Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 30

Chapter 30

The engagement preparations were in full flow as all Dadi, Annie, Maan and Geet were neck deep busy with all the arrangements. Maan wanted their ring ceremony to be just perfect and he was leaving no stone unturned in that regard but little did he know what destiny had in store for them.

Geet was running around trying to get the finishing touches done when someone pulled her behind the pillar and she was about to scream in shock when she felt a hand on her mouth silencing her while the mesmerizing aroma of her Maan filled her senses as he whispered huskily near her ear as his breathe fanned her neck and she was slowly losing her senses in his feel.

Maan (husky whisper): Mishti…

And she was completely lost in him as he placed soft wet kisses on her nape transporting her to the world of their dreams and she moaned his name in pure pleasure.

She turned around wanting to feel him more and he took her lips very delicately in his, soon their gentle soft kiss turned passionate and they were lost biting, nibbling, sucking, kissing and licking each other just not wanting to let go of the other. They kept on kissing each other passionately as if there was no tomorrow just not getting enough of each other when the door bell rang breaking their kissing session and they broke blushing hard as their cheeks went all red. They blushed at their desperation yet couldn’t keep their hands off each other hehe LOL.

Annie had gone to open the door and she shrieked in excitement.

Annie:Wow bro, this picture is awesome, just amazing. Bhabhi jaldi aao na (come fast Bhabhi), you will love it.

Maan smirked as Geet looked up at him with questioning eyes. She knew he was up to some mischief and rushed to Annie to see the framed photograph. But as soon as she saw the picture she was spell bound as tears brimmed her eyes. Maan too had come there by then.

(This was the photograph enlarged and framed by Maan)

Maan:Do you like it Jaan?

Geet was overwhelmed with emotions nodding her head as she choked, completely speechless at his love.

When Dadi called Annie for some work.

Dadi (screaming from inside): Arey Annie, come here beta jaldi (fast)

And Annie rushed from there handing Geet the frame. It was an enlarged framed picture of Maan hugging Geet at their first date and Geet felt so much at peace admiring the photograph. She was softly caressing the picture as if re-living he moment completely lost in his endless love for her while Maan was lost in drooling at his Jaan.

When suddenly a fierce wind blew in through the window and the photograph slipped from Geet’s hands and fell down as the glass broke into a million pieces. Tears flooded Geet’s eyes as if her dream just broke and she instantly bent down to piece the broken pieces as a glass piece cut her finger dripping blood on their picture as she flinched in pain.

Maan just couldn’t bear to see the pain in her Mishti’s eyes while his heart died seeing blood trickle from her finger and he immediately went down on his knees and gently held Geet’s finger and took it in his lips sucking the blood softly comforting her.

Geet (looking at Maan as tears rolled down her cheeks): Maan dekhiye na yeh mujse kya ho gaya, kitna bara upsagun ho gaya aur aapka tofa bhi toot gaya. (Maan se na what just happened by my hands, such a bad omen and your gift also broke)

Maan (her tears pierced his soul, her pain ripped his heart apart, wiping her tears with his free hand): Nahi Jaan, shhh… kuch bura nahi hoga, mei hoon na. (he assured her with his eyes) You trust me na Mishti.

(No Jaan, shhh… nothing bad will happen, I am there na(he assured her with his eyes) You trust me na Mishti.)

Geet (simply hugged him wetting his shirt): More than self.

Maan (gently stroking her hair trying to soothe her troubled self): Shhh… bas love, no more tears, please Jaan it kills me inside to see you shed the precious diamonds Mishti.

And Geet finally calmed down under the magical touch of his guardian angel finding solace in his arms.

They broke apart after ages and Maan cupped her face wiping her dried tears.

Maan:Bas Geet, now no more tears. Promise me Jaan you will never ever cry again.

And Geet nodded simply overwhelmed at his divine love.

Maan:Chalo Mishti ab jaldi se taiyar ho jao (getting mischievous) nahi toh…

(Come on Mishti, get ready fast (getting mischievous) otherwise…)

Geet (innocently asking): Nahi toh kya Maan… (otherwise what, Maan…)

Maan (twinkle in his eyes as he naughtily added): Nahi toh all guest will run away screaming “Bhootni aagayi baagoo” (Ghost coming, run) (he chuckled as he showed her spread kajal and Geet was like ‘O’ and wacked him lightly on his chest as he hugged her lightly and she smiled slightly as she hid herself in his chest)



They got ready for the engagement ceremony and both were looking gorgeous complementing each other perfectly as Maan looked handsome in a lovely black tuxedo while Geet looked mesmerizing in the beautiful red saree and Maan was absolutely lost in admiring his Jaan while she was completely submerged in his eyes which reflected pure and divine love for her.


Here all the guests had gathered to bless them but they was still time in the shub mahurat of their ring ceremony when suddenly the lights went off, Geet got scared of the darkness but when her knight in shining armor was there, what was need to worry and a spot light shone on her while the other spot travelled to Maan as soft music started playing in the back ground


Kaun kenda hai ki duniya vicho rab gaya
Kaun kenda hai ki duniya vicho rab gaya
Mainu naina vicho tere lab gaya
Haaye.. Mainu naina vicho tere lab gaya
Kaun kenda hai ki duniya vicho rab gaya
Mainu naina vicho tere lab gaya
Haaye.. Mainu naina vicho tere lab gaya

Maan gently lip singed the lyrics as if his heart was singing, swaying in her love.
Main karun ibadat teri
Tere dum toh barkat meri
Shamil main hun tujhme
Aur mujhme shirkat teri
Rehnuma Meharma
Jaanejaa meharaban

He looked at her and their eyes met and she was completely lost in his dreamy eyes that poured endless unconditional love on her. She was his goddess and his love was like worship to him as he lessened the distance between them as if moving in trance.

Kaun kenda hai ki duniya vicho rab gaya
Mainu naina vicho tere lab gaya
Haaye.. Mainu naina vicho tere lab gaya

Maan went down on one knee as he held his hand out for Geet as if asking her to bless him with her gracious presence in his life.

Tere khwab jo mile toh
Aankhein ameer ho gayi
Tere pyar ki daulat hi meri jaagir ho gayi
Tere khwab jo mile toh
Aankhein ameer ho gayi
Tere pyar ki daulat hi meri jaagir ho gayi

Geet held his hand as if thanking her Babaji for granting her with Maan truly blessed for his immense love. She was really grateful to Maan for loving, understanding and caring her so much and she was completely lost in his pure love, wanting to submerge herself in him as she softly hugged him totally oblivious to the surroundings.

Main karun hifazat meri
Tu dekh le shiddat meri
Chalne se pehle saansein
Leti hai ijajat teri
Rehnuma Meharma
Jaanejaa meharaban, Haaye!

Kaun kenda hai ki duniya vicho rab gaya
Mainu naina vicho tere lab gaya

Maan embraced her, hiding her completely in himself as if protecting her from the whole wide world, vowing to keep her happy forever and ever. She was his love, his life, his everything and he would leave no stone unturned for her one smile.

Ishqe de charkhe nu dil utthe rakhi jawan
Ru tere naam wali halwele takki jawan*

Ishqe de charkhe nu dil utthe rakhi jawan
Ru tere naam wali halwele takki jawan*
Halwele takki

All were completely lost in their pure and divine love for one another as they surrounded them truly blessed to be witnessing the Milan (oneness) of the purest of souls, the Milan of Maaneet

Jawan main sadke tere
Tu dekh le sajde mere
Tujhe sop diye hai maine
Ye apne shaam-savere

Rehnuma – Meharma
Jaanejaa – Meharaban [Repeats]

Maan and Geet remained in each other’s arms for ages just wanting this moment to last till eternity.

As the music ended all broke into claps as tears wetted their eyes completely lost in their true love while Maaneet broke apart blushing slightly as their cheeks went all red seeing all staring at them

Precap: Police: Sorry Mr. Khurana but will have to come with us.

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