Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 31

Chapter 31

As the music ended all broke into claps as tears wetted their eyes completely lost in their true love while Maaneet broke apart blushing slightly as their cheeks went all red seeing all staring at them.


On the other hand Dev had been planning something very sinister in his mind and today was the day he had chosen to destroy Maaneet and make Geet his and only his.


Dev (on phone): So, is everything ready?


Person: Yes sir, we are just waiting for your order, as soon as you say, it will be done.


Dev: Then do it now.


Person: As you say.


Dev (kept the phone down and laughed his devilish laugh (hahahahahaha)): What will you do now Maan Singh Khurana, I will destroy you completely. You dared to come between me and Geet, you tried to snatch her away from me, now I will make sure, to make your life a living hell. (hahahaha… after a pause) Now on to the second step of my plan.


Dev (on phone): You know what do to now, so just do it and you will be paid your price.


Lakhan: Tum chinta mat karo, bas mere paise taiyar rakho, tumhara kaam ho jayega, waise bhi us Maan Singh Khurana se mujhe purana hisab chukana hai.

(You don’t worry, just keep my money ready and your work will happen. Anyways I have to take old revenge from that Maan Singh Khurana)


Dev laughed and decided to execute the last step of his plan.


Dev (on phone): Hello.


Lady (there was loads of back ground noise as she was attending Maan and Geet’s engagement party): Haan bolo (yeah tell), I was waiting for you call only, now tell me how can I destroy this Geet and have Maan for myself.


Dev: Very soon police will be coming there and after that our plan starts, understood.


Lady (shocked): Police, why police, you said nothing will happen to my Maan.


Dev (lying): You don’t worry nothing will happen to your Maan, but to separate Maan and Geet he needs to be out of the picture otherwise he will never let us reach Geet. 


Lady agreed, till Maan was there, they could never ever reach Geet.


Dev: Once everyone leaves, call me and I will tell you the next step.


Lady: Ok.


Dev (self thought): Only when you are thrown out of your current shelter will you come back to me Jaan. Sorry Geet but you forced me to play dirty.

Here in the party all felt blessed to be witnessing the divine love of Maaneet while poor Maan and Geet were blushing all red looking at all staring at them but why won’t they, it was so rare to witness such pure and true love and such closeness these days, when Dadi decided to break the awkwardness and she kissed Geet gently on her forehead.


Dadi: Geet Beta, I am truly blessed to have you as my daughter-in-law.


Geet blushed in shyness while Maan felt so proud of his love, his life, his Jaan. She was truly an angel who had descended from heaven just for him and he was lost in drooling over her when Dadi caught him red-handed and decided to tease her grandson.


Dadi (whispered to Maan): Arey Beta ji, tora toh sabar kar lo ab toh bas kuch hi dino ki baat hai.

(Oh Beta ji, wait for some time at least, it is just a matter of a few days now)


And poor Maan was dying in embarrassment and his cheeks became tomato red at being caught by his Dadi admiring his Jaan.


But all the masti (fun) atmosphere was destroyed as Inspector Kamat entered the engagement hall.


Inspector Kamat: Mr. Khurana, we have to talk to you about something very urgent.


Man was taken by surprise to find police there while Geet’s heart felt very anxious as if something very bad was about to happen as a storm broke outside as if nature was also warning them about the looming trouble in their paradise and she was reminded of the broken photo frame, how her dream had shattered into a thousand pieces.


Maan, Geet along with dadi and Adi went to a secluded place to discuss with the Inspector as to what the urgent issue was while Annie remained behind to look after the guests.


Inspector Kamat: Mr. Khurana, there has been an accident at your construction site and a worker has been very badly injured. The union has erupted in anger and they are claiming that you used inferior quality construction material due to which the ceiling has collapsed.


Maan (furious): But I have never used second rate stuff, all the materials used in our construction is of top quality, you can get them investigated if you want. I am sure it is some rival’s conspiracy to malign my name.


Inspector Kamat: I know Mr. Khurana but the worker’s condition is really very critical and the union is in no mood to listen to anything. The workers have completely surrounded the police station and the union leader Lakhan is threatening to take law and order in their hands and even destroy your site if we don’t arrest you right now.


Dadi (shocked): But…


Inspector Kamat: I know Savitri Ji that these are false allegations but we need to stop them right away before it is too late and in case something happens to the worker we simply won’t be able to control them. (looking at Maan, seeking his co-operation) I am sorry, Mr. Khurana, but you will have to come with us right now.


Maan knew there was no other option to control the workers at that moment and hence he agreed to go with them. He instructed Adi to ensure that the injured worker was provided best medical care, to contact the lawyer right away and also to work out a deal with the union and investigate the matter.


Geet was completely shattered and somehow she blamed herself for all the problems in his life, she felt that ever since she had entered his life, she had only ruined him, today also as she was about to get engaged to him, he got neck deep in trouble. Maan looked at Geet before leaving and one look at her and he instantly realized the emotions she was undergoing, her eyes were the mirror of her soul and he died seeing so much pain in them and it pierced his heart that she considered herself the culprit for no fault of her.


He excused himself for a moment to be alone with his Jaan before he left with the inspector. As soon as they were alone, Geet was no longer able to control her emotions and she completely broke down as tears rolled down her eyes.


Geet (hiccupping as she cried non-stop): Maan, I am so sorry… I am the bad luck, the bad omen of your life (Maan shook his head as her words stabbed his heart, she was his angle how could she ever bring him bad luck) Ever since I have come in your life, it has become miserable… (Maan kept a finger on her lips not letting her continue)



Maan (angry): Chup… bilkul chup… (softening) Shh… Jaan, it is not your fault so please stop blaming yourself and don’t worry all this keeps on happening in business and I will be back soon. (he gently caressed her face, wiping her tears) you don’t take any tension Mishti (trying to lighten the situation) And dare you accuse my Jaan, my angel again…



Geet looked up at him overwhelmed at his divine love, care and understanding. She felt truly blessed to have him in her life, how he could magically calm her down, absorb all her pain and bring a smile on her face whatever be the situation.


Maan very gently kissed her lips as if assuring her that nothing would go wrong till he was there, that he would always be there for her come what may, that their love, their worship was their strength and these tough times would soon end.


Maan (seeing her relax under his touch): Geet take care of yourself, Dadi and Annie till I return and I promise I won’t let any harm come our family’s way.


And Geet nodded as if crossing her heart and vowing to look after their family till he returned.


Saying so Maan left with the inspector while Dadi very gracefully handled the situation and requested the guests to support her family in such harsh times and understand their situation and give them some privacy and all the guests respectfully left the place, leaving behind Dadi, Annie, Geet, Pinky and Adi.


Adi (to Dadi): Madam, I am already in touch with the doctors so as to ensure the best treatment for the injured worker. I am going to meet with the lawyer as well as will try to strike a deal with the union and also get to the bottom of this.


Dadi nodded and Adi left from there.


Lady (outside the mansion, she called up Dev): Police arrived and it took Maan with him, all the guests have also left, now tell me what is the plan? How will we destroy Geet?


Precap: Lady: Savitri Ji, Geet is behind all this conspiracy.

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