Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 12

Chapter 12

And she left from there leaving a completely devastated Maan behind as he fell on his knees just not able to bear her hatred, he was dying by the second as he wept blood not able to stand the disgust in his beloved’s eyes. Maan screamed in pain, as tears pours down his eyes, begging for mercy. He simply couldn’t tolerate the repugnance in her eyes for him.



Oh God… please kill me, please end my worthless life. I can’t take it anymore, please Lord have some mercy. He cried as his heart wept in pain, the more I want to heal her, the more I torment her, destroy me please I beg of you, I can’t see her in so much pain, it kills me inside that I am the reason for all her sufferings. The more I love her the more she suffers, why God, why. All I ever wanted was to give her happiness then why do I always end up being the one tormenting her soul.


He questioned God is my endless love the reason for her misery? If yes, then even take that (the only reason my lifeless body is still lingering on) away from me, but please end her agony I beg of you, please. He completely broke down as he smashed his hand on the sharp rock beside him making it bleed as if punishing it for the sin of even thinking of harming his Jaan.


His soul was scorching under her abuses and accuses yet his heart was still dying to give her happiness. Such was his divine love for her, I wonder then what went so horribly wrong?


When suddenly Geet’s driver came running there.


Driver (on seeing only Maan there, shaking him): Sir.


Maan looked up at him but his eyes were completely black as if someone had snatched away the life in them, as if his soul had been sentenced to roam in the darkness of hell till eternity.


Driver (shaking him vigorously, extremely tensed): Sir, I was repairing Geet madam’s car which had broken down when we were coming for the party and had gone to fetch water but in the meantime I don’t know when she came and drove away in it. Sir the brakes in the car have failed.


Maan jerked alive hearing his Jaan’s life was in danger, the ground collapsed beneath him as he heard that his Mishti’s life was stake. He forgot the pain, the agony, the anguish he was suffering, he forgot everything her curses, her hatred, everything as he rushed to save her. He immediately got in his car and sped behind her.



Maan drove like mad and almost caught up with her but as soon as she saw him in the rear view mirror, she increased the speed, she just couldn’t stand the sight of him anymore, his betrayal had totally destroyed her today. He had killed everything that was left in her dying heart, he had completely and absolutely ruined her, scorching her soul mercilessly. She had no strength felt in her to face him anymore, his face simply reminded her of all the treachery he had done and she sped faster.


Maan tried to scream as he continuously honked trying to make her listen to him but nothing was reaching her, she had locked herself up completely trying desperately to shield her devastated heart from him.


Maan realized that if he kept on following her she would keep on speeding endangering her life further so Maan slid his car down the road taking the rough and bumpy mud path that ran parallel to the main road. Since it was hidden behind trees and bushes she wouldn’t realize his presence and as soon as he would over shoot her car on the path he would jump on to the road and try to block her car. He was sure that in spite of the hatred that filled her heart now, she couldn’t kill him or risk his life as he knew how much his Mishti loved him and hence she would apply brakes seeing him in front and in the process realize that the brakes were failed. Then they could work on slowing down her car.


But to his horror he saw that a huge truck carrying steel roads had got stuck on the road, covering the road entirely, just in a few meters ahead of Geet’s car. He had to think fast and act now or else her car would rampage into it and the rods would be fatal. He immediately sped dangerously fast and skidded his car horizontally in front of her car as she tried to apply the brakes desperately on seeing his car right in front just as he had expected but only to realize that they weren’t working.


Her car hit Maan’s car and since the speed was really high her car literally pushed his car ahead straight in the mouth of danger. His car banged into the truck as the rods ripped through the passenger side and halted just inches away from Maan as Geet watched in horror screaming “Maaannn” (even though he had betrayed her, she could never watch him die, or imagine something bad happening to him) and her car compressed his side of the car completely.



His car was completely crushed horizontally between the two vehicles but fortunately the rods didn’t rip through him.


Geet’s banged hard on the steering wheel due to the impact of the collision and instantly collapsed while Maan too suffered grave injuries as his car was completely crushed.


The passer bys who watched the accident in horror rushed both Maan and Geet to the nearby hospital. Since Maan had taken the maximum impact on himself, Geet suffered only minor injuries while he was rushed into the operation theater where his conditional was very critical. As Geet gained consciousness she asked about Maan.


Nurse: His condition is really serious and he is fighting life and death.


However much Geet wanted to hate him for his betrayal, she just couldn’t despise him and her heart begged to her Babaji for his safety and well being. How could her Babaji torture them anymore, how could HE let Maan die on Geet, how could HE see his favorite children suffer more at the hands of destiny and HE gave him life, a miracle happened and Maan survived.



A nurse came rushing out of the OT as Geet stood outside it praying for his life.


Nurse: Your prayers have been answered my dear, he has survived. (Geet heaved a sigh of relief as the nurse added), he was murmuring about Geet when he was unconscious, I think it is you (Geet nodded slightly) if you want you can go and see him now.


Geet stood at the door as her heart yearned to run in and make sure he was fine while her brain warned her not to trust him again, his betrayal stood in her way. As if his sins had chained her heart, as if her heart feared to let go, feared to free itself, feared to let him inside what if he breaks it again, what if he rips her heart apart and tears it again, what if he crushes her love under his feet like last time.


When the nurse came out leaving the door slightly ajar. It was as if Maan could feel his Mishti outside and he turned towards the door and their eyes met. He died a thousand deaths as he could feel the pain his Jaan was undergoing due to his betrayal, how she just couldn’t come out of it, however hard she tried. How she was slowly dying under the burden of his sins.


His heart filled up in pain as his eyes sung the lyrics


Abb Naam Mohabbat Ke

 Iljaam Toh Aaya Hai

Abb Naam Mohabbat Ke

 Iljaam Toh Aaya Hai
Tum Jo Bhi Saja De Do,

Sar Hamne Jhukaaya Hai


I will accept any punishment you bestow on me, my love but please don’t torture yourself any further. My heart aches to see you in pain, believe me I never ever wanted to hurt you.

Tumne Hi Hansi Di Thi,

Tumne Hi Rulaaya Hai

Tumne Hi Hansi Di Thi,

Tumne Hi Rulaaya Hai
Kya Pyaar Mein Socha Tha,

kya Pyaar Mein Paaya Hai

kya Pyaar Mein Paaya Hai


Her heart cried in pain as she broke down under the weight of his misdeeds. How could she forget his words, how could she forgot what she saw, how could she forget his acceptance of ruining her.

Tum Jo Bhi Hame Samajho,

Par Tumko Sada Sarhaaenge Hum
Begunaah Jo Hame Thehraaye,

Labj Aise Kahaan Paayenge Hum

Ummid Na Thi Jisaki,

Jo Saamne Aaya Hai
Tum Jo Bhi Saja De Do,

sar Hamne Jhukaaya Hai,

sar Hamne Jhukaaya Hai


His heart cried that he didn’t not betray her, he could never ever hurt her. She was his life, his Jaan, how could he ever think of harming her but what was he to do, he had no choice then.

Ek Pyaar Ke Mujrim Se,

Ulfat Bhi Kare Toh Kaise Kare
Tumhe Tutake Chaaha Tha,

Nafrat Bhi Kare Toh Kaise Kare
Jo Paar Hame Karta,

Usane Hi Dubaaya Hai

Kya Pyaar Mein Socha Tha,

Kya Pyaar Mein Paaya Hai


I know you ruined me, you brutally stabbed my heart, you tore my love into bits, you destroyed my soul but yet how do I hate you. I had always loved you dearly then why did you do this to me, why? What had I done to deserve such betrayal in response of my never ending love for you?

Abb Naam Mohabbat Ke Iljaam Toh Aaya Hai
Tum Jo Bhi Saja De Do,

sar Hamne Jhukaaya Hai,

sar Hamne Jhukaaya Hai,

sar Hamne Jhukaaya Hai


His heart begged her to punish him if she thought he could actually deceive her but to not hurt herself, as he could bear to see himself perish but he couldn’t stand her tears, they burned his soul.


Precap: Destiny again takes a nasty turn.


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