Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 27

Chapter 27

They all silently had their dinner with Geet blushing while Maan was completely lost in his drooling session. Dadi and Annie decided to not tease them anymore and let them enjoy these precious moments of their first love.



After dinner Maan and Geet tucked in Annie as she was supposed to take complete bed rest and Dadi slept with her to take care to her and in case she required anything during night time.


Later Maan showed Geet her room which was adjacent to his room and made her comfortable in the comforter. But as Maan tried to move away Geet held his hand. He raised his eye brow asking if she needed something.


Geet (making a cute baby face): Please sit for sometime na (Actually it was a new place, yeah she had been staying all alone for some time now but she was feeling a little scared there especially because it was a huge mansion. Maan understood her concern, when hearts are so close there is no need for words)


Maan (Hayee… she looked so cute, he gave her his mesmerizing smile and sat beside her ruffling her hair): My pleasure Jaan


He said with a glint of naughtiness in his eyes and she blushed snuggling into him. She placed her head on his thigh and Maan inhaled sharply due to her sudden touch. He was taken by surprise as she rubbed her nose on his thigh sending shivers down his spine. He felt goose bumps erupt all over his body as she delicately grazed her fingers around his waist before hugging him tight. Her soft touch was creating havoc in his senses and he shifted a bit as he was pretty sure Geet wasn’t even realizing how much her simple and innocent actions were arousing him. She kissed him so lovingly on his taut abs (over the shirt) that he almost forgot to breathe.


He lovingly caressed her hair and she soon fell asleep in his lap. He smiled looking at his cute and innocent angel sleeping so peacefully like a baby. He kissed her on her forehead adoringly, he knew how tough the entire day had been on her and he kept stroking her hair affectionately wanting to soothe away all her pain.


He was so thrilled today that she had accepted his love. He just sat there for ages adoring her beautiful and angelic face, completely lost in his sleeping beauty, drooling opening at her when a noise outside broke his day dreaming session. He thought of returning to his room to sleep not wanting to embarrass his angel early in the morning but as he tried to move away she made a baby sad face as if missing his warmth. Hayee… she looked so cute and adorable how could he break his angel’s heart and he shifted back to the same position and she smiled, as if happy to have her love back, cuddling more in him. He caressed her face lovingly and she snuggled more into him rubbing her nose on his navel turning him on and he was soon lost in her angelic touch while his cheeks turned crimson red with blush. He closed his eyes feeling her delicate touch and was soon floating in the world of their dreams.


Maan stirred slightly early in the morning as the sun rays fell on his face. His body felt stiff since he had slept in the sitting position with Geet snuggling into him. He opened his eyes and as he saw his angel a sweet smile crept on his face and he simply forgot all the discomfort. Hayee… she looked adorable as she slept like a baby cuddling into him. His morning was made as he woke up to find his Jaan in his arms and he very lovingly caressed her hair. He was over the moon for having his love in his life forever and he vowed to keep her happy always.


He kept on drooling at her beautiful face when her expressions changed from extreme peace to complete irritation breaking his dreaming session. The sun light was disturbing his Jaan’s sleep, how could he bear that and he delicately placed her head on the pillow but she made a baby face as if complaining that this was hard and her earlier pillow was way softer and she was missing its warmth. Maan chuckled at her cute antics even in her sleep and went to close the curtains to block the sunlight. She smiled cutely as the rays were blocked and he very lovingly tucked her loose hair behind her ear when she grabbed his hand and snuggled it beneath her face cozily.


He smiled at her naughtiness and very gently removed his hand from her grip. She made a baby sad face and he placed a kiss on her forehead as if to make up. A sweet smile crept on her face as if she recognized his touch even in her sleep. He pecked her cheek and she got lost in his essence living her life in her dreams.


He left her sleeping peacefully and went to his room, changed and left for the gym. He was bare-chested and dressed in his black track pants and started doing his Tai-Chai.


Geet woke up as she heard his air cutting chops and she started searching for the source of the noise. She heard some sound coming from gym and curiously peeped inside but the sight see saw in front of her eyes took her breathe away.


Gurmeet Choudhary as Maan Singh Khurana performing Tai Chai


Maan looked like a Greek God, his absolutely chiseled body, broad shoulders, biceps and taut abs were totally mouth watering. Due to his intense martial arts, the sweat formed a layer of pearl like shinning beads all over his majestic body, the magnificent sight in front of her had Geet drooling at him with her mouth wide open. Her breathing became rugged as she was completely lost in his perfect movements.


It was as if Maan could feel her presence there and he turned slightly in her direction and she somehow managed to hide her totally flushed self behind the pillar not wanting him to catch her drooling so shamelessly at his divine body. But he had heard his Jaan and went about finding her.



While Geet blushed hard at the X-rated thoughts she had been having looking at his absolutely delicious body. She peeped a little to see if he had gone back to his exercising routine as her eyes were dying to drink in his beauty more but she was so disappointed to not find her eye candy there. She made a baby sad face and turned around but was shocked to see him behind her admiring her beauty.


Geet blushed more and looked down all embarrassed as her breathing became erotic having his bare-chested self so close to her, giving her helplessly aroused condition totally away. Maan chuckled slightly to see his effect on his Jaan, yes he felt so proud that she desired him the same way like he always did.


He gently took her hand and placed it on his chest. Geet looked up at him puzzled as to what was he doing.


Maan (husky whisper looking at her with bed room eyes): You like it, you can have it, I am all yours Jaan (And Geet blushed deep red at the choice of his words) My body would feel blessed to be loved by you. Only you have the right to touch me, feel me, have me, do whatever you want with my body, heart and soul, my Mishti


Geet looked deep into his eyes and all she found was truly pure, divine love for her and she completely drowned in them and his deep words. (Maaahhhiii……) Gradually amidst the eye-lock she started caressing his body grazing her fingers all over his taut abs, well built chest and smooth back transporting him to the world of his dreams while he held her tight from her waist squeezing it sending shivers down her spine.


Their lips slowly met and both were lost in feeling, licking, nibbling and sucking each other. The kiss that started off gently soon turned passionate and they were completely immersed in their own world with their tongues exploring all the hidden treasures and flavors inside.


Geet scratched his back roughly and he bit her lower lip not able to control his passion aroused by her sensual caressing and rough scratching. He sucked the blood gently before licking and soothing her, while she also gently caressed his scratched back easing him. They lost count of time as they kept on kissing each other as if there was no tomorrow.


They finally broke due to complete breathlessness and were almost panting, totally flushed at their desperation when Dadi ma’s voice brought them back to reality.


Dadi (from downstairs): Maan Beta, breakfast is ready. Wake you Geet Beti also and come down.

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