Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 13

Chapter 13

Geet stood at the door in two minds, her heart wanted to forgive him, to run up to him, make sure he was safe, to give him one more chance, to let him in her life again, to open the doors of her heart for him, to love him, care for him, embrace him, to hid away in him like she always used to in college but her mind reminded her of his betrayal how she had found him that day, how he didn’t even once defend his state, his treachery, how he abused her love, how he stabbed her heart as she begged him pushing her away, how he poured acid burning her tender love, how he despised her, cursed her.



Her heart pleaded that her Maan could never ever do anything to hurt her but her mind smirked at her, that he just didn’t hurt her, he betrayed her trust, slapped her love, cursed her care, what more prove did it want of his betrayal then what he himself gave that night. And as always her heart could not defend his treachery and wept blood as her mind prevailed wanting to shield her gentle heart and soul from his cruel hands, as her mind caged her heart in an attempt to safe guard her soul and she moved away slowly, unwillingly re-tracking her path but her eyes were still on him as tears of his betrayal, their separation, her helplessness, her suffering, her not able to let go, poured out endlessly from her eyes.


Here Maan was dying by the second as it stabbed his heart to see her in so much dilemma, so much pain, so much agony. It was as if he could feel her being torn between her heart and mind, the battle which was ripping her soul apart, how her broken self was trying to shield her vulnerable heart from getting broken again as he cursed himself for tormenting her, blaming himself for her miserable condition, cursing his very existence that gave her pain, wanting to burn his soul which ruined her.



He stretched his hand out as if wanting to reach out to her but when was destiny so kind that it would grant him his last wish, the one desire due to which he couldn’t even die, the one chance that his heart begged for, the only longing for which his soul was burning alive not even able to leave his cruel world in peace.


What was his fault his heart cried in pain as he questioned God, was it his only mistake to have loved her unconditionally. His soul screamed in pain as he questioned Geet’s Babaji as if declaring HIM (God) culprit of not letting him heal his angel, for not granting him his last wish to soothe her soul, for not letting him shower his love and care on his Jaan, his Mishti, his life, his everything. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he completely broke down.



They both were dying in pain, suffering and scorching in hell as their eyes were still on one another, their hearts yearning to reach out to each other but his betrayal stood like an unbreakable steel wall in the way of their love which her mind dreaded to cross while destiny had chained him not letting him jump over.


When suddenly there was a huge commotion in the hospital as Mr. Handa rushed over to see his daughter and almost instantly a nurse entered Maan’s room closing the door behind her as if once again destiny had shut another path for them to meet, blocking his hope to heal her.



Mr. Handa (really worried but he sighed in relief on seeing Geet alright): Geet beta, how are you? Do you have any idea how much scared and worried I was about you, why don’t you take care of yourself beta. You know how risky it is to drive in the crowded streets of Delhi, then why did you take the car yourself, we have so many drivers beta, what is the use of them?


Geet (assuring him she was alright): Sorry dad, but see I am absolutely fine.


Mr. Handa: Yeah, we are so lucky that you just got minor injuries beta. (he sighed in relief before continuing) And what is this, why didn’t you inform me that you were visiting India, looks like you have forgotten your old dad since you have gone abroad.


Geet: Nahi dad, you know that it is nothing like that. I thought you would be in Mumbai, you hardly visit Delhi and you know why I left India so… (tears flowed her eyes as she remembered how she overnight left her country as Maan destroyed everything)


Mr. Handa (not wanting her to remember that incident, immediately changed the topic): Ok, let’s not discuss that. Chalo, let’s go home now.


And he almost pulled a reluctant Geet to the car as her heart was left behind just not able to leave Maan in that condition, wanting to ensure he was safe, dying to heal his wounds.


Here Pinky and Adi rushed to the hospital as they heard about the dreadful accident. They sighed in relief to find Maan out of danger and that he had gained consciousness. On seeing them outside Maan immediately wiped his tears not wanting to open up his heart wounds in front of the only family he had left, not wanting to give them any more pain.


Pinky (really worried about his health, holding Maan’s hand as tears rolled down her eyes seeing him all bandaged up): Bhaiya yeh sab kaise ho gaya. Aapke accident ki khabar ne toh jaise meri jaan hi nikal de thi Bhai. You are always very careful while driving then what happened today bro?

(Bhaiya, how did all this happen? The news of your accident almost killed me brother. You are always very careful while driving then what happened today bro?)


Maan (dodging her question, his Jaan, his Mishti’s life was at stake today, driving rash was nothing, he would have undergone even death to save her life, in fact he had barely survived while trying to protect her. Maan gently stroked Pinky’s head with his other hand trying to relax her): No tears princess, see I am absolutely hale and hearty (he smiled a little for his kid sister’s sake even though his heart wept blood)


Pinky (not able to control her emotions any more as she burst into tears hugging him dearly, really afraid to let go of her brother, her friend, her mentor, her guide, her everything what if God decided to even snatch him away from her) Please Bhaiya, never ever scare ,me again like this. I won’t be able to bear anything happening to you, I simply can’t live without you Bhai (she cried her heart out as her tears wet his shirt trying to let go of all the bottled up emotions and agony she was undergoing since she heard about his accident and he very lovingly stroked her hair trying to soothe her, calm her senses. He very well knew what Pinky must have undergone hearing about the news of his accident.)


Adi was silently watching the lovely sister-brother bonding as tears brimmed his eyes of relief and happiness at finding his buddy out of danger. He had been so tensed and scared as they rushed to the hospital hearing about the horrifying accident Maan had met with but had tried to be brave for his Pinky, but now he let go of his mask as he silently cried his heart out letting go of the suppressed emotions, finding Maan safe.


As Pinky finally calmed down, Maan wiped her tears.


Maan: Nahi princess, now no more tears ok, smile na kiddo, you know right my heart dies to see my little sister so unhappy (and she smiled amidst tears as she felt so relieved to be under the protective embrace of her loving big brother. Seeing his best friend shedding silent tears, Maan thought of pulling his leg in an attempt to cheer his family trying desperately to hide the pain and agony deep within his heart) Arey Adi tu toh bilkul larkiyo ki tarah rota hai (Arey Adi, you cry like a girl)


Maan teased Adi winking at Pinky and she burst out laughing while poor Adi was like totally red in embarrassment.


Adi (making a baby sad face and cribbing): Maaannn… that’s not fair…


And all laughed at his antics when the doctor came in for the check-up.


Doctor: So Mr. Khurana, how are you feeling now?


Maan: Much better, thank you doctor for saving my life. (He so wanted to die but how could he even die his heart cried in pain till her Babaji granted him his last wish to heal her)


Doctor: It was a miracle Mr. Khurana, it was the well wishes of your family and the lady who too was injured in the accident that saved your life, we didn’t do anything, it just wasn’t in our hands, only God could have saved you and he did bless your life. (Fresh tears brimmed his eyes, he knew her heart could never ever hate him, it still beats for him and he cursed himself more to have been the reason of her never ending sorrow.)


Maan (trying to get a grip on his emotions not wanting to pain Adi and Pinky as he changed the topic): So when can I be discharged doctor?


Doctor (he was completely astonished with Maan’s hurry to get discharged, he had barely survived): Mr. Khurana, we have to keep you under observation tonight. Tomorrow morning only can we say anything after we get some tests done.


Maan (started to protest): But…


Pinky (she interrupted him not letting him speak): Doctor uncle is absolutely right Bhaiya, see how badly injured you are (she gently caressed his wounds speaking in a heavy voice as fresh tears brimmed her eyes.) Bas aap kahi nahi ja rahe till you recover fully. (You aren’t going anywhere till you recover fully and that’s final)


Maan nodded slightly as he just couldn’t bear tears in his little princess’s eyes.



Here Geet was anxious throughout the night, her heart was dying to know how was Maan, if he had his medicines, if the doctors were taking proper care of him, when would he recover completely, when would his wounds heal and she spent a restless and sleepless night  just turning over sides wanting to know about his progress desperately. Such was her love that despite his betrayal she could think about nothing but his well being, she wasn’t even once bothered about her own wounds, in fact she even forgot to take her medicines had Ramu kaka not reminded her of them.


Precap: Mr. Handa: Till when will you keep running away from marriage, this time I am not going to take no for an answer.


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