Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 40

Chapter 40


A knock on the door finally interrupted their divine oneness as they broke apart completely breathless and totally flushed at their desperation.


Annie: Bhaiya, if you have finished giving sponge bath to Bhabhi, could you please open the door. All are staring at me out here.


Poor Geet blushed completely red Blushing, even Annie had come to know about the sponge bath, OMG and Maan chuckled slightly seeing his blushing Jaan. Hayee… she looked so adorable with her red cheeks that he quickly kissed them before rushing to open the door while Geet blushed all the more smiling at his sweet love.


Annie (came in and she just couldn’t resist teasing them, seeing them all flushed and red): Nahi who, the door was locked na so I was thinking of knocking when the nurse informed me that Bhaiya was giving sponge bath to Bhabhi (Hayee… poor Geet… she was all sharam se pani pani Blushing… while Maan glared at Annie faking anger while be too was blushing inside) so I waited and waited, but now all the people had started staring at me so… (she made a cute puppy face and how could her brother not melt at that and he pulled her cheeks slightly while she smiled)


Maan (obviously he saw through her melodrama but played along): Tu bahut badmash ho gayi hai (he said slightly slapping her cheeks  while Annie giggled away to glory and our poor Geet was like Babaji where do I hide)

(You have become very naughty)


Their cute family moment was interrupted as the doctor came for Geet’s check up.


Doctor: How are you feeling now?

Geet: Much better doctor.


The doctor was really pleased with her progress and as he finished the check up he added.


Doctor (smiled at them):You are really lucky Mrs Khurana, your husband is taking excellent care of you and I am sure you will soon recover completely.


Geet blushed Blushing hearing “Husband”… Hayee… her Maan… obviously he had admitted her as Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana while Maan’s chest swelled in pride seeing her reaction.


Maan: So when can we take Geet home doctor. (Doctor got a little tensed worrying Maan. Maans spoke in worry laden voice as he got really anxious about his Jaan’s health) Is there any problem doctor.


Doctor (sensing his worry and shaking his head): No, no. In fact we can discharge her right away, but…

Maan (got confused what was the problem then, raising his eyebrow): But…

Doctor (gulped hard): Woh actually, we will have to take her down in the wheel chair and sitting at an angle of 90 degree would hurt her wound, so… (hehe LOL… obviously by now the whole hospital was very well aware that they would have to face the wrath of THE MSK if his Jaan, his Geet got hurt even a wee bit)

Maan (chucking): That’s alright doctor, I will carry my Geet.



Nurse (peeping out from behind the doctor absolutely terrified): Woh actually we are at the tenth floor and the lift isn’t working since morning, sir. The technicians are working on it but it might take a few hours. We are moving our patients also via the ramp only.


Maan (amused at their weird arguments, what was the whole fuse about): That’s perfectly fine, I will take the stairs.


And Geet looked at him truly blessed to have her Maan who really loved her unconditionally. Tears brimmed her eyes witnessing his undying love for her.


The doctor and nurse couldn’t believe their ears but no one dared to say a word in front of the MSK while Annie felt so proud of her brother she knew how much he absolutely adored her Bhabhi, after all she was his Jaan na.


Maan soon got the discharge papers ready and he instructed Annie to get the car ready below. Here Geet didn’t want to voice her concern in front of all as it would be an insult to his divine love but she was truly worried about his health and now that they were alone she spoke.


Geet (really worried): Maan, wheel chair would be absolutely fine na, it is ten floors and you will get hurt (she pleaded him for his wellness and he was completely blown away at his angel’s love and care)


Maan(gently caressing her cheek): Jaan, mujhe kuch nahi hoga, tum toh meri angel ho na aur angel ki wajah se kabhi koi problem hui hai bhala (but she was still tensed when a naughty idea clicked him) Aur wasie bhi in dole shole ka kya fayada if I can’t even lift my dear wifey.

(Jaan,  nothing will happen to me, you are my angel na and have ever heard that any problem has happened due to an angel (but she was still tensed when a naughty idea clicked him) and what is the use of these muscles if I can’t even lift my dear wifey.)


Hayee… she toh was totally flat on his dole shole na and on top of it wifey… ufff and she blushed while Maan gently lifted his Jaan in his arms and she too lovingly wrapped her arms around him.


Maan very carefully carried her to the car while his eyes kept on pouring his pure love on her as she too was completely lost in his love. He very gently placed her in the passenger seat which Annie had already inclined as per his instructions. He sent the driver home as he himself drove his Mishti. Annie felt so happy for her Bhaiya and Bhabhii as she sat behind truly honored to be witnessing their true and divine love for each other as Maan drove really slowly to their home making sure to not let even a slight jerk hurt his angel while Geet was totally love in his limitless love as she kept on drooling opening at him throughout the drive.


Maan softly carried Geet inside as Dadi welcomed them back home with the aarti and he took her to his room and gently settled her on the bed. He lovingly caressed her head.


Maan: Jaan, you take rest now.


And Geet too fell asleep holding his hand as he softly stroked her forehead. She slept peacefully under his protective care while he kept on admiring his sleeping beauty completely smitten by her, drooling over his Jaan.


3 days had gone by and Geet was slowly recovering under Maan’s unconditional love and care. He was literally by her side all day long just not letting her exert even a wee bit. He would effortless tirelessly look after her each and every need however small or trivial it may be without even her voicing it. He would lovingly lift her in his arms and take her everywhere be it the washroom or the garden or just like that so that she didn’t get bored lying down all day long.


He ensured that he did all her work, be it feeding her, helping her with her day to day activities, giving her sponge bath or caressing her to sleep and she was truly grateful to her Babaji for having sent over HIS most precious angel, her Maan for her. She was absolutely speechless at his truly pure, divine, unconditional and undying love for her.


The next day Geet stirred in her sleep hearing Maan argue on the phone and she blinked her eyes to gain focus. It was early in the morning and she was surprised as to whom Maan was scolding. She strained her neck to find the source of his voice and found him standing outside her room and talking in an agitated voice.


Maan (speaking loudly, almost screaming on the phone): Adi I don’t care even if we lose that deal. I already told you that my Geet is my priority and I am simply not going to leave her alone even for a second.


Adi: But Sssirr…


Maan: No if, no but, if they are fine with video conferencing then ok otherwise they can just go to hell (he roared)


Adi: I will try to manage that but sir what about signing the contract.


Maan: They will have to wait for a week or we can meet at my house.


Poor Adi what could he say, he simply stammered Right Sssirrr and kept the phone down.


Here Geet was shocked beyond words, Maan was willing to lose such an important deal just for her and tears brimmed her eyes at his divine love but she was absolutely fine now and would not let him sacrifice his hard earned work for her sake but she also knew he would never listen to her in this regard as she was very well aware that for him she was as precious as he was for her so she devised a plan. Yeah it would hurtful for both of them but she somehow made her heart strong as she couldn’t see his work suffering due to her.


Maan calmed himself before entering his Jaan’s room while Geet immediately closed her eyes pretending to be asleep.

He smiled seeing his sleeping angel and softly caressed her forehead tucking the lose strand of hair behind her ear. Geet gently opened her eyes and looked at her with so much love that she almost melted away in his endless love wanting to submerge in his chocolate brown eyes and remain there till the end of the world.


They both were totally lost in each other when a loud noise outside broke their eye lock and Geet mentally slapped herself for losing focus on her plan and drooling over her Jaan but her heart cutely pouted as to what could it do, it toh simply adored her Maan na.


Maan (sweetly): Chalo Jaan, I will take you to the washroom.


Hayee he so lovingly went ahead to lift her up that she almost lost her senses again but she somehow regained her composure and strengthened her heart as she rudely remarked.


Geet: What the hell is all this Maan, I am perfectly alright now. (Maan was completely taken aback and he just halted in his actions simply not able to contemplate as to what did he do wrong while Geet died a thousand deaths to talk so rudely to her Jaan but she knew it was extremely important) You should stop treating me like I have become handicapped (her harsh words pierced his loving heart as tears brimmed his eyes. He didn’t intent to hurt her with his actions, it was just that he couldn’t see her in pain and simply wanted to shower her with all his love and care. But maybe he unintentionally caused her pain). Just leave from here, I don’t wanna see your face, bas.


Maan’s heart shattered into a million pieces, his Jaan didn’t want to even see his face. He simply bowed his head, his eyes cast low as he gently got up and quietly left from there. If she didn’t desire to see his face then he would do that as well for her happiness. Had he too shouted at her and left it would still have been fine but she felt so guilty looking at his bowed head and tears brimming his eyes that remorse for her rude and heartbreaking actions immediately kicked in her heart and she simply wanted to run up to him and seek forgiveness. Her consciousness accused her of causing her Maan such unbearable agony but her mind argued that how could she be so selfish and let his work, his worship suffer. Tears rolled down her eyes endlessly for causing so much pain to her love but it was absolutely essential her mind stated.


Her heart and mind where arguing when she heard a knock on the door. She was surprised as to who would knock as generally all just came in and she immediately wiped her tears.


Geet (weak voice as her heart ached to have talked so rudely with her Jaan): Yeah, come in.


And she curiously looked at the door as it slowly creaked. But she was completely taken aback to see a lion’s head pop in and she almost shrieked in fright but somehow calmed herself as she realized it was a mask.


Lion:  Hmm… (seeing her so scared) sorry but the only other mask I had was of a Dracula and I thought that might scare you more, so…


Geet (astonished, she knew it was Maan’s voice but he made absolutely no sense): Han????


Maan: Nahi, woh, you didn’t want to see my face na toh yeh lion wala chalega kya (he asked so innocently that it took a moment for Geet to register what he was talking about before tears rolled down her eyes at his cuteness. She had been so rude to him, yet he was here trying to fulfill her worthless demand while Maan grinned behind the mask as he slowly approached his Mishti.)

(No, woh, you didn’t want to see my face na, will this lion one do?)


Maan (Settling beside her): Bolo na Jaan, yeh lion wala chalega kya? (Tell na Jaan, will this lion one work)


And she simply hugged him tight completely overwhelmed.


Geet (as tears trickled down her cheeks): I am so… sorry Maan… please… mujhe maaf kar dijiye (she hiccuped as tears flowed nonstop from her eyes)

(I am so… sorry Maan… please… forgive me)


Maan: Shhh… Mishti… Mujhe daatne ka toh tumhara poora haq banta hai Jaan… (But she continued sobbing) Aur mujhe yeh bhi pata hai ki meri Mishti mujhe kyun daant rahi thi (she stopped crying as she got tensed as to what did he understand) kyunki woh nahi chahati thi ki meri deal miss ho, hai na (and she broke the hug looking at him with disbelief as to how did he know and he gently took her hand and placed it over his heart) Arey aise kyun dekh rahi ho, tum toh mere dil mei basti ho, tum toh meri dharkane ho Jaan, toh phir tumhari koi bhi baat mujh se kaise chip sakti hai bhala.

(Shhh… Mishti… It your full right to scold me… (But she continued sobbing) And I know why my Mishti was scolding me(she stopped crying as she got tensed as to what did he understand) because she doesn’t want me to miss my deal miss, right (and she broke the hug looking at him with disbelief as to how did he know and he gently took her hand and placed it over his heart) Why are you looking at me like this, you reside in my heart, you are my breathe Jaan, then how can any of your feelings be hidden from me.)


And Geet simply kept on staring at him just not able to belief her ears, how could someone love and understand one beyond oneself. She was truly blessed to have him while Maan smiled his ever so charming smile that how could he ever misunderstand his innocent Jaan.


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