Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 39

Chapter 39


Maan (gently kissed her tears away): Nahi Jaan, this is nothing, yeh toh abhi theek ho jayega, you don’t cry. You know right your tears pierce my heart and how can you say I didn’t sleep properly. This was my best sleep in days as I was so near my Jaan. (he winked Wink at her while Geet blushed at his naughtiness)

(NoJaan, this is nothing, It will yet alright now itself, you don’t cry. You know right your tears pierce my heart and how can you say I didn’t sleep properly. This was my best sleep in days as I was so near my Jaan.)


Their beautiful moment was broken by Annie who cleared her throat.


Annie: Ahem… ahem…


And poor Maaneet blushed furiously as Maan almost jumped up to stand at a distance from his Jaan.


Annie (teasingly): Sorry to disturb you Bhaiya and Bhabhi but the door was open na (she winked Wink mischievously… hayee… Geet went completely red at Annie’s naughtiness while Maan faked slight anger so as to hid his embarrassment on being caught drooling at his Jaan by his little sister. Annie continued giggling at Maan’s fake angry stare) Woh… Dadi ne aap dono ke liye kapare aur khana beja hai(Woh… Dadi gave clothes and food for both of you)


Maan (maintaining a stern look): To de na… (Then give)


And Annie handed him the packet. Maan searched for something in it and on not finding it asked Annie.


Maan: But isme toh kewal Geet ke kapare hai aur hum dono ka khana hai, mere kapare kahan hai Annie.

(But there are only Geet’s clothes and our food in this, where are my clothes Annie)


Annie too was taken by surprise and searched the packet along with Maan.


Annie (suddenly realized something, slapping her forehead gently): Oh shit, Dadi ne kaha tha ki dusare packet bhi lena hai aur mei jaldi jaldi mei bhool hi gayi. But you don’t worry Bhai, I will just go and get it.

(Oh shit, Dadi had said to take the other packet  as well and I forgot it in the hurry to come here fast. But you don’t worry Bhai, I will just go and get it.)


Maan nodded while Annie rushed to Khurana Mansion to get his clothes.


Here the poor terrified nurse entered their room praying to Babaji to save her from the wrath of the great MSK… hehe… LOL


Nurse (meek whisper): Sir… (Maan turned around to face her and her voice simply died seeing his angry glare… poor nurse… hehe) woh… sir…


Maan (slightly irritated at the stupid nurse who couldn’t even speak a sentence properly but little did he realize that the poor nurse was totally terrified of this angry young Maan… hehe LOL): What???


Nurse (gulped hard before gathering the courage as she spoke in one breath): Sir, woh madam ko sponge bath dena hai (Sir, I have to give sponge bath to madam)



Maan (roared at her): No way, you are not touching her and that’s final.


Nurse (totally perplexed as to what will happen now): But…


Maan: Tumhe ek baar mei koi baat samaj mei nahi aati hai kya. I already told you yesterday that you aren’t going anywhere near My Geet and that’s final. Can’t you understand such a simple thing?

(Can you not understand anything in one go? I already told you yesterday that you aren’t going anywhere near My Geet and that’s final. Can’t you understand such a simple thing?)


Poor nurse what was she to do, after all it was her duty to give her sponge bath and she looked at Geet with a sorry face pleading her to control her angry young Maan and let her do her job.


Geet (asked him all confused): But Maan who will give me a sponge bath if you don’t let the nurse give it to me.


Maan (coolly declared): I will.


And Geet was like… Shocked



Geet (Stunned): Kya??? Aap mujhe sponge bath denge…  (What??? You will give me sponge bath)


Maan: Haan kyun koi problem hai? (Yeah, is there are problem)


He looked at her with so much belief, love, trust and care in his eyes as if wanting to ensure that it was his right na that Geet simply didn’t have the heart to say no, how could she break the trust in his eyes and make him fall in his own eyes and she gently shook her head.


Getting his Jaan’s approval Maan demanded the water container and sponge from the nurse who happily obliged and literally ran away from their room thanking her Lord for saving her once again.


Maan softly locked the door behind her and he asked her via his eyes “You trust me right, Jaan” and Geet was truly overwhelmed at his love and care as tears brimmed her eyes as if saying “More than self“. Maan was truly honoured to see the trust for him in her eyes “I will never break your trust on me Jaan“.

Maan dimmed the lights and he sat beside his Jaan placing the sponge and water container on the side table. He gently guided her to an angle before taking out his handkerchief and tightly tied his eyes and Geet was absolutely speechless at his truly pure love.


He didn’t need to look to know, feel, love and care for his Jaan and he gently helped her remove her kurti. As the breeze grazed her soft skin, Geet got really conscious of being beside Maan like that but one look at him, how he had covered his eyes so as to not embarrass her and the way he was totally concentrating on giving her the sponge bath ensuring to not hurt her even a wee bit, had her completely floored and she was lost drooling at her adorable Jaan.


Maan soaked and drained the sponge carefully before gently wiping her face. He dabbed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and chin so delicately that she felt as if she has reached heaven and he was literally worshiping her divine body. He slowly sponged her throat gently before moving down and Geet was almost breathless as he softly rubbed her collar bone. She completely lost in his gentle movements making her speechless at the way in which he so lovingly showered her with his divine love and care.


He softly sponged her arms and hands before moving down to wipe her stomach and waist. He was so extremely careful so as not to hurt her wound that his fingers literally trembled at the mere thought that he might cause her pain and a shiver ran across his soul while she was completely lost in his divine love drooling openly at her Jaan, her Maan. As his delicate fingers unknowingly gently grazed her navel and slender waist Geet tucked in her tummy inhaling sharply closing her eyes completely lost in her dream world savouring the feel of her Jaan.  A smile caressed Maan’s lips as if he could clearly visualize his Geet’s flushed face even with his eyes closed and he simply loved his effect on her.


He gently shifted her, a little in front breaking her trance so as to sponge her back. He very softly wiped her back while Geet unconsciously arched her back completely lost in his tender feel as she almost moaned his name totally lost in his divine touch.


He took out the new kameez that Annie had got and he very lovingly made his Jaan wear it while Geet blushed at how shamelessly she was drooling over him completely lost in his feel while he was simply concentrating on the job at hand.


He next gently folded her salwar till her knees before softly rubbing her legs and feet while Geet was absolutely lost in admiring her Jaan truly blessed to have her Maan who loved her beyond words. He softly pulled back her salwar before he slightly lifted her kameez to open the nara. As his soft fingers accidentally grazed her waist in an attempt to open her salwar Geet feet goose bumps erupt all over her body.


He very delicately raised her so as to help glide down the salwar while a chill ran down her spine as he possessively held her waist in order to support her. His hands and arms gently grazed her delicate body teasing her senses as she moaned his name while Maan chuckled at her reaction shaking his head at his innocent beauty and how he simply treasured her adorable reactions at his slight touch.


He gently placed her down removing the salwar completely before fetching the new one and he softly glided it till her knees while Geet toh was completely lost in the new sensations his absolutely magical touch was creating in her. He again gently raised her holding her waist tightly yet gently so as to glide the salwar up and she was melting away totally lost in her dreamy paradise with her Maan as her pupils diluted completely admiring her Jaan.


Maan gently lowered her back before softly kissing her forehead wanting to absorb all her pain and shower her with his unconditional love and care. She was completely lost in majestic feel of his soft lips gently rubbing against her forehead while his delicate fingers softly caressed her cheek.

Maan (hoarse whisper): I love you, Jaan.


Hayee… Geet was completely blown away at his honest, cute and adorable confession and she gently pecked his lips as if expressing her undying love for her Jaan. Maan placed soft delicate kisses on her lips as he gently sucked on her lower lip as if conveying how truly he adored his Mishti before delicately nibbling at it and she moaned his name.


Maan was really gentle in the kiss today as if she was a delicate glass doll who would crumple in his kiss. He was making sure to not hurt her but his over concern really irked his Jaan who wanted and demanded a complete surrender from him especially after teasing her so much in the sponge bath (not that the poor guy intended it, it was her own erotic senses that had betrayed her… but hehe LOL) and she bit his lips fiercely before her tongue forcefully invaded his mouth taking him by surprise before he smiled and simply let lose letting her take control as they both got lost in the feel of their love.


Soon their soft and gently kiss turned passionate as they kept on nibbling, sucking, kissing and licking each other just not getting enough of the other completely drowned in their paradise. They remained like that for ages as they kissed like no tomorrow as if their very lives depended on that one kiss.


A knock on the door finally interrupted their divine oneness as they broke apart completely breathless and totally flushed at their desperation.


Precap: Geet(really angry on Maan): I don’t wanna see your face, bas
Oops now what did Maan do WinkLOL


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