Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 16

Chapter 16

Here Maan reached the venue and he devised a plan to reach his Jaan despite all the security arrangements when Adi too joined him.


Adi: Maan you go and find Geet. I will keep cover and be right beside you and if I find something amiss I will call you on your Bluetooth.


Maan (he was truly grateful to his best buddy who was always there for him, who was willing to put his life at stake for him and his Geet): Thank you buddy.


Adi (faking anger): Oye, friendship mein no sorry and no thank you, samjhe.

(No sorry and no thank you in friendship… understood)



And Maan smiled slightly, Adi always knew how to cheer him up whatever be the situation.


They very softly crept in through the window and as they were passing a room they heard Mr. Handa talking to someone.


Mr. Handa: You don’t worry, she thinks I have suffered a minor stroke and hence has agreed to the marriage, nothing will go wrong now.


Maan’s blood boiled, he felt like killing that man there and then itself. How could he fall so low, how could he be so cheap to use his own daughter and emotionally blackmail her for his own benefits, but hadn’t Maan already witnessed his cruelty?

Maan somehow controlled himself, he would deal with that rascal later, presently he had more important tasks at hand when something clicked in Adi’s mind.


Adi: Maan now the way is very easy, you go and find Geet while I will find the proof of at least him faking illness (though he vowed in his heart to get the proof of the entire truth)


Maan (trying to stop him): But Adi, that is way too dangerous.


Adi: You don’t worry, I will try my best otherwise if I even sense some danger I will leave. Ok? Anyways no one knows or recognizes me here so it is very easy for me to merge as a staff member. You don’t worry about me, just leave and I will meet you as planned.


Maan left reluctantly but he knew that they needed proof that he was faking illness so that Geet would at least refuse the marriage.



He somehow managed to enter Geet’s room but his heart died a thousand deaths seeing her sitting lifeless like that. She was looking out of this world all decked up so beautifully but her eyes were vacant as if someone had buttered her soul and snatched away her life. He cursed himself as he knew he would be giving her more pain but he would undergo anything for her sake and safety.


Maan (whispered softly): Geet…


His soft whisper was sufficient to bring her soul back from the darkness where it had been wandering aimlessly. Her eyes lit up instantly as she saw him but then her mind reminded her of his deceit and the light left her as anger took over. He is the one to be blamed, her mind screamed, it is all because of him that you are suffering no end, almost crushing the voice of her heart which was delighted to see her Maan.


Geet (mocking him): So you have come to see me destroy myself.



Maan (his heart ached to see so much hatred in her almond eyes but he somehow strengthened his heart, nothing would deter him from saving her today, not even she herself.) Geet, what are you doing, do you even know he is a bloody womanizer.



Geet (interrupted him, remembering his betrayal, fuming with anger as it got the better of her): So what the hell were you? What was all that, haa? (gripping his collar and shaking him furiously)  What do you call your own actions that day, what do you call the hasty words you spoke after that?


His heart cried in pain, nothing was in my control that night, what was I to do but he knew she was way too angry to hear him out and neither did they have the time for all that. It was least important to prove his innocence right now, her life was far more important. Time was running out and if they delayed folks might come in order to get her and all would be lost.


Maan: Geet, we will talk about all that later but right now please come with me. (he gently held her hand but she jerked his hand away)


Geet : No, go away, just go away and leave me to my destiny. Why should you be bothered now, (her heart ached as she continued but her speech and anger were not in her control anymore) you should be so happy that he will use me, abuse me, ruin me, torture me all life long, day in and day out, that is what you always wanted na, my life to be miserable then why are you faking concern now (she accused his soul as tears rolled out of her eyes at the mere thought of another man touching her while her each and every word stabbed Maan’s heart making it weep blood and he screamed in pain)


Maan (in extreme pain): Geeettt… (his soul scorched in agony with the mere thought of anyone even scratching her. How was his heart to bear the accuses of him wanting to make her life hell, his blood boiled at her words that, that filthy rotten piece of shit would touch her sacred soul let alone hurt her and his entire being screamed as he flinched in pain but he somehow controlled himself) Curse me as much as you like but please come with me I beg of you.



Geet (sternly, she had completely lost her mind): No, I am not going to come with you and that is final.


When Maan heard Adi’s voice over the Bluetooth.


Adi: Maan hurry up, leave with Geet fast, you have hardly 15 minutes left.


And Maan took out the chloroform handkerchief and kept it on Geet’s face as she instantly fell unconscious. His heart cried to be forcing his Jaan against her wish but she had left him with no choice.


Maan (self thought): Sorry Jaan, but I have to save you.


And he carried her gently over his shoulders and made his way down via the window and they were soon lost in the darkness of the night. Maan carried her to his car and rushed out before anyone could even sense that something was amiss and he took her to the secret cottage that only he and Adi were aware of. He slowly kept her on the bed and went to prepare some food for her, because he knew she mustn’t have eaten since the dreadful news of her marriage opened on her.


Here Geet finally gained consciousness and she realized that he had tricked her and carried her away. She was furious to say the least when it struck her that her father would get anxious on not finding her and his health would deteriorate. She looked around and saw that he wasn’t in the room, in fact there was a window near the bed. Yes, that was her way out and she somehow managed to reach the window despite the slight dizziness due to the residual effect of chloroform. She broke the window and despite her best efforts it made a sound loud enough for Maan to realize that she was planning on running away and he rushed to the room.


Maan (on seeing her trying to escape): Geet, what are you trying to do?


He ran to her while she tried to jump out. She was about to put her hand on the window while looking at him and it was about to strike the broken piece of glass on the window pane when Maan saw that and he placed his hand over the glass before she could get hurt. Geet unknowingly gripped his hand and the glass pierced his hand as blood trickled out. She felt his blood and almost instantly tears brimmed her eyes as her heart cried and questioned her mind look he can’t even bear to see you get scratched, in fact he placed his hand getting hurt himself in order to save you, how can he ever deceive you? But when was her mind to hear her heart, it had totally locked it inside a cage.



Geet (controlling her emotions): Maan, let me go, dad’s not well, he will not be able to bear this.


Maan (his blood boiled remembering her father’s words, but he controlled himself): Geet he is all right, you don’t worry.


Geet (really worried about her dad): Nahi Maan, let me go, he will die, please let me go (almost pleading him)


Maan (hearing her beg for the monster, his anger let lose): Geet, nothing will happen to him, trust me he is faking it all.


Geet (furious, how dare he): How dare you insult my father like this. Why should I trust you, what for (she screamed in anger as his betrayal flashed across her eyes) All are not cheaters and liars like you are. (she cursed him)



Maan (he was no longer able to control his emotions, shaking her): Your father is a bloody liar, that Bas**** ruined our lives and…



Geet slapped him right across his face not letting him continue and Maan came back to his senses and left her instantly. He realized he spoke too much, though that was the truth but she was not in the right state of mind to accept it, neither did he have any proof.



Precap: Maan fell on his knees screaming his heart out “Gggeeettt”



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