Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 37

Chapter 37


Geet (she called out to Maan with all the love in her voice): Maan…


And Maan left that rascal and turned around to face his Geet and slowly love for her replaced the hatred for the devil in his eyes. She spread her arms for him and he engulfed his Jaan in a soul soothing hug.


Both found solace in each other’s arms as they slowly let go of all the trauma, fear, helplessness and worry that they had been undergoing since the past few hours of their separation. Even Aarti smiled witnessing the peace on the faces of the heavenly couple as they were so completely lost in the divine love of theirs hugging each other.


They held on to each other as if their very life depended on that one hug as they so desired for the time to stop as they so desperately wanted to feel each other wanting to assure their anxious hearts that they were together in reality and it wasn’t a mere mirage.


They broke apart after ages so content to be together but to Geet’s horror she saw Dev approaching Maan with the manicure scissor tightly gripped in his palm and as if in reflex she pushed Maan away and by the time Maan could regain his balance Dev had stabbed Geet with the scissors. Maan was aghast as he saw blood gushing out of Geet’s stomach and he rushed to hold on to her while Dev too was dumbstruck he toh wanted to kill that Maan who came in between him and Geet, not his Geet.


Dev (in pain seeing Geet hurt): Geet…. (he screamed as he tried to approach her but Maan kicked the living daylights out of him and he went flying in air as Maan desperately held onto his Jaan)


Maan (gently clapping her cheeks, trying hard to get her to gain consciousness as she was sipping in and out of it): Geet… please apni aankhe kholo… dekho mei hoon… tumhara Maan

(Geet… please open your eyes… see it’s me… your Maan)


But despite her best efforts Geet just wasn’t able to lift her eye lids as they felt really heavy and the last she heard was her Maan’s calling out to her before she fell completely unconscious.


When Adi along with the police arrived at the scene and they arrested Dev and took Aarti also along with them as a witness to the police station.


Maan lifted Geet as he and Adi rushed to his car. Adi sat in the driver’s seat as Maan gently placed his Jaan on the back seat taking her head delicately into his lap. Adi sped the car towards the hospital while Maan applied pressure on her wound to reduce the bleeding.


Maan (really anxious for his Jaan, almost trembling in fear): Adi faster… she is losing blood and her pulse is becoming weak… drive faster…


And Adi for the first time raced on the streets to rush to the hospital. During the whole journey Maan tried his best to wake up his Jaan as he continuously called out to her as his heart bleed in pain to feel her blood and see her lying lifeless in his arms as tears rolled down his cheeks.


As soon as they reached the hospital Maan rushed inside the hospital carrying his Jaan screaming for s doctor and they soon rushed her to the OT.


Here Maan stood almost lifeless outside the OT watching his life being rushed inside as his heart begged her Babaji for her life.


Dadi and Annie also rushed to the hospital and tears rolled down their eyes seeing Maan so broken, so lifeless as if someone had snatched the very life in him.


Dadi (as she gently touched Maan’s shoulder jerking him back to reality from the vast infinite darkness what was threatening to engulf his soul): Maan beta Bhagwan par barosa rakhiye, Geet jaldi se theek ho geyengi (Maan beta, have faith in God, Geet will soon be alright)



And Maan almost broke down on seeing his Dadi as his heart wept blood while tears rolled down his cheeks as he shivered in pain and grief hugging his Dadi.


Maan (trembling voice): Mujhe bachane ke liye meri Geet ne… (In order to save me, my Geet…) (and he choked with emotions and his voice simply failed him as his heart almost blamed him for the condition of his Jaan and he just kept on crying like a kid holding on to his Dadi.)


Both Annie and Dadi’s heart went out for him as tears rolled down their eyes but what could they say or do to soothe his agonizing pain other than begging God to save his Geet.


When suddenly the OT door opened and the doctor came out. Maan somehow controlled his emotions and rushed to the doctor.


Maan: Doctor, mere Geet theek toh hai na. (Doctor, my Geet is alright, na?)


Doctor (smiled): Haan, Mr. Khurana, she is absolutely fine. (Color finally returned on Maan’s face as he finally egained his soul when he heard the doctor say that his Jaan was safe and all heaved a sigh of relief) We are very fortunate that the wound wasn’t too deep and the scissor didn’t hit any vital organ. (he paused before continuing) But she is quiet weak so it will take some time for her to recover completely and she needs loads of rest (Maan nodded as if assuring the doctor that he would take complete care of his Jaan).


Maan: Can I see her?


Doctor: We will soon be shifting her to the room and then you can meet her.


Maan nodded thanking Geet’s Babaji for saving his Jaan.


As soon as Geet was shifted to the room Maan went inside and his heart ached to see his Jaan pricked with so many needles and have countless machines attached to her delicate self. He sat beside her as he gently took her free hand in his and delicately stoked it as tears rolled down his eyes feeling her pain.


Her soul as if felt his touch and became alive as she slowly opened her eyes. She blinked her eyes to clear the hazy vision as she faintly whispered.


Geet (hardly audible whisper): Maan…


Maan (finally his heart felt relieved to hear her voice): Jaan… (he kissed her hand as tears rolled down his cheeks onto her hand) How are you?


Geet was shocked to feel her hand getting wet as realization dawned on her that her Maan was crying.


Geet (slightly shaking her head): Nahi Maan… See I am absolutely fine (tears still poured down his eyes as he kissed her hand again as if wanting to be absolutely certain that she was indeed fine): Aap please mat rohiye (Please don’t cry)


Maan (how could his tears stop when his Jaan had barely survived… suddenly realizing why she was here, angry on her for putting her life in danger): Batao mujhe, tumne aisa kyun kiya… kyun… apne Maan ko itna kyun tarpaya… why did you take the blow on yourself?

(Tell me, why did you do this, why… why did you torture your Maan like this… why did you take the blow on yourself?)


Geet (slight smile): Because you are more precious to me…


Maan (his heart cried in pain, as fresh tears rolled down his cheeks): Nahi, meri Jaan se jyada nahi (no, not more than my Jaan) ( as he showered her hand with kisses… his Geet was his life… he toh didn’t even exist without her na…)


Geet (gently removed her hand from his rock solid grip and wiped his tears): Please Maan, apni Geet ke liye, no more tears, please Maan.

(Please Maan, for your Geet, no more tears, please Maan.)


Maan somehow controlled his tears and even Dadi and Annie entered the room.


Dadi (folding her hands in front of Geet): Geet beta, hume maaf kar dijiye (Geet beta, please forgive me)


Geet (she immediately held her hands): Dadi aap yeh kya kar rake ho, aap mujse bare ho (Dadi what are you doing, you are elder to me)


Dadi (she dipped her eyes in shame): Nahi beta, hume bina kuch jane aapko itna bura bala kaha, hume maaf kar do (tears rolled down her eyes as she felt so small to have blamed Geet for no fault of her)

(No beta, without knowing anything, I cursed you so much, please forgive me)


Geet (shaking her head as she wiped Dadi’s tears): Nahi Dadi… please… aap mujhe sharminda mat kijiye mujse maafi maag kar (No Dadi, please don’t embarrass me but asking forgiveness)


And Dadi kissed her forehead truly thankful to God for having gifted her with a daughter like Geet and she vowed to always keep her children happy.


When suddenly Geet felt her feet getting wet and she felt slight weight on them. She was shocked to find a teary Annie holding onto her feet sobbing profusely.


Geet: Annie…


Annie (her head bowed in shame): Mei bahut buri hoon Bhabhi… (tears rolled down her eyes as she choked in guilt) aap ne mujpe itne ehsaan kiye aur mujh ehsaan faramosh ne aap par hi ilzzam lagaye (and she hiccupped just not able to control her emotions as her consciousness cursed her)

(I am very bad Bhabhi… (tears rolled down her eyes as she choked in guilt) you did so many favours on me and in return instead of thanking you I blamed you (and she hiccupped just not able to control her emotions as her consciousness cursed her))


Geet (was stunned to see her little sister dying of guilt): Annie… idar aa mere paas (Annie… come here near me)


Annie looked up at Maan and he signalled her via his eyes to move closer to Geet.


Geet (as Annie sat beside her, Geet wiped her tears): Pagli, tu toh meri pyaar behen hai na to behano mei kaisa ehsaan (Annie was over whelmed at Geet’s kind heart) Chal ab mujhe ek acchi si smile de (and Annie smile admist her tears and Geet too smiled back)

(Stupid, you are my sister and when did favours come in between (Annie was over whelmed at Geet’s kind heart) Common, now give me a sweet smile (and Annie smile admist her tears and Geet too smiled back))


Precap: Maaneet moments as Maan takes care of his Jaan


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