Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 15

Chapter 15


Mr. Handa was shocked at her audacity to cut his word and he almost fell back holding his chest.



Geet (screamed in horror): Dad…


She rushed to him and held him from falling and made him sit on the chair as she rushed to call the doctor. The doctor came in quickly and did a complete check up of Mr. Handa.


Geet (really worried): Doctor uncle ghabarane ki toh koi baat nahi hai na, please bataiye na Dad ko kuch hua toh nahi hai na.

(Doctor uncle, there is no reason to worry right? Please tell that nothing has happened to Dad right?)

Doctor: Actually his BP has shot up really high due to stress and looks like he has suffered a minor stroke though it doesn’t look serious but you need to make sure he doesn’t take any stress (Geet nodded) and beta can you please get me some water.


Geet went to fetch some water when the doctor spoke to Mr. Handa.


Doctor: Arey, Mohinder, tune mujhe Geet beti se jhoot bolane ko kyun kaha woh kitna ghabara gayi hai while you are perfectly fine and had no stroke.

(Mohinder, why did you ask me to tell lies to Geet beti, she is so scared while you are perfectly fine and had no stroke)


Mr. Handa: I knew she will never agree for marriage so I had to do this drama, but you promise me, you will not tell her anything.


Doctor (shrugging his shoulders): Ok, as you say.


They both immediately became quiet on seeing Geet coming back with the water.


Doctor (after drinking water): I will take leave now. Geet Beta, please call me if there is any emergency otherwise I will come in the morning for check-up once again.


Geet nodded and went to leave the doctor till the door. He was feeling very bad for lying to her especially seeing how worried she had become but what could he do, he had promised his friend and hence kept quiet.


When Geet came back Mr. Handa pretended more.


Mr. Handa (low sick voice): Beta, please agree to the marriage, I want to see you happily settled before I leave this world.



Geet (stunned to hear him talking about his death, tears brimmed her eyes as she held his hand, he was the only family she had left): Nahi Dad, why are you saying like this, aap ke alawa is duniya mein mera hai hi kaun? (she wept holding his hands)

(No Dad, why are you saying like this, I have no one in this world other than you)


Mr. Handa (felt bad to be emotionally blackmailing her like this but he wanted her to move ahead in life or was there more than what meets the eye?) Geet beta, don’t cry like this, you know I hate to see tears in your eyes. Please beta, agree to the marriage, at least I will be able to die in peace that someone is there to look after you. (still no change in her) Beta, I am getting old, please fulfill this last desire of mine. (he literally begged her)


Poor Geet, her heart wept blood, how could she be anybody else’s other than Maan’s. Whatever Maan may have done, how much ever he may have cheated or betrayed her, she toh just loved him only na then how was she to accept another man in her life. Her soul flinched in pain even at the thought of someone else touching her but how could she deny her father and cause him more stress and strain which could prove fatal in his current fragile health, but little did she know that he was faking it all.


Geet (putting a stone on her heart, her eyes blank as if they no longer had any life in them at least not after what she was about to accept. It was as if her soul left her body that very instant just not even able to bear the thought of her marrying another man): Ok, I agree, dad.


Saying so she left from there totally lifeless as if someone just stabbed her heart and ripped away the life in her. Even tears failed to flow out of her eyes anymore as the pain was so unbearable that they too had dried, she moved almost in a trance merely dragging her dead body on the face of the Earth awaiting her Babaji’s mercy to kill her before her soul was ruined by someone else’s touch but what was she to do, her father’s life was at stake.


Next day Maan was feeling much better and he left for office promising Adi and Pinky to return home early as he really needed to wrap up some meetings personally in office.


Here Mr. Handa didn’t want to waste any time and he decided to get Geet engaged tonight itself before she changed her mind and hence he booked the best planner in town and assigned him the task of Geet’s engagement.



On the other hand Geet was completely lifeless, she hardly ate anything, hardly slept, her eyes vacant staring at the empty space as if trying to find her existence in the vast unknown infinite darkness begging her Babaji to save her but she saw no way out of the blackness that was slowly eating her soul.


Here Maan had wrapped up all the important work by mid afternoon and was planning on leaving early so as not to anger his kid sister and Adi and also they both were leaving for London after a couple of days later so he wanted to spend some time with them, when Adi came running to his office. Maan was astonished to find Adi hurrying into his office like that.


Maan (taken by surprise): Arey Adi, you here? I was about to leave for home only.( but seeing the distorted and pained expressions on Adi’s face and the desperation with which he rushed in, Maan was sure something was amiss, holding his shoulders) Kya hua Adi? Sab theek toh hai na, Pinky… (Maan almost died thinking something was wrong with his little princess).

(What happened Adi? Everything is alright na, Pinky…)


Adi (shaking his head, steadying his breathe): Nahi, Pinky is all right. (Maan signed in relief and raised his eyebrow as if asking “Then what happened?“. Adi spoke gathering strength) Maan, Geet is getting engaged tonight. (Maan felt the ground collapse under his feet, his angel, his Jaan, his Mishti, his love, his life was getting married to someone else. He felt as if someone just ripped his heart out and burned it in boiling oil, as if someone tore his soul apart and crushed it under his feet, when what Adi said next pierced his heart burning him alive.) She is getting married to that Casanova Vikram.



Maan’s heart cried in pain as he wept blood… no… not to that Bas****, he was known to be a complete womanizer and a wife beater. That is why his earlier wife had committed suicide though there were rumors that he had killed her, when Maan’s soul almost erupted in anger as he jolted out of his dying state, no, he couldn’t let his Jaan suffer even if it meant his breaking his last promise to her, even if it meant she would hate him forever, even if it meant she would think he never loved her, that he was always unfaithful, so let it be but nothing, absolutely nothing mattered to him more that his love, his life, his Mishti and he was determined to save her come what may.



Maan (almost shaking Adi): Adi, tell me where is she now, I can’t let her ruin her life like this. No ways, I am going to stop this disaster from happening.


Adi: I am coming with you…


Maan (interrupting him): No, no, you be with Pinky, I don’t want to take any chances.


Adi (not agreeing): No Maan, not this time. This time I will not leave you alone, I will be with you and see to it that no harm comes your way.


Maan (tried to interrupt): But Pinky…


Adi (didn’t let him finish): I have worked it all out, you don’t take tension. I have already called the travel agent and booked the ticket for her to leave for London in a few hours. No one knows there that she is your sister and so she would be just fine, you don’t worry and our land lady there is very nice and she treats Pinky as her own daughter (he said assuring Maan while he pledged in his heart, I promise you Maan that I will end all the misunderstandings this time, we both owe it to you)


So it was decided that Adi was to drop Pinky to the airport while Maan would reach the venue and chalk out the plan till Adi joined him.


Pinky (as she and Adi rushed to the airport): Adi, mera dil bahut ghabara raha hai, why are you forcing me to leave tonight itself and that too alone and where is Bhai, he is alright na?

(Adi, I have a feeling as if something bad is going to happen, why are you forcing me to leave tonight itself and that too alone and where is Bhai, he is alright na?)


Adi: Don’t worry Pinky, Maan is fine and it is to help him only that I am doing all this.


Pinky (she tried to interrupt): But…


Adi (holding her hand so as to soothe her): Pinky dear, you don’t know the whole truth. (she questioned him with her eyes as he paused before continuing) You remember the nightmare due to which we had to run away to London overnight, couple of years back (she nodded as tears rolled down her eyes remembering the trauma and he gently squeezed her hand as if assuring nothing will happen) That time Maan lost his love, his life, his everything, you can’t even imagine how much he has suffered since then but not anymore, I have made up my mind to end it all now. I can’t see my friend dying each and every second remorsing the sins he couldn’t even dream of. God has given us a chance and I don’t want to let go of it, I really want to see my best buddy smile from his heart. I will tell you everything once all this ends, trust me but now you leave else you will miss the flight and take care of yourself.


He said as her bid her good bye at the airport.


Pinky (perplexed but she had full faith in her bro and Adi): You too take care of yourself and Bhai and don’t worry about me, I am big now and can look after myself.


Precap: What will Maan do?


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