Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 26

Chapter 26

Maan: Sorry Dadima. I will be reaching soon and I have a surprise for you.


Saying so he kept the phone. Turing to Geet he added


Maan: Chalo Geet, let’s go home, our home.


Geet was awestruck “Our home“. She had never expected that she would have a home, her home after the tragedy. Yes she had been living in a house since the accident day but it was nothing more than 4 silent walls eating her up from inside, it was just an empty house but today her guardian angel gave her the ray of hope for a home, her home. She just hugged Maan overwhelmed with emotion “OUR HOME“.



Both were silent during the ride, Maan thrilled while Geet was a bit nervous and anxious as to how will Dadima react. It was as if Maan understood her worry and he held her hand, squeezing it slightly as if telling her “don’t worry, I am there with you today and always” and she leaned towards him placing her head gently over his shoulder relaxing completely under his touch.


Dadi was pleasantly surprised to see Geet, yes she knew that day itself that Maan and Geet were made for each other and that they both loved each other but she didn’t know they will realize it so soon especially after all the sadness and apprehension she had seen in their eyes that day. But she was really happy that whatever it was, they sorted it out so soon and that their eyes shone in their love and respect for each other which was the base for any relationship.


Dadi (to Maan): Toh aap finally humari bahu ko le hi aaye betaji (patting Maan’s cheek and Maan grinned, shaking his head, obviously he could never ever hid anything from his Dadi, she just knew him inside out) Hume toh daar lag raha tha ki aap apne dil ki baat bol bhi payenge (Maan blushed so did Geet) (to Geet) Hume bahut khusi hai Geet beta ki aapne haan kar di (She hugged Geet sideways very lovingly)

(So finally you got my Bahu, Betaji (patting Maan’s cheek and Maan grinned, shaking his head, obviously he could never ever hid anything from his Dadi, she just knew him inside out) I was so scared whether you will be able to speak your heart also or not (Maan blushed so did Geet) (to Geet) I am so happy that you said yes Geet Beta (She hugged Geet sideways very lovingly))


They both bent down and took Dadi’s blessings. Geet was on cloud 9 today, she had never felt so happy before. She was overwhelmed by Dadi’s love and her acceptance of their relationship.


Dadi (smiled, lifting them up): I will call Panditji tomorrow itself to fix your marriage date. (winking at them) Neek kaam ein deri kaisi (Why delay in good work)


Both Maan and Geet blushed hearing Dadi and thinking about their marriage when Annie came out all dying in excitement.


Annie (jumping in enthusiasm): Toh Bhai aap ne finally Bhabhi ko propose kar hi diya. I am so happy (and she engulfed Geet in a bear hug. Geet’s eyes welled up by the love and affection which she was receiving from Maan’s family)

(So Bhai, you finally proposed Bhabhi)


Maan: Annie, you should be on complete bed rest na, what are you doing outside?


Annie (making a baby sad face): Dadi, dekhiye na Bhai ko, abhi tak toh I was resting only na. Mera Bhabhi se milne ka haq toh banta hai na. (Dadi, look at Bhai na, I was resting only till now. I have a right to meet Bhabhi, right)


Dadi: Banta hai, bilkul banta hai. (yes you have the right dear)


Annie shook her thumb at Maan (thenga and thumbs down) and showed her tongue to him (on her victory with Dadi supporting her) and all burst of laughing at her childish antics.


Geet was feeling really relaxed now especially after the beautiful welcome she had received.


Dadi: Chalo, let’s have dinner. Maan I have made paste your and Annie’s favorite. (Geet made a mental note that her Man oops Maan liked pasta, wink Wink). Sorry Geet beat, I didn’t know (you were coming) otherwise I would have made some of your favorite Punjabi food. (Yes, Dadi got to know from Maan when Geet had stayed over last night)


Geet: Nahi, nahi Dadima, I like pasta too (she lied maintaining a smile, but Maan knew how much she hated it from their stay in jungle).


Maan: Arey, Dadima, today I wanna have something spicy also (leaving both Dadi and Annie shocked. Maan and spicy food just didn’t go together) You always have Gol Gappa’s ready na, let’s have some along with pasta


Annie’s jaw dropped open and she stared at Maan as if he was an alien and talking in Greek while Dadi pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreamy Maan and Gol Gappa. Geet’s mouth watered hearing Gol Gappa wink Wink. Oh my God it was a real site to be seen.


Maan (waved his hand in front of Dadi and Annie who were standing like a statue and were just blanking staring at him.): Guys, what happened, have you seen a ghost (saying so he snapped his fingers bringing them back to reality.)


Annie (together with Dadi): Bhai aur Gol Gappa.

Dadi (along with Annie): Maan aur Gol Gappa.


Maan: What (he gave them the famous MSK stare and both straightened themselves)


Dadi: Nakul Gol Gappa bhi le aaiye sab ke liye (whispering the rest but all heard it) aaj Suraj pachim se uga hai. (Nakul, bring Gol Gappa also for everyone (whispering the rest but all heard it) today the sun has risen from the west)


Maan (full MSK attitude and anger): Dadi…


Dadi (cute innocent surprised look): Arey, bhai humne kya kaha. Chaliye Geet let’s have dinner. (Arey, what did I say. Come on Geet, let’s have dinner)


They sat for dinner but Annie and Dadi were in no mood to spare Maan today while Geet was just lost in his love, both lost in their eye-lock with Maan drooling as usual (hehe LOL) (Maaahhhiii)



Dadi (clearing her throat): Hmmm…


Both broke their eye-lock turning red in embarrassment.


Dadi: So, let’s eat Gol Gappa.


And all 3 ladies immediately jumped on eating Gol Gappas while Maan was lost drooling at his sweet and innocent Geet. Oh… how cutely she was eating with the spicy water dripping down her chin. Hayee… Maan was so jealous of the drops, Oh… how much he wished it was his wet lips instead of the droplets and if that was not possible at least he could suck the drops with his ever ready lips but alas he was stuck with everyone. Maan sighed giving Dadi another chance to tease him.


Dadi (fake concern and serious face): Kya hua Maan beta, you asked for Gol Gappa and you only aren’t eating (What happened Maan beta, you asked for Gol Gappa and you only aren’t eating)


Poor Maan now how to escape Dadi, both knew he had asked only for Geet but… now what to say hehe LOL


Geet (she came for his rescue): But Dadima, he is allergic to chilies then how can he…


Hayee… his angel cared so much for him and he was again lost in his drooling session but Dadi interrupted her.


Dadi: Don’t worry Geet Beta, my Gol Gappa water is separate, it hardly has spice so Maan can have it.


Poor Maan nothing could save him today but he didn’t even realize it as he was so busy adoring his angel. Saying so Dadi stuffed the Gol Gappa in his mouth. Since he was lost in drooling it came as a shock to him to suddenly find a Gol Goppa in his mouth and he started coughing. Geet immediately took a piece of kaju barfi kept on the table.


Annie (as Geet brought it close to his mouth): But Bhabhi, Bhai doesn’t like… (her voice trailed off as Maan dreamy took the sweet from his Geet, his angel) sweets …. Aaj toh sach mein Ganga ulti bah rahi hai… (Today, surely river Ganga is flowing in the opposite direction).


Both were again lost in their eye-lock and Annie just couldn’t resist it.


Annie: Wah Bhai, itne saalo se mein kah rahi hoon ki mithai kah lo toh nahi aap kabhi bhi nahi khate aur aaj Bhabhi ne kilaya toh… (Bhai, I have been telling you since ages to eat sweets but you never eat and today Bhabhi feed you and…)


Hayee, Maan turned tomato red in embarrassment while Geet too blushed hard.



Dadi: Arey Annie samjah kar (Arey Annie, understand na)


And poor Maaneet where looking here and there dying in shyness at being caught and being teased.



Maan (angry baby): Dadiii


Dadi: Acha baba, we won’t tease you both, chalo let’s eat dinner otherwise it will get cold.


And all started their dinner.


Precap: Maaneet moments

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