinks that I suffered a mild stroke when reality I was faking it.


Ground collapsed under Geet’s feet hearing that her father lied to her, how could he take advantage of her emotions like that and her heart feared that maybe whatever Maan said was all true. When she almost died hearing the rest of the conversation.


Vikram: How can you be so sure?


Handa (laughed out a loud): She doesn’t have the guts to deny me anymore not after last time. You know what there was this one time when she denied me and wanted to have her way and marry that low lying smut, what was his name…hmmm… let it be whatever was that bas****’s name, I ruined him to such an extent in front of her eyes that she will never dare to go against my word now as she truly believes that I am saved her and am the best judge of people. (he enjoyed recalling how he destroyed Maan as he continued) I proved to her that he was a double crossing rascal or rather I forced him to prove that he betrayed her by kidnapping his sister and threatening to ruin her (he laughed his devilish laugh as he recalled Maan’s helplessness re-enjoying that moment). So you just don’t worry.



Geet was shocked to see the real face of her father, she couldn’t believe her ears and eyes that he could fall so low and play such a cheap, disgusting, cruel, nasty, horrible and sick trick on them when she heard Maan murmur in his unconscious state.


Maan: Geet, please believe me, I didn’t betray you… please I beg of you (as tears rolled down his eyes even in unconsciousness)


Tears rolled down Geet’s eyes as her heart wept blood as she fell down on her knees at what she had done, how she had abused, accused and cursed his divine love.



Geet: Hey Babaji… yeh mujse kya gunah ho gaya (her soul screamed in unbearable agony) maine apne pyaar ko… apne Maan ko is kadar tarpaya… maine uske aise gunah ki saza di jiski woh kabhi kalpana bhi nahi kar sakte… yeh maine kya kar diya… I tortured, taunted, cursed, abused, mocked and accused him for no fault of his… Oh God… what have I done (she cried in uncontrollable agony at how her father had destroyed her love, her Maan, as she held his feet touching her forehead on his legs as if begging forgiveness of what all injustice she had done with him.)

(Hey Babaji… how could i commit such a crime (her soul screamed in unbearable agony) I tortured my love, my Maan so mercilessly… I punished him for a crime which he couldn’t even dream to commit… what have I done… I tortured, taunted, cursed, abused, mocked and accused him for no fault of his… Oh God… what have I done)


Her heart bleed as it couldn’t even imagine what all her Maan had to undergo all alone, the price he had to pay for his pure, divine and unconditional love for her. She died by the second as her conscious cursed her to be the reason of his destruction, it accused her that he had suffered so much for the crime of insanely loving a worthless and useless person like her.


(Please assume it is Maan’s feet in the picture)


Tears rolled down her cheeks and they wetted his feet and Maan slowly gained consciousness as his heart flinched in the pain to see his Jaan all broken like that.


Maan (seeing her weep uncontrollably hugging his feet): Geet… Jaan… please forgive me.


Geet (stunned why was he asking forgiveness when she was the one who was guilty): Aap maafi kyun maang rahe hai, galti toh meri hai na… maine ki aap ko sach batane ka mocha nahi diya… meri hi wajah se aap itna tarpe ho… mei…

(Why are you asking forgiveness, it is my fault… I only didn’t give you a chance to tell the truth… due to me you have suffered so much… I…)


Maan just couldn’t bear to see her blame and curse herself and he too went down on his knees next to her and placed his hand on her mouth while Adi quietly left them alone to heal each other.


Maan: Nahi Jaan… you were never at fault, galthi to meri hi thi… maine hi tumhari rooh ko itna rulaya… mei toh soch bhi nahi sakta tum par kya beeti hogi mujhe us halat mei (he closed his eyes in pain as tears rolled down his cheeks) kisi gair ke baho me dekh kar… mujhe maaf kar do Jaan… (he could probably never forgive himself for the sin he had been forced to commit and he gently removed his hand from her mouth)

(No Jaan… you were never at fault, it was my fault… I made your soul cry so much… I can’t even imagine how much pain you would have undergone to see me in that condition (he closed his eyes in pain as tears rolled down his cheeks) in some one else’s arms… please forgive me…)



Geet shook her head as her eyes pleaded him to not make her more guilty by seeking forgiveness for no fault of his. She wanted to free him of all the guilt, all the suffering, all the pain that her love had caused him as her lips slowly covered the distance but she was shocked as Maan covered his lips with his hand. She died fearing that maybe she had lost the right when he spoke.


Maan (Turning all red in embarrassment as he sheepishly whispered): Nahi, nahi… woh… woh… (then he finally gathered courage and said it all in one go) My breath must be stinking na, I drank so much…



And tears rolled down Geet’s eyes as she hugged him tight how could she ever forget that he toh was her cute, sweet, adorable and innocent Maan was so simple and naive. How could she even imagine that he could betray her trust and she wept uncontrollably in the hug.


Geet: Maan please forgive me… how could I even believe that you could betray me.


Maan too crushed her in the hug as he finally got his love, his life, his Mishti, his Geet back.


Maan: Nahi Jaan, isme tumhari koi galti nahi hai… you toh never wanted to believe, I only forced you to believe it na.

(No Jaan, it is not your fault … you toh never wanted to believe, I only forced you to believe it na.)


And they wept uncontrollably hugging each other as if holding the other for dear life wanting to let go of all the pain, the misery, the sufferings, the agony that they had undergone in the last 20 months. As if wanting to feel the other, not wanting to let go what if it all turned out to be a dream but how could Babaji not have mercy on his favorite children.


Precap: Maaneet moments.


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