Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 19

Chapter 19

Maan (fell on his knees as he screamed in uncontrollable agony as he re-lived that dreadful moment, tears rolling down his cheeks): Kash ki mei us pal hi mar jaata.(I wish, I would have died that very instant)



Then suddenly as if he felt a jolt, he got up but still facing his back to her he looked up at the skies.


Maan (screamed out a loud as if accusing God): Par nahi, tumhare Babaji ko zara sa bhi raham nahi aaya mujh par. Unhone mujhe zinda rakha aur mujhe apni behen aur apni wafa mei se kisi ek ko chunna hi para.

(But no, your Babaji didn’t even have a little mercy at me. He kept me alive and I have to choose between my sister and my faithfulness)




Mr. Handa: Hurry up, I don’t have all day for you to decide.


Maan (what was he to do, what was right, what was wrong, everything was so blurred to him. What choice did he have, how could he witness his kid sister getting destroyed because of him): Theek hai, I will do as you say (his heart bleed at having accepted to deceive his love, his life, his Jaan but what was he to do… but he wouldn’t sleep with that girl… no… never… he would rather die than do that) par meri bhi ek shart hai. (But I also have a condition)


Mr. Handa (laughed out loud): Puri tarah se mere changul mei hai aur bhi phir shart rakhane ki gusthaki kar raha hai (then in a serious voice) But I must say I am impressed by your guts, tell me what is your condition.

(You are totally under my control and still doing the mistake of keeping a condition (then in a serious voice) But I must say I am impressed by your guts, tell me what is your condition.)


Maan: I will not sleep with this girl.


Mr. Handa (furious): Unacceptable… (he knew Geet would never distrust Maan till she saw him betraying her in front of her eyes)


Maan (continued not caring what he said, putting a stone on his heart as he spoke, it killed him inside as he uttered the remaining words but he had absolutely no choice) I am willing to prove I betrayed her but I will not sleep with this girl.


Mr. Handa (completely astonished, he could never understand Maan’s love neither for his sister nor for his Geet. His love was totally flawless, selfless and unconditional. How could a heartless man understand that Maan’s love was his worship, that he was willing to prove that he committed the worst sin of his life yet was not ready to commit it): Enlighten me how is that possible. How will you prove that you were having sex without doing it? (he asked totally amused at the person in front of him)



Maan (his heart died as he spoke how he will prove that he betrayed his Jaan when in reality he would have preferred death than do it): I will forge the lip sticks marks and love bits using make up and this girl can do the same (his heart wept blood even at the thought of what he was about to say. He left as if someone was stabbing his soul as he continued with great difficulty, dying by the second but he had no choice): Then as Geet would be about to enter, you can give some signal and I will let this girl touch me so that Geet can see me betraying her (he closed his eyes in pain as he died a thousand deaths at the mere thought of someone else touching his body other that his Mishti, his Geet but what was he to do, did God leave him with any choice)


Mr. Handa (he almost raised his hands in submission, speechless at how Maan was dying to even let someone else touch him but how could the heartless Handa understand Maan’s pure and divine love so he just left it and accepted his condition, after all he just wanted to prove his betrayal how did it matter if he actually slept or faked it. Shrugging his shoulders): Ok fine, till you prove that you betrayed her, I am fine with it. But dare you     try to act smart and you know what will I do with your sister.



Maan eyes were blood shot red in anger as Handa dared to take his sister’s name from his nasty tongue but he drank his rage so as not to endanger his little princess. Mr. Handa then left him alone with the girl but monitored their activities from the adjacent room.


Girl (she was totally astonished to witness Maan’s divine love. She was speechless at his love, amused as to how could someone love another to this extent with so much depth. She had only witnessed frivolous men who simply wanted sex): You must really love that girl, she is indeed lucky.



Maan looked at her with so much pain in his eyes that even that emotionless girl died in pain. Even she could feel the suffering he was about to undergo though she could probably never understand his true love.


They got down to business. The girl had no shame and simply removed her clothes in front of him while Maan turned his back to her, it killed his soul to even think of looking at some girl other than his Geet.


Maan: Could you please keep your under garments on, (his voice simply died as he continued) at least till she comes (his heart died to even imagine what would happen to his Geet when she would see him naked with a girl, he wanted to kill himself before he was forced to make her endure such soul piercing pain)


Girl (really astonished, he was probably the first man who had asked her to keep her clothes on): Ok, but when he signals I will remove my b** else your girl will never believe it.


The girl had gained real respect for Maan and she truly wished to salute his love. It was decided that when Mr. Handa signaled Maan would lie on the bed in his boxers with her on top of him bare chested but in her panties and they would cover themselves with a sheet so that Geet would get an impression that they are sleeping together. The girl would then pretend to be enjoying herself as she knew that Maan would never be able to fake that part and when Geet will enter the room he would pretend to wear his boxers before getting down.


Here Mr. Handa had already called up Geet on some pretext to return early from her trip and as she entered town he called her in a panicky voice.


Mr. Handa: Geet beta, I just saw Maan entering a third rate hotel with a hooker.


Geet: No dad, you must be mistaken, my Maan can never betray me. Just relax you must have definitely seem someone else.


Mr. Handa (continued pestering): Nahi beta. You please come here at once, please beta for my sake don’t say no.


And Geet reluctantly agreed to come to prove her father wrong as she knew her Maan could never deceive her.


But as she entered the room the ground literally collapsed under her feet to see her Maan in bed with a girl. She felt as if someone stabbed her heart, as if someone brutally ripped her soul out and burnt it alive.



Geet (shrieked in pain): Maaannn…


And Maan himself died a thousand deaths to hear the pain in his Jaan’s voice. He cursed himself for causing her so much agony, he wanted to burn his body alive which had committed the sin of being touched by someone other than his Jaan, his love, his life, his Mishti. But alas what was he to do.


He pretended to be shocked to see her there and faked wearing his boxers as he came out of the bed while the girl covered herself.


Maan: Geet, tum yahan kya kar rahi ho. (Geet, what are you doing here?)


Geet (she died to see him covered in lipstick marks and love bites as tears poured down her eyes to see her Maan so cool and composed while he was committing such a folly, she rushed to him trying to wipe away the marks from his chest and Maan panicked as she would realize it is make up and he jerked her away): Maan… please say all this is false, that it is all a bad dream, that you are mine, only mine. (Maan’s heart cried in pain, yes I am yours only yours but his lips were sealed. When she heard no response from Maan she almost begged him falling on his feet) Please Maan I beg you, please say that you are mine, that this never happened, please Maan, I will die.



Maan felt as if someone ripped his heart out and crushed it under his feet, such was his agony on seeing his Jaan beg him that his soul shrieked in pain. He felt as if someone was piecing, torturing and ripping his heart repeatedly but he himself was that someone killing his heart, his love, his life. He wanted to lift up his Geet and beg her forgiveness that yes she was right but Mr. Handa flashed the mobile in his hands as he saw Maan weakening and somehow Maan literally killed himself as he poured venom from his mouth burning their divine love.


Maan: Chalo acha hi hua that you came to know my truth. Finally I will not need to fake it anymore. I never loved you, in fact I was just using you but now I am really fed up of you, you are a bloody burden on me. (but she was still pleading him and he had to continue) I wanted sex but you were never willing so I hired her to fulfill my desires (he lied as his heart cried in uncontrollable agony as he abused their pure and divine love, as he accepted to commit the sin that he could never even dream of, as he himself burned their love, their worship to ashes… how he wished he would have died before he ruined her soul… but alas God had no mercy)


Geet (still begging holding his legs): Maan, I will do as you say, anything. I am ready to sleep with you but please say that you love me Maan, please come back to me. I beg of you please… I will die without you.


Maan felt like killing himself for giving such uncontrollable agony to his Jaan, his love, his Geet. He wanted to rip himself out, bleed to death but nothing… he could do just nothing. His soul screamed and begged for mercy… the pain was so much that even God cried that night witnessing his helplessness as thunder broke out and it started to pour endlessly. But what was the helpless soul to do, he toh had to live with the stigma of the dreadful sin of ruining his Jaan, his entire life. He had to survive yet die each second under the guilt of destroying his love, of crushing her soul under his feet.


Maan: Just leave Geet, I don’t love you anymore, it is all over (he lied as his heart howled in pain)


Finally Mr. Handa came and lifted Geet as he was sure that now she will forget Maan.


Mr. Handa: Chal beta, is jallad se apne pyaar ki bheek kya mangegi, yeh toh bewafai ke andhero mei bhatak raha hai. Leave him my child, come with me beta. He is a bloody bas****.

(Come my child, how will you beg his meriless person for your love, he is roaming in the darkness of treachery. Leave him my child, come with me beta. He is a bloody bas****.)


And he almost dragged a lifeless Geet away from there. She was completely destroyed beyond repair today. Her soul had been butchered so mercilessly by the one she loved the most. Her Maan had ripped out her heart and torn it apart but what was he to do. He was dying each second cursing his very existence to have tortured and scared her soul to this extent.



This was the irony of their love, this was how destiny planned to destroy them but how could it kill their divine love?


Precap: Their dreadful past continues

(Guys their dreadful past will completely unfold in the next part)


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