Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 20

Chapter 20



This was the irony of their love, this was how destiny planned to destroy them but how could it kill their divine love?




Maan (fell on his knees as he screamed in pain): Mujhe maaf kar do Geet… maine apne hi hatho se apne pyaar ka gala ghot diya… maine humare pyaar ki tauheen ki… maine humare paak aur pavitra pyaar ko gali di… meine apni Jaan ko itna rulaya… (he closed his tear filled eyes in pain as his heart died as he continued) nahi nahi mujhe saaza doh ki maine apne jism ko kisi aur ko choone dene ka paap kiya… awww….. mei mar kyu nahi gaya (he howled in uncontrollable agony as he smashed his injured hand on the ground making it bleed again) mei mar kyu nahi gaya (he wept in pain) par meri aatma ek dum paak hai… mera vishwas karo pleaseee… meri rooh ke kan kan mei tum basti ho sirf aur sirf tum… (his heart cried in unbearable anguish and even God flinched in pain feeling his soul piercing cry) Mei tumhara hoon… sirf aur sirf tumhara Geet…bas ek bar mera yakeen kar lo…. pleaseee

(Please forgive me Geet… I strangled our love with my own hands… I insulted out love… I bad mouthed our pure and divine love… I made my Jaan cry so much… (he closed his tear filled eyes in pain as his heart died as he continued) no no punish me for I committed the sin of letting someone else touch my body… awww….. why didn’t I just die (he howled in uncontrollable agony as he smashed his injured hand on the ground making it bleed again) why didn’t I just die (he wept in pain) But my soul is absolutely pure and true… believe me pleaseee… you reside in each and every part of my soul, you and only you… (his heart cried in unbearable anguish and even God flinched in pain feeling his soul piercing cry) I am yours… yours and only yours Geet… just believe me once…. pleaseee)


His cry was followed by an eerie silence but then it thundered outside as if depicting his pain, his suffering, his grief and he jolted as he accused God of being the silent witness of his helplessness.


Maan: Par pata hai tumhare Babaji ko toh jaise mera pyaar, meri wafa, meri begunahi manjoor hi nahi thi. Pata hai uske baad kya hua.

(But you know what it was as if your Babaji didn’t accept my love, my faithfulness, my innocence. You know what happened after that)



Maan died a thousand deaths as he saw Mr. Handa drag an almost lifeless Geet out of the room and he made up his mind to prove his innocence to his love as soon as he freed his sister from the hands of that rascal as he didn’t trust that bas**** even one bit when he received a message from Adi which had the address of the place where Pinky had been kept captive.


Maan knew he could trust that girl and she told him that the place was just a block away. In fact she even helped him in escaping from there despite the tight security arrangements made by Mr. Handa.


Maan rushed to the place where his kid sister had been held captive and he met Adi outside waiting eagerly for Maan as he kept an eye on his love, his Pinky.


Adi (seeing a completely devastated Maan): Maan, tu theek toh hai na. (Maan, you ok right?)


Maan (how could he be fine after destroying his Jaan like that but he somehow composed himself for his sister): Woh sab chor abhi… Pinky kahan hai. (Leave all that now, where is Pinky?)



Adi showed him where Pinky was held surrounded by so many goons and Maan’s blood boiled in rage seeing the tied and unconscious condition of his sister.


Maan (somehow controlling himself): Adi you take Pinky along with you and leave the country right away.


Maan thanked his stars that both Adi and Pinky had got UK’s visa as they both were planning to study abroad and were in fact to leave next month but little did they know that it would become a necessity right away.


Adi: But what about you Maan and what is happening? Why are people after Pinky?


Maan: They aren’t after Pinky but Geet’s father wants to use her as my weakness and ruin our love (Adi knew about Maan and Geet’s sacred relationship) and he has been almost successful (he almost whispered the rest as if consoling his broken heart) but maybe there is a sleek ray of hope still left. (in a serious voice) you don’t worry about me at all, I will handle everything here, you just leave with Pinky right away as her life is in danger.


So it was decided and both jumped in through the window. Maan blocked the goons as Adi made his way towards Pinky. He somehow managed to awaken Pinky as Maan punched the goons left, right and center.


Pinky (shocked to see her surroundings, the last she remembered was falling unconscious at the airport): Adi… mei kahan hoon… yeh sab kya hai… (Adi… where am I… and what is all this…)


Adi: Pinky you come with me, we don’t have much time, jaldi kar. (make it fast)


Pinky (seeing Maan fighting the goons so furiously trying to protect them): Par Bhai… (But brother)



Maan: Tum log jao yahan se, mei sab samhal  loonga. Adi, Pinky ka khayal rakhna tujhe humari dosti ka vasta. (and Adi crossed his heart, he would never let any harm come her way)

(You people leave from here, I will manage everything here. Adi, take care of Pinky, vow it on our friendship)


Pinky (dying to leave her brother behind): Par how can we leave you alone like this Bhai.


Maan: Tumhe meri kasam… just leave… please (he cried fearing what will happen if that rascal Handa came to know)

(swear it on my life… just leave… please)


Pinky and Adi rushed from there but with a very heavy heart having to leave Maan behind to fight the goons alone but they had no choice. They reached the airport and fortunately there was a connecting flight to London soon and they called Maan as they were about to board the flight. Maan too had finished demolishing the goons by then and has been waiting in hiding for their phone so that he could reach out to his Jaan once he was sure Adi and Pinky were far away from harm’s way.


As soon as Maan was sure that they were safe inside the aero plane he headed towards Geet’s house to prove his innocence to his love but alas Mr. Handa came to know that both Pinky and Maan had escaped and he feared that Maan might head for his mansion so he sent a dozen goons to stop him or rather kill him if need be.




Here Geet had lost all hope in life, today her soul died as her Jaan so brutally destroyed her sacred love pushing her in the dungeons of darkness where her soul was to be tortured for life when Mr. Handa came to her.


Mr. Handa: Beta, I am so sorry but please control yourself. He was a bloody bas****, why do you want to spoil your life because for him (but Geet was like a lifeless statue, totally lost in her ruined world trying desperately to gather the broken pieces of her heart which had been smashed and crushed so mercilessly by her Maan. On hearing no response, Mr. Handa shook her): Geet…


Geet (looked at him but her eyes were all black as if dead as if someone had snatched away the very life in them and destroyed it): Haan…


Mr. Handa: I have booked your tickets for London tonight itself and also got all your stuff packed. You just get ready and in a couple of hours you have to leave.


Geet didn’t know what was happening around here and she blindly agreed to whatever he said. She simply wasn’t in her senses any more.


Here the goons attacked Maan and he fought hard but they were just too many for him to fight alone and they managed to throw him down on the ground. As a song played in the majar near by as if God also felt his misery.


Ya Ali
Rehem Ali
Ya Ali
Yaar pay qurban hai sabhi
Ya Ali madad Ali
Ya Ali yeh meri jaan yeh zindagi


They kicked him so hard in his stomach that blood trickled out of his mouth as he screamed her name in pain ‘Geeettt’, his heart was dying to be with his Jaan, to heal her, to prove to her that he could never ever betray her, that he would prefer death than deceive her. It thundered loudly as the heavens also poured open depicting his pain and grief.

Ishq pay haan
Mita du Luta du mai apni khudi
Yaar pay haan
Luta du mita du mai yeh hasti
Yaa Ali rehem Ali
Yaa Ali yaar pay qurban hai sabhi
Ya Ali madad Ali
Yaa Ali yeh meri jaan yeh zindagi


They kicked him brutally in his stomach and on his legs making him cough blood before dragging him upright and punching him on his face repeatedly making him bleed profusely.

Mujhay kuch pal dai qurbat kay faqeer hum teri chahat kay
Rahey baychain dil kub tak milay kuch pal tou rahat kay
Chahat pay ishq pay haan mita du luta du mai apni khudi
Yaar pay haan luta du mita du mai yeh hasti

Ya Ali rehem Ali
Ya Ali yaar pay qurban hai sabhi
Ya Ali madad Ali
Ya Ali yeh meri jaan yeh zindagi

When one of the goons took out a stick and hit him so hard on his shin that he fell on his knees, his legs bleeding badly as he cried her name in pain “Geeettt”. They kept on hitting him badly with sticks along with kicking him as he tried desperately to escape from their hands and reach his Jaan despite the fact that blood was oozing out of his body endlessly.

Bina teray na ek pal ho na bin teray kabhi kal ho
Yeh dil ban jai pathar ka na is mai koi hal chal ho
Sanam pay haan ishq pay haan mita du luta du mai apni khudi
Qasam say haan luta du mita du mai yeh hasti



He was bleeding profusely but as his eyes were about to close shut due to the unbearable pain and blood loss, as he was about to fall unconscious her face flashed in front of his eyes begging him to say that he loved her and God knows from where that dying soul gathered the strength and he pushed the goons down as he roared upright.

Ya Ali rehem Ali
Ya Ali yaar pay qurban hai sabhi
Ya Ali maddad Ali
Ya Ali yeh meri jaan yeh zindagi


His hands as if became of steel such was the power of their true, pure and divine love and he smashed the goons all over the place before limping away to the mansion.



He dragged his bleeding body as fast as he could dying to reach to his Jaan, his Mishti, his Geet wanting desperately to heal her soul.


He somehow managed to reach the mansion and climb up to Geet’s window. He pushed his body with great difficulty as he somehow scrambled up the railing and into her room but he died to see his Geet sitting lifeless like that there in that dark room and he feared if it was too late.


Maan (whispered): Geet…


Geet’s soul jolted alive but his betrayal danced in front of her eyes. The wound was too fresh in her heart and she simply had no strength left in her to even hear him now.


Geet (her voice as dead as her soul): Chale jao yahan se… please leave me alone. (Go away from here… please leave me alone.)


Maan (he spoke with great difficulty owing to the grave injuries not only physical but also the trauma his heart was undergoing seeing his Jaan so broken and lifeless): Please hear me once… (he begged her)


When Mr. Handa called Geet from below.


Mr. Handa: Geet come down, it is the time of your flight.


Geet (to Maan, she had lost her everything today): I don’t want to hear anything now, I have seen, heard and begged enough. Bas ab bahut sah liya maine aur nahi, ab mujse tumhari bewafai aur bardhast nahi hoti, go away. (I have borne enough, now I can no longer bear your treachery, go away)


Maan (begging her): Please… Jaan.



Geet (furious how dare he call her ‘Jaan’ after all that): Stop it, just stop it. I have seen the real you and I wish to see no more. (Maan shook his head as his heart cried that whatever she saw was all false, all a lie. She paused before continuing) Yadi tumne mujse kabhi bhi ek pal ke liye bhi pyaar kiya hai to mujse ek aakhari waada karo ki tum mujhe kabhi bhi dhondhne ki koshish nahi karoge. Mar gayi Geet aaj se tumhare liye

(If you have loved me even for a second then promise me that you will never ever try to find me. Geet is dead from today for you)


And she left the room unaware of what all her Maan had been undergoing and that he was bleeding so profusely yet had dragged his dying body till there just to prove his innocence but the darkness of the night, of the room, of her life just hid his suffering, everything from her. (yeah she wasn’t able to see him as it was really dark)



He felt as if someone just stabbed his already bleeding and dying heart and he was about to call her to take back her promise to just hear him once when Mr. Handa got to know about his presence in his house and send goons upstairs to finish him off and Maan somehow managed to climb down from the window and scrambled down the wall hiding himself.


Maan somehow managed to hide himself from the goons and soon collapsed due to the blood loss even as his heart wanted to chase behind his Geet to prove to her that he was innocent. Geet left the country all broken that night while Maan lay there bleeding as if ready to go to heaven but how was his soul to leave Earth after torturing his Jaan so brutally.


Precap: Will Geet believe him?


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