Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 28

Chapter 28


Dadi (from downstairs): Maan Beta, breakfast is ready. Wake you Geet Beti also and come down.


They were totally flushed at their desperation for each other and rushed to the washroom to get ready for breakfast. They quickly got ready and went downstairs.


Dadi: Maan beta, aaj aap bahut late ho gaye, yesterday must have been a very tiring day na beta. (and she lovingly caressed his hair)

(Maan beta, today you became very late, yesterday must have been a very tiring day na beta. (and she lovingly caressed his hair))


While poor Maan blushed deep red remembering the real reason for the delay, while Geet had her eyes totally stuck on the ground recalling her shameless drooling sessions followed but not so innocent actions as she too blushed tomato red.

Annie also joined at the breakfast table as she was feeling much better now and she was in full mood to tease her Bhaiya and Bhabhi especially looking at their flushed faces.


Annie (hugging Dadi from behind): Toh Dadi when are getting the love birds officially married?


Maan (glared at Annie “love birds” while she giggled more): Annie…


Dadi (interrupted Maan supporting Annie and her naughtiness): Aur nahi toh kya (What else), just look at your faces, you both are blushing like a newly wedded bride (Hayee… poor guys… Maan tried to maintain his angry glare but his flushed face totally gave him away while poor Geet was dying blushing … all sharam se pani pani) So we have decided to get you guys engaged this week end so as to give you both a license to drool openly (Hayee… where was the ground, both just wanted to submerge in it not able to take Dadi’s teasing) and as soon as Panditji gets free we will fix your wedding date as well. What say Annie (and both Dadi and Annie gave Hi-Five while our “Love birds” were already lost in each other’s eyes floating in the dreams of their future together completely lost in their eye-lock as they began their day-dreaming cum drooling session).


Dadi: Ahem… Ahem… Tora toh sabar kar lo bhai.

(Ahem… Ahem… At least wait for some time)


And she and Annie giggled as Maaneet blushed even more… truly they both were so helplessly in love with each other or shall I day mad for each other that they just couldn’t keep their eyes off each other despite the teasing and would invariably get caught… hehe… LOL


All ate silently with half the audience blushing deep red while the other half giggling seeing their condition.


Today for the first time The Maan Singh Khurana didn’t want to leave for his office… Hayee… poor guy, he didn’t wanna leave his Jaan for even one second… but he somehow got a grip on his erotic senses and sighed heavily as he left after all he had a business to look after and he wanted to finish all the work so that he could enjoy their engagement over weekend and his date too na… which he was secretly planning before the engagement… wink. Wink


Geet too left to spend time with the orphanage children and for teaching dance to the kids.


Here Dev had gone to check Geet’s house to make sure she had left town and he smirked a devilish smile when he saw the lock on the door. He was so thrilled today that she had left Maan and would soon be his and only his.


Dev: Geet you will soon be mine (Hahahahahahahaha… devilish laugh)


And he left from there. He had to go out of town for a couple of days and he had thought of waiting for Geet to contact him as she had promised otherwise he would find her himself when he was back.


Here Maan and Geet remained hell busy for the next couple of days hardly getting any time to even talk when one day as Geet was getting ready to leave for the orphanage her eyes fell on a packet on her bed. She could swear that it wasn’t there when she went for breakfast. She tore the gift wrapping feeling really excited like a small kid wanting to know what her present was. She was astonished to find a gorgeous white anarkali suit inside and blushed remembering her presenter, her Jaan as she read the note accompanying the beautiful gift.


Dear Jaan


Will you be my date tonight?


Only Yours



Hayee… she kissed the note getting lost in his aroma which was oozing out of it.


Today Geet was blushing profusely all throughout the day imagining their first date. Hayee… why didn’t the clock move faster… she thought as her restlessness increased, when will it stuck 8 and poor Geet was having a tough time controlling her eagerness to meet her Jaan, trying desperately to hide her emotions before all teased her… hehe


Here Maan was trying his best to juggle between running his company as well as arranging the perfect date for his angel and he was totally busy all day long not getting even a moment to anticipate their first date together.


Drashti Dhami as Geet


Geet was looking stunning today as she got ready wearing the beautiful white anarkali salwar suit along with slight makeup and delicate ornaments enhancing her beauty even more as she waited impatiently for her man… I mean… Maan to arrive… wink.


As the clock stuck 8 Geet cribbed to her Babaji.


Geet (self talk to Babaji): Dekhiye na Babaji inhe time ki koi value hi nahi ha. Mai kab se mari jaa rahi hoon inhe milne ke liye or yeh hai ki aate hi nahi.

(See na Babaji, he has no value of time. Here I am dying to meet him since so long and he is not coming only)


Hayee she pouted so cutely as Maan entered witnessing her sweet cribbing session with her Babaji and he was completely lost in his innocent beauty.


Geet looked up to see Maan looking smoking hot in his transparent black shirt making his delicious body all the more mouth watering and tight denim jeans that she too was lost in drooling at her Jaan.


A noise outside broke their dreaming session and Maan gently asked for Geet’s hand and escorted her for their dream date. As they neared the destination Maan blind-folded Geet who silently obliged just wanting to be lost in his love.


As they reached Maan gently guided Geet outside and slowly opened the blind fold and Geet was completely awestruck at the ambience of the place. Maan had got her to his secret place which he had done up magnificently. The trees and the lake behind looked almost divine along with the beautiful lightening and decoration he had got done. There was a spectacular seating place for a sweet romantic moon lit dinner for two consisting of Geet’s favorite dishes. Geet was simply speechless as his love. Everything was just perfect as they seated under the moon light with the flowing water, gentle breeze and swaying trees as if even nature was rejoicing in their togetherness, completely lost in dancing to the music of their love.


They both ate quietly over whelmed with emotions as they spent the silent moments immersed in each other’s love after so much turbulence that their lives had been through. Their silence spoke volumes as both were completely lost in their love enjoying their present and dreaming about their future relishing the tasty dishes.


Geet (she felt so special today that she almost chocked with emotions): I am truly blessed Maan, this is the best day of my life.


Maan (winked Wink): Wait Jaan, there is more to come.


Geet was stunned at what more her love had planned for her.


As they completed their dinner Maan guided her to a royal tent which had a complete home theater fitted along with a lazy boy reclining sofa for two in the center to enjoy the movie and yeah not to forget the delicious and hot butter popcorn. Yummm… mouth watering… Geet’s favorite and she almost drooled at the pop corn… hehe.



Maan left her drooling at the buttery popcorn and went to put her favorite movie on. Hayee… it was her favorite and she kissed Maan on his cheeks. It came as a complete surprise and Maan held his cheeks, totally lost in the feel of her delicate lips. Hayee… if this was his prize he would get her out for movie daily… hehe.


They soon settled on the recliner with Geet munching on the butter popcorn and her eyes stuck on the screen while Maan was absolutely lost in admiring his angel, his Jaan. He momentarily looked up as he saw Geet totally lost and he became sad. Oh… how much he would love her to drool over him rather than be glued in watching her favorite actor. Hayee… he sighed sadly as he resumed his dreaming session. She suddenly giggled, Hayee… he was completely mesmerized by her laughter and was totally lost in drooling over his angel.


Suddenly Geet turned to show him a scene but as she saw his intense gaze and almost diluted pupils she too was lost in his chocolate brown eyes which were emoting pure divine love for her.


As a romantic number played in the movie slowly their trembling lips covered the distance. Hayee… she tasted so divine and buttery that Maan was completely lost in her feel, devouring her delicious lips while Geet too was totally lost in his passion while her hands went up to his shirt playing with his buttons. The moment she had seen him in that transparent shirt she had been undressing him in her mind and now she had absolutely no control on her fingers as they unbuttoned him and started feeling his divine body. His hands too slid underneath her kurti tracing delicate patterns on her back sending shivers down her spine.


16 + Part Begins

She had completely unbuttoned his shirt and almost threw him back as she broke their intense lip lock to admire his perfect Greek God like body while Maan was slightly taken aback by her sudden push as he fell backwards on the recliner. Due to Geet’s sudden action the remaining popcorn spilled all over Maan’s bare chest making him look all the more delicious and mouth watering. Geet’s eyes completely darkened in passion as she saw the absolutely yummy and deliciously dish laid out in front of her and she slowly licked his navel licking the butter before taking in the popcorn while he inhaled sharply, losing his senses in her divine touch.


She gently chewed, licked, kissed and nibbled his taut abs along with the popcorns as goose bumps erupted all over his body at her delicate touch and his grip on her waist tightened. Geet was all over him giving him deep wet kisses on his bare torso, licking, suckling and nibbling him while her hands explored his smooth bare back as he moaned her name in pure pleasure. She was truly creating havoc in his senses as she slowly moved up kissing, nibbling and biting him before licking up to ease the pain. She gave a love bit on his collar bone ad he squeezed her waist not able to bear her passion.


Geet’s lips travelled to his Adam’s apple biting him softly before licking him up while her hands moved down feeling his throbbing and pulsating manliness over his jeans and he moaned in deep desire as he hardened instantly. He dug his fingers into her waist totally lost in her passion. She gently caressed his hidden treasure and he groaned as he floated in to the dream world of pure desire before pulling her up to smack his lips on her just not able to bear her sweet torture anymore.


He bit her hard on her lower lip completely drowning in the passion and desire she had erupted in him by her delicate caressing and teasing before sucking up the blood and soothing her by licking her lip. Slowly their kiss deepened as their tongues fought amongst each other exploring all the hidden treasures while his hands roamed freely inside her kurti as he unclasped her bra and she moaned his name in the kiss as he gently folded her assets, massing her peaked n****** before pinching them, he lovingly squeezed her b***** and she was completely lost in his divine feel. Maan gently flipped her over not getting enough of her delicate asserts all the while kissing her breathless.


They broke apart completely out of breathe and he moved down snuggling his nose on her waist as she tucked in her tummy sharply before he lifted her kurti up via his nose teasing her senses as he gently touched her skin in the process. He placed delicate kisses all over her waist and she moaned his name. His soft kisses sent shivers down her spine while his hands created havoc in her senses as he caressed her sides.


As he moved up to love her womanly assert, her sinful hands went down to tease him more caressing his manhood over his jeans as she became completely aware of his arousal as he hardened instantly and he groaned when the loud and shrill voice of his mobile jerked them back to reality.


16 + part ends


Both were completely flushed and embarrassed at their desperation as they instantly separated though their hearts didn’t want to let go but their mind was like Oh shit… and they sat on the extreme edges of the recliner as far as possible not trusting themselves while trying to soothe their completely erotic senses.


Poor Geet was completely flushed. Oh God… he must be thinking I am a complete despo. Hayee… she just wanted the ground to swallow her while her heart wished to be loved by her Jaan.


Here Maan too was feeling embarrassed how he got so carried away and what she must be thinking of him when his heart made a baby face complaining… Arey… what was I to do… I couldn’t bear the teasing anymore nor could I control my desires, but his mind glared at his heart that she must be thinking of him as a complete despo variety. But how could he control his desires when his innocent seductress had created complete havoc in his senses. His heart simply wanted to shower all his love on her then and there itself after all his angel had teased him no less and he was in no senses at all. Poor soul… she had really tortured him. Hayee… poor Maan shuffled trying desperately to calm his erotic senses and overflowing hormones but nothing seem to be helping. He finally crossed his legs trying hard to gain a grip on his desires and soothe his overflowing emotions.


Poor Geet was all sharam se pani pani looking at his condition and recalling how she had teased him. She covered her face in her palm blushing away, dying in embarrassment at her naughty and hot actions. Hayee… how was she to face him now. Oh God… what must he be thinking, that just can’t keep my hands off him and Oh Lord…. How much I teased him.


Precap: Planning a twist

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