Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 29

Chapter 29

Poor Geet was completely flushed. Oh God… he must be thinking I am a complete despo. Hayee… she just wanted the ground to swallow her while her heart wished to be loved by her Jaan.


Here Maan too was feeling embarrassed how he got so carried away and what she must be thinking of him when his heart made a baby face complaining… Arey… what was I to do… I couldn’t bear the teasing anymore nor could I control my desires, but his mind glared at his heart that she must be thinking of him as a complete despo variety. But how could he control his desires when his innocent seductress had created complete havoc in his senses. His heart simply wanted to shower all his love on her then and there itself after all his angel had teased him no less and he was in no senses at all. Poor soul… she had really tortured him. Hayee… poor Maan shuffled trying desperately to calm his erotic senses and overflowing hormones but nothing seem to be helping. He finally crossed his legs trying hard to gain a grip on his desires and soothe his overflowing emotions.

Poor Geet was all sharam se pani pani looking at his condition and recalling how she had teased him. She covered her face in her palm blushing away, dying in embarrassment at her naughty and hot actions. Hayee… how was she to face him now. Oh God… what must he be thinking, that just can’t keep my hands off him and Oh Lord…. How much I teased him.

They sat like that for ages trying to calm their absolutely errotic senses and raised breathing, hoping to gain a control on their over flowing desires. Maan silently closed his shirt buttons as Geet blushed looking at the love bits and lipstick marks that covered his entire bare torso. Man… she really teased the poor guys senses to the brim, how was he to control now (I wonder).

Finally after ages Maan spoke as it was getting really late.


Maan: Geet (he almost moaned her name as his voice refused to come out such was the state of his desperation, poor guy was really not in his senses and his brain was gaining absolutely no control on her overflowing hormones, he cleared his throat and whispered) Ahem… Geet, let’s go home, it is getting really late.


And poor Geet meekly nodded while her eyes were stuck to the ground dying of embarrassment blushing deep red at her naughty thoughts and actions.


They walked back to the car but maintaining distance of at least one foot between them just not able to trust their desperate senses any more. Poor Maan was shuffling throughout the drive, this in fact was his toughest drive back ever as he desperately tried to control his passion especially feeling his Jaan, his angel so near him, her aroma was driving him nuts.


On the other hand Geet was feeling so guilty for having teased him so much and was shying away at her naughtiness. Oh God… it was so embarrassing as she turned redder by the second, she really couldn’t keep her hands off him na.


Both were silent throughout the drive trying to get a grip on their passion. As they reached home they were greeted by Dadima and an excited Annie.


Annie: Toh Bhabhi how was your first date?


And poor Geet blushed more if it was even possible while bechara Maan was lot in desire remembering her Jaan’s love and passionate assault as he folded his hands over his chest afraid that his transparent shirt would spill the beans of their naughty actions to all.


Seeing both of them blushing deep red, especially Maan’s desperate condition as he was really jittery and shuffling trying to control his emotions, Dadi thought of having mercy on them.


Dadi: You both must be tired so go and rest in your rooms. (Annie made a baby face as she wanted to chat with them or rather tease them but Dadi shook her head)


Maan and Geet felt extremely relieved and almost ran to their rooms. Geet closed the door and fell on the bed hiding her face in the pillow as she remembered the buttery hot Maan and her naughty, hot and passionate deeds. While Maan literally jumped into the cold shower trying to cool himself down as the hot and naughty images of his angel revolved in his head, man… he really had a tough time controlling himself tonight.

He stayed a good one hour under the cold water finally gaining some control over his erotic senses.


Here when Dev returned to town he was shocked to hear the news that business tycoon Maan Singh Khurana was getting married to Geet, his Geet and he fumed in anger.


Dev (breaking the mirror but throwing his whisky glass on it): Nnnaaahhhiii……….. Aisa nahi ho sakta. Mein aisa hargiz nahi hone doonga. Geet tum meri ho sirf aur sirf meri. Mein is Maan Singh Khurana ko nahi choroonga, ushe humare beech mein aane ki saaza milegi, jaroor milegi, mein ushe aisi saaza doonga ki dekhane walo ki rooh tak kaap jayegi

(Nooo, this can’t happen. I will not let this happen at all. Geet you are mine, only mine. I will not leave Maan Singh Khurana, he will get the punishment of coming in between us, I will give him such punishment that people will flinch in pain seeing his condition after i am done with him)


He screamed in anger just not able to bear the news of Geet’s marriage, breaking everything and making an entire mess of the place. He vowed to take revenge from Maan and break their engagement and marry Geet.


Here completely oblivious to the looming danger Maan and Geet were enjoying their courtship period before the engagement.


Maan took Geet for buying their engagement rings but as they were about to enter the shop he realized that he was entering alone and Geet was left behind somewhere, he turned and saw Geet drooling over something with her mouth open, completely lost in it. Maan gazed in that direction and was amused to find her drooling over a Chuski (ice candy/ gola)


Maan (he softly called her): Geet, chalen (Geet, let’s go)


But how was she to listen to him, she toh was completely lost in dreaming about eating the ice candy na. Maan shook his head, his innocent Jaan and he touched Geet’s shoulder gently breaking her gaze.



Maan: Geet, chalen (Geet, let’s go)


Poor Geet, she was dying to eat the ice candy but what to do, she feared what would Maan say, he would find it very silly and childish and hence she didn’t express her heart’s desire to relish it as she made a baby sad face nodding her head. But to her surprise Maan took her to the ice candy shop and she was jumping like a small kid hell excited to be getting her favorite candy.


But Geet was totally confused and lost in selecting which flavor she wanted, poor Geet she was really perplexed there were so many flavors and Kala Khatta and raspberry both being her favorite, she didn’t know which one to pick and cribbed to her favorite Babaji.

Geet (really confused): Babaji dekiye (see) na, what do I do, which one do I pick? 
Hayee… she looked so cute and adorable that he wanted to pull her cheeks but controlled the urge as they were in public.


Geet finally chose a combination of Kala Khatta and raspberry and was completely lost sucking at it while Maan was absolutely immersed in drooling over his angel, drinking her beauty via his eyes.

She licked and softly nibbled the ice candy little realizing what kind of desires her innocent actions were creating in Maan. Geet was really relishing the sweet and sour combination making cute sounds completely arousing Maan. Her simple gestures were creating havoc in his senses as he so much desired to be the ice candy and Geet chewing, licking, nibbling, kissing and relishing him.


As the ice crystals and juicy liquid flowed down Geet’s chin, onto her neck and into the valley Maan’s jealous eyes were stuck on the trail dying to taste her and he could control it no longer as he took her lips in his totally devouring them

And she too was lost in nibbling, biting and sucking his lips before licking him up as their kiss turned hot and passionate while Maan’s hands roamed all over her backed as he trailed deep wet kisses licking, sucking and nibbling the ice crystals along her jaw line. He moved down kissing, loving her long sleek neck sucking the juicy liquid moving further down when a car horn broke Maan’s thoughts and he realized that he had been imagining kissing, licking and loving her.


He smacked his head as he realization drawn that it was his hot, naughty and passionate day dreaming session and that he was actually hallucinating devouring her lips and body when in reality his cute, sweet and innocent Jaan was still lost sucking, nibbling and licking her ice candy.


It was then that Geet looked up from relishing the tasty and yummy ice candy and raised an eyebrow as she saw him staring at her as if asking if anything was amiss and Maan simply blinked his eyes as if saying nothing Jaan while deep inside he was blushing tomato red at his hot and steamy imagination.


Precap: What is Dev up to?

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