Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 38

Chapter 38


It was evening and Maan had sent Annie and Dadi home as the doctor had advised to keep Geet under observation and depending on the test results the next morning he would decide as when to discharge her.


Maan: Dadi, ab aap ghar jaiye (Dadi, you go home). Doctor won’t be discharging Geet tonight and Annie you take care of Dadi while I will stay in the hospital and look after Geet.


Dadi (nodded kissing his forehead): Take care of my Bahu, Beta (she winked Wink and Maan blushed slightly “Bahu”… hayee… his wifey…)



Annie and Dadi left for Khurana Mansion while Geet was still sleeping under the effect of the drugs. Maan was sitting beside her softy caressing her hand when the nurse came in to change her dressing.


Nurse: Sir, I have to change her dressing.


Maan nodded as he gently stroked Geet’s forehead in order to wake her up so that the nurse could change the wound dressing.


Maan (gently caressing her): Jaan, please wake up. (and Geet sleepily opened her eyes). Sister needs to change the dressing. (and Geet nodded slightly)


Maan saw slight hesitation in Geet’s eyes and thought that maybe she was feeling shy and wanted him to wait outside while the nurse dressed her wound.


Maan (clearing his throat): Woh… I will wait outside (he said so as not to embarrass his Jaan while Geet smiled at his sweet gesture)


Maa had just turned his back to them when the nurse tried to raise Geet at an angle. She was a little harsh on her and Geet winced in pain. Maan immediately turned around and was furious to see the nurse handling his Jaan so roughly.



Maan (almost roared in anger): Sister…


And the poor nurse jerked in fright while Geet simply shook her head knowing what was to follow.


Maan (if looks could kill then the nurse would have been ashes by now): Get away from her this very instance. (and the poor nurse almost jumped away from Geet totally terrified) Who made you a nurse, don’t you even know how to handle a patient. Can’t you see she is hurt and still you are handling her so roughly.


Geet (trying to calm down her angry young Maan as he erupted on the poor nurse): Maan, aap please shant ho jaiye, I am absolutely fine. Aur waise bhi abhi lagi hai toh dard toh hoga hi na isme inki kya galti hai. (she tried explaining to Maan but he was in full angry MSK form abhi and was in no mood to listen to anything, especially when it concerned the his Jaan)

(Maan, please calm down, I am absolutely fine. And anyways, since I have got hurt, it will pain also na so it is not her fault)


Maan glared at Geet and she simply shut up knowing that no amount of pacification could calm him down when the nurse meekly added.


Nurse (faint whisper as her voice failed her witnessing the angry MSK): But sir, I need to change the dressing…


Maan (roared not letting her speak): You are not touching her and that’s final.


Nurse (totally perplexed, how was she to change her dressing without touching the patient): But sir… dressing…


Maan: You tell me what to do and I will change.


Both Geet and nurse were like “What!!!” as their mouth’s dropped open.


Maan (looking from one to the other): What??? You don’t need to look so shocked like you saw a ghost (and both straightened themselves) We just need to change the dressing and I know I am pretty capable of that so just tell me what to do. (He commanded the nurse who meekly nodded.)


The poor nurse had no choice but to do say Maan said because if he complained then she would definitely lose her job so it was better to obey and do as he said and let him change the dressing under her super vision.


Nurse (faint whisper): As you say sir.


Maan very gently held his Jaan and made her sit at an angle so that he could change the dressing. He folded her kameez a little so that he could access the would while Geet felt butterflies in her stomach feeling his soft and gentle touch as his long delicate fingers softly caressed her in the process. She almost blushed while Maan was solely concentrating on the task at hand which was to change her dressing making sure it didn’t hurt her even a wee bit.


He very carefully removed the bandage and cleansed the wound blowing air continuously so that the antiseptic would not sting her while Geet felt a chill run down her spine as his hot breathe fell on her soft skin. He looked up to make sure he didn’t hurt her but chuckled seeing his effect on her as her pupils had already dilated as she was floating in her dream world completely lost in his love and care.



His chuckle broke her trance and she mentally slapped herself for so openly and shamelessly drooling over her Maan while Maan blinked his eyes as a peaceful yet naughty smile caressed his lips as if assuring her that he absolutely didn’t mind rather he was honored that she desired him so much while she lowered her eyes as her cheeks went completely red.


Maan gently applied the ointment before bandaging her wound. He carefully lowered her back having successfully changed her dressing while the nursed heaved a sigh of relief and she almost ran out cursing her luck to be assigned their duty as she was really terrified as to what all was in store for her.


It was dinner time and the terrified nurse was back fearing what the angry MSK will do of her.


Nurse: Sir, I have got madam’s dinner.


Maan took the dinner from her hand and indicated her to leave and she happily obliged thanking lord for saving her.


Maan made a bite and brought it near her mouth but she shook her head surprising him.


Geet (replied as he raised his eyebrow): Aap ne bhi toh kuch nahi kaya na kal raat se, pehele aap kaiye. (You also haven’t eaten anything since yesterday night, so you eat first)



Maan (sweetly smiled at her love and care for him): I will also eat Jaan but this is especially for you so that you can recover faster.


Geet (but when was she to listen): Nahi jab tak aap nahi kaoge I will also not eat (she said turning her face away yet gauging his reaction from this corner of her eye)

(No, till you don’t eat, I will also not eat)


Maan (signed seeing her childish antics): Aach theek hai baba, see I am making a bite for myself too.

(Ok fine dear, see I am making a bite for myself too.)



Geet cutely faced him as he fed both of them together while Geet was completely lost in him drooling openly.


As they finished dinner, Maan gently made Geet lie down and softly kissed her forehead.


Maan: Jaan you please now.



Geet: You also rest na, you must be hell tired na.


Maan blinked his eyes smiling at his Jaan… Hayee how much she loved and cared for him and he too went to sleep on the couch.


Around midnight Maan got up as he heard Geet moan in pain. He immediately rushed to her side but she was whimpering in deep sleep. His heart ached to see his Jaan in so much anguish and he kneeled down besides her gently holding her hand, caressing her forehead with the other wanting to absorb all her pain.


He kept on stroking her trying to soothe her pain when all of a sudden she felt shooting pain in her wound and gripped his hand tightly as her nails dug deep in his skin almost drawing out his blood. But Maan kept on caressing her hand gently and she slowly relaxed under his soothing touch.


She slept peacefully like a baby as he held onto her calming her all night long before Maan too fell asleep there only on the floor with his head supported via the side table and her hand still in his.


As the early morning sun rays penetrated the hospital room Geet gently stirred in her sleep as she lazily opened her eyes to find her Maan sleeping on the floor beneath her, her hand almost digging into his hand cutting him yet he was softly caressing her hand with the other trying to soothe her even in his sleep. A tear escaped her eye seeing the truly unconditional, undying love of her Maan.


Geet (over whelmed, almost choking with emotions as she called out to her life): Maan…


And Maan instantly got up fearing that she must be hurting.


Maan (almost panicking seeing her tears): Kya hua Geet, bahut dard ho raha hai kya. Doctor ko bulau.

(What happened Geet, is it hurting a lot. Should I call the doctor)


Geet shook her head and Maan raised his eyebrow as if asking “Then why are you crying Jaan“.


Geet: Aap meri wajah se theek se so bhi nahi paye aur yeh dekhiye maine kya kiya. (she said pointing to the blood that trickled from his hand due to her nails digging in his skin all night long).

(You weren’t even able to sleep properly due to me and look what did I do)


Maan (gently kissed her tears away): Nahi Jaan, this is nothing, yeh toh abhi theek ho jayega, you don’t cry. You know right your tears pierce my heart and how can you say I didn’t sleep properly. This was my best sleep in days as I was so near my Jaan. (he winked at her Wink while Geet blushed at his naughtiness)

(NoJaan, this is nothing, It will yet alright now itself, you don’t cry. You know right your tears pierce my heart and how can you say I didn’t sleep properly. This was my best sleep in days as I was so near my Jaan.)


Precap: Geet (Stunned): Kya??? Aap mujhe sponge bath denge…  (What??? You will give me sponge bath)


(Yeah, yeah Maan who else did u think Wink)


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