Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 25

Chapter 25

Geet had packed though her heart cried inside but she somehow made herself strong enough to leave everything behind, leave him behind. She was determined to remove her evil shadow from his life for she blamed herself for being the reason of all his pain and sufferings.


Here Maan rushed through the traffic like a man possessed. He had never driven so rash in his life but he drove like mad as his heart was feeling very restless as if it knew that his Jaan was planning on leaving him.


Geet opened the wooden door along with her luggage with the intention of taking the night train to some place far away where she could repent for her sins. But how could destiny be more cruel to them, they had already suffered so much due to the circumstances and situations.


Maan rushed towards the door. Geet froze to see him standing outside the iron mesh door. Geet turned her back to him not able to face him, tears flowing continuously as her consciousness cursed her to have given him so much pain. She couldn’t even meet his eyes for they still poured immense love for her but in her eyes she had lost the right of it.


Maan (seeing her bags packed): Geet, please open the door what are you doing? Where are you going?


Geet: Nahi Maan. Please go away. I need to leave.


Maan: Geet, why are you doing this? If I made a mistake please punish me but don’t leave me and go.

Geet broke down completely falling on her knees sobbing profusely. Maan also went down on his knees on the other side of the door dying to reach out to her. He felt so helpless seeing her cry and yet not able to soothe her.


Geet (in between sobs): Aap… ki… toh… kabhi… koi… galti… thi… hi… nahi. It… was… I… who… was… always… at… fault (It… was… never… your… fault. It… was… I… who… was… always… at… fault)


Maan: Nahi Geet, it is not your fault.


Geet: Nahi Maan, let me speak. I… was… so… heartless… I… tried… to… destroy… you… exploit… you… demean… you. Oh God… even God… will be… so… ashamed of… what all I did.


Maan (tears flowing from his heart as he watched his Jaan break down in front of him) Nahi… Geet… please don’t blame yourself. You are a pure angel who bought light in my dark life.


Geet (trying to control herself, rubbing her tears, no he can’t love her, he shouldn’t love her, she is not worthy of it): Nahi Maan. I have made grave mistakes and I will repent for them all my life. I am no angel. I am the devil which threw your life in the doldrums of darkness. I am the cause of all pain in your life (Maan was shaking his head continuously but she had her back to him)


Maan: Nahi Geet…


Geet (not letting him finish): Nahi Maan I am not worthy of you pure and divine love. I don’t even deserve a pinch of it and you have already showered me with much more. I am the curse of your life, please let me leave.


Maan (totally broken by now, tears flowing): Geet, please mujhe itni bari saza mat do, mujhe chor kar mat jao. Darwaza kholo Geet, please. (Geet, please don’t give me such a big punishment. Don’t leave me go. Open the door Geet, please)


Geet turned to face him for the first time as his pain filled voice pierced her guilt loaded heart. She was shocked to see him completely broken, it was as if he was burning under her guilt. The more she wanted to give him happiness the more pain she was gifting him for she failed to realize that his love had never ever accused her. He had always absorbed all her hate so as to cleanse her of it, so as to give her happiness. Or maybe she knew this that is why she was all the more not able to forgive herself. She felt so small, so mean, so selfish in front of his limitless love.


She couldn’t bear to see him like this, her soul dying every second seeing his state and she finally got up and opened the door. Maan got up and entered immediately as she opened the door fearing if she would change her mind. He tried to look into her eyes. But as she saw the divine love in his eyes remorse tore her heart and she turned her back to him.


Geet: Maan I am not worthy of your love.



But Maan didn’t let her finish. He went around and kept his finger on her lips shaking his head asking her to say no more. He knew he needed to pour his love on her. It was only his love that could bring his Geet back from the deep darkness of remorse where her soul was wandering.



He held her chin and raised her face so that their eyes met. His eyes seeking her permission to worship her lips. She dipped her eyes in guilt telling him that she didn’t deserve it.


But he knew that permission was granted and he took her lips very gently in his. He delicately sucked her lower lip, softly massaging her lip with his tongue wanting to suck away all her guilt. Geet felt a shiver run down her body as he poured his love in his kiss but her remorse didn’t let her respond. Her consciousness laughed at her that see he still loves you and what you ever did was hate him.


Amidst the kiss he quietly opened the first 3 buttons of his shirt, then he gently held her hand and guided it inside his shirt to touch his heart massaging her hand softly over his heart as if conveying that his heart beats only for her. His heart beats increased as she touched him as if to convey that if she heard his heart, it would be enchanting only her name. That she resides in his heart and soul.


She was lost in his love but soon guilt overtook her and she withdrew her hand. Maan realized that he needs to pour more love in order to break the wall of guilt she had built around her heart. The walls were slowly cracking but they needed a final blow to crumble altogether. She looked in his eyes not able to believe his love. Not able to digest that such souls existed in this world.


As soon as their eyes met he asked her permission to touch his Goddess. She just kept staring at him that how could he love her so much, what had she done to deserve him. She lowered her eyes slightly giving him permission. Amidst the kiss, he gently slid his hand inside her kurti to touch her bare back. Geet felt goose bumps under his touch, it was the first time he had touched her like that. He very slightly gazed his fingers up her spine and a chill ran through her body. She arched her back more loosing herself under his touch. Slowly the walls of guilt around her heart were cracking and her heart was filling up with his immense love.


He softly started massaging her back pleasuring her soul, soothing it, loving it, telling it that he was hers and only hers. Complaining that how could she call his angel a devil, how could she leave him for he didn’t even exist without her. She had all the right in the world on him, so there was no need to repent as she owned him, promising her that he would love her till eternity come what may. He gently traced soothing patterns on her back and she shivered under his touch, a moan escaped her lips as his gentle strokes were creating havoc in her senses and she was soon enchanted under his spell and all the guilt barriers finally broke down and she finally responded to his kiss, kissing him back for the first time.


Soon the gentle kiss turned passionate and they were completely lost in it. Maan demanding all her guilt and she finally let go of her guards giving him all her remorse, all her pain that she had suffered since the accident day and she finally felt relieved of all her burdens. They just kept kissing each other as if there was no tomorrow.

They finally parted due to lack of breathe and Geet was totally flushed by now blushing crimson red after their first kiss.


But what Maan did next left her shocked and speechless. He held her hand in his and went down on one knee.


Maan: Angel, will you marry me. (Geet’s eyes filled up). Will you be the ray of light in my dark life. I promise you that I will love you till I have even one breathe left in me. Will you be mine, Jaan.


Geet nodded as tears of happiness flowed out of her eyes lost in his pure love. She could never fathom how could he love her so much but maybe God had sent his special angel just for her.


Geet (going down on her knee): It will be my honour to marry you. You have always been my prince charming, my knight with the shining armour. You are truly my guardian angel who loved me, lived for me, bore all my hatred and yet cleansed my soul. (Maan tried to interrupt but she shook her head asking him to let her pour her heart out). You saved me from the demon I was becoming, you sacrificed your soul just to redeem me. How can I not love you. But please once let me ask forgiveness for all my horrible deeds and the sins I have committed.


Maan instantly hugged her capturing her lips as if conveying that she did no wrong, that he was just hers. Their kiss soon turned passionate and both were completely lost in the feel of their love. Had it not been for Dadima’s call probably they may have never broken off. They separated as he received her call.


Maan: Ji Dadima.


Dadima: Beta, where are you, it is almost 9, aren’t you coming home for dinner.


Maan: Sorry Dadima. I will be reaching soon and I have a surprise for you.


Precap: Yet to decide


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