Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 18

Chapter 18

Even under the effect of so much alcohol, Maan looked at her with so much love in his eyes that it would have melted even a stone hearted person and she toh was his Geet na. He wanted to treasure this moment for ever, his Jaan, his Mishti, his life, his Geet was gently caressing his heart as if healing the wounds deep within and not these superficial ones.


He knew her gentle and loving heart could never ever hate him and that is what pushed him all the more into the darkness of guilt where his soul had been wandering aimlessly. Yes he was helpless that night but today he would pour out his heart in front of his love even if it meant ripping his heart out and showing to her that it beats only for her, that he was innocent, that he couldn’t even dream of the sin he was forced to commit.


Geet had wiped his bleeding heart and bandaged his wounds. She got up to keep the first aid kit away when Maan too got up and came behind her.


Maan (facing his back to her): Geet do you remember the time when you talked to your father about our relationship and you were so thrilled that he had accepted our love.


Geet (in agony as she remembered those happy times followed by the day which ruined their lives): How can I not remember my last happiness, the last day I ever smiled, the last laughter after which you completely ruined me.



Maan (his heart died hearing the pain in her voice but he somehow continued): You had gone out of town for a week and Pinky, my little princess was to return that evening. I was so happy that she was coming back from her hostel and that I will make her meet my angel when you returned back but alas she never came out of the airport.



Geet was shocked “Pinky never came out of the airport“. She turned around but Maan was facing the other side as tears rolled out of his eyes remembering the dreadful night that ruined his life beyond repair.



Maan had been waiting for Pinky outside the airport when he received an MMS of Pinky being kidnapped and unconscious. He felt the ground collapse beneath his feet and he immediately panicked and called up Adi.


Maan (trembling with anxiety): Adi…


Adi (really tensed hearing the tension filled voice of his friend): Maan kya hua? (What happened Maan?)


Maan: Adi, Pinky is in some danger, I just received an MMS that she has been kidnapped, please try to track her mobile and find her location I am trying to ask the airport authorities.


Adi almost died hearing his best buddy that his love, his life had been kidnapped.


Adi (trying to strengthen his voice when in reality he was shaking in fear and anxiety): Maan, you don’t worry we will find her.


When suddenly Maan felt a knife on his back and a guy whispered in his ear.


Goon: Mr. Khurana, if you want to see your sister alive then silently come with me and cut the call, otherwise…


Maan immediately cut the call but Adi had heard the guy and he immediately got down to business while Maan quietly went with the guy. Maan was blind folded and taken to someplace which looked like a third rated hotel and he was pushed into a room.


Goon: Sirji, here he is.


Sirji: You can leave now (as the guy went he spoke to Maan) You can remove the blind fold now.


And Maan was shocked to see Mr. Handa there.


Mr. Handa: Itna surprised hone ki koi jarurat nahi hai. What did you think that you will try to spoil the life of my daughter and I will leave you?

(Don’t be so surprised. What did you think that you will try to spoil the life of my daughter and I will leave you?)


Maan (he thought that there was some misunderstanding): Nahi uncle, aap ko koi galat faimi hui hai. I really love Geet and want to marry her.

(Nouncle, you are mistaken. I really love Geet and want to marry her.)


Mr. Handa (furious, he simply hated poor people): Chup kar batzaat, teri itni himmat ki tune meri beti ki taraf aankh utha kar bhi dekha. Tujh jaise keere ki aukaat hi kya hai ki tu meri beti ko pane ka sapna bhi dekh sake.

(Shut up dishonored creature, how could you even think of looking at my daughter. What is your reputation you worm that you thought you could even dream of getting my daughter)


Maan was stunned to hear him bad mouth him and his family and it slowly became clear to him that Mr. Handa had faked his approval in front of Geet while in reality he never accepted their relationship or rather shall I say he hated Maan.


Mr. Handa (continued pouring venom): Tujhe kya laga ki tu apni chikni chupari baatoo se meri beti ko phasa lega. (he screamed in anger) Nahi… kabhi nahi…

(What did you think that you can make get my daughter by your sweet talks. (he screamed in anger) No… never…)


Maan (despite the fact that Maan was furious at his viciousness remarks but he kept quiet for his Jaan and tried once more): Nahi aap galat samaj rahe hai… (No, you are misunderstanding me)


Mr. Handa (grapping Maan’s collar): Chup kar kamine. Bahut dekhe hai maine tere jaise ghatiya aur gire hua larke. Apni keemat bol, kya lega meri beti ki zindagi se door jane ke liye.

(Shut up you Bas****. I have seen loads of third rated people like you. Tell your price, what will you take to go away from my daughter’s life)



Maan (jerking his hands off his collar, really angry, how could he even think about weighing their pure and divine love in money): Humara pyaar paak aur pavitra hai uski keemat aap jaisa vayapari kya lagayega. Aap humare pyaar ko kya samjenge woh toh aap ki kalpana se bhi pare hai.

(Our love is pure, true and divine, how can a business man like you tell our love’s price. How can you understand our love, it is even beyond your imagination)


Mr. Handa (laughed hysterically): Sach kaha tha mere detective ne, tu toh sach mei pagal hai, isliye maine aur bhi intezam kar rakhe hai. Teri behen mere kabze mei hai.

(My detective was right, you are truly mad, that is why I have made other arrangements as well. Your sister is in my captivity)


Saying so he showed Maan the video of Pinky lying unconscious in a filthy place and goons surrounding her. Maan was furious and he approached Mr. Handa in extreme rage to see his kid sister tied up like that, in that rotten place. But before he could reach for Mr. Handa’s collar, Mr. Handa spoke.


Mr. Handa (warning him): Aisa sochna bhi mat. If I want I will get her raped right now in front of you, this is live video streaming and then butcher her lifeless body to bits.

(Don’t even think of that. If I want I will get her raped right now in front of you, this is live video streaming and then butcher her lifeless body to bits.)



Maan (roared in anger as his blood boiled in rage): You bas****, dare you lay even a finger on my sister and I swear I will kill you this very instant.


Mr. Handa (laughing his devilish laugh): Maine toh abhi kuch karwaya bhi nahi aur tum itne utawala ho gaya… Just imagine if I actually get it done then what will happen.

(I haven’t even got anything don and you are getting so hyper… Just imagine if I actually get it done then what will happen.)

Maan wanted to rip the rascal apart limb by limb, tear him bit by bit but he somehow controlled his anger as he knew Pinky was in his captivity and his outrage could destroy his little princess’s life.


Maan (somehow calming himself): You have enmity with me, then why have you captured my sister. Do whatever you want with me, I am here but leave her alone.


Mr. Handa: Ab aaya na line par. (Now you came on line) I will take my revenge from you only but to force you to do as I will I needed your weakness and by God did I hit the right nerve (he laughed at Maan’s helplessness)


Maan: Tell me what do you want.


Mr. Handa: Yeah right, I will come straight to the point. Even I don’t like wasting time after all time is money (He clasped his hands and a scanty dressed girl appeared) You sleep with this girl and I will show it to Geet what kind of a double crossing Bas**** you are, so simple (he laughed out a loud while Maan fumed in anger)


Maan (outraged): No…, never… I will kill you, you rascal.


Mr. Handa: Arey, arey why do you getting so angry. Here I am doing you a favor and you are fuming in anger. I am providing you with this beautiful and sexy girl and that too free of cost so that you can enjoy your night and you are cursing me.


Maan (disgusted at that man, if looks could kill, Mr. Handa would have burned to ashes by now): Never, I will never betray my Geet, my love.


Mr. Handa (angry at his reluctance to budge): Ok fine… (taking out his phone) then watch your sister getting gang raped.


Maan (his blood boiled in rage at the audacity of the man to blackmail him to deceive his love otherwise threatening to ruin his sister): Nahi… (he screamed in agony, how could he destroy his kid sister’s life)


Mr. Handa: Then do as I say. You have just 5 minutes to choose between having sex yourself or seeing your sister being forced for it (and he laughed out a loud)



What was Maan to do, how could he let his kid sister suffer due to him but then how could he betray his love, his life, his Jaan, his Geet. He looked up to Geet’s Babaji to burn him alive then and there itself rather that making him choose between his sister’s life and betraying his Jaan.




Maan (fell on his knees as he screamed in uncontrollable agony as he re-lived that dreadful moment, tears rolling down his cheeks): Kash ki mei us pal hi mar jaata. (I wish, I would have died that very instant)


Precap: What did Maan do… or rather what will he chose

(Guys it will take a couple of parts for their dreadful past to completely unfold so apna dil tham ke rakhna (hold on to your hearts))


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