Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 10

Chapter 10

Pinky (super excited): Di, Adi and I are planning to get engaged this week itself. We are planning to go to India as bro is really busy and he can’t come here. You also come na please please.


Geet tried to refuse but finally agreed after much pestering by Pinky and she too felt that maybe the change of place might do her some good, help her in recovering from the memories of her dreadful past which had once again surfaced vowing to destroy her.


So all was set Pinky and Adi planned thoroughly for their surprise visit to Maan while Geet was to land in Delhi on the engagement day itself.


Pinky was really excited as she landed in Delhi.


Pinky: Adi, it has been ages since we visited India na though I wish we could go back to Mumbai where we all studied as kids (she said remembering their childhood and the loads of masti (fun) they did)


Adi: Yeah very true. But don’t you worry we will enjoy there too after all mere Saale Sahib ka office jo hai yahan.

(Yeah very true. But don’t you worry we will enjoy there too after all this is my brother-in-law’s office.)


He winked Wink as he said that while Pinky blushed and laughed at the same time.


They both left for Maan’s office with the plan to surprise him, but when they reached there Maan was busy in some meeting and Pinky’s face dropped but our Adi always knows how to cheer her up (wink Wink).


Adi: Arey Pinky why are you so sad. Let’s hit the cafeteria, waise bhi we didn’t have our lunch.


And Pinky’s face immediately lit up hearing about lunch.


Pinky: Yeah and the aero plane food was so bad I couldn’t eat it at all (she cribbed) Chalo chalte hai (Come on let’s go) (she added all excited and hungry)


And Pinky dragged poor Adi all the way to the cafeteria. Pinky was busy eating while our shy Adi was completely lost in her.


Pinky (surprised): Arey, you aren’t eating anything?


Adi (her voice broke his trance and he jerked back to reality laughing nervously): hahahaha… (before adding) nahi I had.


Pinky (super excited): Sachi, you aren’t going to eat your French fries, can I please eat them.


Adi blinked his eyes in approval while she gobbled all the French fries and he slightly shook his head “Hayee… my cute Pinky“.


By the time they finished lunch even Maan’s meeting was over and he was pleasantly surprised to find them there and his pale face, due to his broken and dejected heart, gained some color.


Maan (hugging both Pinky and Adi): I am so glad to see you guys. (suddenly worried) But Pinky you have your college right?


Pinky: Nahi Bhai, we have holidays abhi for a couple of weeks so we thought of visiting you.


Maan smiled slightly, he really needed his dear ones close to him else he would have seriously crumpled under his burdened heart and remorseful soul.


Pinky: Bhaiya aaj please ghar jaldi chaliye I need to tell you so many things and we even need to share a surprise.

(Please come home early na brother, I need to tell you so many things and we even need to share a surprise.)


Adi (Poor Adi who was drinking water almost choked on it fearing Maan’s reaction to the surprise, even though Maan had agreed Adi was still a little scared): Cough… cough.


Maan (patting his back, adding in a mischievous voice): Arey Adi aisa kya surprise hai that you are so nervous buddy.

(Adi what find of a surprise is it that you are so nervous buddy.)


Adi (clearing his throat but his voice almost died): Nahi aisa kuch nahi hai. (No, nothing like that)


Maan guessed they both were up to some naughtiness but didn’t interrogate him any further to the relief of poor Adi and they all left home early.


As they reached home Pinky told him all the possible news and gossips she had in her mind while Maan was patiently listening to her blabbering. His little sister’s innocence so much reminded him of Geet that he was lost in his past.



Maan and Geet were sitting on the bench in their favorite lake park, actually they were supposed to be group studying but in reality Geet was as usual talking non-stop or shall I say revealing all the hot and happening secrets of the college in short gossiping while our dear Maan was completely lost in admiring his Jaan.

He was so busy in drooling over his Mishti that he simply had no clue of what she was saying when she suddenly shook him awake from his day dreaming session.


Geet (shaking him on getting no response from Maan): Arey bolo na, haan ya na. (Say na yes or no)


Maan (Poor guy he had absolutely no clue of what she was asking but if she realized that she would definitely kill him, he gulped hard OMG what to do now when an idea stuck him that whatever it was he should just agree to his angel): Haan. (yes)


Geet (really furious at him): Haan??? (Maan gulped hard oops he made the wrong choice.) Haan, tumhe toh mein moti hi lagoongi na. (Yeah you will find me fat only right)


Maan (self-thought): Maan aaj tu toh gaya. (Maan, you are dead today)


Maan (trying to pacify her and at the same time trying to save himself): Nahi,  maine aise kahan kaha Jaan (not knowing as to what exactly he had agreed to). (But when did I say that, Jaan)


Geet (really mad at him, in fact Maan could actually see smoke coming out of her ears): Maine abhi toh poocha ki Pari kah rahi thi ki mei Moti lag rahi hoon kya yeh sach hai aur tumne haan kaha.

(I was just now asking that Pari was saying that I am looking fat and if that is true and you said yes)


Geet made a sullen face and turned it away from him. Oops he did a real blunder this time now how to manofy his Mishti.


Maan (gulping hard): Baby, please listen to me na.


But she shook her head as a tear threatened to fall from her eye, he thought she was fat and ugly. It was as if Maan could sense her tears and it pierced his heart.


Maan went down on his knees as he sat below Geet holding her hands (as she sat on the bench) which were on her lap. Even though she was angry at him she didn’t have the heart to jerk him away.


Maan: I am really very sorry Jaan… woh… woh… actually (blushing slightly as he remembered his drooling session) I was so lost in you that I didn’t hear what you were asking and simply agreed with you (he added sheepishly as his cheeks went all red while Geet was really amused at his admittance but then it stuck her that he wasn’t even listening to her).



Geet (shocked and angry): Kya, tum ne meri koi bhi baat nahi suni (jerking his hands) Jago I won’t talk to you only.

(What you didn’t hear any thing I said (jerking his hands) Go, I won’t talk to you only)


Maan (held his ears making a baby face): Par Mishti mei kya karoon mujhe tumhare aage kuch aur dikta ya suntan hi nahi deta. (pleading her) Tumhare pagal deewane ko maaf kar do na please.

(But Mishti, what can I do, I can’t see or hear anything when you are in front of me. (pleading her) Please forgive your mad lover)


Hayee… he looked and sounded so cute, how could she not melt at the innocent admittance of his pure love. After all he was only lost in her, she blushed slightly as she held his hands blinking her eyes. She smiled at him… hayee… he was again lost in his Jaan drooling away so openly.




When Pinky almost shrieked breaking his sweet memories as he jolted back to his torturous present far away from his angel.


Pinky (screaming): Bhaiya….


Maan (jerking back to reality): Hmmm…


Pinky (cribbing): Kya Bhaiya where were you lost, aap toh meri baat sun hi nahi rahe ho?

(What brother, where were you lost, you didn’t listen to anything I was saying)


Maan (somehow controlling his emotions): Sorry princess, yeah tell me now.


Pinky (really excited): Bhai I and Adi were thinking how about we get engaged here in India this weekend itself.


Maan (smiled): Why not, I will book the best planners and get all the arrangements done.


Pinky: Par Bhai you have to promise that you will take a break from office and spend some time with us also and help us with the preparations and shopping.


Maan shook his head slightly understanding that it was all Adi’s plan to cheer him up and he thanked his friend via his eyes and Adi nodded back as if acknowledging it.

Precap: Maan and Geet face to face again (OMG Ouch ouch)


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