Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 35

Chapter 35

Here Maan was really furious at Dev. Had Dev been in front of Maan, he would have literally ripped him apart such was the fury under which Maan was burning when something stuck him. Maan quickly scanned for the number from which Sasha had received the photograph and his temper just went soaring high seeing private number being displayed as name there and he roared at Sasha.


Maan: How do you contact that bloody Bas****


Sasha (meekly whispered, scared to death seeing the anger in Maan’s eyes): I don’t have his number, he only calls me and if I ever have to contact him I e-mail him.


Maan almost lost his remaining cool hearing about another dead end in trying to reach to his Jaan when an idea clicked him.


Maan (to Adi): Adi quick ask Inspector Kamat to get Sasha’s mobile tapped right way (to Sasha) and you email that bas**** that you have something urgent to discuss so that he calls you up. But remember if you try to act smart or as much as even pass a hint I swear I will rip your head off.


Sasha who was already trembling in fear turned completely white hearing the thundering voice and threat of the MSK. She cursed the day she listened to that stupid Dev and almost dig her grave as she was sure that if something happened to Geet, Maan would surely burn her in oil. She meekly nodded her head as her voice completely ditched her.


As soon as Inspector Kamat confirmed that the phone tapping had started Sasha emailed Dev as per Maan’s dictation.


Here Geet was completely taken aback at Dev’s declaration of his love for her. She had always considered him her best friend but he had completely misunderstood their friendship.


Geet (moving back): But I don’t love you Dev. Tum humari dosti ka galat matlab nikaal rahe ho. (But I don’t love you Dev. You are misunderstanding our friendship)


Dev (approaching her): Nahi, nahi Geet. Tum bahut nadan ho, tum apne jasbat khud hi samaj nahi pa rahi ho. Tum bhi mujse beintehah pyar karti ho.

(No, no Geet. You are very innocent you don’t understand your emotions. You too love me endlessly)


Dev had absolutely lost his sanity and he used to live in an imaginary world of his own where he loved Geet ad she too reciprocated his feelings. He has totally detached himself from reality and hence could not accept the truth that Geet was only Maan’s.


Dev was about to caress her face as she moved back in fear and disgust when his mobile beeped. He moved back to check his mobile and Geet heaved a sigh of relief.


Dev had received an email from Sasha which said “Please call me, it is really urgent” and he called up Sasha fearing that she had screwed up.


Dev (screaming on the call): Yadi tune kuch garbar ki hai toh yaad rakhana mujse bura koi nahi hoga. (If you have screwed up then remember I will not leave you)


Sasha (self thought): You are just a cheap schemer and trickster what can you do but I am sure MK will definitely kill me if I screw up now. And anyways Dev you are gone now as you are already exposed and MK will not leave you.


Sasha (trying to sound confident while in reality she was trembling witnessing Maan’s rage): Our plan has been successful.


Dev laughed out loud really pleased with the way his plan was working but little did he knew that the master (our very own MSK) had already outwitted him.


Dev: So that fool believed the photos, he had to (hahahaha, he laughed his devilish laugh) no one can ever beat me, you are mine now forever Geet (hahahaha)


Geet was confused as to what Dev was talking about and with whom when he cut the call and faced Geet with a smirk on his face.


Dev (laughing wildly): You said na your Maan really loves you, that he can never ever doubt you but see my plan was successful he hates you know, he thinks you betrayed him, he thinks you deceived him, that you left him for another guy. (Geet was shocked, she feared what had Dev done but her heart knew what he was saying was all false her Maan could never ever doubt her) You are a fool to love him madly when look (he showed the picture he had messaged Sasha) he so easily believed a photograph.


Geet was aghast to see her picture hugging Dev and gave a disgusted look to him, how he had twisted the facts by taking advantage of her unconsciousness

Dev: He never loved you Geet that he why he believed that you are behind the conspiracy, see he is totally unworthy of you. (softening his voice) but you don’t worry Geet I am there with you forever, I love you and can never doubt you even for a second. We are meant to be together.


Saying so Dev tried to come near Geet and she jolted back seeing him approaching her.


Geet (as tears rolled down her eyes): You took advantage of our friendship, you abused the trust I had on you. But my Maan can never doubt me, he won’t fall in this low trap of yours and he won’t leave you once he comes to know that you are behind all this.


Dev (laughing out loud): What can that stupid fool do, he is totally weaved in my plan now. He will never be able to come out of the web of lies I have built around him and you will be mine forever, just mine.


There was slight fear in Geet’s mind as to what will happen if what Dev was saying was indeed true because she realized that he was really deadly and dangerous and God knows what all he had planned. Now she was sure that whatever happened at the construction site and the entire union row must have been his doing and even Sasha must be involved but her heart knew that her Maan could never misunderstand him. She had full faith that Maan will believe her, that his heart knew that she was innocent, that she was pure and her love was true.


Dev (seeing her lost not listening to him, he said shaking her) Tum sun rahi ho na, you are mine. (You listening right, you are mine)


Geet (jerking his hands): No I am only Maan’s. Geet keval Maan ki hai aur hamesha Maan ki hi rahegi. (No I am only Maan’s. Geet is only Maan and will only be Maan’s)


Dev slapped her right across her face and she fell down. Her cheek was all red and instantly Dev crouched on his knees.



Dev: I am really very sorry Geet (trying to touch her cheek but she moved back) Believe me , I didn’t want to hurt you (Geet hugged her knees close to her chest totally terrified while Dev continued seeing her so scared) I am really sorry, please don’t be scared of me. (Seeing her trembling in fear, he raised his voice) You know right how much I hate that Bas**** then why do you take his name in front of me (softening his voice) Dekho na what you made me do. Tumhe mujse darne ki bilkul jarurat nahi hai Geet (You don’t need to be afraid off me Geet), I love you (Geet felt disgusted at his shallow and selfish love, love was what her Maan did so true, so pure, so unconditional, so selfless, so divine but she kept quiet God knows what Dev would do if she spoke) Ruko Geet, mein dikhata hoon mein tumhare liye kya laya hoon tab tumhe pata chalega how much I love you and I know you will love it. (Wait Geet, I will show you what I got for you then you will know how much I love you and I know you will love it.)


Saying so Dev rushed out of the room while Geet desperately searched for her mobile wanting to get in touch with her Maan. But to her dismay Dev had already taken it with him and she saw her last hope also dying when Dev entered with a bridal dress.


Dev (showing her a beautiful red wedding dress): Geet dekho yeh tumhare liye hai, tumhe lal rang bahut pasand hai na. You will look out of this world in this lehenga. (Geet was stunned, getting no reaction from her he shook her up) Kya hua Geet tumhe pasand nahi hai kya (raising his voice) ya tum abhi bhi us kamine ke bare mei soch rahi ho, yadi aisa hai toh I swear I will kill him (Geet trembled in fear… her Maan… no… never… she will never let anything happen to her Maan… so she made up her mind to play along with Dev for the time being before she could think of a way to escape from there and inform her Maan)

(See Geet this is for you, you love red color na. You will look out of this world in this lehenga. (Geet was stunned, getting no reaction from her he shook her up) What happened Geet, you didn’t like it? (raising his voice) or you are still thinking about theat Bas****, if that is so I swear I will kill him (Geet trembled in fear… her Maan… no… never… she will never let anything happen to her Maan… so she made up her mind to play along with Dev for the time being before she could think of a way to escape from there and inform her Maan)


Geet (though she felt like revolting and felt disgusted but somehow managed to whisper): No, no it is really very beautiful.


Dev (beamed like a spoiled brat who got his favorite toy): You like it, I knew you would love it Geet. Aisa kaise ho sakta hai ki mei apni Geet ke liye kuch lao aur ushe pasand nahi aaye. Chalo ab jaldi se tayaar ho jao phir hume shaadi bhi toh karni hai na aaj.

(You like it, I knew you would love it Geet. How could it happen that I bring something for my Geet and she doesn’t like it. Come on get ready fast, we have to get married too today.)


Geet was shocked he wanted to marry her and that too tonight, she dreaded the very thought, she was Maan’s and only Maan’s. Her body, soul and mind belonged to her Maan, no she would never let another man touch her when an idea stuck her mind.


Geet: But how will I look like a bride without makeup, I want to look the best on my wedding day.


Dev was happy that she too was excited about their marriage but little did he knew that she would prefer death than marrying him and she was just fooling him so as to buy time in order to reach her Maan.


Dev: Theek hai (Ok), as you wish Geet. Though you are the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world even without makeup but if you want to get all dressed up and ready for our wedding how can I deny your wish. I will instantly arrange for the parlor lady to come home. You just wait here, I will just be back.


As soon as Dev left the room Geet fell on her knees as tears rolled down her eyes “Aap kahan ho Maan… please jaldi aa jaiye… aapki Geet aapki rah dekh rahi hai…(Where are you Maan… please come fast… your Geet is waiting for you)


Here Maan got the location of the place where Dev had kept Geet captivated and he rushed towards it. Maan sped across the traffic as his heart prayed “Geet apna khayal rakhna… tumhara Maan aa raha hai tumhe lene ke liya(Geet take care of yourself… your Maan is coming to take you)


Precap: Will Maan reach in time?


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